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Movie: Wolf Warrior (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Jing Wu
Date of Release: 06 Apr 2015
Duration: 90
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
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About Wolf Warrior (2015)

A Chinese special force soldier with extraordinary marksmanship is confronted by a group of deadly foreign mercenaries who are hired to assassinate him by a vicious drug lord.

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so watch it on your risk because you have been warned. so here it goes, The acting is nowhere to be found; many scenes in movie do not make any sense and it looks like the director had no clue about how to make a scene work when there is no action taking place. So this movie is really a good opportunity to see the latest attack helicopters, the latest single soldier equipment and the latest upgraded 59 tanks(it's a pity that no 99 tank in this movie) And the actor Jing Wu, he took the training as a real special forces soldier for 2 years for this movie, so his move is pretty close to what a real special forces soldier does. Screenplay is mostly soldiers marching, it doesn't fit the scene yet they just run around theatrically, brandishing guns and bullets excessively. I believe I am entitled to say this because I myself has 10+ yrs living experiences in both China and USA and I know how media are manipulated and twisted in both countries. Its interesting to see the Chinese take on a military action flick. But he spent a lot time and efforts trying to find some professional directors to direct this movie and investors to invest but in vain because no one thinks this genre would be popular.

This movie is full of action even though a bit over bearing in some of the action scenes where men are on the verge of crying for there comrades which isn't realistic,

The story line is good and you have the typical goodies and the baddies. Rather, they complement each other pretty well to give you a quite clear picture about what is the truth about everything and how media only serve the interest of their own country, even though at the expense of sacrificing objectivity and authenticity. The film doesn't overstay its welcone with a concise length around ninety minutes which can be considered a strength these days. I personally enjoyed this movie a lot. In short, Wolf Warrior has all the hype of an action film, but none of the flavor, and though the end hints at a sequel, we can only hope that if China decides to make a franchise here, the sequels prove to be immensely more entertaining.

6) Why all the cameo uniforms looked so new? Adkins should play Boyka and not wasting his time and energy on stuff like this. Certainly its no better or worse than the nationalistic films cast in the same frame from other countries such as the US and UK. Seven out of ten from me. This film is supposed to show off all Chinas great military hardware. The actions in this movie are a reflection of, but a little glorified, modern military combat. Compared to Hollywood, the effects are slightly inferior. It's highly exaggerated and filled with 80s action movie gimmicks. The movie does not make sense at times and appears like story was written while filming the scenes (Pun Intended). I have seen many Chinese movies over the years and being a non Chinese i still found many flaws with this movie.. Not to mention the movie tries to shoehorn CGI which looks incredibly stiff. I AM disappointed to the poor story and CGI of this movie but I think it's already not only a movie for entertainment to most of the Chinese people. It is unfortunate the fight sequences failed to convey anything original, however, the addendum that these scenes only comprise less than five minutes of the feature's entirety, only adds to the disappointment. To be honest even we Indians would make a good movie with half of the budget of this movie. The cast is a mix of local talent and foreign actors who take on the role of the bad guys threatening China's boarders. I also know that its a military movie but when has that stopped a good martial arts movie from being made just by throwing in some reason why they need to fight unarmed. So in “Blackhat”, we got a totally useless and purposeless heroine to play a very absurd unnecessary role. The world is big and every story has two sides. It should be a simple revenge plot and not that hard to figure out. During a training exercise however, the lives of all participants are plunged into jeopardy, when drug lord Min Deng (Dahong Ni), in his desperate attempt to avenge the loss of his brother during Feng's last mission, recruits Tom Cat (Scott Adkins), and his band of mercenaries, to kill all involved. Sure they did a bit of hand to hand but it was almost a drop in the ocean relative to the whole movie. The lead character who can be described as a resilient non-conformist with a soft core is easy to empathize with and his tough but tender female sidekick is also sympathetic. The Chinese culture consider the government as home master who will look after the people and make the people's life better. All of it adds up to a nice fight against tough villains.

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You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch Wolf Warrior from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching Wolf Warrior. So why are you waiting for watch Wolf Warrior and enjoy Action. . . entertain me. It's rapid-paced, intense and quite entertaining. total Copy Cat ohh and the first scene there is somekind of iron man “jarvis” tech at the desk.. home and country are connected in Chinese culture. I throughly enjoyed the movie. not worth it.. When other country makes it, it is. These film have more charm and less fake animations. He had to do everything by himself and invest in the movie out of his own pocket. There is like two minutes of fighting in the whole film and the rest is just shooting and even that is so unbelievably ridiculous that there is no point in watching this flick.

My rating 4.5/10. Some people may not agree with my review but this movie is also not average. Good action + military movie. There is a fine B-movie here but a few stumbles keep it from being good.

Wolf Warrior is well paced and chocked full of action. Perhaps I'm being harsh I just feel that the martial arts potential of both actors was wasted considering how athletic they are. To say China is renowned for delivering outstanding martial arts movies, would be an understatement – sadly though, Wolf Warrior, does not continue the tradition. Go watch Wolf Worrior II. Much better than this one as it can at least be called a MOVIE. I have read other reviews on here and found they are fairly unfair but each to there own. This is why western people can't understand why the Chinese soldier can do crazy things in Korea war and push them back to 38-line. I don't mind some patriotism element, but the approach is too heavy handed to be taken seriously.

The occasional heroic dialogue however is usurped by the often uninteresting conversations, a number of which are quips at the expense of Xiaoyun's character. If you want see three guys fight off about fifty cg wolves watch. this is something to watch for as its all action, it left me rather confused. Now I don't fully trust either source solely.

1) Just like the stupid “Strike Back” TV series, a camera seemed to be always followed every movement of the characters from so many different angles for the control center to monitor so easily. This movie, I say, is to build up the faith, the self-confidence to our country. Long Xiaoyun (the beautiful Yu Nan) sees Feng's potential, and recruits him into a secret Special Forces group – the War Wolves, a collection of some of China's most accomplished military personnel. Alright, alright.

I see nothing wrong about another country taking pride in their military. Plain and simple. There are a lot of shootouts, but they are mostly likely numbing than interesting. I think mostly it's because their screenplays sucked big time, the dialog sucked, the casting sucked, and worst of all, the directing sucked. I wanted to see “Boyka” vs the “Legendary Assassin” not a generic blink and its over a few stars above a Bruce Willis fight. It's very painful to watch a film spent so many manpower and money for nothing. This guy is a machine. The story is also forgettable and unimaginative.

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Have you watched Wolf Warrior yet ? A brand new Action film of 2020! You can watch Wolf Warrior in HD right here completely free create a free account and watch your favorite Action films anytime anywhere from any device free! Watch Wolf Warrior from IPhone, Android, Tab and smart TV in HD quality. No buffering maximum quality insured across Europ and North America! The movie is comparable to franchises like Rambo and might sit well with a larger audience. However, despite even this, the film seldom enthralls. He admitted in an interview that he really didn't want to direct the movie because he was not a professional director. rest of it from beginning till end is a pathetic experience. It wasn't too long ago I saw Donnie Yen's Kung Fu Jungle, which offered a triumphant display of frenetically paced, vicious fight sequences, that continuously delivered in originality and entertainment. Most idiotic stupid movie that I've watch in my entire life. The action is lame, third-rate left-from-a-Steven-Seagal- movie scenes, with only a couple of jumps that would cut the mustard in a school play. In the end, the movie however fails to be innovative enough to stand out. I guess it conveys something visually but it looks cheesy bad. better not get into that. It probably is not a good MOVIE, but it has the power to move all the Chinese people. There is also a cheesy battle over motivations. The two worst offenders are the bullet fired in slow-motion in the beginning of the movie that had me laughing out loud and the pack of wolves that doesn't even look remotely close to real wolves. It's understandable, because the main protagonist directed the movie himself. Meanwhile somewhere southeast Asia, police tries to take down ruthless drug-lord Min Deng, the dead gang-leader's older brother. Leng Feng is a harden super-sniper in the Chinese Army.

And after writing that, i just realized, the plot is the best part of this movie. of course with lowly cheap CG Effect Wolf Warrior is a Chinese military action romp with a dash of nationalistic fervor.

This is another self-indulgent, self-righteous, self-pompous… This movie is not a good movie and it can be watched for one time only and would recommend to straight away skip to the climax as only there you will see Scott Adkins in action.. So foolish dialogues and weird logics keep coming up. He was just an martial arts actor.

It often depicts the entire command headquarters cheers like they are NASA from Armageddon or WWE crowd as the lead does something dramatic, or stop entire operation to mourn a soldier, even giving ceremony on the spot. All in all, if you want to laugh see some cool stunts and see whites as villains this is for you. The leads, both male and female look unrealistic.

Beneath all the fireworks and loud macho gargle, Wolf Warriors is a bland military movie without thrill on action or plot. And oh man, how boring was it!!

Generally the movie is very real and CG is up to standard of 2015, which is much better than most movies from China or other countries.

The leading guy is hard which could be interpreted as stiff but that's the character.

When US makes it, it is not a propaganda. With Scott Adkins collaboration with Chinese production, one would expect visceral combat, but Wolf Warriors doesn't even deliver on that regard as well. The good aspect is that the western mercenaries are formidable foes. He is reprimanded and is assigned to the special unit Wolf. Only by this way can a person form a more objective, mature outlook of things, especially when it comes to political affairs.

Lead actor Wu Jing, who was involved in writing and directing this production, clearly sets himself up as an action hero, his character surviving a number of confrontations that would surely kill any ordinary human being. If you have watched Wolf Warrior, you can read or write the film review on Wolf Warrior on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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