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Movie: Yip Man 4 (2019)
Director: Wilson Yip
Date of Release: 20 Dec 2019
Duration: 107
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
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About Yip Man 4 (2019)

Ip Man 4 is an upcoming Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip and produced by Raymond Wong. It is the fourth in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster of the same name and features Donnie Yen reprising the role. The film began production in April 2018 and ended in July the same year.

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“Sure, lets fight.”

Now onto the plot, which is nothing more than a propaganda flick, I find it hard to swallow when Chinese movies are talking about how the Chinese are the victim of bullying and racism, while irl they have Uighir Muslims locked up in re-education camps and signs on their businesses saying that no black people are allowed. Choreography is great, though Donnie Yen gets old and a few more cuts are needed. Also dumb was the decision to have one person speak to the other in Cantonese and the other replies in Mandarin. Yip Man want his son record he hitting the dummy!

But the 4th and final part of the saga is just unbearably bad. Will be better if change the movie message from racist hatred to inherit the spirit of kung-fu as this is final already. In particular the fight against the japanese occupation and Ip Man's migration to Hong Kong in 1949 and his attempt to install his Wing Chun martial art school. The martial art in this scene also quite intense and watchable! This scene eventually end with Yip Man take down Colin by his famous “Yip Man punch”! I did enjoy this movie to a point because it gave a conclusion to Ip Man's story, but half of the movie seemed to be focused on white people being racist toward every other race which most movies and tv shows in this age of political correctness like to focus on now. Zero plot with just a bunch of racist propaganda thrown in to try and get a reaction. Lived up to IP MAN's legacy. Especially the first two.

This is a must watch this Christmas season I don't know where to start how bad this movie is. This one is focused on race period. This movie is so filled with outdated tropes and ridiculous political agenda. Especially the scene when Ip man met all the masters in SF is ridiculous. Also free Hong Kong. Don't understand all the 8-10 stars reviews, they must be brain-dead Bruce Lee followers. Please stop making crap like this anymore and actually put some thought into what you are producing… That's it! And some of the acting is just bad .. The fight scenes also didn't really match the intensity and choreography of any of the earlier films. It's fairly cheap that the Ip Man films have become vehicles for nationalist Chinese propaganda, this level of otp melodramatic patriotism went out in the west in the 50s, and with good reason. Predictable weak story, everything set up with a purpose to fight. USA bad, karate bad, cheerleading bad, white people bad, US marines bad.. Very depressing. Touching scene! All the martial art scene actually quite over par and satisfy! Sixth one, Barton fighting with Wan Zong Hua scene! I did not think there would be anything worse than the current wokeness of Hollywood, but this takes the prize. Second one, Yip Man fighting with Wan Zong Hua scene! But why shoving it down our throat in 2020 in such a one-dimensional and biased way? Big fan of Ip man 1, part 2 was all right. It's like someone talking to you in French and you reply in English even though you don't understand French. Sincerely a disappointing end to what could of been so much more. At the end, Yip Man back to his house and teaching his son martial art! Now that's how you make a proper film.

All in all, this movie was trash, to the point it has tainted the rest of this awesome series for me The first one was good.

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Don’t forget to drop off all your attention from everywhere except your streaming device so that you get the maximum sensation of watching Yip Man 4 mostly in HD. You may be in a location where the film is not available yet for watching no problem our streaming partner is here, you can watch the film Yip Man 4 in HD! Try it today and watch Yip Man 4. Such as, first one, Bruce Lee fighting with a man at the street scene! You must go and watch in theatre. But this movie is just trash. If a western country would make a movie like IP man 4 it would be destroyed in the media for racism and prejudice. The first had a great story that did not try to stereotype anyone or any race. Barton defeat Wan Zong Hua in this scene! The stuff in between the fight scenes was poorly written with poor acting. They were not met. Aside from some good action scenes, the film overall is terrible. If you want to see the conclusion to a once great franchise, I recommend this as a rental, but otherwise, I cannot recommend it. Most immigrants moved to San Francisco in the 50s and 60s were from HK and spoke Cantonese. Such as, Yip Man's son eventually answer his father call, after he knowing his father had cancer! The fighting scenes were good but the acting was terrible from most of the actors, actually almost all the actors. Edit those clips into a sequence and you will have yourself some good 30 minutes. But the ending is also what makes it great Personally feel that the presentation of the story is too stiff and politically strong By far the worst of the Ip Man films.

One day, when the modern Chinese Empire is dust, I imagine people will look back on this film in the same way they do at the ludicrous pro-American propaganda of the 50s As a Chinese, this was nothing but embarrassing. too stiff and sometimes it's hanging. The finale of IP man saga was beautifully written with a great story and amazing acting. How unfortunate it is that this film does nothing but push political agendas and decades old racisms. Fight scenes were decent but felt contrived.

Donnie, you're an amazing martial artist. Is the producer a 10 year old kid? I like how the setting is displayed and there's a lot of action scenes between Donnie yen and Scott Adkins.

Historically speaking also, this movie is inaccurate, Yip Man would have been 71 at the time this movie based and yet he's just as indestructible as he ever was, I'm willing to overlook the travelling to America to meet Bruce etc (Bruce just attended his class, Yip never trained him because of his mixed heritage, he left that to Wong Sheung Leung) Yip was also never a fan of teaching non Chinese, after attending his sons classes at the VTAA in Hong Kong I can tell you that there is still a bias against white people. Not as bad as Liam Neeson though. By trying to show how racist everyone was towards the Chinese, the movie itself becomes racist and very nationalistic. Even the most brainwashed Chinese robot must be able to see through this. Fifth one, Barton take down several man at the martial art school scene! I won't take it from Hollywood, and definitely not from China. The essence of Ip Man and the legacy he left on Chinese King Fu was lost on this film. If you really like the first 3 movies do yourself a favor and stop there. Imagine a comic book writer trying to make a serious movie. Another terrible decision was casting Vanda Margraf who is clearly mixed-race to play the daughter of someone whose character would never enter into a relationship with a white woman. The trilogy of Ip Man was so enjoyable up to this fourth installment. The scenario and all the conversations are stupid and boring. You can feel that the end of Ip Man is coming in how the story moves along. It was nice to see Bruce Lee in a few scenes, very few. Please Avoid if you cherish your time and your life. The story is good, but the screenwriting is off.. No twist in the movie, from the first minute i could be able to know what will happen however i still enjoyed the fighting. It portrayed Americans as brainless prejudiced hatred-filled demons.

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Now do a film about Bruce Lee at IP Man's school. This scene had hand and leg broken and bloody scene!

Oh yes, and the sad and over the top attempt to copy full metal jacket in the scenes with the marines is pathetic. The whole movie was super impressive. Reycle story which use other races insulting to get the public anger as to provide demogogy at the end of movie.

This however, constant changes between languages, none of the white people can act so I find myself cringing the whole time, it's like they scraped the bottom of the amateur dramatic barrel for these people and it just distracts from the whole movie. It is a very bad example of Chinese propaganda.

The rest is politics and the bad kind. So poor movie with political context , white people = bad . It has no plot, no acting skills, and no moral.

The fight scenes have become ridiculous, a constant bid to out do the previous movies, with the addition of seeing Mr Yip Man gliding through the air several times, you didn't need this in the first movie to make it great, so why now? Third one, Colin fight with Hartman at the marine training ground scene! Historically inaccurate at every turn, I mean no one is looking for a documentary here but c'mon lets at least try a little. Yip Man died and Bruce Lee attend his funeral! Never got bored. Entire film full of touching and intense martial art scene! I would not recommend this movie due to the immense inaccuracies of the time period (Ip Man was old and sick by this time), the inconsistencies, and the overcompensation of racism / communist Chinese agendas.

Absolute waste of time. The fight scenes were good as usual and I love the depiction of Ip Man as being calm, honorable and good. This scene had things broken and quite impressive kicking and punching!

There is a big difference in the story telling from the first Ip Man to this final installment. First let me say that I loved the first 3 movies and Donnie Yen is one of my favorite Kung Fu actors… Donnie Yen is so much better than this. He never hit by the nunchaku on the face! Unfortunately the last one. As turnout, this chapter is about a marine officer “Barton” despise Chinese Kung Fu, he want to defeat all the Chinese Kung Fu master to prove karate more superior, and Yip Man stood out to defend them! And also a bit racist towards white people, painting them all as horrible bullying bigots. Let me start by saying, the first movie is my favourite of all time, it has character, a great storyline, beautiful fight choreography. Third movie was ok but lost some of the soul of the original 2. This final (4th) movie was even worse. The second and third were schmalzy money grabs but still watchable. Fighting scenes are excellent. But have to admit Donnie portray Yip man so well and become a classic in everyone hearts. Definitely a must watch film for action fans!

Very dissapointed. So sad to see the series end on a stupid, leftist note. I don't know how you can ruin a great franchise more completely then they did with this movie. fight pattern is combine part 1 to 3.As Donnie admit his age is catching up, can't have any more fight scene so whole production team in a rush to get this movie done badly. Yip Man wounded on the ground and mock by Barton, Yip Man eventually defeat Barton by broken his leg, hand and neck! It went downhill from then on. The nunchaku playing by Bruce Lee surprising good in this scene!

It is sad to see Donnie Yen sell out that way. If you have watched Yip Man 4, you can read or write the film review on Yip Man 4 on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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