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Movie: What Men Want
Genre: , ,
Director: Adam Shankman
Date of Release: 8 February 2019
Duration: 117 minutes
IMDB Rating: 4.0
Movie review score

About What Men Want

Now Getemovies furnishes an inspiring comedy film What Men Want which is spread by Paramount Pictures and released on 8 February 2019. Do you adore comedy, you can go for What Men Want. What Men Want is liberated in USA on 8 February 2019.  Watch What Men Want (2019) no ads only film. As soon as , the film has come to the theaters, comedy freaks latch onto it not only in the USA but also throughout the world. What Men Want is about 117 minutes  long. Like to be rejoiced by comedy film, try What Men Want for 117 minutes comedy fun. So if u have time why are you waiting for? Go on, watch and enjoy the film What Men Want to get an extraordinary comedy entertainment. When a film releases, I use to watch it multiple times. Typically, I use to watch recent films multiple times to taste and jot down about the film. At first glance I had fun of What Men Want but I lost those flash a bit later on when I personally reviewed the film once more. As yet I sense What Men Want will be quite enthralling as comedy film Even though as comedy film What Men Want is alluring. Watch What Men Want (2019) in HD streaming movie free. What Men Want is directed by Adam Shankman which leads all the greatness in this comedy film. But we see What Men Want is a bit contrastive of his anterior endeavors. fortuitously Adam Shankman tried to convey Truly some lively notion in the film. Some of the addicts of comedy told that they thrill to Adam Shankman’s imaginativeness in this film but he has also picked up some criticism from the watcher. Stars like Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Richard Roundtree, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Tracy Morgan, Will  have gave all the goods and made the film really entertaining. I must say you will freak out on the Taraji P. Henson for the excellent commitment in the film. in spite of we have saw Taraji P. Henson before performing like a real captivate in other films, we can’t ignore the act of  Aldis Hodge in this particular film. What Men Want is produced by Packer Productions, BET Films and Paramount Pictures. Awesome comedy Watch What Men Want (2019) free. The distribution company Paramount Pictures has diffused this stunning comedy film. If you have already watched the film, how will  you rate it? Well the film grossed 4.0 on IMDB. Watch the film What Men Want here and give your own perception in the form of rating. I asked many of my associates about the film What Men Want as comedy, most of them replied with gratifying reaction. comedy admirers across the world have also exposed some splendid lip about the film. Now you can Watch What Men Want (2019) in HD absolutely free. What Men Want came out with a budget of $20 million and earned somewhat $21 million. Well I contemplate What Men Want will collect more in the coming days because the film acquires some wonderful riposte among the comedy admirers. Most of the footage of the film were shot in the spots like Atlanta, Georgia. I traveled those spots with some of my friends and it is stupendous for this type of films. of course, I contemplate some more comedy films to be recorded at those spots.  Even though the film has glistened quite a bit early in its release, later on it etiolated away quite a bit. Like many of us if you are fond of comedy, I can recommend What Men Want. If you extolled the film it or not don’t fumble to shout at the comment section below. Now you can watch What Men Want (2019) in HD. Try the film an awesome comedy.



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  1. Richard Miller says:

    Talking about What Men Want , what I like is Adam Shankman’s brilliancy in this particular film.

  2. Roy Howard says:

    One of the best Comedy of this year so far, watching What Men Want.

  3. Bobby Jenkins says:

    I think this is the best Comedy movie of this month, it has already produced some reasonable vies.

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    Didn’t sure of What Men Want, just watching the film.

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    Such an exotic Comedy loving the film.

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    I love What Men Want so much I wish to watch the film in 1080P, can you upload for us?

  7. Christina Ramirez says:

    After 8 February 2019 didn’t got the chance to watch What Men Want at the theater but now I realize I missed the sensation of Comedy.

  8. Wanda Patterson says:

    O Dear What Men Want scores 4.0 on IMDB, would you believe it?

  9. Ruby Washington says:

    I want to watch all the Comedy movies of Adam Shankman in this lockdown!

  10. Marjorie Tucker says:

    Full pleasure of 117 minutes, watch What Men Want of course if you like Comedy films.

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