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Movie: Wasabi (2001)
Genre: , ,
Director: Gérard Krawczyk
Date of Release: 31 Oct 2001
Duration: 94
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
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I really wanted to see some of those rocket launchers put to use! Well worth watching I never know how to rate these types of films. It packs an atmospheric as well as adequate cinematography by Gerard Sterin . ” Almost. Unlike in Le Femme Nakita where it was dubbed by someone else. The film provokes both tears and laughter in successive bouts. The soundtrack is appropriate and good. A conventional but droll action/comedy, Wasabi follows anti-hero “tough cop who gets results” Hubert (Reno), who travels to Japan to investigate the death of his former girlfriend. Leave your brain at the door and enjoy. It’s harmless fun, but still more original than your average paint-by-numbers American romantic comedy. Jean Reno is Hubert Fiorentini, a slick French policeman whose unethical tactics, which include accidentally knocking the Chief’s son down a flight of stairs during a raid, has gotten him a short suspension. In addition, the Japanese actress was cute. Literally. I restarted the film in French with subtitles and the energy and humour of the performances just shone through a lot better. The gun fights are comically overdone (intenionally I think) with bodies flying miles after getting shot. He hooks up with a local policeman Momo (Michel Muller). who was his friend and partner 15 years prior. Let us note the recourse to the numerical effects, but without abuse. Despite being pretty funny overall, the movie is kind of a let down because the enemy, particularly the leader of this mafia, hardly seems to fight back. Well, there are people that were not very happy about it, but it showed in a bus somewhere and the movies are always really bad… You wouldn’t kick a puppy, would you? However, Yumi’s under the impression that he is only a friend of her mother’s. We switch back to action mode once again though, and finally are able to sort out exactly what kind of story we’re getting into by this point when Reno, naturally investigative to detail, suspects that Yumi’s mother’s death is no accident. At the reading of the will, Hubert is told that he has inherited guardianship of Miko’s super-cute daughter, Yumi (Ryoko Hirosue), until she reaches the age of 20 (in two days time). It doesn’t take a shocked Hubert long to realise that Yumi is also his daughter. First off this isn’t a serious action movie at all. if you don’t like it, than you just don’t get it. The scene of actions, like French can do them, are effective. (I saw the American release DVD, French with English subtitles, 2.35:1 widescreen) 8/10 PS. my wife liked it as well and we both have a hard time finding movies to rent that we have not already seen (we watch a lot of movies). I’m not sure how to characterize this film. Its a French movie by Luc Besson. Besson’s screenplay is fitfully amusing, doling out cleverness and cutesyness in roughly equal measure. And now the Yakuza want their cash back… The henchmen didn’t even fire their guns when they jumped in the air. ) But despite the barest of plots, and with some big holes at that, the movie is never boring, and is constantly entertaining. Earlier in the movie Hubert complained that he wasn’t hungry these days.

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As well, there are some notable holes in this shred of plot (just *how* did the main character’s lost love get hold of all that money, even considering where she was working all that time? It’s more of a comedy than anything else, perhaps somewhat satirical, especially in the “night club”. The film never really impressed me by its scenario. she learned her lines as sounds, the words have no meaning to her. The goal of this film is to entertain. If you happen to watch the American dubbed version, be warned that without captions or subtitles, Yumi is very difficult to understand in a majority of this movie. Overall this was an odd movie and can’t be recommended. Great film by Luc Besson. This movie is nothing if not TIGHT and FUNNY! This films works on every level except as a serious film with a deep story. But the daughter is one of the most annoying screen characters ever, with her childish antics, ADD-personality, and goofy clothes. This Luc Besson production stars Jean Reno in a wonderful performance as a tough-guy French cop who is as quick to use his tongue as his overeager fists. *** It’s not a “Drama” it’s an Action/Comedy film. A mystery ensues regarding the death of his girlfriend, and he is immediately surrounded by Yakuza. 19-year-old Yumi Yoshimido (Ryoko Hirosue), a pretty hip kid, seems like a real wise ass at first, and a real pain for Hubert who has zero experience with this sort of thing. Also under the comedy and sort of expected culture class expierences is a rather touching story of a father and his unknown daughter. and it’s well. And it works. Another great Jean Reno performance. My favorite scene is when Fiorentino is eating generous gobs of Wasabi (hence the name of the film), and Momo, not wanting to be outdone by his mentor, nearly gags to death on the stuff. You have some moments where Yumi and Hubert are in the mall and while Yumi is shuffling through the merchandise, Hubert is here and there trying to ward off a couple of guys who were following them. While capturing a criminal drag-queen, Hubert hurts the son of his chief and is “licenceed” for a couple of months. This movie is the best french language movie I have seen in a while. Then a shoot-up action movie. Basically, the plot is Reno is a cop in France and finds out his girlfriend in Japan who left him 19yrs ago mysteriously died and he goes to the funeral. That alone makes you want to keep watching. But the best in this film is : Ryoko Hirosue. I think this is defintly a good rental if you can find it. Much of the film is spent with Hubert and Yumi getting to know one another, as they uncover secrets about her mother’s past that seem to have made the young woman the target of some rather unsavory characters. There weren’t even any close calls. ) where many a respected Hollywood comedy tend to contain many more flaws due to sloppiness. Directed by Gérard Krawczyk (Taxi 2, 3 & 4), and produced by the prolific Luc Besson, Wasabi stars the charismatic Jean Reno as Hubert Fiorentini, a tough Parisian cop who travels to Japan when the only woman he has ever loved dies, naming him in her will. Her being such an unlikable character hurts the film.

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You definitely do NOT have to leave your brain at the door to enjoy this film as you will find more things to laugh at the closer you pay attention. Awesome Jean Reno as a two-fisted police and hard-assed inspector whose sweetheart left him shortly after their engagement without a trace and he returns to Japan . His character is the centerpiece of the whole movie. He leaves the directing this time to Gérard Krawczyk, who he also used on Taxi 2, 3, and 4. Krawczyk keeps things moving, and there is never a dull moment. Dirty Harry meet Jackie Chan. This is more a farce, with cartoon-like bad-guys (all the Yakuza baddies where black suits and dark sunglasses) and a ridiculous plot. The first thing he is told is that she just got out of prison (for a minor charge, of course). But, after a while, she’s actually comes off as a pretty cool kid, and they take a liking to each other. I won’t deny that the movie is pretty weak on plot – it takes a while before any real plot begins, and what remaining plot is barely there. I was laughing out loud — maybe because it reminds me too vividly of the first time I ever ate sushi, and nearly died doing the same thing as Momo!! Jean Reno is excellent, as usual, in the role of a tough but very sentimental man. Réno and Muller were to form an explosive couple and to carry out the survey in Japan. Entertaining and fun action movie full of humor , thrills , intrigue , sympathetic roles and attractive dialogue in French and Japanese subtitles . I thoroughly enjoyed the film. And an evocatve musical score by synthesizer composed by Eric Serra including Japanese sounds . Not to make this into a long and boring comment, I think you should see this to have a good laugh if you like Jean Reno and his humor. Hubert also discovers he’s left a screechy punk daughter called Yumi , Ryoko, he didn’t know about . It is the third time I watch this movie, and I still cannot be tired of it! By this point, the movie goes from being a sort of action movie to something of a father-daughter bonding drama (but a funny one, nonetheless). Hubert seems so akward around Yumi, but soon enough, things work out and they take a liking to each other. I actually laughed out loud during the scene which depicts the title of this film, and I don’t laugh out loud at anything in films. Great to see the mega-city by the way. Talk about not letting go. The soundtrack is great, the music is upbeat, which enhances the youthful and fun atmosphere of the film. it’s very worthwhile! Japanese culture is portrayed in the film. We’re supposed to be emotionally involved in Reno’s character having to save the girl from the evil Yakuza boss, but we aren’t because we could’t care less about the girl. Its has awesome action and some decent comedy, especially from the character Momo. My DVD had the option for French with English subtitles or English dubbed. 🙂 I’m a big fan of Jean Reno and if you are, get this movie. This shows Hubert well. It’s always a treat to see Reno in a starring role and he’s quite believable and charming throughout in a patented movie star role that Bruce Willis might have played in Hollywood or Lau Ching Wan in Hong Kong. `Wasabi’ is a high-spirited French action comedy with a Japanese name. But, the story is Japan, not France. Worth one viewing.

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