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Movie: Walkaway Joe (2020)
Genre: ,
Director: Tom Wright
Date of Release: 08 May 2020
Duration: N/A
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
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About Walkaway Joe (2020)

Knowing this, I will leave it up to you, if you think appropriate for your children, but I am very comfortable with my 9 and 14 year olds watching the movie. Really Good acting, music and scenery. However, when the boy shows a kind gesture, Joe continues to help him. It fails miserably by falling back on obvious worn out pool cliches. All in all, I was under the wrong impression of him having a much bigger role. I was tremendously moved by the ending and hopeful for Joe. I’d give it a 5.5 overall. I highly recommend this one. Story: Although the story was good, the rapidity at which events unfolded took made the story feel a bit forced. While the action-packed games of pool at local bars can arguably be the standout aspect of the film, it is the beautiful relationships that form and fall apart along the way that make you want to watch a second time. There’s more than one “Walkaway Joe” around here. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Cal) plays here a careless father’s role but most important role by David Strathairn (Joe) is the highlighted part of the movie. It is suitable for the whole family specially during lenghty stay at home advisory !!! This is one where I think everyone will be able to identify on some level as a parent and child. The first ever produced script by Michael Milillo offers an earnest and reflective story, but also a highly formulaic one. You can tell that the actors are either decent pool players or they took the time to practice for the film. Must watch. As its befitting for such an Americana tale, the soundtrack goes full country, but not to any faults. Dallas throws a couple things in the backpack and climbs on his bicycle to go and find the old-man at a pool tournament up in Baton Rouge, in a local joint called “Fatty’s”. On the way, after he understands how stupid of a decision it was to cycle cross the country, he gets picked up by none other than Joe Haley, nicely performed by acting-highlight-holding David Strathairn, whom, yeah you probably guessed it, will provide a sort of a father figure. And although Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s acting was fine, my wife and I weren’t that impressed with the performance of the star, Julian Feder. In just ten minutes we learn enough about the life of young, 14-year old Dallas McCarthy (Julian Feder), how he enjoys dominating the local bar’s pool tables with his dad Cal (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and is blind to the fact that he has a playmate instead of a father, unaware of his faults and mistakes. Well shot pool scenes, though it’s also possible I haven’t seen enough of those. End is very touching and takes you on the height of emotions. You don’t just see there arm and the ball going in. And a bit about pool. With each others help, Joe and Dallas find some redemption and peace. Their was zero excitement The boy actor is terrible and should find another career. A home run away son meets a desepred father at pool centre. Bike on the rv / no bike on the rv. Pretty cool to watch it happening though. It starts a bit slow but soon enough Dallas is able to warm our hearts and give the meaningful point across. I anticipate that our entire family will go play pool after watching this one. The characters played by David Strathairn, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Julian Feder and Julie Ann Emery are all good realistic characters and are acted well. I think this film should at least be a 8. Love the storyline and the build up of the characters right to the very end. That aside, the acting is terrible. Most importantly, there are a lot of important life lessons here–compassion, self responsibility, love and strength. It was fun to see Jeffrey in this role–always enjoy seeing a man’s man. This young man and older father figure, work together to find his father, and learn a lot from one another. Overall it’s a well written story although the acting wasn’t up to the screenplay. The young, talented Julian Feder was equally impressive, holding his own alongside Strathairn and Morgan with an outstanding, understated perfomance. Dallas’s mother (Julie Ann Emery), the only person displaying sense, tries her best but in vain, for nor the son, nor father listens to her. “Walkaway Joe” is, pardon me for this, your average Joe. The philosophy, lessons and thoughts on display here as sincere and right-minded as they are old, and it all weaves together in ways so familiar and predictable. I must also say Julian Feder is one talented kid! I was expecting a lot more from this movie. The acting performances by Jefferey Dean Morgan and David Strathairn were superb. Dallas is at first reluctantly helped by Joe. If you are going to make a movie around a particular sport, enthusiasts of that sport will naturally take a look. With a familiar tone of a western redemption, the modern performance-driven story was family-friendly while still portraying the grit and charisma of small-town individuals in the competitive world of pool tournaments. A contemporary drama that’s worth tagging along provided any of this raised your intrigue. And the movie is irretrievable from there. This is a nice, heartfelt and engaging drama. Flat tire / no flat tire. A lot more menace in the faces of David and Jeffrey. The young man, Dallas (Julian Feder), is searching for his father, who has left him for a life on his own playing pool. Acting: I thought that both David Strathairn and Julie Ann Emery did a first rate job. Beginning part is dull and slow but it grips you later till end with depth of emotions and with touching end. A nice story about a relationship between father and son. Another story of a dysfunctional family in our country where a stranger can make a difference in a kids life. All the actors’ performances, including the young actor Julian Feder, are very convincing and moving. I feel that there was a much more enjoyable version of this movie trying to come out, but it just fell sort of flat for us. First full feature directed by veteran actor Tom Wright, written by Michael Milillo, starring David Strathairn and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the strong supportives, and with the yet unknown Julian Feder in the lead role, “Walkaway Joe”, quite misleadingly labeled an “action” movie on IMDb (as of May 8th), is an on-the-road drama about fathers, sons, mistakes and legacies. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and David Stratharin deliver as usual. Julian Feder who plays Dallas did an exceptional job in his role and was a real stand out. The pool scenes are choreographed so poorly that even someone who has zero understanding of the game would have to be disappointed. Good story, good photography, good acting and perfect for family. With that in mind surely you would endeavour to impress that audience somewhat. I think I only saw Tom Cruise make 3 or 4 shots in the movie. The film wasn’t rated, but I think it would probably be a PG or PG13 movie. I really appreciated the selflessness and mentorship expressed in the film. I recommend this film. Given this, it is a timeless story, which could’ve played the same years ago and will be as meaningful years from now. His son, Julian Feder, goes on the road in search of him and meets up with David Strathairn, who has made his own poor family (and paternal) choices. It is a great story filled with rich, complex characters. He also didn’t look 14 at all, so I was pretty shocked to find out he actually was 14 at the time of filming… The Cal character leaves with issues still to be resolved. Pool/9Ball: Whereas the game of pool fit nicely into both The Hustler and The Color of Money, it just sort of felt like it didn’t quite belong here. Somebody mentioned that they didn’t understand why all the good reviews and that they gave up halfway through. Well chances are the good reviews came from people who stuck it out till the end. This is one I will watch again with my husband and kids. 👀 In most pool movies like Color of Money you can tell the actors are not making a lot of the shots. Morgan does what he’s real good at, portraying a tough guy with just enough heart to love him, and Strathairn carries the story of Joe entirely on his shoulders, offering us an authentic and content little performance. Watch it with your family and support this film! There is some smoking, some mild violence and one or two curse words. It was hard to grow to like Dallas, and the performance carrying him is not one I call great. I always like it when you can tell the actors are really shooting pool and they don’t cut away from the actor to the shot, making you think that somebody other than the actor actually made the shot. I’m a Jeffrey Dean Morgan fan and I don’t feel that he lived up to his potential. Inconsistencies w/o any reason as to why: Seatbelts off, seatbelts on, seatbelts off. It’s worth watching, but I don’t know if it should be in your top picks. Really liked this movie! Oh, well. Initially they dislike each other but gradually a healthy father-son relation is developed then and it is much deeper and stronger than real father son relation. This movie was extremely boring. I enjoyed it. But, if not for the subtly amazing performances by David Strathairn and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, there wouldn’t be a whole lot to get attracted to. Some elements, like the danger of cash hungry the debt collectors after Cal, came off more oddly amusing than effective or menacing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent movie but it’s not something that’s outstanding or left me saying, that was a good movie, when I left the movie theater. I felt like his passionate acting really sold the story. Looks like Jeffrey and the kid really play 9 ball. I won’t give it away. Yes certain parts are a little slow but the movie doesn’t disappoint and it really grows on you as the story unfolds. Good pool movie. It’s an early May morning, the sun is shining and a new Jeffrey Dean Morgan movie is peeking at me, and I say, why not. Perhaps I enjoyed it more than that, but I say 5/10. I loved this movie! Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a father, who has left his wife and son. In some ways, Joe was like Cal (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at a period in his life (we later learn he suffered a tragedy), but has learned and continues to learn through Dallas the importance of friendship and fatherhood. This film was not only visually stunning but left a lasting impact through the nuanced character dynamics. The story is about a young man and his father, who are in the middle of making some bad choices and Joe (David Strathairn) has already made his and has been suffering for years. Good story about family relation, especially between father and son. Julian Feder ( Dallas) is also did good job in son’s role. Dallas idolizes his dad and hopes to go in his footsteps to become a back door pool player. Practically every plot turn can be smelled before it turns the corner, even the big, obviously incoming pool game went exactly as I thought it will. It’s a movie with its head straight and intentions clear, has a couple of good cards in its deck, the most valuable of which being David Strathairn. The cinematography is of the standard kind, options for realism as much as possible, nothing is neither extraordinary or over-the-top. At the end of these ten minutes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan abandons both the father and husband duties and also the screen, to return about half an hour later. He steal the show and many his scenes give tears in your eyes and you will surely admire him for a ideal father. During the movies first half, I didn’t know what to think of Julian Feder and his naive, hotheaded character on the road to the inevitable and unsurprising redemption. In this movie most of the shots are actually made by the actors. I also appreciate that this is a movie you can watch with the entire family-a great thing now that so many of us are at home with our families.

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