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Short Description

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Movie: Vazante (2017)
Genre: , ,
Director: Daniela Thomas
Date of Release: 12 January 2018 (USA)
Duration: 1h 56min
IMDB Rating: 6.2
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About Vazante (2017)

Hello folks today I have come up with a nice Brazilian film which is Vazante. It is a Brazilian-Portuguese historical, drama and adventurous film about slavery in 1820s Brazil. I can tell you this film is something to learn about if you are humanitarian. So don’t miss out, watch Vazante (2017) in high Definition no ads, no registration, it’s absolutely free. With this film Daniela Thomas made his directorial debut in feature film. If you don’t like to read about the film you can skip this section and move to the section below to watch Vazante (2017).

Director: Daniela Thomas
Stars: Adriano Carvalho, Luana Nastas, Sandra Corveloni, Dona Ondina, Juliana Carneiro, Vinicius Dos Anjos, Toumany Kouyata, Fabrício, Boliveira, Isadora Favero

Read The synopsis Before Watching Vazante (2017)

This section is for those of you who wants to read about the film Vazante. So if you are a good reader, I recommend to read before watching Vazante (2017).
In Brazil 1821, as in the United States, slaves were preserved by landowners during this time., Young Beatriz was married to a slave trader by force, faces emotional and physical disturbance. She got pregnant. At the delivery time her husband was on a trading trip . So without any kind of medical facilities, an inexpert slave woman instigates her white mistress to push. But it ends up with a tragic incident; the woman dies in childbirth, as does the baby. Her husband, Antonio coming back from a tradeoff with lots of baby clothes, but greeted with heartbreak. Antonio learns that his wife has passed away during child birth. The tragic incident gave him a bitter shock. So he decides to go for a trip. After returning home from the trip, a sequence of hitches finds him working with the poor slaves who are forced to work in diamond mining than farming because Nothing grows here. He also has to deal with some language difficulties .

Watch Vazante (2017) absolutely free

You can watch Vazante (2017) in high definition absolutely free, no ads no registration required.
An African slave manager who often deals with tormenting his own persons to maintain them in line. Despite some difficulties Antonio again marries a hardly adolescent girl, Beatriz (Luana Nastas) and tries to settle down a new life. She was Detached from her family and was left unaccompanied on the rough ranch house in the Brazilian mountains. Beatriz gets some kind of relief in the exiled and beleaguered people around her. Reconnoitering the anxious connection of feminism, race and colonialism that has continued across continents and eras, VAZANTE is a hunting and spectacular solo directorial entrance from Daniela Thomas.
So the film makes an statement that regardless of how kind a person pledging racist acts might be, obliging those acts makes him or her a vigorous component in the arrangement that they would otherwise demand to be feeble to fight.

Watch Vazante (2017) High definition
So if you like the story, you can watch the full movie right here. And don’t forget to share and comment after watching Vazante (2017).

13 Responses so far.

  1. Barbara says:

    The film shows how our ansistor torcher the poor people..

  2. Zarille says:

    At that time the power belongs to only the reach people and they used it so nakedly.

  3. Hakson says:

    The film show the history of the reach.
    So the poor people can educate themselves.
    I like the film…

  4. William Brown says:

    Wow, awesome Adventure film. Didn’t expected that all. Surely tomorrow I will watch Vazante (2017) again.

  5. Richard Miller says:

    Daniela Thomas is pretty good in this film, isn’t it ?

  6. Nicholas Cox says:

    Unbelievable, Vazante (2017) scored only 6.2 on IMDB. I thought it will get another one and half point at least.

  7. Margaret Moore says:

    I saw some thing like this one couple of weeks ago but I can see little variation between Vazante (2017) and that one.

  8. Carolyn Perez says:

    Well, Vazante (2017) is awesome to watch. I am loving it.

  9. Janet Phillips says:

    Spend some fabulous entertaining time with Vazante (2017).

  10. Judy Gray says:

    Daniela Thomas is stupendous, love to watch his films.

  11. Phyllis Foster says:

    Finally got to see the movie after registering although it is free but a bit annoying, isn’t it?

  12. Norma Gonzales says:

    I can watch online but I wanna download the film can you help ?

  13. Emily Diaz says:

    I saw some of my friends talking about Vazante (2017) and they were absolutely right about the film !

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