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Movie: Transit (2012)
Genre: , ,
Director: Antonio Negret
Date of Release: 20 Apr 2012
Duration: 88
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
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Don’t tell me i didn’t warn you! Sure, Jim ended up seriously handicapped… It feels as if EVERY shot is a closeup. Whiny children are lovely and pure and they do not deserve to die. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t agree with all the reviews that are claiming there are plot twists. If in order to give another twist and add “entertainment” to the plot the characters constantly behave like babbling idiots and do absurd things my brain sends “not credible” signals all over and then the fun is over! Real estate agents that kick ass (WTW Jim is getting flabby) and mess with the cops (while on probation). Hillbillies finding hidden staff in the middle of a crazy swamp and owning automatic weapons. Bravo *** Well, where to start. First few minutes were slow and didn’t know what to expect, and then the movie took off and I got hooked. Will have to check their resumes to see whatever films they’ve worked on… the story has twists and turns but they are forced, some are quite interesting, but then they exaggerate and spoil the fun. I think the movie is well worth watching. But when it comes to getting the money back, the bad guys get impatient and lose it. I wasn’t expecting much when I heard about this movie. The plot was thin but tolerable, the acting was decent, the car was great. The next morning on the run with the money, they find out through their police scanner that there’s a roadblock ahead so they decide to park at a rest stop. lots of action, but what’s with the director and cameraman? The characters did things that seem implausible – but the action and suspense of the movie was so well done that that simple flaw was easily ignorable (for me anyways). So, plus. thing is that this movie could have been quite good and it wasn’t missing much, but they could not resist and traded good story for blood, violence, highly implausible etc. The acting was brilliant, and the carriage was also brilliant with an excellent conclusion. The car belongs to a family with 2 children who are going camping together. I thoroughly expected someone to get eaten by one of the alligators or poisoned by one of the swamp dwelling snakes. A very new approach to what could be deemed a basic story line, but not in my eyes. Although the script is somewhat original, the whole story is a portrait of an exhausted ever seen scenes in other movies. Such as trying to run the family off the road when a cop car is behind them and making lots of noise smashing up a hotel where the family take refuge. Simples! It was like having too many coffee’s, or a bag of whizz, a rush from start to finish. Seriously, there were too many times one had to suspend disbelief, especially on how a white collar criminal and his suburban wife could overcome hardened criminals. To get past a road block they hide the money in a family car. they attack the woman, who is alone in a hotel room and she manages to fight them off. An all round ENTERTAINER !!! A gang pull of a well planned heist on an armoured truck and grab a huge sack of cash. not sure how they stashed 4 mil in that bag… facebook. I really hope to see more from this Director very soon. I guess it is also the unbelievable coincidences that make these style movies so hard to watch. Dad played by Jim Cavaziel has just been released from federal prison for some white collar fraud and he’s trying to get to know wife Elizabeth Rohm and kids Jake Cherry and Sterling Knight. The plan was to get the money back from them when they pas the road block. The basic story-line and subplots were interesting. This film was extremely linear, predictable and full of moments where you were wondering how 4 criminals, who planned a decent heist, would be so idiotic when it came to retrieving the bag of money.

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The director knows what guys like in a movie, (and it’s a guy flick) and puts it on the screen in style. Nothing really special in this movie, you have seen this story number of times under different production team. I will strongly recommend this movie to any movie lover ….. For example: criminals racing the car like mad men and making “specialist” u-turns when they should be avoiding detection (when the good guys don’t even have a car to run anymore). Regular housewives shooting like trained spies. I have to say I am a fan of Jim Caviezel and his acting performance was fairly good but the intelligence of the characters left a lot to be desired. I enjoyed that almost the entire movie takes place outdoors in Louisiana. It actually deserved a little more, due to Caviezel’s acting, but the script is just plain dumb, to the point it made me angry every time the gang outsmarted themselves in a loop of idiotic decisions that I just couldn’t believe were part of a (supposed to be) serious movie. Plus. The movie focuses mainly on the robbers chasing the family, while also shining a light on the personal problems of the father and their marriage. ) table gets hit with shotgun and assault rifle fire. If you like Detroit Muscle, you’ll probably like this movie. The (wooden! Really? The problem is that I cannot avoid thinking while I watch a movie. This isn’t as easy as they thought… Once again they have to catch up with the family later to get the money. Unless you want to reduce your IQ to the single digits ย… Save your money and see something else! Totally predictable and the only thing i don’t understand is actor like Jim Caviezel signed up for movies like this. Why? It’s as if the film was sponsored by the Catholic church because obviously a strong family bond is deadlier than a gun. She leaves him with the money in the middle of the road and drives with the two sons away. Even by Hollywood standards this is one dumb bunch of idiots. I got the impression that the neat family was rather more tough and resourceful than the bad guys. The action sequences were superb, and the main plot is: “A family on a road trip is stalked by criminals who stashed stolen money in their car.” I give it a 7 out of 10, key word being “decent”. Characters that make no sense. The cast is excellent: Caviezel, Rรถhm, Frain shine in their roles. The script was not great but still good enough where it didn’t even matter. there is potential to this. His family rents two rooms in a motel. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. It’s not exactly a good film, and it’s nothing new — it has all the architecture of a predictable thriller flick; one man and his family, road trip, and modern-day bank- robbing pirates. Wondering if this is a habit of this director or cameraman? Is that believable? Shame… So, if you have stumbled across this film and wonder if its worth giving a try but don’t know because this movie is one of those that never made it to the big screen, this is my opinion. The tree with the perfect place for the bag to sit and then the man in the boat that went straight past and would have no idea at all that the bag was put in the tree somehow finds it. The acting was superb all around, the overall production value was great. However, I was surprised by the countless twists in the plot.

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The choices made by the gang are a bit ridiculous so there is a need for suspension of disbelief. They stole 4 million dollars and got it in a bag. I really like Jim Caviezal as an actor. In reality, people have been known to do pretty amazing things despite their lack or military training or fighting expertise. when the family had no idea. James Frain cast as the leader of the four murderous thugs was also good in this, he really jacked up the intensity as his desperation reached greater & greater heights. Cavaziel plays a real-estate fraud convict father on parole who plans a trip in the field to compensate and promote positively the family bounds which clearly was disintegrating. It comes to screen after the remake of Straw Dogs, and is a bit similar, but taking place in the outdoor this time. Maybe I should get some stock tips from them too, huh? Don’t waste your time. The first 5 or 10 minutes were decent but the rest is awful and we are asked to believe that this criminal gang would be so stupid after displaying such a lot of sense. The idea of the movie wasn’t really that bad. As for the bunch of genius’s who are bashing this, it’s action, things don’t always have to be perfect in this genre(you know,shut down your brain a little). Start naming other recent action flicks that go perfect with life, ridiculous explosions & never ending bullets & clips for guns,short list. What this movie has to offer is simple entertainment in the form or action and suspense, despite a few possible shortcomings. Without giving away any of the storyline ( there isn’t much anyway ). I give this movie something between 6 and a 7 . A solid entertaining flick with quite an adrenaline rush to it ….. Not at all. There is no real surprise, we have seen variants of this 10 times. Caviezel is good as always. The Acting performances were actually OK. It’s the screenplay itself that lets it down. But while they’re trying to get the family unit functioning, a gang led by Harold Frain has committed a 4 million dollar armored car heist and to elude the police blockade put the loot in the Sidwell’s wagon. A decent idea but a truly hopeless film. I love Fuqua as much as I like Kubrick. From there, it becomes a chase between the gangsters and Jim’s wife and kids. I don’t remember if Cavaziel’s wife in the film was a ex-CIA or ex-FBI or something, but what it looks like a pretty and normal woman, she unexpectedly manages to escape of a motel room within millimeters from the bad guys’ grasping hands and later in the movie we’ll see her holding and fully operate an old Kalashnikov that would make Rambo blush big time. So if those moments were the plot twists the reviewers were referring to, then by George’s beard, they’re on to something. Luckily, this only happens once. this could have been a very good film. Although it was a low budget film, the director did an amazing job making use of the budget. The acting is good. The table seems to be indestructible, there is not a scratch on it. I am the type of person that watches a movie and likes to make guesses as to what will happen throughout the movie, but surprisingly most of my guesses were incorrect. Ugh! Although the main plot is consistent, many of the interaction sequences between the characters turn out different than what I expected, which is the high point of my experience. Plus. God forbid. This film is enjoyable and utterly forgettable. Transit is one of the better movies of the genre. The story is decent. It didn’t state these thugs were smart people, so obviously they are going to make stupid mistakes, I heard of a bank robbery a few years back where the robber left his driver’s license on the counter. The Sidwell family is going on a camping trip to mend some fences.

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