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Movie: The Tuxedo (2002)
Genre: , ,
Director: Kevin Donovan
Date of Release: 27 Sep 2002
Duration: 98
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
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The concept of Jackie Chan being a tuxedo-clad super hero is silly and wierd. It’s certainly a fast-moving 99 minutes and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is very very very easy to see that they used wires, even on the parts where you are lead to believe that Jackie is doing it without wires. He is an incredible actor and it shows. I don’t know her TeeVee work, but it surely doesn’t allow for actorly annotation like she does here. Jackie Chan movies are about having fun. But now she’s well known, and it’s much easier to pick out her signature style of being the “Brain”. I like silly comedy Is this Jackie Chans best … Disappointingly, this film was a step down for both Jackie Chan and Jennifer-Love, whom I actually idolize. 2.5 out of 5 stars! The slapstick humor is so and so and the action is… I really enjoyed the non-stop romp of laughs as well as Chan’s signature arsenal of stunts in this one! Ever since “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, she was tough. It’s too formulaic, too ‘let’s make a quick buck’. I am a devoted Jackie Chan fan and one of my life’s joys was the fortune to meet him and to organise his appearance at Oxford University in 2000. It’s hard for a fan to criticise his hero, but sometimes he must, especially when, as in this case, his loyal fans pay money only to be disappointed. Jackie has once again made a movie that was fun to watch. After the success of the Rush Hour films, and Shanghai Noon/Knights, this film was a sheer disappointment. I thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt was a lot of fun to watch, too. She kind of lacked the softness or sexiness of a woman at the time, and didn’t soften the touch of the team. I have always gotten the impression that he wants his viewers to have fun. Frankly, the intelligence level of the characters appeared to be equivalent to that of a carrot, and indeed the writers seemed to share that intelligence. It was almost too rushed. A story about a tuxedo that gives it’s wearer the power to perform extraordinary,super-human feats and stunts was very unlikely to ever be perceived as potentially thought-provoking or socially insightful. Ted’s Evaluation — 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life. If i were to say something about Jackie Chan, i would say. In “The Tuxedo” she kicked it up a notch. I don’t think so! But you have to want to laugh, not critique. Jennifer Love Hewitt is attractive and charming, but absolutely nothing her character does makes sense. Don’t use them mate they make you look crap. One last thing – wires. Unfortunately, it didn’t! The special effects come off dazzling and flawless! I haven’t seen much of her work, but I think that her comedic instincts look pretty strong. Jackie me old mucka – we loved your original stuff; it had heart and extraordinary bravery coupled with amazing martial arts sequences. But yet, this Ms Hewitt is pretty good at mugging over the camp. the actual plot was like something from the english school film foundation. Human Jackie Chan is making the tuxedo look like it’s making the human Jackie Chan move like super human. I think Jackie Chan movies are cool. Jackie Chan is the master of fun, turn-off-your-brain-and-enjoy-it movies. I very much hope that the man can continue to work on good scripts such as Rush Hour and leave behind the non-comical, formulaic scripts such as the Tuxedo that seem to have been written while on the toilet seat.

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After years of pleading with the American people to take JC to superstardom we do he brings this? The fight scenes are classic, and one when he encounters “The Godfather of Soul”. STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs Okay,so from the off-point,we realize this is nothing more than simple escapist fare. It has a similar storyline but instead of a mask, it’s a suit someone puts on and receives some supernatural powers. Chan and Hewitt deliver the kind of chemistry that should have led to a sequel if the movie had done well at the box office. Using bits from hokey spy movies, James Bond, and Man From U.N.C.L.E., Chan crafts a funny, fast, and thoroughly unbeliveable romp. First time director Kevin Donovan helms the whole joyless affair pacelessly,and when even the out-takes at the end aren’t any fun,you know you’re in trouble. but i would like to advise the Hollywood filmmakers to watch some original Chinese stuff like police story or armor of god before getting into making a Jackie Chan movie. Jackie is a good actor, especially when it comes to comedy, but that is frequently overshadowed by the action in his movies. Watch his old movies before he came to Hollywood because they are sooooooo much better. Worst Jackie Chan movie ever. Jackie Chan, while always visually stunning and frequently extremely funny, has lived to his fullest potential in this movie. I like this movie now more than when I first saw it. Not great cinema. Your last few movies have been at best mediocre though and this is just eye-manure. The movie is really a mixture of Hong Kong style action with Hollywood style production. Even Saturday morning kids cartoons (including Jackie’s own) have much greater knowledge than this! I have seen reviews saying this film was terrible purely because of JLH’s role… This movie is occasionally funny if you don’t get bogged down in trying to figure out the plot holes. Overall I’d give this movie a 3/10. Watching it is better than doing nothing for 90 minutes, as long as you’re not paying much for the privilege. In real life J.B. did meet his match in the show business, but he’s not jealous of J.C. Everyone in the movie deserve their spot in recognition. If you want a film like I mentioned, there are many out there. well not good. He wants the dance moves to be perfect. Jennifer Love Hewitt is woefully miscast as his sidekick,whilst Jason Isaacs and Peter Stormare,two respectable actors,appear in embarrassing co-starring roles. Of course when they did their scene together, J.B. says, “You’re fast, but I’m faster!” His suit takes him out accidentally. It’s not like Matrix Reloaded or Blade II where once the action gets a little hectic the actors are just replaced by CG models. Action carried out by Jackie Chan was realized by means of specials effects to difference other films in which he made his own stunts . Chan was trying to be funny while being ‘manipulated’ by the tux, but turned out to be corny (at least for me). I’m not sure if he’s already too old for the job, but if he goes on with his upcoming movies like that, his name will just fade away from the movie industry, and the likes of Jet Li will very much make a better replacement for him. I am a Jackie Chan fan. I was fortunate enough to see a restricted advanced screening of this film, and while occasionally I’m disappointed by these advanced screenings, The Tuxedo really delivered. No problem. Rating : 5,5/10 nice and entertaining . All in all if you are a Jackie Chan fan i would see it if you don’t have anything else to do, but don’t expect much, or anything for that matter. This movie is just simply put, a fun movie. One other point- Many of the reviews I have read say something like “This film is terrible, I’d rather watch Sin City, or We Were Soldiers,” and while I like these movies myself, you need to remember that there are parents with young children who may struggle to find a film they are happy to show their children, and this movie may be more suitable for younger viewers, while still amusing parents. They have great action with humor, and normally a good plot. The idea of the villain poisoning the town’s water supply with water striders is lame. I think it is possible to incorporate this in a film in a clever self-referential way.

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But with the tuxedo a lot of the fight scenes have been matrixed up and are cgi’d which we dont expect from jackie. Leave the wires to those who really need them. Jackie is an amazing man, with the stunts he can do at his age. We prefer this to Austin Powers with its completely over-the-top, zero subtlety. no Is it citizen Kane… Does she have a sly sense of humor or is she merely tolerating someone else’s sexist humor? Basically the film lacked sense. In the film there are intrigue , tongue in cheek , pursuits , frenetic action and includes lots of fun . If you’re a fan of Jackie Chan’s, then you need to continue to support his efforts with your viewing of this film! The picture will appeal to Jackie Chan fans. And when Jackie has to use a stunt double you know something is wrong. Now being a spy isn’t a easy job, you got to be fearless. Simply put, this was equal, nay I correct myself, can be classed below some of his other failures in terms of quality. See The Tuxedo – you’ll be glad you did! but a nonsense film can be a good entertainer, like bloodsport or many vandamme movies, But this one lacks in the entertainment part too. I say make up your own mind, I’m not promising you will like this movie but at least give it a chance… why does that have to be a bad thing? And the suit helped him do the moves J.B. does. ‘ That was pretty intelligent, though. Completely unbelievable and ridiculous. Well you won’t find it here! There is no need to sit there and analyze the little bit of CG or wire work. Jackie Chan dryly pokes fun at action film clich├ęs. He plays a non-hero, an unassuming regular guy who can’t meet a girl, or do anything except drive, who gets sucked into a ridiculous situation. Look at Crouching Tiger. Chan’s previous ability to perform all his own stunts,even at the very real risk of life-and-limb,is blatently covered by CGI in this film and for the first time ever,looks totally fake,which completely ruins the effect. A deep twisting plot? Yes. That’s because movies are always about other movies and recognizable actors are always about themselves as we know them. A story that stays with you long after and still stirs up emotions? Golden Harvest production would have probably used quarter of the budget and made a fantastic movie out of this, can’t believe Dreamworks funded this production. Let Jackie act a little bit. It is crude and stupid. It’s amazing to see Jackie Chan mimicking the move that’s supposedly the work of the “Tuxedo”. The movie didn’t fail at the box office and neither was a real success . Go see this movie and have fun watching it. But clueless, that’s a problem. Spoilers herein. The script never makes any of this clear. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with letting Jackie slow down the pace of the action a little bit and focus more on acting. Sure, the plot is light, but what did you expect?

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