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Movie: The Tiger (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Hoon-jung Park
Date of Release: 08 Jan 2016
Duration: 139
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
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About The Tiger (2015)

In 1925 Korea, Japanese rulers demand the last remaining tiger be killed. The tiger easily defeats his pursuers until a legendary hunter takes him on.

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My wife, who normally hates Asian films, got interested halfway through and had to watch it to the end. The seventh and title character is The Tiger. If you like mystical tales and spiritual slants on everyday life then set yourself up to enjoy this gem of gems for you are in for a treat. At the same i am surprised how under-rated these movie are and do not get the recognition that they actually deserve. My 8 year old granddaughter started watching, unbeknownst to us, and started crying when a significant character was killed. Hoon-jung Park (New World fame) is a director who seems really keen with details. 13.Tigers have been known to imitate the call of other animals to successfully attract prey. What then? The music compliments the deeper points and the elements in this movie while fierce can be lived with for a short time until they claim us all. A so poignant, painfully sad story of a father who seeks revenge after his son's death, killed by a Tiger, a kind of God Monster, but not an evil monster, as you may guess.

We cannot comment on Min-sik Choi acting skills as he has been there and done that effortlessly, here he again leaves an impression on our hearts as an anxious father. It is not exactly the same obviously, but if you watch the documentary it is clear that they took this original story and changed it around to fit the big screen, almost like a “based on a true story” movie. However the story was taken from a true story along the Russian-Chinese border (Not Japanese/Korean occupation). A documentary (Last Roar of the Tiger) from 2006 was made about the true story of a hunter who has an understanding with a large Siberian tiger that he shares the woods with.

I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for a moment and I became so deeply invested in the caricatures and story.

I might have mentioned it somewhere the film is suitable for grown ups. And in the end, the tiger and the man faced off, although the end result is different.

This movie also reminded me of the movie called 'Dersu Uzala'.The main character from that movie is also kind of same like in this one and it was a great movie. I am sure there is at least one more component. Under the surface the story is really about the resilience of the Korean spirit and the hardships they endured under Japanese occupation. Its almost real and natural. Fans of Asian cinema will like this release and it's definitely a welcome change to the hollow superhero movies in our Western world, so you might as well give this movie a fair try. Animals do show emotions, but not in the human way as it was shown in the film. As from the tiger's perspective, it turned out to be a little fiction, because of the animal showing same or equal emotions as the humans. Slow, but good. May be caliber of Choi-Min Sik was little under utilized is a small pointer. On the surface it's about hunting a large tiger.

7.5/10 This amazing film tells a deep compelling story, and while it feels mostly legend, the graphics and human element are incredibly real. The overall writing should have been improved, making more realistic way like how the natural world animals behave. In contrast to the movie's overall rather calm pace, these action sequences aren't only fast and powerful but also quite gory without ever getting gratuitous. The tiger was also created wonderfully for this story as it was powerful, intelligent but also compassionate. Elephant in the room: It's a world class wild jungle thriller movie that can even take upon Jaws and Jurassic park. The CGI work is spectacular. I could not sympathize and I felt that he brought all his misery on himself. It packs the real punch and throw it to the audience, we have a lot of tense moments which are truly crafted.

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I have seen and studied Tigers and I would like to share few facts about Tigers to you all-

1. A tiger's legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead 2.Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength. This film could have been about half an hour shorter and it wouldn't have taken anything away from the character or story development at all.

THE TIGER is a film the makers can be proud of. The battle between the man and the beast only brings the bloody war that's going to change forever whoever involved in it. That would work in a pure fantasy film where this one comes under thriller that was targeted for adults with strong blood and gore. Better then some Hollywood actors.

The movie has a cast of interesting characters. The performances of this film were believable and extremely powerful, and the music only adds to the effect how haunting and emotional this film is.

It conveys perfectly the struggle and fight withing Korea's last tigers.

The acting performances are overall quite good.

So overall, the action does get the heart pumping as man stands off against the great beast, but the story is a real sad one, a good one, but not too uplifting. Don't let your young kids watch this film; it's violent and gory in some spots. I don't know what the filmmakers were thinking, what kind of audience they're targeting. I personally did not like the main character, the old hunter. There is a scene where a boy was eaten alive by a pack wolves. One of the best ones like it I have seen…

Its a must watch movie. Movie boasts Superb acting, sublime cinematography, haunting music, very impressive CGI and visual effects (specially considering this movie did not had at-least 5% of the budget for a Hollywood blockbuster).

Performances from the entire cast is very convincing and especially Min sik Choi is amazing. I lack words to describe it in the right scale.

The movie itself was very good. There are many other elements that are similar, alongside obvious embellishments, that run throughout the movie. While he was out on a hunt, he made the mistake of stealing the tiger's kill (a wild boar coincidentally). Also, a female tiger was killed. How the Japanese forced many of them to turn against each other, and how families were torn apart.

A magnificently CGI-ed tale of two families: human & tiger, and how the brutality of life atop the mountain doesn't detract from their interspecies bond of gratitude, agony, vengeance and ultimately, comprehension. My suggestion is that if you don't care about the old hunter, which I didn't, there are other characters who are worthy of attention. If there is information that shows these two stories had some collusion between the people/producers, I am happy to change my review, but I have found none.

There are really only six characters of note in this film lasting 135 minutes before end credits.

In the end, ''The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale'' is an atmospheric, epic and sophisticated film that mixes contemporary action sequences with slightly patriotic historical fiction and philosophical topics that never feel too dry. There isn't anything in this movie I found flaws with. But who cares after all, this matter doesn't spoil the pleasure which you will feel watching this pure golden jewell. From action moments to emotional moments, this movie did a impressive job. From my side, I go for 50-50, neither I suggest it nor encourage to skip it.

Obviously, this philosophical movie doesn't only deal with the symbolism related to tigers but also touches profound topics such as dealing with forgiveness, honor and loss as well as family values.

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Strictly for feline lovers only — dog people may empathize with the wolves instead. I have to warn you this is an extremely sad movie. Father and son; the leader of the Korean hunters and his lieutenant; and one Japanese General and his Korean aide. South Korea's answer to 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. Visually stunning, action-packed, suspenseful, intense and emotional, 'The Tiger' is one of the best films I've seen!! The man then traveled to another well-known hunter's cabin, who refused to help him because he believed he was “cursed” as many of the people believed the tiger was a God, again, just like the movie. On the surface it is a simple story about a tiger hunt. As I have stated before I don't like to say anything about the actual movie as I feel there is no point in watching a film if the reviews talk about characters/scenes too much.

I must also point out the numerous fight scenes between the tiger and his enemies. Still, some of the Korean characters want to see the tiger dead as well for many different reasons: reputation, revenge and wealth among others. They did pretty awesomely, but it was a much harder job than the big ape they had created earlier.

A good movie with few shortcomings.

Beautiful, poignant, suspenseful and oh my gosh, the drama. Kingdom of Korea is rules by Japanese and they are hunting for the tigers in the mountains in extreme cold. I found it difficult to not root for both. 5.A tiger not only has striped fur but its skin is striped too. So I think the director did his best with the kind of screenplay he had, I would say the whole team effort was good. Acting, direction, script, screenplay, sound effects, locations and animation effects are all world class and outstanding than any other thriller movies about exotic beasts. Most people will probably end up rooting for the tiger's survival. I will stop watching 10 minutes into a movie if I feel it is too boring, cheesy, etc. The film has an incredible amount of emotion on both the human and animal side. The Tiger was a man eater, of Legend in the village who had killed before and was revered as a massive beast. But when the Japanese army chief obsessed with one particular magnificent tiger that lives in the mountains of Jirisan, summons all the hunters to get it. The whole story revolving around this experienced hunter and the last tiger in Korea is a powerful tale that I think sets the standards of how to make an audience root for both parties of an epic conflict. When you, after holding back tears, are finally wiping them out, there comes another shot to the heart that re-open the floodgates. I must say it kind's get me touched with both characters the Tiger and the old huntsman. I am speaking literally and figuratively too. 4.They have an amazing memory.

During the Japanese rule of Korea in the 1925, a fine hunter who lives with his son in the forest near a village has given up hunting since his wife's death.

Ultimately, the spirit of the people and of the homeland on which they were born and stewarded with their lives, wins out and are forever melded together. This was beyond awesome! That makes it a bit unrealistic and out of proportion. All the attempts go in vain, until the Japanese soldiers and Korean hunters team up and go after that last living tiger. Tear-jerker in more than one place so do not hold back the tears but instead let them out. It is that great. If you have watched The Tiger, you can read or write the film review on The Tiger on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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