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Movie: The Take (2007)
Genre: ,
Director: Brad Furman
Date of Release: 11 Apr 2008
Duration: 96
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
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About The Take (2007)

After he's shot during a heist in East L.A., an armored truck driver wrestles with rehabilitation and tracking down the man who committed the crime.

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The style of filming added realism, suspense and a darkness that helped get the viewer more internalized within the film. The movie didn't feel like a fiction to me. I would recommend this movie to my friends and others who enjoy this genre of movies.

A worthwhile film that deserves a rent or maybe even a purchase for those from the areas of LA they film in…if anything – the sex scene is probably one of the most dedicated I have watched in some time – but at the same time shows a realism that mainstream cinema has missed for years…I will be recommending this title in my store for those looking for an authentic urban film. The story itself is, on the surface, something we've heard of before – typical heist gone wrong yada yada. Subsequently, he cannot make love to his wife; gets agitated as a result and seems to maintain this odd sense of being unable to really 'feel', as if to cry or get upset at the shooting is to fatally expel a sense of male machismo, with an ideology that might read something like: 'men don't cry – men get over this sort of thing'.

I wrote a while ago in an observation on a Finnish film from 2006 entitled Lights in the Dusk about the film's over-emphasising on the 'little-guy' in a big situation. Tyrese (perfectly cast) oh so subtlety growls as the unscrupulous villain with vicious apathy for his sins as he is absorbed by his mission. What else do you want in a movie? If there was more action and less family drama, this might have been watchable, but this is a boring, predictable movie that will put you to sleep. It has a dark grainy look with desaturated colors in a weird and limited palette. He is a family man and Rosie Perez as his wife Marina, is a devoted, religious woman whose nuanced performance along with John's tour de force role as LEADING MAN works because it is real. Adell is one scary guy. John Leguizamo, who was honored that night, seemed as genuine in real life as his character was displayed on the screen.

This movie is excellent.

When the film was over, I felt surprised because the time flew by so fast. The Take is up there with my favorite independents of all time. A quality movie, very good character development, it shows how Leguizamo's character grapples with rehabilitation after his near fatal gunshot wound and how his wife Perez's character has to adjust in their relationship. Tyrese Gibson gives the best performance of his career as a very brutal and frightening villain.

In the cross fire, one innocent passerby is shot and a cop is killed, but there are no other casualties despite there being at least 100 other people standing around watching. On the commentary to the film he talks about the issues this raised due to guerilla style filming and some of the risks involved.

Oh, on a side, yet important note, the performance of John Leguizamo was one of the most real and heart-breaking of seen of his, and he's a fine actor.

One thing I did not like was the strange look of the film. The film revolves around Felix's recovery and the investigation of the robbery.

In addition to the opening sequence highlights include Tyrese's intro, Leguizamo's pained crawl, Rosie's first visit to the hospital, Leguizamo's fight with his TV, and the outstanding chase scene towards the end. It's truly wonderful to witness – the lawnmower scene and his anger is felt through the screen as he battles the scars he's been left with as a result of the events. He deserves to be A-listed. Rosie Perez is fun to watch.

John Leguizamo plays the role of Felix De La Pena, a man of Hispanic descent living with his wife Marina (Perez) and their two kids in Los Angeles. You feel the pain, torment, and absolute hell that Felix, his wife and 2 kids are living through as a result of the consequences of the vicious and callous shooting by Adell(Tyrese Gibson). The family just really fits and is real. I truly believe most can agree this is one of the best pieces of fiction best paralleling reality for L.A. filmed since (and including) Crash, Harsh Times, Training Day, etc. I loved the Urban cinematography!

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If you want to see a great gritty film, watch Memento. The old fashioned town is shown well, and gritty atmosphere adds to the already dark tale. Rosie Perez is tossed between despair and hope as the audience wrestles the same conflict.

I always defended Leguizamo as a serious actor, while some claim he's always typecast. Her features are more lined, her dimples deeper, and she's not twenty years old anymore but who is? There are only a few chases and shootings.

I recommend this film highly and I applaud the filmmakers!!

Felix (Leguizamo) works as a bank driver in the slums of L.A. and he's the all-around good guy with loving family (Rosie Perez plays the cliché role of the wife). Then he's shot in the head and becomes a real angry person. sure there are some problems occasionally, but all in all, it's a really, really good movie. To see this filmmaker stand in front of so many people and thank his parents, his cast and crew in a way that shared the adulation instead of hogging it for his own personal gain…this was encouraging. Shot in a documentary style reminiscent of 70's movies, the director coaxs from ALL THE ACTORS scenes that are memorable for their family simplicity or violent realism. Leguizamo grasps the opportunity and gives the best performance of his wonderful career. Regardless of the negative and technical reviews written about the end scenes and cultural inaccuracies – I have to give this film one of the most realistic portrayals I have seen in years centering around a man that is losing everything that makes him a man – and finds a way to regain it without being Jason Bourne or James Bond. He shows all of his many talents in the film as Felix, the lead, in this gritty Indie movie. 7/10 When you have $800,000 to make a film with an actor like Leguizamo and you're on location in a perilous neighborhood…and, when you have the passion and integrity that these filmmakers exhibit, it's difficult not to champion the spirit of independent film-making.

John Leguizamo (a personal favorite actor) stars as a family man who works as a driver for an armored car company. He installs security equipment in a fit of paranoia and undergoes a process of long recovery that sees him sense a once-present notion of 'manliness' now gone. They are to the film's integrity what that bullet was to Leguizamo's brain. Definitely an “actor's” movie! I recommend this movie to anyone and I look forward to future work from this director Despite the (unoriginal) shooting style and some “cliche” dialogue this was a very intense and entertaining piece of work. De La Pena is a nice, upstanding man with a great deal of fondness for his family and the work he does.

But then, to me no LA film has ever looked as good as when cinematographer Theo Van de Sande filmed Miracle Mile there 20 some odd years ago presenting us with the most beautiful nighttime cityscapes I have ever seen. Drawing on clear influences from recent gritty, crime infused pieces such as 2000's Traffic and 2002's Narc, 2008 film The Take seems to have come and gone at a Canadian film festival before being banished to stores so as to increase profits on DVDs. It would seem there was nary a distributer at said Canadian festival willing to invest in Brad Furman's film; an overall shame, not a crying one but a shame none-the-less. One of the things that elevates this film from the typical heist movie is that the viewer genuinely cares for Felix's family which is being torn apart by his tribulations. But Cannavale is just fine and Rosie Perez does as well here as she's done anywhere else. That is why Soderbergh and others like him have experimented with non-conventional ways of distributing a film, so that money and time, our most valuable resources, are not squandered, but used wisely to reach more people with stories that are told using hearts, not egos. Support was well cast and effective with particular props to Perelli and Marco. But one day, things go spectacularly wrong when Tyrese Gibson's criminal Adell holds up the truck; has De La Pena drive it back to the HQ before robbing the place of its money and fatally wounding De La Pena. He sasses the cops and the cynical FBI agent coolly rendered by Bobby Cannavale. East LA was never covered better. 2/10 I went to this film randomly in Santa Monica one day and I was incredibly surprised with the performance of John Leguizamo and Rosie Perez.

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Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch The Take even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch The Take in HD without buffering. So watch The Take and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. The pallet seems to vary from white and black to gloomy green. Woah. One reviewer is complaining about how it's not an action movie, another is complaining about plot holes. He can't satisfy his wife anymore and smashes furniture, driving his family away. Of course you're not wrong, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but come on. I was surprised by the low ratings this movie has received in this forum.

Outstanding performances by Cannavale, Perez and Gibson proving small films can bring the best out of someone. Leguizamo, in his best performance to date, becomes his character and pulls off the transformation of Felix from everyman to consumed by his own vindication. He's comatose for a while but eventually recovers, as much as you can recover from a bullet wound in the frontal lobe. Mr. Furman should be commended for his work, on screen, of course, but sometimes, where somebody might find a story lacking on the screen, if they look towards what happened off-screen, they may be heartened to know that art and artists are fighting hard everyday to bring their perspective of the world to as many people as possible.

And apparently, no one in downtown LA has a cell phone, or if they do, they have either all used up their minutes or their batteries are dead because no one even attempts to call the police. There are instantaneous cuts, some negative shots. Some of these negative reviews are interesting. It's terribly boring. “Good” acting… The scene with his child on his lap beside a gun says it all. It's low budget. John and Rosie, who have played it funny in the past, are serious actors in meaty roles here. The Take isn't one of those films you'll remember forever, it's plot simplistic, and script not without some flaws, but you will definitely remember the performances by the entire cast.

I was at the premiere of “The Take” in Toronto last year and was very touched by the “Q&A” that followed the screening. Gibson's character is a strong character both physically and emotionally and these roles suit Gibson as opposed to a Baby Boy role. The depictions and descriptions of the film can be read on numerous reviews here and elsewhere – but I have to say most of these writs seem determined to discredit a good film. That is, these kinds of wounds, whether medically induced or otherwise, kneecap your judgment. It is at this point, just past the halfway point that The Take begins to devolve into a clichéd muddle of astounding proportions. The film has great locations from East Los Angeles, depicting the daily life of a working-class family. Rosie Perez and bobby Carnavale were also excellent. His portrayal as a man struggling with himself, his family and a crime he didn't commit were well approached in the acting. You can tell Director Brad Furman wanted to stay true to the roots of the characters – he did go to Boyle Heights and filmed within the neighbourhoods wherein the story is set. Director Furman's casting was right on in putting this family together. Additionally, Rosie Perez, as his wife, complements him perfectly.

Leguizamo is thrown into easy rages over trivial things. John Leguizamo was very good as an armored-car driver who survives being shot in the head. If you have watched The Take, you can read or write the film review on The Take on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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