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Movie: The Rhythm Section (2020)
Genre: ,
Director: Reed Morano
Date of Release: 31 Jan 2020
Duration: 109
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
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About The Rhythm Section (2020)

After the death of her family in an airplane crash on a flight that she was meant to be on, Stephanie Patrick discovers the crash was not an accident. She then seeks to uncover the truth by adapting the identity of an assassin to track down those responsible.

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You'll just wish you saw “1917” again. Blake Lively and Jude Law did a good job with their acting but there is nothing redeeming about this dull franchise-wannabe. I also appreciated the color pallet of the film, lots of muted, cold colors to reflect the bleak outlook of our protagonist. I really don't understand all the negative reaction to this film. We never get to know Stephanie, she isn't given character development. She sets out to find answers and justice. Ms. Morano and cinematographer Sean Bobbitt hit us with some jarring camera work, and the musical inserts are just a tad too cutesy and obvious at their given time: “I'm Sorry”, “It's Now or Never”, and “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” The story is boring.

The talented Sterling K Brown is dragged into this to give information and wear glasses. Definitely worth a watch. Give it a try you won't be sorry if you know good movies. You want to create tension? Forgetting that a little about the film, Blake Lively continues to prove that she is not just a pretty face, she is a very good actress, the music produced by Hans Zimmer, even if he does not execute it, it shows in the distance, and the locals well accomplished . But, for that realism, I applaud the script; the acting, the intelligent dialogue. Another violent female movie. but why? Of course most of the stops occur after former MI6 agent Ian Boyd (Jude Law) trains her on the finer points of being a contract killer. (I understand this is why you go see a film like this) The switch from reluctant assassin to remorseless killer happens off screen??? Why are these made in such numbers these days? The film begins with Stephanie, wasting away her life addicted to drugs and being a prostitute.

Blake Lively is a talented actress as evidenced by her work in THE TOWN, THE SHALLOWS, and A SIMPLE FAVOR. She is simply miscast here. The film does offer a unique take on the femme fatale genre, but that's not enough to hold it up. The acting, photography, editing and action were all first class in my opinion. A journalist discovers her and helps her with information about the terrorist attack that took away many lives including her family. I found it to be more realistic then most. Why??? If you want a good nap, go and see this movie. The story, whilst “okay” didn't bring anything new to the genre and certainly wasn't fresh enough to hold my attention. By twenty minutes in, I had a horrendous headache. It was lacking the emotional development building to even care about these characters. I can't help feeling however that it was a little anti-climatic in the end. Now imagine yourself as an international assassin.

I am biased. It's just after seeing action sequences from films in recent years like The Raid, Atomic Blonde and The John Wick trilogy. I thought she would finish training and immediately turn into a ruthless expert killer, but she proves to not be cut out for it.

Overall, The Rhythm Section fails to launch an action series with Blake Lively.

Overall despite glimpses of potential with it's style and narrative, the film falls flat. He lives in a stunning ultra-modern home and has no qualms about hitting on hot assassins that he knows only by reputation. She finds Iain (Jude Law) who trained her to be a skilled fighter and survivalist. I've knocked just one star off for credibility. It was unbelievably boring. So If you think you'd enjoy seeing the beautiful Blake Lively get her ask kicked by 10 people, this is the movie for you.

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Now you can watch The Rhythm Section in HD absolutely free from eastern Europe and North America absolutely free on High Definition! Click the play button and follow the instruction to watch The Rhythm Section which is newly released. And terrible. The film builds really well and had me hooked in but it appeared to just continue to do that. The story telling wasted an incredible acting job by Lively. This contributes heavily to the lack of believability presented by the film. It's a serious story that is ultimately impossible to take seriously as a viewer. Not even Jude Law could save it. Could not make it to the end. The Briar witch “first hand” cinematography tricks made me nauseous.

This is not Peppermint. The action was nothing worth talking about for those few scenes. He's a hard-ass mentor figure for Stephanie as he attempts to give her skills to survive on her quest for revenge. I hope to see a part 2 now that she hone her skill in part 1. But if they don't make a part 2 it was still a very good movie. Terrible acting,continuity,drab dialog.

Blake Lively is good playing Stephanie. A lot of people conditioned to super powered espionage action heroes will be disappointed w/the realism of someone making mistakes as they develop the art of tracking down the terrorists responsible for her family's deaths. Stephanie is a mess. Which then, he sends her on contracts to kill the terrorists that are responsible for the bombing. He never feels like a character, he's more of a plot device. In short, a good film without pretensions to have a good time. The camera shakes so much that I wanted to throw up within ten minutes. I feel the film just cut out too much of the story in favor of longer action sequences. Lively is not box office material because she's a so-so actress. Trying to find the leader that was responsible. The direction failed with its boring action and forgettable characters.

The Verdict

I don't recommend seeing “The Rhythm Section”. Blake Lively continues her upward trajectory after strong turns in “The Shallows” (2016) and “A Simple Favor” (2018). She gives a wounded performance as Stephanie, a woman whose spirit died along with her family; a still-living victim of a tragedy. Based on the trilogy of novels. He's like Obi-Wan Kenobi if Old Ben was a jerk. Each stop is pretty brief – merely long enough for some killing. We watched her bumble and stumble for two hours so that she could finally put it all together in a 3 minute seen at the end. She does make some simple mistakes that would cost innocent peoples lives.

It does try to be a great film and thanks to Blake Lively and Jude Law, the film is manages not to crumble.

The direction is boring. She's the same character by the end as she was in the beginning, only she's sober now. When it clicks, a movie franchise can be a cash cow for many years. Female director too… I was left feeling like I was still waiting for it to truly kick into action nothing specifically was wrong with it and as a whole I still enjoyed the majority of it. After she completes her training and heads into the world to seek vengeance she proves to be rather ineffective. I've never quite seen anything so one-sided before, and it seriously makes me wonder why it was even made. I thought there was way too much time at the beginning of the film and not enough action (tension) during the action scenes.

In terms of action, there is very little. Highly recommended for people who enjoy a thoughtful thriller that isn't just non-stop action and takes its time to set up characters and situations in the first half. We walked out of this after 20min and sneaked into something else.

The Rhythm Section Watch Online Full Movie

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Also, it seemed way too easy for her to find “B” (Jude Law) for someone who went to great lengths to live off the grid, especially given that he was former MI -6 and would have been very good at hiding. But even so, it reminds me of Luc Besson's film with the same ideas, Beautiful young woman with drug problems and prostitution, recruited by a former MI6, who trains her to transform her into a professional murderer, with the purpose that in addition to her revenge staff do your dirty work to you. Clearly some suspension of disbelief is in order here.

Watch this movie … I don't even know what I just watched. She has a goal that she desperately wants to fulfill but she doesn't change as a result of achieving that goal.

An opening scene finds Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) pointing a gun at the head of a man who is unaware of her presence. It is the great spy/revenge film where a stunning Charlize Theron did her own stunts. Unfortunately, it's just not that easy to create characters that viewers will invest in, or story lines that will keep those viewers interested. Most of them had open doors and windows, and even though they supposedly had security detail, she ducks around a couple of corners and in through an open door or window??? She was vulnerable. There's also a cool chase scene that's a continuous shot from within the vehicle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Iain is sending Stephanie on assassin contracts. You don't have to have shaky-shaky handheld shots. Blake Lively is great playing a raw and torn up character. It's the kind of tragedy followed by a grief so devastating that Stephanie has basically given up on life. Finally, creative twists (scenes not seen in similar movies in this genre) to keep one guessing. a crucial element if viewers are expected to buy in. There is nothing worth mentioning about the story. I also liked Jude Law as Boyd, an ex MI6 recluse. She lacks the moral numbness and skill to pull it off, which makes her more relatable. Here are three examples: we never know why Stephanie didn't get on the flight with her family; it makes little sense that the journalist tracked her down; and is that supposed to be a twist or not? She put her soul into this film only for the actual film to have none. She does not have the physicality, presence, or skills necessary so it is over-edited. Sterling K. Brown playing a former CIA informant was just flat out one dimensional. Well this film fails to be worth watching with its uninspired story, boring characters, and a dull direction. Someone don't become a bad ass over night like in Peppermint movie. STOP MAKING 100lb girl beats up a man movies please. The action scenes are filmed decently well. I like the idea of making Livley's character a reluctant assassin. Seriously! Author Mark Burnell has already published four books in his Stephanie Patrick series, and director Reed Morano brings the first one to the big screen. You don't have to do it with pathetically lit scenes where, even in daylight sequences, you can't see the expressions of the actors and are squinting to see what is what. I was particularly impressed with the car chase scene which appears to be one long take inside the main character's car.

The Bad

The movie has a good first act, setting up an intriguing revenge tale that fizzles out in the second. The Rhythm Section isn't exactly a bad movie. The Rhythm Section, for all intents and purposes is and functions (however poorly) as a revenge genre film.

She was probably the only name actress desperate enough for such a part, willing to score another one for affirmative action, diversity, and victim-hood. The only thing I learned from this mess is never to watch a film directed by Reed again because, honestly, she has no eye for it. All the while wondering how you got there. If you have watched The Rhythm Section, you can read or write the film review on The Rhythm Section on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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