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Movie: The Precipice (2018)
Genre: ,
Director: Michael Hatch
Date of Release: N/A
Duration: 86
IMDB Rating:
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About The Precipice (2018)

An ex-soldier and her prisoner traverse enemy territory to find the location that holds the key to saving them and the country.

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I know it is low budget but they should hire someone who knows small arms to stage more realistic holding of weapons.

I have absolutely no idea what the plot was supposed to be, the costumes looked fresh out of the laundry machine, the characters are running almost the entire movie and are never actually out of breath for more than a few seconds, the Foley team did a terrible job matching levels, and the the only suspense was created by playing edgy music while the two characters run for the whole movie.

The movie is mostly all dialogue scenes between the woman and the captive man and plenty of running around the woods scenes. I also feel like there wasn't a single person in production who had ever laid hands on a firearm which makes zero sense considering the only characters in the movie are military. These actors in this movie do not have any experience with firearms. People would always upgrade their weapons if they are under potential threat. The tension will keep you squirming on the edge of your seat right up to its astonishing climax. Watched this at a film festival recently and was not disappointed. It not worth the 70 minutes! She carry's a small Beretta compact model 92 pistol but does not know how to point and grip to shoot. No real action in the entire movie other then the last scene which is very brief, 5 seconds long. It's hardly surprising coming from the country that gave us Mad Max (a post-apocalyptic genre film not too dissimilar to this one) but it seems like the new generation of Ozzie filmmaking is here to stay as this well-oiled machine of a movie ramps up the bar for independent thrillers. Australian cinema has never looked so fresh with great performances from the lead actors. With great production value, stunning locations and a cracking script, fans of white-knuckle flicks like Blue Ruin or Run Lola Run should definitely check this one out. The lady has a chance to pickup an H&K assault rifle but past it up. In the last scene, they have chance at a submachine gun but past that too. Trigger finger are way to far apart and could never fire in an instant. The only thing I thought was done well was the camera work. Other characters do pretty much the same. Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch The Precipice even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch The Precipice in HD without buffering. So watch The Precipice and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. If you have watched The Precipice, you can read or write the film review on The Precipice on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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