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Movie: The Last Legion (2007)
Genre: , ,
Director: Doug Lefler
Date of Release: 17 Aug 2007
Duration: 101
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
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About The Last Legion (2007)

The Last Legion is one of those films that really didn’t get the credit it deserves. Who cares it’s lame. Finally the period of the late 5th century, with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, is highly fascinating. But I don’t like utter nonsense. You have a decent cast here. As I said, while The Last Legion might have worked if it’s released 10 years ago, this movie can’t justify it being made now. Enjoy! ). Scenery’s, sets, clothing: Scenery’s and sets look pretty good, but the clothing is just horrible. Might watch it again some day. Mary Stewart’s “The Crystal Cave” was the first book that introduced me to the concept, and since I’m a Western Civilization teacher, I’m fascinated by the histories and legends that have risen from what is known as the “Dark Ages” of Europe. Maybe, indeed, a few historical inaccuracies are here,cant say for sure, but even there are a few, i could easily overlook them. (Stars 4.5 out of 10) I finally finished watching this movie after falling asleep to it 3 nights in a row, and I must say: What a genuine load af garbage! Not even her booby trapped enhanced short sword offered anything we’re never seen before. The kids will love it! Altogether meaningless. I can understand why some people may be disappointed watching this movie, especially if they were expecting a CGI laden gore-fest. I think that there is some missing story that I would like to hear, like the origins of the villain and where he got his scars and what not. Well, I think for many it’s the idea that any film about the Roman Empire — even a fictional story — is supposed to be filmed in great grandeur. Clearly 6 years was not enough yet to write a decent script. It better could have left out. It’s suitable at most for that DVD rental for a lazy afternoon, but nothing more, and only if you’re in dire need of some, or any, form of entertainment. As examples I will only take two points. The ending is so bad, so very very bad that Myself and a friend sat stunned. And the story? Unfortunately the entire thing is reduced to a very poor TV movie, and although the weak screenplay plays its part, this film is really case study for anybody who wants to know how abysmal directing, excruciatingly poor cinematography, bafflingly bad editing and over used scoring can take a cast that for the most part is award-winning, (with the exception of the dreadful man playing the villain) and make them look worse than community theater. I can imagine a savage barbarian behaving like that. However it’s a shame to see Roman history, which is rich enough on its own two feet, now being turned into this sort of thing also, with magic swords and secret powers and so on. This is a nice production with an average budget, great sets and thundering battles about the fall of the Roman Empire. (Possible Spoilers) As for the story line… It’s all edited and directed at schlock B grade television pace. What made the story interesting, at least for me, was the chase-scene type atmosphere of a small band of heroes protecting a little boy, fleeing the bloodthirsty Goths until they could mount some sort of counter-attack in the north in Brittania. Somehow I missed the trailers and promotion of this film. This is filmed well, but not on a grand scale. The fighting styles that they gave the characters, while flashed up for filming, were believable for the cultures that they came from (A Roman Cataract using Japanese sword techniques!

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Well maybe it’s not that great compared to ‘300’ but it’s good enough anyway My conclusion is: you gotta watch the movie especially if you like Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley or Thomas Sangster or if you like adventures. I went to see this movie only because it had one of the Bollywood leading lady – Aishwarya Rai. Acting: The overall acting is terrible. Perhaps most interesting is Aishwarya Rai — my favorite female Indian actress — as a female warrior. She performed her role with commitment, but over-expressed herself in violent actions scenes. The beginning of the movie seems promising, but unfortunately after 15 minutes it becomes a mediocre epic movie. Aishwarya was okay. And it seemed to me it’s a kind of a teen movie rather than a serous one (i suppose it’s for people of 12-25). And one more thing to say: though it’s a historic movie (and i really hated history at school!!! The movie starts with an interesting theme, but quickly turns into one cliché after another. Even then, if the story was told in an interesting way, the directing was skillful, I might have forgiven. Every director degrading the highly talented and skilled John Hannah to a wooden amateur like this, should be put on a black list. maybe more” . – What like millions? If it has one flaw, that is the lack of more flesh when the girl warrior gets in the water, or in the hero’s bed… He’s much better at fumbling through a confession of love than being an epic hero. He is very timid and seems mostly frustrated that he has signed to do this mediocre movie. But there was a technique employed that was clever. To make her look like an Indian beauty the make-up artist put layers of brown shining dusk on her face and body. The Goths: The acting of the evil barbarians is overdone, either they are plain stupid or too evil (Wulfila – Kevin McKidd), which combined with the ridiculous un-authentic clothing, makes you laugh at the sight of them. The actors have been given very little guidance. They were just brilliant! No matter; overall, it was fun but just a little too silly. It does not have a heavy complicated story, and gory of sex and violence – that is normally seen in such movies. Now it is just one of the many scenes, which remain hanging in the air. The story is about the blood line of Julius Ceaser – a young child Romulus Augustus (Thomas Sangster) whose parents are killed, kingdom overthrown and he imprisoned. To be honest my recommendation is to wait for this to get to free to air television. Colin Firth huffs and puffs to fit the role of a warrior guard, and so overacts Thomas as a child emperor. This movie is not an untold story. They would have done better dusting off set pieces from Ben Hur(1959). Costumes were pulled from every generic Barbarian/Roman stock wardrobe or Halloween store. The movie was good, entertaining and very family orientated( No Gore/blood – no nudity ). Granted, its no Troy, 300 or King Arthur, so if your looking for some epic battle with plenty of digital effects then this isn’t for you. The Roman Empire had come to an end. What I do think it is, is a good adventure film. What’s wrong with this film? Of course they had to skip a few things,as they do almost in every book-to-film adaption, but even if you watch the film, without reading the original script first, it is a complete story and you wont be disappointed. It was embarrassing, how they tried to gain credit by using household names from history – because this movie had nothing to do with real historical events.

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This movie didn’t feel like it should be on the big screen more like a miniseries. This is a tale of legend, and it tells it quite well. But, once again, that is only explained in the final minutes. You will feel you’re watching a kids’ film at times. However, don’t look for credibility in those action scenes and expect the typical political-correctness of today (i.e. where a woman beats up hundreds of men and the good guys of all colors prevail despite ridiculous odds). Some parts of this will leave you shaking your head in disbelief. If you want a well written,acted and totally realistic version of Rome, see ROME don’t waste your time on this. To those people, I apologize for thinking that. Actually Rome is in turmoil ever since Julius Caesar got killed by friends, Romans, countrymen. Well, it really wasn’t either, although I did find it entertaining. This movie is lame from the beginning to the end so I advise you not to waste two hours of your life, like I did, watching this garbage. The action scenes were good but not up to the mark of great directors. It’s not. In the beginning ancient Rome was used as a background. The plot, dialog, acting and directing were all horrible. Obviously, a rescue is needed. I’m beginning to wonder about the discernment of some of these actors, how they can play such intelligent roles for a film or two and then revert to something like this. The director hardly takes time to show the emotional struggle of a young boy being the mightiest person in the world. This is a larger-than-life production with good direction, interesting scripting, and enthusiastic performances place this far above the usual empty-headed historical spectacle. Don’t invite your friends over, they will make fun of you. Later on, it’s thought that a minor war lord, probably named Artos, did his best to maintain civilization and Christianity in the west of England. Reading the back cover of the DVD and seeing that Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley are given top billing, I expected an intelligent King Arthur story. hm… Rohan (LotR) anyone? Odoaker took over power in 475, not in 460. Wulfila died around 383. Really, I like retelling or even reinventing legends. Oh, I’m not saying this is a great epic about the Roman Empire. The acting talents and chances of a good film as so badly wasted and in parts the film seems to not know what it wants to be. The fact that I give the movie two stars instead of just one, however, is due to the fact that there WERE some beautiful and accurate props in it, such as clothes, weapons, scenery etc.. The Goths are typically casted as evil bad guys to be killed at will by the heroes, without any personality whatsoever. Well, i just read the previous comment and i can’t say I’m quite happy with it 🙁 I mean, the movie was not that bad at all!! The flick is professionally directed by Doug Lefler, who previously made ¨Dragonheart , a new beginning ¨. Rating : Good, it’s a nice extravaganza well set in ancient Rome, done in great scale and praised for its action sequences. I remember the first time, almost 10 years ago when i was reading the same title book,from Valerio Massimo Manfredi, i was wondering, if there was going to be a film adaption, for this interesting book. However, if you want an hour-and-a-half of decent escapist fare, and can put your brain on hold for that time, it fits the bill and will at least entertain you. At best this movie is a rental to watch at home. Surinamese TV showed the movie at midnight, so alas I cannot ask my 12 years old son, if he was entertained. I’ve seen her nude photos on the internet and believe me…

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