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Movie: The King's Choice (2016)
Director: Erik Poppe
Date of Release: 22 Aug 2017
Duration: 133
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
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The film making is really heartfelt, and the instruction of the actors are superb. The film is slow and tries your patience, the Scandinavian slow motion in films is notorious, while Danish and Norwegian films usually are a bit more active, while Finnish films are the worst, although Russian films can be of the same trying sort. no matter how hard they try, it’s just not convincing enough. The drama is compelling, the tension is palpable, and its characters are interesting to some extent but there are still a few moments when it indulges in trivial matters which take the focus away from what’s relevant. My vote is eight. And there is an answer. Under the guise of: ‘we are coming into your territory to protect you from an attack by the nasty British! ) With a budget like this and such an important story to tell, I think it’s ridiculous that they did not take the CGI and effects seriously. Much is really filmed theatre here, but you tend to forget it, when Christensen is on the screen. It charts several interesting insights to some little known facts within Norway’s political make up of the times, and how this ‘King’ was being forced into a desperate decision by a crafty enemy. Camera-work is equally well-balanced, and the cast delivers strong performances throughout by playing their given roles with aptness & leave nothing to complain about. That’s the part of the film to define its title. That did not spare the Norwegian cabinet members, as well as the king Haakon VII and his family. We also follow the German representative in Norway at the outbreak of the war – Curt Braüer – and his futile attempts of getting a negotiated peace. So having a similar title name justifies. simple. The trailer was good, but unfortunately everything you see in the trailer corresponds to maybe 2 or 3 minutes of the actual film. Judging by the hype and praise this movie had received I was really looking forward to this release. Everything had its share, including those war atmosphere for such budget was impressive. While Norway’s collapse was inevitable, the royal family escaped to London where they led the Norwegian resistance for the remainder of the war. An interesting touch that suggests you may have to do some homework for other elements of the story. And it would have been a catastrophe of epic proportions if this film had taken short cuts. (I probably won’t even have to mention the scene they stole from saving private Ryan? The great direction and performances associated to an excellent screenplay gives the sensation of a documentary. A gem of a film. You are anxiously awaiting the invasion which is why you can handle the King playing around with his kids and pretending he knows nothing of anything whatsoever. There are titles at the finish to update us on what happened to those involved BUT… it’s so difficult to understand why moviemakers who spend thousands of dollars on titling – opt for the smallest font sizes available – then squash all this vital information into the middle section of a WIDE screen ratio – leaving most unreadable! More reviews https://cinemusefilms. However it was nothing short of a disappointment! After the movie you will probably wonder where the King’s ”NO” actually came from. I didn’t always pay much attention to it, but the moments it chooses all feel like real moments in the story, the important highlights of actions performed by the people involved.

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Still, definitely worth a shot. After all he is surrounded on all flanks and the escape could have been an interesting watch. The story begins with the April 1940, while the Nazi army sailing towards Norway and after losing most of the cities to them, the people fled to safer places. Based on history, with some degree of dramatization, quite interesting and edifying. Norwegian military is unprepared. for acting, for atmosphere, for the story who you know in a different frame. precise. The King’s inevitable escape from Norway (something I had anxiously awaited to see) is not shown. Somehow the director thought it was OK to make every German shout like Hitler (in almost every scene). There is even a scene where a German threatens a little boy with a gun while ferociously sneering like an SS office (see Schindler’s list). The fact that the boy has life threatening injuries makes no difference to the Germans (historical accuracy under scrutiny). I’m not saying it did not happen but in the early stages of the war an army sergeant of the Wehrmacht is not likely to act like an SS officer. Most other war scenes are about fleeing by train and car and confused small scale battle in cold, snow and wood. 7/10 This Norwegian/Irish co-production, offers a somewhat different approach to recounting the dark horrors of Nazi takeover tactics, and while it probably played better in the country of origin it makes for an engrossing history lesson. Every scene is introduced with location, date and time. Pretty accurate of what the war was like in Norway, where all parts had to cope with the weather and nature as much as with enemy soldiers. They are the hunted. Neither too violent nor avoided the war depictions to turn it more drama type. “King’s Choice” is a 2016 biographical war drama directed by Erik Poppe. An enemy that had already determined to ‘take’ this valuable geographical advantage and its mineral resources… So well made that even if this is a relatively unknown corner of WW history it may go over at some international BOs just for the spectacle and scope. The film increases constantly in interest and gathering tension and drama as the historical events keep breaking in, but all the supporting characters are excellent and important also. Good movie if you like adding a bit more overshadowed knowledge about world war 2 into your head. it’s a great movie and shouldn’t be missed by serious movie buffs. The movie does have some good war scenes – most notably Colonel Eriksen firering the heavy guns at Oscarsborg coastal fortress at the German heavy cruiser Blücher – but it is not an action movie. admirable. It’s even pretty accurate on the historical side. Instead of the usual emphasis on military action, this film offers an extended essay on the moral responsibilities of leadership that is as relevant today as ever. Thank God they didn’t. The film is not only accurate and defining history telling, it’s also a mile stone in Norwegian cinema and film history. I can see wanting to be neutral, but why not join forces with all the other neutral Scandinavian countries so that you have some kind of military? The scene where Blücher gets sunk is one of my favourite scenes of all time. Again, you follow the heroes of the war, the people we shouldn’t forget (and haven’t forgotten). While I completely agree with the people wanting something new, this has little to do with this movie. sorry! but one so useful for understand the war, attitudes, answers, insignificant, at the first sigh, details than the story becomes, scene by scene, more and more complex. Along the way, the envoy, his few remaining parliamentarians, and even his son, repeatedly urge the king to surrender.

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The nation was terrified and only the royal family was left as a symbol of hope and inspiration. I would consider myself a history buff, especially a military history and WW2 buff, but wasn’t that familiar with the political machinations that occurred after Germany invaded Norway. The screenplay follows the royal family from the eve of the German invasion until the moment they flee to outside the Norwegian border and seems to be very accurate. My main feeling after seeing this movie, which covers the first few days of the second world war in Norway, is that I would like to see the movie continue all the way through the war. about a form of sacrifice who seems too small. Nothing thrown away, no cartoon nazis, just the inexorable juggernaut of history. Director: Erik Poppe – “1,000 Times Good Night” (2013) Excellent top-to-bottom quality historical drama. Poppe is a criminally great instructor and director. The German envoy to Norway, Curt Brauer, tries to negotiate a peace. Nevertheless, the movies ending is terrible in my mind. I mean from the common man’s perspective. These scenes feature horribly made CGI (probably created on a boozy evening on a low resolution screen in the mid 90’s). After the disappointing ”battle” the Germans have control over Norway and this is where the movie becomes a clichéd joke. Then the movie shift focus to dialogues about how ill prepared Norway really is for a possible invasion. The final few scenes are quite powerful though and ram home how crucial the King’s choice was, and the ethics behind it. nothing was done to get this to look authentic, with the possible exception of maybe one minute on-screen-action at the end of the movie. Period piece about the early days of World War 2. The King of Norway’s courage and moral compass is truly tested by Nazi Germany. Thank you to the excellent cast and crew for bringing this little known story to life. If you are not anticipating like the top WWII films you have seen, it can be picked for a watch. The movie starts off with some excitement in the air. It is a biopic, but the story was covered from different angles to reveal us what happened on the other side, including one of the young soldiers who fought in that war. The revered King and his heir apparent son fled to the countryside with Nazis in pursuit. However, Austian actor Karl Markovics is simply stunning as Kurt Bräuer. Things like buildings, airplanes, “bullets” …. everything was blurry and looked like it was produced in the 80’s. Explosions that should have destroyed buildings and taken out gas stations were masked by excessive use of all-too-gray-cgi-smoke, and then cut to the next scene, nice … When the Germany was expecting a response to their demand, the Norway cabinet made most of the decisions and turned it down to remain independent country. But in the initial parts, there were too many timelines mentioned about what happened on when. ). Just to make it even more cliché they copied a scene from ”Saving Private Ryan” where a grenade goes off and you get the continuously beep ear noise. The critique of this movie is mostly about what it is not: a new perspective. It’s about the most dramatic days in Norway 20th century history. If this was an American film that had taken place in America, then he would have won the Oscars. They are not people born into a stoic calm, but rather people born into a job that at its worst can be really difficult and pressing. In those hard times, he kept the nation united by respecting to how the government decided to deal with the situation. escaping from classic recipes.

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