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Movie: The Challenger (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Kent Moran
Date of Release: 11 Sep 2015
Duration: 95
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
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About The Challenger (2015)

A legendary trainer comes out of retirement to help an underdog boxer fight his way to a better life.

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Novice writer/director, Kent Moran, may have a bright future ahead of him if he continues to hone his craft by taking more risks and researching subject matter with greater detail.

I think the story suffered from too much ambition, but the editing and the choices made helped keep this a solid film with a lot of entertainment value. Body language is a very powerful thing. The personal tribute and clip of him supporting The Challenger, including its modest crew, spoke volumes about his character and dedication to the small budget film industry.

So, the bottom line for me was that I expected to seem more “warts” in the film. My only regret is that Michael Clarke Duncan did not see this theatrical release. I guess it's an Indy film. The 90 minutes flew past very quickly for me which is my proof that I enjoyed it. That doesn't happen. She needed a bigger piece of the movie. The main character, the boxer, is sort of lame, he show no real hunger to either train or fight. Honorable mention for Kent Moran as director, actor, screenwriter, publisher and producer of the film, which at 35 years stands as a great promise in the industry. They looked so much alike I didn't know who was who unless they were together and you saw the 2 foot difference in height I and a friend watched this movie on a late Friday night in Madrid, Spain.

Everyone loves an underdog and this movie was all about the underdog, yet it showed with hard work anything is possible, it's an inspirational movie, the story was great, something you see less of day in and day out, no fancy film effects, just brilliant camera-work, excellent choreography that made everything so realistic, so believable. We needed to feel more engaged in the process as the story line developed. Despite the fact that it was most likely made first, it's released after the far better South Paw, makes me think of it as a low budget South Paw. 7/10 This movie has many more good things than not so good things which I'll mention in a bit but first I can't help but say RIP Mr. Duncan. The movie does showcase what a good man we lost. This same guy has no previous boxing experience but after a few months of what appears to be very ordinary training turns pro. This movie was pretty painful to watch. RECOMMENDED. It will NOT have a note in Lecturas Cinematográficas. And furthermore, the choice of music during the fight scene was impeccably complimentary.

How is this the fight of the 21st century?

7 fights in fights the light heavy champ of the world – both fight like bums, take a beating, never hold and the fight is so poorly choreographed it is an embarrassment ! For instance, take the sequence of the final bout. Everything starts when the “hero” decides one day to start boxing, having shown no interest before. It was a job very well done. They cast two actors who look alike for both roles in the ring, hero and villain.

Terrible film. com/ The film had potential overall, despite its flaws in lead character transformation. Jaden Miller (Kent Moran) is a mechanic who lives in the Bronxs with his mother Jada (S. Epatha Merkerson). Both Jaden and his mother have little money and are faced with the threat of eviction, but Jaden sees an opportunity to rid his family of their financial woes and decides to take up boxing. The performances of Duncan and Merkerson were exceptional. While it's not badly made for a small film, the absurd casting ruins every scene, and discovering that the writer/director is the leading actor reveals how you've been cheated of your time. It was refreshing to see a boxing movie without any romantic complications blurring the story.

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You are here to watch The Challenger which is absolutely free here! You can watch The Challenger in HD absolutely free no buffering superfast server. You can watch the film The Challenger online on this site no restriction on any device IPhone Androyed Tab and so on from any location. You need just a free account to watch The Challenger in HD on your favorite device. The story was very very lame. Although Kent Moran doesn't look like he has ever truly fought in a ring he played the title role really well and was very likeable. You do know they're different punches right?

As Jaden's mother, Jada behaves in typical 'motherly fashion'. She's mortified about Jaden's new career choice and does her best to talk him out of it, but then when he's at the top she couldn't be more proud. Independent, low budget drama, winner of several Film Festivals, about a young man looking for his “American Dream” being a boxer, so we will witness his struggle and his inner strength.

Why was the number 7 spot in the WBC fighting in a bout against a novice from the club circuit? Kent Moran has a bright future ahead if he continues to perfect his craft, taking more risks, and researching issues in greater detail.

Why do you throw straight arm punches with a really bent arm like a hook? It should have been more satisfying when the revelations came in, but that, I think, was a victim of the budget and time. But what do I know — I am just a reviewer. Here the audience only feels cheated. What really impressed me the most about Kent Moran's directorial debut feature film was his approach to subject matter, casting and how he utilized the limited resources for the telling of the story. Anyone who has seen the Rocky films (or practically any boxing film) will have seen this all before and the picture really does offer no real surprises. The Challenger may have missed the mark in accurately portraying the sport of boxing, but a story of 'the underdog overcoming the odds' never grows old. That the lead actor also wrote and directed the movie is very commendable. it would have established his character and helped to build up some plausibility for later when we had to buy into the idea that he was a natural fighter who progressed so rapidly, that he got to the light heavy weight championship in less than an year.

First of all, no one goes pro, and gets a title shot in 6 months. The fighting choreography was totally unrealistic but I gave it a pass based on the movie kept my attention the entire time. He did add substance and warmth to this project. A complete achievement, for a remarkable result, and very motivating if you see with an open mind. Jaden strikes up a friendship with Duane (Michael Clarke Duncan) a boxing coach who refuses to train 'rookies'. Duane is initially cynical of Jaden, but when he witnesses Jaden's dedication and determination he continues coaching him all the way up to the top where Jaden eventually faces off against the world champion.

Overall it was really quite bad, and not worthy of Michael Clarke Duncan. It stinks! it feels weird.

I've been quite harsh on this film, but in all honesty it really isn't that bad. Then when there was more light in the next scene, I thought this actor “can't be” Justin Hartley, and I wondered why does he look so similar?! When Stallone did Rocky I, you would think from the hype at the time that he invented the boxing film. You don't get to sit until the end of round 1!

Why doesn't your build/ size change when you go from being a non- athlete to a full time boxer? The lines were predictable and trite. His performance along with S. Epatha Merkerson were the heart and soul of this marvelous story.

I urge you not to waste your time or money. Of the cast, Kent Moran has a lot of potential, not only is he charismatic and talented, but comes out well in his records, more knowing of his multifunctionality in the production, and his character is given to want; Michael Clarke Duncan, in his last role before dying of a heart attack, is immense, demonstrating a great interpretive level, where we will witness his “swan song”, an actor who had a lot to give; Also highlights S. Epatha Merkerson as the mother, who is the anchor and motive of the film.

Frankly, once you break that key rule, once you have no connection between star and viewer, there is no turning back. http://lecturascinematograficas. Why would you cast the champion to look like a bigger version of the skinny young boxer?

The Challenger Watch Online Free in HD

You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch The Challenger from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching The Challenger. So why are you waiting for watch The Challenger and enjoy Action. The film's protagonist is actually Kent Moran, who's several years younger than Hartley and has a similar hair color, hairline, hair style, eye color, face shape, chin cleft, and body type as Justin Hartley. That's not even enough time to even have an amateur career. White pretty boy plays a poor mechanic from the hood who decides to become a pro boxer to support his sick black mother.

I would have liked to see the main character getting kicked out of schools for fighting…

For me, I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, a lot of bad movies have been released lately, and it was nice to see something true to the art come from The Challenger. On his journey he will be accompanied by his adopted African-American mother, something you do not see every day, for Jade is white; And the support of your coach. Moran's writing & directing is pretty good and the film is fairly balanced and well-paced. They were too minor in my eyes. The acting was almost uniformly top notch. Kent Moran's “The Challenger” (2015) with Kent Moran, Michael Clarke Duncan, S. Epatha Merkerson, Justin Hartley, Frank Watson, Stan Carp, among others.

A rarity. He trains for what looks like 3 weeks and starts knocking out everyone. but are explained later.

Of course, the fact that the film is a “vanity” film — the same guy is the writer director and star — may be a factor.

Duncan plays a coach who sees potential in a poor kid from the Bronx who tries to fight his way out of his stereotypical life story. At no point is there ANY explanation as to why he is able to rise so fast in the pro ranks – no reference to having supernatural one punch power, no comments that the kid is a natural or even that he has been lucky enough to spar with some great pros to explain the development. I can guess it.

I highly recommend it as it being of better quality than most of what's been in the theaters this year.

The challenger has a lot to its story without being too overwhelming. Remember, this is an Indy film. Good choreography in the fights. The boxing itself was pretty bad. anyone who has watched real boxing, will find this ridiculous.

Not the best boxing movie I've seen but it works for me. R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan.

disclaimer: I'm related to someone who worked on the film, so I'm probably not completely objective here. A boxing film that, like a bad boxer, starts out weak. I just didn't feel much passion for Jaden and his cause and for that reason I just couldn't get behind him and his cause as much as I should have done.

Why did you go from 0 bouts as an amateur straight into the pros? If you were trying to make a parody of all the boxing movies, this would be it. So, in all, we two men in Madrid on a late Friday night really enjoyed this boxing movie set in the Bronx as we felt it was made with feeling and sensitivity. Guys train for years just to turn pro. It should reach out with more intensity, willing to reveal its vulnerable side.

What does set it apart from other boxing films is it's commentary on where boxing is today and what can be done to fix it, namely a Cable station wants to exploit the challenger with a reality show that leads up to his fight with the current heavy weight champ as to way to bring back the Heavy Weights that have been long gone since Tyson/Holyfeild.

With The Challenger what you're basically seeing is another reworking of Rocky with Jaden going through the same basic motions; a rookie boxer working his way to the top and defying the odds by getting that elusive title shot. If you have watched The Challenger, you can read or write the film review on The Challenger on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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