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Movie: The Battle of Jangsari (2019)
Director: Kyung-taek Kwak
Date of Release: 11 Oct 2019
Duration: 104
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
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About The Battle of Jangsari (2019)

Based on a true story of Jangsari Landing Operation, 772 student soldiers – whose average age was 17 and who received just 2 weeks of boot camp training – were tossed into Korean War effort in order to pave the way for Incheon Landing Operation, which turned the tide of war.

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This movie is phenomenal. This movie needs more appreciation. At the time I didn't expect to think of another film in the same way for at least a good few months – perhaps seven or eight – but here we are. The camera jerks as if it's dodging a bullet or the butt of a gun, we can't see through the fog, marring our views and we feel all round a little overwhelmed with the added sound editing of screaming and explosions.

its a classic war movie, made the korean way and style, there are the usual problem differing a south from a north soldier especially in the dark surroundings takes, but all the killings do give some clues which side youre on.

Battle of Jangsari is no exception.

The only element that was unnecessary were the few scenes involving Megan Fox as war correspondent and George Eads as tough general.

I will say, my rewatch value is rated lower because, personally, I can't see myself watching this again. It's painful, and it is such a well done small trick of the camera that just made my heart bleed. The only points i give because all the cast have done maximun efforts. The hand to hand combat in the trenches and going up the hill is very real. The ending on Jangsari – not the full ending of the film – was utterly stunning, beautiful, and found me pausing to sit and cry. A ship carrying 772 student soldiers head for the beaches of Jangsari a day before the Incheon landing in a diversionary attack. The Battle of Jangsari !!

the warbattles are a ravaging kill a kill nonstop, some vfx and cgi are used especially in the naval shoots, and some are good and some not that good. It tells the story of a group of students who only had a few days of military training that must participate in a diversionary manoeuvre on the West Coast of the Korean peninsula.

Despite that one major letdown, the rest of the movie is excellent. By the end, they are cringeworthy. This product better considered for tv consumptions rather than screening in the movie. The tank in the tunnel is tense.

All of the cast played their roles with such respect and with such grace that it was hard not to see them as the actual people they're representing. Totally brilliant to see a semi forgotten war on the screen from people who are very forgotten…. The story is tense and gripping from start to finish, analyzes a historical battle appropriately and criticizes some actions by the South Korean and American commanders. Case in point one of the most absurd bit of South Korean,American propaganda.. Its genuinely hard watching bright, young, hopeful lives, wiped away by the efficient industrialised ugliness, of modern warfare. It was such a clever trick on the directors' part to remind us that these are children – the Jangsari soldiers were made up of 15, 16, 17 with reports of even 14 year olds being present on the beach. Surprisingly moving back stories. He was motivated by revenge for the bombing of his family on the way to the South. Honestly, it takes me by surprise I'm saying that – war films aren't my forte, and I think the only one I've really seen is “Hacksaw Ridge” after the recognition and attention it received during the awards season. Don't know why so less rating. There is bad attempts at humor which destroys the tension. Only thing is the North did not have much of an air force and had no bombers. The young soldiers successfully manage to storm the beach under difficult circumstances and surprise the North Korean Army but the enemy is soon sending massive reinforcements while the South Korean soldiers don't get their expected support and realize that they are on a suicide mission. The outcome of the different characters' fates remains unpredictable and will keep your eyes glued to the screen until the heartbreaking conclusion.

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Don’t forget to drop off all your attention from everywhere except your streaming device so that you get the maximum sensation of watching The Battle of Jangsari mostly in HD. You may be in a location where the film is not available yet for watching no problem our streaming partner is here, you can watch the film The Battle of Jangsari in HD! Try it today and watch The Battle of Jangsari. Watching it in two different languages (Korean and English), I thought I may get distracted a lot and get bored. It really is a great movie. Megan Fox's character cares about the lives of the teenage soldiers while George Eads' character claims that there is nothing that can be done to save them. This action-drama is intense from start to finish and tells a story few people have heard about. At first, it's the soldiers bunching up. 1. They did not use Bell UH-1 Iroquois in the Korean war that Helicopter shown in the film was introduced in 1959. The Korean war ended in 1953. 2. The hero in the film originally fled from the north to the South, joined the Army because his family was killed. Battle of Jangsari is the second part in a loose trilogy about the Korean War that started with the brilliant Operation Chromite three years before this film.

The acting, the cinematography, the editing, everything about this was just stunning.

10/10 from me. There are numerous times where we see the student soldiers having a bit of a laugh and not taking things 100% seriously when they have down time – this is contrasted against seeing the more seasoned soldiers having a laugh but still being very on guard, cautious and taking things a little more seriously. There's a real sense of tragedy and loss inherent in Korean made war films. I like a lot of war movies, though, and this was no different. A true masterpiece; half the actors have gained me as a fan and Kyung Taek has got my eyes focused on him and his films for a long while. It seems that these two American actors are only in the film to attract international viewers but they are by far the worst actors and characters in the entire movie. The fight scenes are realistic, intense and brutal as they bring the horrors of war to life. It's 1950 Korea. The actors make a really good job at delivering emotions and overall the battle is basically a background to the show of very human emotions. All the different action sequences are very well filmed. A must see movie with great story and feels so real. Megan Fox also smashes her role. Megan has never been a great actress but the dialogue is impossible. painful. The film should have either cut this entire story line or worked out a more detailed side story with more dedicated actors. What is also to this films credit is its treatment of soldiers on both sides of the conflict, as human beings. Battle of Jangsari isn't as intense as Operation Chromite but comes quite close and can be considered the best war movie of the year along with critically acclaimed 1917. The third and final part of this already outstanding trilogy can't come soon enough. Poor CGI, silly choreoraphy, dull dialoque, over dramatized since the beginning that i can even remembered. But the collaboration with Hollywood has been detrimental. I am only half way into the movie and want to tell the world about it's brilliance. This one happens slowly. Like their Russian counterparts, they don't glorify war but show it for what it is, the senseless and wasteful loss of mostly, young life.

It is not just a war film but it will make you feel and that is important. I originally wanted to watch it because of Choi Minho, his acting is incredible, but I was stunned by the whole movie. It was the Americans that killed his family obviously! The problem of those caught between North and South is well brought to life by the North Korean defector and his cousin.

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Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch The Battle of Jangsari even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch The Battle of Jangsari in HD without buffering. So watch The Battle of Jangsari and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. The lovely Megan Fox does a surprisingly good job in a serious historical role of a composite war reporter voicing the underdog position of the suicide mission. Thank you to the director and producer and actors who have all worked so hard to bring this to the cinema. Usually, I would complain about a technique like this as they make me feel quite motion sick – “Jangsari” does this in a way that makes us feel like we're on the field with these soldiers, not just viewing a movie as the scenes play out. They are young, they are scared, and they are desperate to survive. The section with Megan Fox and George Eads is utterly unnecessary. I wish this movie may have bren shown in Italian theaters, but I guess it's not overly famous. The movie follows different characters such as a native North Korean who has to confront his own cousin, a protective brother and his disguised sister who participates in the battle under a false identity and an ambitious soldier who is seen as the family's black sheep and wants to make them proud. I finished “The Battle of Jangsari” and it took me three hours to be able to sit and write a review. its a bittersweet film with extremely lots of death and misery, and droppings of sentimentalia and heart grieving emotions of angst and fear. The only thing I didn't like is the self sacrifice at the end of the two on the beach. If they're bunched up in a tiny space, it looks like a cheap production trying to maximize its budget. 2) At a few points in this film, the camera technique makes everything very disorientated during battles. For the grand finale the escape at the beach is so much better than that terrible Dunkirk movie by far because you are emotionally invested in the characters and know them so you are rooting for them to make it.

The movie starts with a reasonable amount of war action. There is a cousin killing which requires a bad character making illogical reasoning.

More involving and enjoyable than 1917, Saving Private Ryan and Dunkirk.

if youre keen on war history its a film must see, it felt like a hammerblow to me, therefore recommended The Battle of Jangsari Is both epic and gripping with nerve jumping suspense and action. They might as well have left since it was a lost cause by then. The characters are intriguing, diversified and authentic as viewers will care about their fates. I rejoiced, I cheered and then I cried – very hard – for half an hour. Apart from learning of a battle I did not know about, I liked how they handled the characterization. This was… It is some of the worst writing ever. I can not even enjoyed anything from this movie, believe me i try my best to be symphaty during the drama, it fails, i try to enjoy the actions but the camera ridiculous shaking until i must to stop watching or you will feel sick if u keep going and if the camera not shaking during the tense times the director put some silly scene that try to draws your symphathies.

For a low budget movie they certainly pulled a good movie out of the bag with great cinematography, superb acting with special note going to In-Kwon Kim as the heroic sergeant but really all of the characters were heroes, well developed characters in such a short space of time you actually felt for each and every one which is a rare thing in any movie these days, the action was top notch and the pathos well delivered so there is not much they did not deliver for the budget, even dare I say it Megan Fox put in a good performance too especially given the fact she was ill with gastroentiritis at the time she was filming! in the end it feels like these men and woman where the forgotten soldiers and left there because the un-forces were far too toothless and badly organized at that front. Generally Koreans films were (past tense) good. A pity, I say. Forced to fight against their own A very touching moment at the end of the movie, from an old Man now,ex soldier, calling out his dead partner soldiers by their names… Paying tribute to these inexperienced teenage soldiers is essential. Then the melodrama starts happening. One of the best war movie out there. Would definitely recommend watching. This film essentially broke me. I've never really seen this trick done in a way that doesn't make me feel dizzy – with the added reasoning of not getting motion sick during these sequences, these scenes were absolutely stunning. If you have watched The Battle of Jangsari, you can read or write the film review on The Battle of Jangsari on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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