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Movie: The Answer (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Iqbal Ahmed
Date of Release: 11 Jul 2017
Duration: 83
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10
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About The Answer (2015)

When mailman Bridd Takes his sexy date Charlotte home, they find their boss on the floor with a mail opener stuck in his chest. The assailants are also after Bridd and he has to use all his talents to foil an extra-terrestrial complot.

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So somehow the massive police chase with all the evidence against them disappears at this crime scene? Storyline was great, but the movie itself was HORRIBLE!!!! Acting bad, action scenes bad… Austin is 5'10. They should have put him with a shorter female. The “Jane of all trades” girlfriend was almost comedy relief. How did it find its way to him? Since Carra took a break from her studies at Yale to tour with Fossee then that was likely 1999 meaning she is around 40. I think Hébert is younger but again hard to say. It is not exactly an “Action” film as IMDb misleadingly tells us, due to the mere fact that aforementioned odd couple cannot be considered super heroes by any definition. He's a loveable dork. Bridd declines as he's not the type to do that sort of thing. Trent is the 2nd victim of the visitors. How did she know after just a few hours that she was pregnant? Then when he goes back to the apartment, it's been ransacked, and his boss is dead with the very letter opener that would have their fingerprints on it. The female lead portrayed by the lovely Alexis Carra is caught up in all this when the aliens start hunting for the hybrid. This movie is so bad. The Cronies carry razor sharp double edged curved knives which can cut through skin and bone like a hot knife through butter. but acting?! Also, the movie does not qualify to the canonical movies but I can call it a “soap sci-fi” movie where we already know what would happen by just having a simple guess. However that same day; all their acquaintances get killed but some masked people and they are being persecuted while try to find out why. In the final Q&A the director declared this to be a “hybrid” movie, and that is precisely what we got. Why does he start correlating missing women and babies with the map on the wall? The first killer for me is when a **really** beautiful babe, who did not appear to be a stranger to using her sexual attraction, falls for the main character. THE ANSWER might be advertised as a science fiction thriller but it turns out to be an indie romance with a few sci-fi touches here and there. Yes story has been done before but it still works. Is it the body of an alien? they were there, that's for sure. He seemed like he was good comic relief. Both Austin Hébert and Alexis Carra delivers very good performances and a nice chemistry. Also, his fight scene would have looked better without the jacket. So many aspects of the story could have been explored for easily another 30 mins of quality sci-fi, the film is too short at 83 mins as is. Bridd has to climb onto a library shelf to reach the next device in the hunt. He also wrote and produced the film…something not uncommon with up and coming indie filmmakers. Hard not to think of him as Martin Freeman. He also looks a lot like a slightly more macho version of Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory”. It really doesn't know where it wants to go and doesn't have the money to go anywhere. none appeared. Then they are attacked and rushed off. film, in any case, it is not. Strange things start happening, and it is good to consider that the overall theme. whatever it is! How did the father, who appeared to be in chains, record let alone send out the message? Who is getting treated in the ambulance? he is not a heart throb. Did he hide the bodies and if so how does he explain the crashed car with the bullet hole and what will almost certainly be tested as non-human blood? Bridd's “powers” allow him to perfectly select a trade that makes the company clients a great deal of money and gets Trent a nice size portfolio as a bonus.

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Now you can watch The Answer in HD absolutely free from eastern Europe and North America absolutely free on High Definition! Click the play button and follow the instruction to watch The Answer which is newly released. Why can't the creepy leader talk? While still at the scene of the crime, she says to him “you got our life back”. Groundbreaking suspense! OK not a high budget movie starring a pack of Hollywood elites and A-listers but competently directed, written and acted. it is so idiotic, that it leaves deeply astonished: what he was thinking?! She is way to over the top with her facial expressions. So how is the boss involved in this? So in this 24 hour period, they figure out the best friend angle too. Nevertheless, the genre mix was a nice find and it kept our attention throughout the running time. I've not seen her in anything else. Who would suspect that this guy has hidden abilities that make him a bit of an action hero?! The movie is a nice try by Iqbal to bring some romance between humans and aliens if we say so. boy, never seen THAT one before. I'd have to go back and watch the attack again but I don't think any of the aliens touches her and even if they did – they are trying to kill them so why place a tracking device on them. set the program. That's great in many movies but in this one, there is a scene where they say they'll capture the aliens and that will explain everything but that never happens. Typical movie inappropriate time outs for emotional matters when they are being chased and people are dying. He gets a date with Charlotte that leads to them going on the run, when they return to his house, find it trashed and unexpected visitors hiding in the shadows. According to the director, they are opposites and that was intentional. take a comfortable chair, and place it opposite your washing machine. Amazon need this and the streaming right for that new Stargate SG1 series coming out to counter Netflix. How did she get pregnant if they both still had underwear on in the bed? He is rather average but she is more memorable. It could have been a made-for-TV, the writing and shooting were that mediocre.

Guide: Soft 3 stars.

This is an easy going science fiction film. It might be the freed woman but I'm not going back to check. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got.

Lots of bad timing and little things like them going out for coffee and not trying to cover up their appearance. but still, someone had to see it – and in this case it was me! – to waste about 80 minutes of your life, put laundry in your washing machine. And she wasn't right body wise. I have to strongly disagree with some of these reviews. It was surprising and very entertaining, yet I don't think it will provide for the same mix of sensations when viewed a second time. A bit of romance, a bit of humor, a bit of tension, a bit of SciFi, and a bit of mystery, all of that mixed together in this surprising movie. whatever it is… yet, when he removes it from the book encasing it, Charlotte merely puts the book back on the top of the shelves. the director and film maker, got talent, that's for sure! This transient attractive woman would not connect with the loser in the mail room. i mean, if he managed to bring people to put money in this… I will if I watch them agains. Our main character is the progeny of the union between and alien male and female earthling. Narratively speaking they are the actual binding elements, to guide us through various genres like Romance, SciFi, Thriller and any combination of that. These bodies don't appear to disappear so what do the authorities do with alien bodies?

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You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch The Answer from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching The Answer. So why are you waiting for watch The Answer and enjoy Action. The Answer is a very low budget sci-fi movie but is capable of keeping the tension all the time while mixing an unlikely love story with an alien persecution (by other aliens). Bridd is shy person working as a mail delivery within an office; he tries to be unnoticed; but he is aware of his photographic memory and his mental (and sometimes physical) speed capable of understanding complex financial sequences in seconds or executing actions like dodging a bullet. What happened to the alien in the car and the blood samples? Austin did a great job and I loved how he showed emotion. Bridd learning how to use his powers to aid in their battle against The Leader is akin to watching Rain Man. Austin Hébert comes across fairly average but that is his role too. Carra's also very quick to point out some the legal issues like Hébert's last call to his friend. Has he memorized all crime statistics for the last 20 years or so? Perhaps she could die in labor and he can find another love intrest. The story is slow and sedate and the acting of a forgettable standard, featuring young actors with little discernable ability. Not too practical. I also wish they would have kept Trent around longer. When they return to his place for some real action… On the most part I found it a good movie. And, more importantly, it was much better than I had thought. Can he and Charlotte manage to elude these weirdos as well as determine who they are and what this is all about by the end of the film? hey, we don't need to go that far! Also, the soundtrack is intrusive and repetitive. and how did he manage to pull this thing on?! His background is unknown to him but after 20 years it is revealed and the hunt begins. Better than watching a Meryl Streep movie any day. An unimpressive guy named Bridd (Austin Hébert) is working in the mail room of some stock trading company. It was a valiant effort, and technically the movie looks pretty good, but the story is a string of movie tropes and cliches. I also had the feeling both from the characters and the actors that she was the much older woman with the younger guy. The story had such promise and did manage to hook me in reasonably quickly. I see he has been in other movies I've seen but I can't remember him in those. Even if he's lanky, show his body movements. I gave it a 7/10 because it wasn't campy, overly dramatic or too techy to follow. Certainly not a bad film, but one I wouldn't pay to see.

Carra wants to go back into the hotel room for her purse but they don't and we see the tracking device on the purse. whatever it is. it would have ruined the whole thing! He's not.

It is never explained how the aliens finally find out about Hébert.

The fall Virginia landscape was lovely as it was supposed to be but at the wrong time and place. Several easily, even unavoidably anticipated clichés did however. they worked hard to make it happening.

Both leads do well. and if only that talent could be channeled to movie making! He gets something in the mail which they must have been tracking but for 20 years? The poster work on Amazon was misleading as I thought it would be more futuristic. How did that get there? Fortunately, there are enough good parts that make me want to see more from the filmmaker and his cast. So, because of the very low budget, I am willing to cut his film a bit of slack. The notion of aliens and a hybrid species as well as why they need these hybrids is intriguing. Whatever you anticipated, it is totally different from what really went on. If you have watched The Answer, you can read or write the film review on The Answer on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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