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Movie: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)
Director: Tim Miller
Date of Release: 01 Nov 2019
Duration: 128
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
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About Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race. Dani Ramos is living a simple life in Mexico City with her brother and father when a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator – a Rev-9 – travels back through time to hunt and kill her. Dani's survival depends on her joining forces with two warriors: Grace, an enhanced super-soldier from the future, and a battle-hardened Sarah Connor. As the Rev-9 ruthlessly destroys everything and everyone in its path on the hunt for Dani, the three are led to a T-800 from Sarah’s past that may be their last best hope.

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Which means that Cyberdyne no longer has the tech available to bring about Judgment Day which is supposed to occur August 29th, 1997.

2003: Rise of the Machines. Even if it didn't continue to kill mercilessly I would think that it'd be programmed to self-destruct so that it's technology wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. It's like the writers didn't even know there existed a Terminator movie before this one. Even if they stop Legion in this movie, another company can just take its place in any future sequel. The writing is below par, plot uninteresting and emotional connection between the Terminator and John Connor, none of that either. No clichés here at all!!

Terminator: Dark Fate is not only a poor, poor attempt at a third “canon” entry in the franchise, but it is for me, the worst of the post-T2 movies. So, when the advertisements dropped they said that “white men are going to hate this movie” or something like that. The t-800 developed remorse after killing John. FFS, please stop making Terminator movies already. And why Arnold or Linda agreed to this, I don´t know.

Like Genisys, Dark Fate just destroys the canon to make a political statement with the death of a lead character that really can't die according to the history of the Terminator universe. No other words for it.

*****************SPOILER ALERT*********************

The movie starts with two new creations being sent back to Mexico City 2019: an enhanced human and a greatly enhanced Terminator.

Go girls!

I'm simply at a loss for words when I try to figure out what is worse. when in truth its just a lazy, pointless remake.

The CGI is woeful too, and I'll not spoil anything, but it takes a very big dump on the first two films from the very start. This film achieved neither of those things. ' (Read them in that order). They wrapped up the story tidily and respectfully.

Looking at it objectively, it's not an awful movie. CGI, CGI and more CGI. Do away with the depth of character building, emotional connections and just add over the top action. Someone from the future is sent back to the past to protect the 'only hope' in the future.

And…. It is nothing more than a rehash of all the movies in a pot that doesn't take the story any further if anything it's Terminated it on a epic level. But they built it up so much with the return of Cameron and saying it was a 'return to form' etc that I think the disappointment has hit twofold. James Cameron turned his back from his fans.

I think the next Terminator needs to be gay black T-5000 against an Asian Trans woman T-7800 and it should take place in Haiti for the inclusivity. I expected to hate her character but i didn't. I wish she had survived at the end. I should have listened to that. Nevertheless, The all-female cast does not bring any added value, on the contrary. The Terminator series has been deeply tarnished with this attempt of rewriting one of my childhood favorites. Again, an Arnie T-800 is there to protect them. While searching for Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), the T-X lucks upon John Connor as well.

Utter claptrap. and now here we are, the fabled OFFICIAL continuation of Terminator 2…and we haven't budged a single goddamn inch since 1991. Yup… Also Dani “doesn't need no man to save her” to which Sarah replies “you're john.” Fine.

There's nothing original in this and the writing is woeful.

The first 5 mins gave me hope. They assume you won't think about the huge plotholes. It felt like watching 1991 Linda Hamilton. I say remake because nothing in this movie is new. However.. even though we killed him.

Terminator: Dark Fate Watch Online with Subtitle

You are here to watch Terminator: Dark Fate which is absolutely free here! You can watch Terminator: Dark Fate in HD absolutely free no buffering superfast server. You can watch the film Terminator: Dark Fate online on this site no restriction on any device IPhone Androyed Tab and so on from any location. You need just a free account to watch Terminator: Dark Fate in HD on your favorite device. It had no heart, no atmosphere, underwritten characters and no John Connor. I've never actually met a misogynist, but if I do, I'll tell him he's owed a scapegoat fee. But they did.

And Dark Fate is anything but that… What the heck was that, destroys T1 & T2 in the first 5 mins, remaining movie is parading current political correctness. John Connor is 13-years-old (I know it doesn't make sense but roll with it) and a T-1000 is sent back to kill John Connor. Anyways this movie has no entertaining value and no substance and is definitely the worst Terminator movie yet.

Let's review shall we? Which to me is counterproductive. There are also a couple of neat set-pieces, especially in the first half, before everything becomes over-the-top tiresome. I liked bits of the movie but as a Whole this will sink Tim Miller and make James Cameron look a complete ahole! The REAL John Conner. stop giving us this crap. I wanted this movie to be good so badly. Everything after T2 was crap. No one? And NOT the people that butchered the franchise in T3, in T:Salvation, and really, seriously, totally butchered it in T:Genisys, but the REAL director. His preparation was decades in the making. Can anyone picture the T-1000 reasoning with its targets? in what universe, pal.

SKIP IT! It's almost as if Tim Miller watched T3, Salvation and Genisys, found every aspect fans hated and crammed them into one film. I was hyped because of James Cameron, i feel betrayed. We don't immediately know but clearly she is a big thorn in the side of robots. Let's be clear that it was just a fairly poor film, regardless of gender. He was back.

Trust me there is a reason this movie was a total flop and lost so much money, and it's not sexism or any other silly excuse these virtue signaling fake reviewers will throw at you. He has a family and purpose. I'am not opposed to that if the movie is good ( i loved Joker and i strongly disagree with its political message). i mean T2 was about a really strong women in the first place, we all love Sarah Connor. Heavy political and agenda pushing influence in this movie, by gender swapping a beloved lead character for decades to pander, or by simply using this tactic as a mean of exploitation… The movie has no replay value at all. Not Christian Bale (who was a horrible John Conner). Not the even worse Nick Stahl.

That of creating something timeless that can be enjoyed regardless of how old it gets.

And the movie basically ends with Sarah adopting what's-her-name to train her to become the future leader of the human resistance. 3 horrible sequels, each one worse than the last…

Nr 3: Mckenzie Davis was really cool.

Any attempt at a third Terminator film should have been made in 1996-98. The film should have been written and directed by James Cameron and should have been completely set in the blue tinted post-apocalyptic setting we saw glimpses of in the first two films. I was thinking that this Terminator was to right the wrongs committed in 2015. It was not. For me to elaborate I must play spoiler.

Yes, even Genisys.

Of course they aren't. They just replace him with a girl.

But, Sarah Conner was back. Its so pathetically uninspired and I see people and media praising it for being like The Force Awakens. Why does it lack substance?

Fans want a well written story. Basically, this movie tells us that an AI Judgment Day is inevitable.

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Why not do something actually different? I sure as hell won't either. Mackenzie Davis, for whom I've had a hopeless crush since seeing her as a cute NASA geek in The Martian (and then again in Blade Runner 2049), plays a relatable, compelling character, with an intriguing mix of power and vulnerability.

The only problem with this is that its been done before.

1984: A Terminator goes back to kill Sarah Connor. Her angst and negativity in T2 was always justified, but here the motivation are all so thin that it ends up just being a pale facsimile of what she did for Cameron. It not only offers nothing new at all and has the stones to tell the same bloody story again, but it goes further than that by outright trying to fool you into believing its original groundbreaking.

Like what the actual F ? How is that a good thing? She turns the corner and there's an Arnie Terminator, clad in black with a shotgun on his shoulder. So now johns important again.. Was it all a dream? A travesty of a movie. Some of them even say it's better than 1 & 2 which goes to show how credible these reviews are. Wasted character. I simply dont understand how this is even possible with all the amazing comics, fan fiction tales and James Cameron's own future war concepts being right there for the picking.

The Expanse is an incredibly awesome sci-fi tv show filled with amazing and strong female characters all around, two of them (Drummer and Avasarala) being my favorite characters of the show by far, so if you looking for quality entertainment with lots and lots of cool strong female characters, this is a must for you.

We know from T2 that Skynet is stopped, so Judgment Day never happens. They rewrote everything with a brand new Sarah Connor.

Thats a freaking awesome story right there and Linda is still rocking it.

Nr 4::Dani was utterly filler. By rolling out this trash it does more to hurt women empowerment than help. Atleast not the one I ever wanted. Sorry guys! The believability of T1 and T2 is long gone. There's nothing original about this apart from killing off John Conner, which gives massive relevance to the flaws in the rest of the film, but, before that, like t2s major flaw in the t1000, lets draw attention to the fact that they very clearly state in the original film that nothing none organic can pass through the time displacement unit, ie, if it doesn't have real skin on it it won't travel back. But I'm afraid Hollywood is effectively doing that. Their target is Danielle “Dani” Ramos.

Nr 5: The villain isn't scary.

Its so god damn boring and the action scenes are few and far between if you can believe it and they aren't very good either. But no… He was the reason that the first two movies worked.

I'm gutted to say that this film has none of what makes Terminator 2 one of the best films of all time. It is very slow moving, quite boring, it takes so long and wasted so much time running around in Mexico, riding trains to the border, getting caught by border guards, passing out in drugstores etc etc. Even if they weren't great (I actually liked T3) they were still cohesive continuations of the timeline (with the exception of Genisys).

For the sake of argument and proceeding with the movie at hand let's move on. The heart wrenching ending cannot be forgotten. The de-aging, was spectacularly well done.

This Rev-9 tries to talk its antagonists out of fighting him! Her entire character is pure filler, pure pandering. The story made no sense, and was very poorly written. no, you shouldn't…because nobody involved in the making of this thing cared one bit…

But… What?

Did I just spoil the movie for you? That, unfortunately, was the only decent thing about the film. Unfortunately I have to agree with all these bad reviews. I'm a huge Terminator fan, I re-watched both 1 & 2 before seeing this. If you have watched Terminator: Dark Fate, you can read or write the film review on Terminator: Dark Fate on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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