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Movie: Suburban Commando (1991)
Genre: ,
Director: Burt Kennedy
Date of Release: 04 Oct 1991
Duration: 90
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10
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Not a good sign, but oh well. And for how much I like it given all its faults I still give it a 7 because I add nostalgia. I love him. but I didn’t expect realism from this… I was amazed to see Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) in the film. Hulk Hogan does an awesome job as Shep Ramsey, an intergalactic warrior who never takes time to relax after a mission. Charlie Wilcox is an architect who works for a man named Adrian Beltz who steals Charlie’s ideas. Two of Hogan’s wrestling cronies play bounty hunters who take part in a cartoonish John-and-Larry fight scene. And the old Jack Elam, a veteran of many great westerns. After the big fight with the bounty hunters, Shep thinks he is almost home, but he is dead wrong. I highly recommend SUBURBAN COMMANDO!!! I remember seeing this years ago, either on VHS or on HBO. It was one of those films that I paid rapt attention to (hey, I was 11 at the time) and thoroughly enjoyed. He then ends up on “Earth” a planet he’d much rather avoid. The Undertaker Mark Calaway has a clever little part in this film too. , “Good Guys and the Bad Guys”, “Support Your Local Gunfighter”, “Hannie Caulder”. After he lands, he finds an apartment at the Wilcox house. I would have to say this is probably my favourite Hulk Hogan film out of the ones he did. In short, Suburban Commando is a landmark film which rarely gets the attention it deserves. Docked one point because the only movie that deserves a perfect 10 score is “It’s Pat: The Movie”. I’m not a Hulk Hogan fan but he’s not bad in the role of Ramsey. Fun Fact: This movie was the reason why punching mimes became a “thing” back in the early ’90s. Many mature themes and elements run through this film. I may be biased as a Hulk Hogan fan, but this is my favorite of his films. Not so many movies by him have a theme. And a manic, grunting steroid-crazed monster – the mustachioed “Shep” Ramsey – terrorizing a quaint suburban town by whimsically and randomly manhandling its citizens, ensuring hilarity for all. As a kid I really enjoyed it a lot. I am in no way saying this is an award winning movie with award winning performances, but it does include a star-studded cast and plenty of corny jokes that are so indicative of the time period. After Charlie and his family meet Shep, his wife and kids like him, but Charlie is a little skeptical, so he spies on him at night, whenever Shep goes out to help people in need. So for better of worse Hogan is an alien that is basically space Rambo, he wears unconvincing plastic looking armour and carries unconvincing plastic looking weapons with flashing lights on them. In order to get his ship running again, Shep needs 40 pounds of Cymian crystal, and the only person who has it is Charlie’s hypocritical boss. This was cheesy maybe even corny, but it was also enjoyable. Noticing that the quality of the picture was pretty bad (it was on TV), I pretty much assumed that the film was an 1980’s flick due to the poor effects (and also due to the fact that Hulk Hogan’s in the movie). Imagine my surprise when I found out it was made in 1991! I will admit… I’m not a science fiction fan, but I like this movie. Elsewhere Charlie Wilcox(played by Christopher Lloyd is struggling with his job. A typical low budget looking B-movie affair that didn’t really do anything other than give Hogan some work to do.

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and of course you cant go wrong with a cameo from The Undertaker with a comedy moment. It all looks like its been made by a fan for a comicbook convention, basically very good cosplay. Wrestling fans shouldn’t struggle to spot Mark Calloway (aka the WWF’s Undertaker) and might even pick up Hogan’s high school buddy Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake). Most of the good stuff’s in the first half hour or so, from memory. Maybe you need to watch it when you’re very, very tired, like Mr. Hulot’s Holiday. I love everything about it; the plot, the acting, the characters, the cheesy music, and the hilarious situations that Shep Ramsey would get into on Earth. If you enjoy even the thought of face-punching mimes in a light-hearted fashion, you’ve already seen this movie. But it’s likable. what are the odds?. Otherwise, the remedial comic book plot tends to take over, which is endurable but no particular fun, and Christopher Lloyd has one of his bad days at the office as the suburban family’s father. Shep Ramsay lands and while observing the town spots a sign that says apartment for rent. On to Suburban Commando Shep Ramsay(Hogan) is an intergalactic warrior currently battling the forces of the evil General Zuiter. a vehicle all for Hulk Hogan! Overall rating: 6 out of 10. Many people tend to slam this movie, but I’ve always found it quite enjoyable. This is the type of movie I could watch over and over again. **½ I was flipping through channels and noticed this movie giving, so I decided to see it. The dialogue is hilarious and there really isnt a bad actor in this film. Settling grudges by lawsuits instead of with fists. Can Shep Ramsey save the universe by killing Suitor for good? Hulk Hogan may not have had an acting career similar to the Rock’s, but in all fairness Hogan is the prototype that all wrestlers turned actors are judged. You can rarely meet this combination in movies nowadays. Movie was great, plot was a cross between Bill & Ted, Rambo, and the Power Rangers I think but mostly for kids since there isn’t and cussing in it that I can remember hearing. During the song in the intro Hulk Hogan has a few words in the song. If anyone ever wondered where the Undertaker gave his first major appearance this film was it. In all honesty Hogan is a reasonable comedy actor and does ham it up nicely, he is also clearly great with kids which is nice and adds a genuine gentle touch to the films infantile bits. I was about 9 years old when I first saw this movie. This is one of his best moves that had me laughing through out. I dunno, this movie fits some peoples humor and not others. One of My favorite actors Christopher Lloyd stars along with the Hulkster and he is very good in it. Seriously, this movie is brilliant. Accepting Hogan too quickly as the space hero he is, Lloyd gets to play one harried husband with a spaced out wife played by Shelley Duvall. I’ll give it a six because it did reek of Campiness but the campiness worked in this type of movie. No, this is far from being a great movie, but it’s a decent one.

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After watching it recently, I still am sticking by my opinion. And yeah it has plot holes… If you like Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd and love action,comedy,sc-fi action then see this film! Can’t help thinking that if you liked Harold and Maude or Ferris Buehler or Stripes or (parts of) Caddyshack (cut to Carl Spackler), you’d be amused, too. Watch it. Hulk Hogan does an awesome job as Shep Ramsey, an intergalactic warrior who never takes time to relax after a mission. Sure it’s dumb and cheesy and generally stupid but it’s fun. The next day, Shep and Charlie must work together to find a traceable freeze gun, but they must soon deal with the bounty hunters. Other than that the rest of the effect are tacky as hell but that does kinda add to the charm I can’t deny. It’s probably childhood nostalgia or something of the like but I love this movie and I don’t see why it has such an abysmal score. This movie is probably Hogan’s best. And ice cream. A lot of it is pretty dumb and borders on the absurd, but the best and funniest scenes are his trying to fit in on Earth, and the odd partnership between him and straight-laced Christopher Lloyd. Doc Brown is believable and entertaining enough as the stiff, frightened accountant who befriends the Hulkster, who’s an inter-galactic hero who needs to “lay low” in suburbia, Earth for a while. And I think it succeeded very well at that. This movie gets funnier as I get older. Lets face it, this is no blockbuster film, but deep in your hearts that part of being a kid comes out and just laughs at this film. Admitedly, it was nowhere near as funny and/or cool as I thought it was back in ’91, but it brought back a lot of fond memories. This is honestly a cinematic masterpiece composed from pure sincerity and conviction. He settles in with an ideal suburban family, but his vacation is quickly cut short when his enemies eventually uncover his whereabouts. I wouldn’t grow tired of it, maybe because I was a huge Hulk Hogan fan. This film is what any Hogan movie should have been, enjoyable, funny, and sometimes even witty. Sadly, the fun was not to last, as the government soon made it a federal crime to free them from their force fields. Suburban Commando is a very good film and its one of Hulk Hogan`s best films. Hulk plays some sort of super-powerful alien who, in coming to Earth on whatever Universe-saving mission he’s on, becomes involved with a suburban US family. What movie goers recieved that year was arguably the best film of the decade, with the Hulkster bringing Shep Ramsey to life in yet another heart stopping performance. Shelly isnt bad herself. Silly, but watchable and amusing sci-fi/adventure is aimed mostly at kids but worth at least a look for adults. In the midst of this battle he ends up blowing the power in his space ship. Charlie later blasts a wall that gives Zuiter and his crew directions to Hogan’s whereabouts. A alien warrior that oddly enough looks exactly like a human being must save Earth and the universe from another set of aliens who also happen to look exactly like Human beings! Charlie messes with Shep’s equipment that can be traced by bounty hunters who are hunting for Shep. Christopher Neame had a very short part and I think he should have had a much larger role in the film. it’s not meant to be taken seriously, and is an overall good ‘popcorn’ flick.

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