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Short Description

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Movie: Stratton (2017)
Genre: , ,
Director: Simon West
Date of Release: 5 January 2018 (USA)
Duration: 1h 35min
IMDB Rating: 4.8
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About Stratton (2017)

Once again a 2017 film is released on 2018. It is a British action thriller film named Stratton. The story of Stratton deals with – a commando force pursuing an international terrorist group. Well my dear viewers, I have little time to write all the story of the movie “Stratton”, why don’t you give it a shot after watching the film Stratton 2017 in the comment section below. I promise, I’ll respect your opinion. So that’s it watch Stratton (2017) absolutely free, have fun.

Stratton is directed by Simon West.
The film is particularly based on the novel series by Duncan Falconer named Stratton.
The film’s principal character John Stratton is played by Dominic Cooper an SBS agent, and working for the Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland.
Stars: Gemma Chan, Tyler Hoechlin,Tom FeltonandAustin Stowell.

Before watching Stratton (2017) little insider

You may like to read little secret about Stratton; it will help you to evaluate the film after watching.
Some bases tells that the budget for Stratton was around £12.9 million. GFM who provided a large amount of loan for the film was assisted by Ober Private Clients through an EIS fund. A Confirmation Statement filed at UK’s Companies House on June 30, 2017 mentions EIS investors funded £3,358,000 towards financing the film. Financial recordssubmitted at UK’s Companies House unveiled that the production of Stratton was partly funded with a £7.5m credit from GFM films. Also HMRC paid £2m to producing the film with tax credit subsidies.

Watch Stratton (2017) HD 100 percent free
Still reading ? Well keep on, it is always better to read and have some idea before watching any film.
Simon West was appointed to direct the film but just five days before the filming was scheduled to begin on 2 June, Cavillannounced that he will not performthe film due to some artistic differences in the script. On 9 July 2015, it was announced that Dominic Cooper would take over the title role, of John Stratton, replacing Cavill.
On 15 July 2015 Primary photography was inaugurated in Brindisi, Italy. Stratton was first released in the UK on 1 September 2017 and got an universal poor reviews.
Well that all I have to tell you about the Stratton (2017). Now it’s time to watch the movie. You may like to critic The film Stratton (2017).

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  1. Jones says:

    hmm Simon West, I like his films.

  2. stefiee says:

    Such a good thriller but receives so poor review, I wander why…

  3. Jacson says:

    By the way finally got to watch the film.
    Thansk buddy

  4. Jacson says:

    By the way finally got to watch the film.
    thanq buddy

  5. Charles Wilson says:

    Ooh,don’t know why people talks about the film so much I didn’t found that much out of Stratton (2017) .

  6. Craig Washington says:

    Simon West had something to do with Stratton (2017) , isn’t it ? Such an wonderful Action.

  7. Philip Bryant says:

    Such an exotic Action loving the film.

  8. Leon Spencer says:

    Never ever be so stupide, such a dirt.

  9. Mary Smith says:

    I watch each and every Action films of Simon West ! Amused another time as always !

  10. Linda Williams says:

    First time watching Simon West’s Action film and enjoyed it.

  11. Michelle Clark says:

    Don’t know what to say the knockers, the reaction from the Action fans says it all.

  12. Cheryl Murphy says:

    My girl told me to watch Stratton (2017) and it is fantastic.

  13. Gladys Hamilton says:

    I don’t like to say about the actors of the film but the director Simon West is extraordinary!

  14. Elaine Stevens says:

    Stay home stay safe! Watch Stratton (2017) for 1h 35min entertainment !

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