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Movie: Spy Time (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera
Date of Release: 04 Sep 2015
Duration: 93
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
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About Spy Time (2015)

Adolfo, a thirty something security guard, is going through a bad patch. Not only his lifetime girlfriend has just to finished with him to be a guy with no ambition but, moreover, he becomes the target of a series of thugs led by Vázquez, a dangerous criminal who has just escaped from jail. Also he discovers that his father has a double identity. He is not a farmer engaged in the production of cold meat – as Adolfo has believed all his life, but Anacleto, a secret agent who is a bit down and the man who locked Vázquez up in jail thirty years ago. Adolfo will have to leave his comfort zone and work with his father, the person that Adolfo get on worse with in the world to survive the revenge of Vazquez and while, between shootouts and chases, trying to get his girlfriend back.

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The gum joke does not really work as a pay out, the name reference (also in the title) has a slightly better fate. And created a lot of characters , for example: Las Hermanas Gilda (The Gilda Sisters) (The adventures of two very different sisters), (A surrealist parody of James Bond), La Familia Cebolleta (The Scallion Family) or El tío Vázquez (Uncle Vázquez) (A self- parody) . And this original comic book series ¨Anacleto, Agente Secreto (Anacleto, Secret Agent)¨ created in 1964 as a Spanish parody of James Bond , here Anacleto is brave agent , single and does not have any girlfriend . Instead, “Anacleto” is more along the lines of Jean Dujardin's “OSS 117” movies… Vázquez started to publish in the 1940s in a new magazine . But what he doesn't know is that this is a ruse and it's all part of a plan not only to break out the villain but for the villain to enact his revenge against Anacleto. This likable silly farce with numberless comedy set pieces deals about Anacleto (Imanol Arias) , a veteran agent in undercover identity dressed in black suit with bond tie and a smoking cigarette in the mouth , as well as his son Adolfo (Quim Gutiérrez) , a young who is going through a bad time . Vázquez died in 1995. The movie is an adaptation of an old Spanish comic which main character is Anacleto, a parody of James Bond. nor did they intend for there to be. Instead, you have a decent story, very good acting and (fortunately) no super-gadgets or silliness of that sort. But even though the movie is not as funny as you probably want it to me, it does remain surprisingly watchable. Habitual quirky and lunatic characters , especially reincarnated by Rossy De Palma as mother of Katia , Sílvia Abril , José Corbacho , Andreu Buenafuente , Eduardo Gómez and special mention for Berto Romero as Martin . If you don't mind that jumping through hoops and didn't want to show it to your kids anyway, you will be able to enjoy it for what it is. Sympathetic performances from Imanol Arias as an intrepid agent who has a double identity , and Quim Gutiérrez as a thirty something security guard who will have to leave his comfort zone to help his father . The flick contains an unstopped string of gags each thirty seconds and silly jokes ; as from start to finish the action and comedy are interminable that's why the viewers will laugh uncontrollably . It is NOT in the same category or style as a “Casino Royale”, “Austin Powers” or “Matt Helm” flick. Some folks enjoy these goofy spy yarns…

When the film begins, the aging secret agent, Anacleto, is on a mission to bring a notorious villain to a new, more secure prison. I generally find them mindless and very forgettable. Some scenes are really strong and cruel; blood is almost absent. Good story line, good action scenes, clever lines, surprising plot twists, engaging characters. It may be mostly predictable but it also has some very interesting choices character wise. Even that works well in the movie and doesn't impact the overall fabulous nature of the movie. Most of laughs and sight gags galore work acceptably well . He was one of the most important artists of Editorial Bruguera. A very good Spanish film I'd nearly rate an 8. This action comedy set in the spying world comes with an unfortunate handicap right from the start, that being that the spy spoof genre has been done to death for decades, from the Matt Helm movies to the Austin Power series.

In terms of action and violence ; ANACLETO really delivers.

It has taken a long time at the Spanish industry to give a good version of the comic, and looking more for a good movie than to a translation from the comic to the big screen, the movie gets many licenses to tell the story of this spy. The spoof is surrealist , extreme and gross-out but is also bold and intelligent with a myriad of imaginative sketches with no sense , slapdash and slapstick . It also is pretty violent for a silly comedy. Though the comedy that does work is somewhat hampered by some moments of surprisingly harsh violence. I can say that this is very silly and it makes no excuses for that. But it has its original humour, and mixes perfectly humour with action, using a good strategy by presenting an old agent and his natural son/substitute. There are a few bloody scenes. Thrilling and suspenseful musical score by Javier Rodero . It does move from scene to scene at a quick pace, so it doesn't become boring. Both have prospective agents and mentors (a father in this case), somewhat comic villains and treacherous bosses *****END OF SPOILER *****

However, similarities end thee. This should be the Spanish version of the most known spy in the world, the British James Bond. The motion picture was compellingly directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera . Not only his lifetime sweetheart , Katia , (Alejandra Jimenez) has just to ended with him to be a person with no ambition but , moreover , he and his dad are pursued by a dangerous criminal who has just escaped from prison . The quirky nature of the movie reminds me of films directed by Almodovar. I haven't read the comic, so I can't compare those two. There is one scene that is unexpected, shocking, and really mean-spirited. Colorful cinematography by Arturo Valls Colomer , adding a special atmosphere that bears remarkable resemblance the visual look of the offices in Spain of the middle 60's, accurately the time of Anacleto's creation . But in this case the film is focused on adapting the comic, which was before. The picture is full of pursuits , noisy action , fights , state-of-art special effects , and between crossfire and chases , including a sentimental plot , as starring Quim Gutiérrez attempting to get his fiancée back . Most are such spoofs that it's not at all disturbing. So while this has premature/adolescent jokes, it also has blood in it. While KINGSMAN had a production budget ANACLETO can only dream of; the Spanish movie keeps its roots and related humor (nobody knows what the name of the secret agency stands for; agents complain about salaries and have not budget for an helicopter or to work overtime or gadgets). Sadly; there are many comic moments but you keep waiting for more. the son who has no idea his father is a super-spy. And, the ending is clearly a not-Hollywood finale, which is refreshing. “Anacleto” Agente Secreto” is a parody of sorts of secret agent films.

A hilarious parody of the famous comic books :¨Anacleto Agente Secreto¨ with a similar premise to ¨Get Smart¨ series . There are consequences (at certain places) that lead to people dying violently. He is a competent director and editor , known for : Spanish movie (2009) , Tres Bodas De Más (2013), Promoción Fantasma (2012) and this Anacleto: Agente Secreto (2015).

It is based on the popular comics from Manuel Vázquez Gallego (Madrid, 1930 – Barcelona, 1995), he was a prestigious Spanish cartoonist. Both of whom become the targets of a series of thugs led by Vázquez well played by Carlos Areces . Anacleto is going to have to protect his son and friends and try to finish Vazquez criminal activities. Then , Adolfo to accompany in numerous adventures to his daddy , the person that Adolfo get on worse with in the world to survive the vendetta of Vazquez . What is the revenge? Both characters are played by two representative Spanish actors: Imanol Arias, best known by his 17 seasons TV series “Cuéntame cómo pasó”, some kind of drama based on the Spanish history before and after Franco's death, and Quim Gutiérrez, part of a new generation of actors who are taking the lead to the old stars. mostly realistic but with a bit of whimsy. Both have a perfect chemistry at the screen, giving the right doses of comic situations and action, showing an important effort to be at the level of the big budget American films, and giving us a funny film which who knows, maybe would become a franchise.

Acting is superb; Imanol Arias is very good; but Quim Guitierrez really delivers a fine and not overacted performance. Such an entertaining, clever, fun, movie! Also to be aware that his father is not a farmer engaged in the production of cold meat – as Adolfo has believed all his life- , but Anacleto , a secret agent who really works for G.P. (the meaning of the acronym was never explained in the original comic book) and the man who locked Vázquez up in prison thirty years ago . As Anacleto is an expert shooter and runner , throwing himself from great heights with great ability to avoid any hits and falling to the ground but not hurting . Anacleto was a well known Spanish character created by Manuel Vázquez, a Spanish comic writer as important as Stan Lee would be in the United States, but less fantastic and much more ironic with the reality of his times. This does not mean that you have to know the comic to understand the movie, it is funny anyway. And the Spanish cast is very game and likable, giving the movie a buoyant spirit that gives it some spark. There are some well made but comically staged fights, explosions, shootings and violent deaths. Has all the elements you want. Spanish cinema is full of comedies and not all of them are really good but this one is probably the best of the last couple of years, i recommend it to everyone.

There were no laugh out loud moments in the movie… The spoof type of spy warfare movies may be due to the fact that I have seen a similar British ace spy before, which directly leads to the feeling that the film is a little boring, a little scratchy, and not thorough enough to break the rules. There is a 2010 biopic film based on his life called El gran Vázquez directed by Óscar Aibar and starring Santiago Segura .

Having said that, it does seem to swerve from comedy to serious action from time to time. But “Anacleto Nunca Falla” (Anacleto never fails , leitmotiv of the main role), said several times , is the principal quote , as he always hits the target . He started to publish in Editorial Bruguera in 1947. He used to introduce himself as villain in his own comics . Obviously this is not the greatest comedy ever made, but if you are in an undemanding mood and are curious to see an example of modern day populist Spanish cinema, this is a pleasant time waster. And, because of that, the danger, action and adventure seem more engaging. The characters work well together and provide compelling interactions. Perhaps the major problem with ANACLETO is that the story line is almost the same as KINGSMAN THE SECRET SERVICE (2014). *****SPOILER ALERT ***** Both are based on a comic.

Other characters are good too. Great evening's entertainment! The story begins when Anacleto's main enemy Vazquez is released from prison. Actually, I will admit that while most of the gags in the movie (as well as some plot turns) are tired and familiar, there were some giggles here and there, as well as some genuine laughs, my favorite scene being the breakfast sequence. To find and kill Anacleto's son… Anacleto has been a widower for many years and lost his spouse when Adolfo was a young boy . His family were friends with comedians Wenceslao Fernández Flórez and Enrique Jardiel Poncela, who influenced Vázquez's humor. Vazquez tells Anacleto that he knows about his son and he is going to kill them both. When Editorial Bruguera disappeared Vazquez also joined in adult magazines such as El Papus or Makoki with the alias Sappo . As Anacleto and his son get together again to thwart the plans of cunning baddie , Vazquez . Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch Spy Time even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch Spy Time in HD without buffering. So watch Spy Time and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. If you have watched Spy Time, you can read or write the film review on Spy Time on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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