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Movie: Spy Intervention (2020)
Genre: ,
Director: Drew Mylrea
Date of Release: 14 Feb 2020
Duration: 93
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
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About Spy Intervention (2020)

When the world's greatest spy meets the woman of his dreams, he abandons his adventurous existence and settles into the security of suburbia.

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Please do yourself a favor – don't waste your time by even starting this. As a movie, it never quite took off for me and I never detected any real chemistry between the leads. Low budget doesn't have to mean a bad script,as well. Sure, the acting isn't great, but it isn't supposed to be. The special effects are brilliant. This movie is clearly lower budget but it leans into that fact and it ends up with a quirky yet hilarious parody of the old school spy movies (very 60s Batman and Get Smart meets Wes Anderson). The widescreen scenes are very real and heartfelt while the 4:3 scenes are so full of satire and so well made. I would definitely recommend watching it! I credit a lot of the laughs to Brittany Furlan and that spoof dance scene. My wife an I just finished watching this film and we really loved i! It is very different than what we expected but in a cool way where we found ourselves really loving the characters. What you need to have in mind when watching this movie is that it's a spoof and is all very tongue in cheek. The movie is laugh out loud funny. The lighthearted approach was enhanced by interesting production design and fine editing. It's done purposely. This movie isn't meant to be taken seriously, its a comedy. the plot pathetic. The film is seriously funny. Loved the original atmospheric soundtrack.

Guide: F-word.

its a comedy (full stop), with a score that feels like a spine in the buttocks, special effect at star wars episode one level, with a goal to harras all the english speaking population of the earth, me not included cause im norwegian hipp hipp hurra for det!!! Corey has to balance his home life, work, spy work, and bowling while having a fake spy wife (Natasha Bassett )

This is a fun film that uses silly spy cliches and has good characters. Brittany Furlan killed it, shes hilarious. The strange thing about this movie, is I suspect that everyone involved with its production probably already knew this movie would flop. It should not be taken seriously.

Poor casting, Poor Acting, Poor Effects, Poor everything…. Low budget crap, bad acting, crappy effects and scenes with self reviewing crappy cast and production members. Spy Inter.

well this film is as confusing as what ive just written should make sense to you and everyone else, but a spy flick it is, pretty much on turbo injection, it has its bores and flaws, but also some brilliantly made comedy here and there. We found this movie quite entertaining, with goofy characters and funny scenes. but it was just badly written and directed. Really boring stuff, really looks more like a school project than an actual movie. tried to duplicate the spy wth an unknowing wife scenario… Great actors, funny storyline and though it's an indie movie they still made it work. Misleading ads and reviews led me to watch this awfully bad movie….. The acting is horrendous… Obvious talent at work here. Give it a go The acting and production was done in this way. Didn't know what to expect but we loved it!

i the grumpy old man though, had a neat moment watching, a few giggles here and there, not top notched but still a passable recommend Not expecting too much from this I really got surprised. They convince him to go on one last mission, to have closure and get Egan (Max Silvestri) and his plans for a bomb or a laser or something that is bad. The cast is pretty but that was just a bonus. Once you realize that it's a clever comedy, it's pretty funny. it detracts from what is already a waste of time. Spy Intervention had a bit of everything from humor, action and some good acting. A great weekend film to watch with friends and family. I think people are being a little harsh here. Loved the commentary on suburbia and the grind of daily life. I loved it! This spy movie with a wink is fun to watch and something different from what we usually get served up by the big Hollywood productions. Enjoy every bit of it. Definitely worth a watch. It is a cheap Wes Anderson knockoff of a B movie. Seen 15 minutes before saying enough is enough. Pam wants lots and lots of dinner parties. They do not appear to have been embarrassed or ashamed enough to release it. The constant switching between 4:3 and 16:9 perspective is something I have seen once before elsewhere … someone really got their hands dirty on those (I know how difficult plastic glue is to get off). A movie that'll make you laugh, unless your sense of humour has packed its bags and gone off on a spontaneous trip to, let's say, Kathmandu. Watch it, it's supper funny. I regret watching this crap. It's a fun watch! But seriously, this movie gave me real Wes Anderson vibes with all the models and the kooky over the top spy world. Just like you and me, in our trivial pursuit, for gollop and gossip, toput ourself on the list of the top 10 by the fence, speaking to your horrendously beutiful neighbour that youve eventually spied on for years with increasingly larger binocullars, to unbutton the real truth behind the sheet of cloth… Don't get carried away with alot of fake reviews here, its a terribly stupid movie. My wife laughed a lot especially at Brittany who plays the friend my wife remembers having when she was younger. I made it just a few minutes in before I slapped myself and said “why in the hell am i watching this”? Anything entertaining about it must have been an accident. But fun to watch anyway. See “Tell your friends” review. This is surprisingly bad. Near sex. Download this stupid crap of a movie at your own risk. It's a hilarious movie we had some great laughs. a boring suburban life… The line “A>B>C, Always be cardboard” had me laughing out loud. I loved what a fun movie this is! Clever humor at that and the acting wasn't the best but still worth a watch. Not to sure what all the bad reviews are about but the film wasn't bad at all. Some of my favorite actors in this one and it's so funny. But it is amusing, the bowling scenes with the cardboard salesman and the dancing at the dinner party were highlights for me. Not an overpowering film, but good. No nudity. Give it a chance past first 10 min and enjoy it for what it is. I only watched it to see if there was anything redeeming about it. It is so incredibly unique compared to other movies out there. But most of all, it wasn't funny. Really entertaining film. and it tried to make some good points about the exciting well rounded life vs. No classic, but not a complete dud either. The story is stupid, there is bad acting and it is difficult to watch. Some of the scenes feel like theatre scenes (hilarious ones at that) and there are many nods to classic movie scenes. The way the actors interact with this outlandish world and these silly gadgets kept us laughing the whole way through. His former spy group kidnaps married man and holds an intervention. The leads both absolutely looked the part, there were some amusing support roles and the style was nicely observed. This have to be banned from existence. its a mockingly take on the spy trade, with lots of inspiration from jens bond to mission impassible, where the glitchfree moneyspenders are the tough guys, and all the others, like we live our lives in a cardbox called mariage or what ever… Clever scriptwriting and you have to give it to the director he sure got so many people mad on here for some reason lol. Kudos to the design team. Just a fun movie It took a little while to really understand the film, but it was totally worth watching it through. So don't hesitate, grab yourself a domestic beer and sit back and enjoy, it's really worth the watch. This is a mindless “spy” comedy/spoof. Corey (Drew Van Acker ) is a top agent who lets a target getaway when he bumps into Pam (Poppy Delevingne). Corey is smitten and decides to give up the glamorous life of an international spy to sell cardboard boxes, bowl, and fix up their house with track lighting for dinner parties. Both the plot and the characters were mind numbingly boring. How did this ever make it to film? otherwise its fast paced, there arent a moment of standstill and bore, and im sure itll only smear the tastebuds of just half the population of potential viewers. Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch Spy Intervention even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch Spy Intervention in HD without buffering. So watch Spy Intervention and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. If you have watched Spy Intervention, you can read or write the film review on Spy Intervention on IMDB. 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