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Movie: Spaghettiman (2016)
Genre: ,
Director: Mark Potts
Date of Release: N/A
Duration: 87
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10
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About Spaghettiman (2016)

Clark doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about the world. He barely cares about himself. But after an incident with an old bowl of spaghetti and a malfunctioning microwave, he becomes a superhero that can fight crime with the power of spaghetti. However, you have to pay him.

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Clark (Ben Crutcher) is a complete loser. Don't be criticizal.

Guide: No sex or nudity.

And we end up caring about all of the (admittedly limited) characters in this movie. The twins song was funny. After all, he sure ain't doing it for free! “Spaghettiman” was a welcome relief tonight. Clark starts to warm up a bowl of spaghetti, he falls asleep for four days, and the microwave continues to run these four days. The jokes feel laboured and in one fight scene he actually turns into spaghetti. or not. Director: Mark Potts and Writers: Winston Carter and Ben Crutcher bring to us one of the silliest superhero's to date – but he's so likable you can't help cheering him on in his quest for justice and a little bit of cash! If you can't laugh with this movie then you have lost all sense of humor. And there is his best friend, who dreams of being an selfless, altruistic hero, fighting evil just for the glory of it, but who is just not able to do so, and turns into an envious, treacherous opponent. This is a must see for fans of real comedy. for nothing? I enjoy watching low budget films mainly because they can be more entertaining than big production films. So here we have a normal Joe, doing what normal Joes do: thinking of the bills to pay and of a full stomach. and weird, it's my next installment in my “You ain't seen nothing' yet” series…

I feel that lately a lot of comedies are not well written. He barely cares about himself”, but in the end, Clark DOES care. Clark Kant (Ben Crutcher) is a lazy hippie living with Dale (Winston Carter) an ambitious obese desk cop. All day, I watched films that turned out to be incredibly serious and incredibly depressing. His one friend Dale (Winston Carter) puts up with this and even give him rent money…

Yet that's not the case with Spaghettiman. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more Mark Potts films.

It's actually funny. and extortion! Watch it and find out. As a matter of fact, I would actually be willing to see a sequel made.

He doesn't care about the world. He gets leads from Craig's List and works with a camera man. And he goes out into the streets as a superhero to quell thieves but there's a catch if you want his help. After watching the terrible “Dark Phoenix” this movie was really a relief.

Clark doesn't care about you. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but the characters are likable, and the story holds our interest. The budget is low, but no shakey footage with rubbish angles..

Be honest: If you had superpowers, would you risk your life and help others… The lack of shiney polish amd CGI just make it even better. he can shoot spaghetti out of his hands! Wrong! A bearded slacker, Ninjas, and Pasta – definitely not your Plain Jane super hero flick. Don't recall any swearing. Made me realise what makes or breaks a film: the characters. SPAGHETTIMAN is an awkward superhero spoof made on a tiny budget. Considering that the budget was like nothing, it really deserves way more than the current IMDb number! It really is a waste of your time. films so odd, so unique and so demented that you just have to see them… The main character is a lazy bum but is played so well. When Clark awakens he eats the spaghetti anyway and he discovers later his new powers from eating the over cooked spaghetti. and I think it will make you smile provided you don't expect great production values or a plot that makes much sense! But, it's funny and made me smile… And, at the end of the film you learn that they are planning on making another Spaghettiman film! I'd choose this over any consumer Hollywood movie. The spaghetti fighting was fun, but couldn't carry the film.

But after an incident with an old bowl of spaghetti and a malfunctioning microwave, he becomes a superhero that can fight crime with the power of spaghetti.

However, you have to pay him. You can see that a lot of heart was put into Spaghettiman. Is Clark above corruption? Well paced, amusing, simple but satisfying storyline. As movies became more and more CGI many practical graphics began to look out of place compared to the perfectly computer generated counter part. Clearly filmed in Los Angeles, the producers access to the vast filmmaking resources of the area are clear – it is well shot, well edited, well produced, and even has a few “pro” special effects and stunts to boot. You know it was always my dream to become a writer and director when I was a kid. But when he meets a videographer, he realizes he is able to hit real paydirt and might even be able to save a few dollars!

But he still needs money! The beginning of this film is where the directors talents shine but near the end it begins to fall of hard which was disappointing to me as I was really getting into the story and the characters they had. And no, i had nothing to do with this movie.

He barely cares about himself. The comedy kept me laughing the whole way through, and didn't feel like an open mic night. if the film takes off and makes money… In Spaghettiman this doesn't happen because the director realizes that you can't combine CGI and practical graphics, and for that I applaud him. He doesn't care about the world.

Wish there were more movies like this! Following a microwave spaghetti accident, Clark gets “superpowers” being able to shoot spaghetti out of his hands like Spiderman. Another no budget flick that hits the mark with plot and characters. But Spaghettiman's dreams of financial solvency appear to be dashed when a motley crew of villains arrive to put an end of his reign of semi-goodness… Spaghettiman is just right at 80 minutes or so, and a good family laugh. And who knows… Plus, the soundtrack was killer. The bar was set very high with this one. Some of my major issues were the cinematography and the fact that some of the comedy was flatter then my wife's ass, but all other points were spot on. It's about a regular guy who accidentally eats a bowl of radioactive pasta and turns into the titular superhero, using his new-found pasta powers to fight crime in the city.

Spaghettiman is equal parts creative and cliché, improved substantially by the fact that nobody involved seems to have any misconceptions about what they are making. perhaps we'll see Stan Lee in a cameo in the sequel!! the directing is great and you're totally engrossed in the story. I can't describe the level at which this film made my strangest fantasies come true. Yes, it is very much “B”, but it was made by people, who really thought about the concept of superheroes and the nature of man. What a wonderful change of pace to find a film as original, funny and deliberately stupid as this one!

Aspiring to little more than to entertain for an hour or so, Spaghettiman is a triumph. The bag gag got old too. I liked it.

While no one would call this a great film, director Mark Potts as well as writers/actors Winston Carter and Ben Crutcher have created an utterly ridiculous winner. I it feel would be a disservice to the director if I didn't mention is the excellent use of practical graphics. It was obvious that this movie was really thought out and the script was really well written and directed.

The film started out funny, but wore on. It had so many wonderful elements, plot twists, witty dialogue, it's worth watching again. So, while wearing an old paper bag over his head as a disguise, he collects $40 here, $17 there and he's finally able to pay his rent. For this movie I am proud to say that they hit a lot points spot on.

Besides the wonderful and ridiculous “superpower” of throwing spaghetti, the central conflicts are relevant and well thought through. And, oddly, he also bleeds and urinates spaghetti.

Clark is a guy who can't keep a job and he shares an apartment with an obese guy who is a want-to-be policeman. Perhaps the writers think that just because their movie is low budget, or because it's a comedy, they don't need to care about quality; so long as 100 fart jokes are thrown in, then it's comedy! He is about the worst possible employee and loses job after job–including one as a pizza deliveryman because he was delivering pizzas half eaten! Quality acting for a B movie, entertaining plot. Sure, it's low budget, sure it's silly as well as a bit uneven. This is a good film. Loved everything about this movie. and you really have to feel sorry for poor Dale. Worth every second. While it's not much of a super power, Clark's ambitions aren't all that lofty either. As I grew up I slowly learned that my talent wasn't in making movies but rather, reviewing them. Overall if you want an excellent film which major companies like Marvel and Disney can learn from watch the beginning of this hilarious super hero film. Instead of trying to rid the Earth of evil like a typical hero, Clark is pragmatic and when faced with evil, he expects the folks he saves to pay.

The tagline is “Clark doesn't care about you. Once it's low standards are set, the movie enjoys exceeding them. Don't expect an artsy or student film, it's just a good film in its own right. Don't expect great special effects, but the story behind Spaghettiman is awesome. the ending was slightly unfulfilling, but not overly Sure, it's stupid, the acting is B- at best, and the budget is clearly in the 3 to 4 digits, but Spaghettiman is a really enjoyable movie, that once I started, I needed to watch to it's grin inducing conclusion. Rather not. I pray that they do a sequel. Don't think I've ever seen a B movie or low budget film done this well! It's a film as cheesy as it sounds, packed with lame humour and little else. And great humor. Because it's so stupid… They took a ridiculous concept and made a low budget masterpiece. Most movies you watch today and ask yourself why something looks so awful is because usually it is practical effects. This movie was much better than I expected. That's cheap comedy. Otherwise, he just minds his own business! For an indie film made with next-to no budget, the story line was stellar. The actors took their role seriously and just ran with it, each really delivered a serious performance despite the corniness which probably made it even funnier. The practical effects were done well, not corny.

But it's really original and keeps your interest. It's a intentional stupid movie that is just so funny. This is not the Attack of the Killer Tomatos Part 2 or just some other funny, crappy, cheap flick. The Plot. Armed with all the power and might of a wet noodle, Clark dons a paper bag and saves people from bad guys, asking for money from the victims. The guys that made this are total geniuses and top notch cinematographers. When he awakens four days later, he finds that he has a new amazing super power… One night, Clark falls asleep while a bowl of spaghetti is heating up in the microwave. The last half needed work.

I truly enjoyed watching this movie. whenever a student film pops up I take the time to watch it and while I might be hard on large franchises I have a soft spot in my heart for student films. Don't let the independent status fool you. I know the struggle that many go through in order to get their ideas out there and become known in the movie industry; and you know it's hard being the little fish in a sea full of sharks that's why small creators have to pull out their A game when they make movies. But I suggest you see this one. This is a funny, crappy, cheap flick with a well written script that transports some essential ideas. This was absolutely hilarious, very original. You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch Spaghettiman from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching Spaghettiman. So why are you waiting for watch Spaghettiman and enjoy Action.If you have watched Spaghettiman, you can read or write the film review on Spaghettiman on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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