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Movie: Shaft (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Tim Story
Date of Release: 14 Jun 2019
Duration: 111
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
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About Shaft (2019)

JJ, aka John Shaft Jr., may be a cyber security expert with a degree from MIT, but to uncover the truth behind his best friend’s untimely death, he needs an education only his dad can provide. Absent throughout JJ’s youth, the legendary locked-and-loaded John Shaft agrees to help his progeny navigate Harlem’s heroin-infested underbelly.

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This movie shows how less of the effort they are putting…..

The first SHAFT was a Blacksploitation film starring Roundtree with mucho gunfire and bloodshed and SHAFT 2000 (as I'll call it) is a full on action flick with Jackson as Roundtree's nephew fighting crime. Another action thriller with corny jokes comparing young generations to old. I have often thought they should make a sequel to Shaft so when I saw this on Netflix I was very excited.

Regina Hall (GIRLS TRIP), Titus Welliver (BOSCH), Method Man (!) and Luna Lauren Velez (DEXTER) are all sleepwalking through underwritten roles just counting the minutes until they can take their paychecks to the bank. The son, who was slightly annoying in the beginning, does go through a transformation. Jessie T Usher is mediocre as the new-age iteration of the titular badass; he shares decent chemistry with Alexandra Shipp as long-time besties with feelings, but he lacks the requisite charisma. If you want a decent Sam Jackson movie then watch the Hitmans Bodyguard. It feels like a mediocre 1980s action comedy, but it is almost always fun to watch. I got it, and I was very young when Richard Roundtree originally played SHAFT. Did see a few bloopers in two fighting scenes though, but oh well. Sam Jackson's character was a bit immature to be Shaft, really took away from the real. Didn't really work, tried to be funny but pretty much failed. Nothing worked. Amazingly Shaft 2k is still way cooler than this one. Were you the one clamoring for a sequel to the year 2000 Samuel L. Jackson SHAFT (the sequel to the original 1971 Richard Roundtree SHAFT)? Did you remember there WAS a 2000 version of SHAFT? Do you remember the 1971 SHAFT?

Doesn't matter.

Got for it, and come out with a wide smile on your face. Its hard to define what he actually wanted to do with his character as he can do neither, cool now awkward. The film is not for people who give up in the first 30 min. Usher lacks charisma (possibly by design) but Jackson is in full badass mode which makes for more enjoyable moments than you'd expect, and Roundtree is also on hand as an added bonus for devotees of the original series. I was very surprised by this film, and although the end scenes are a little ho hum, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The “action” wasn't anything spectacular.

Not every time you got to be serious in those action movies, with those drug dealers, New York street fights, and of course the FBI. A light hearted, feel good action comedy can't be better than this. Too bad the movie wasn't written by adults, because it's a good concept that could have made a decent movie. The soundtrack was killer as well Samuel L. Jackson makes this movie a lot better than it would normally be. Meh. That's how you portray this one. I can only assume he had already agreed to do it years ago and when it came to it, didn't put his heart or soul into it. We really wanted another Shaft, said nobody, but Hollywood. This movie showed that not everyone likes being a sensitive soft person. Following John Shaft Jr, a nerdy-cool FBI data analyst with huge Daddy abandonment issues, this outing neither excites on a primal level nor subverts in an amusing way. Plot was awesome and solid and the humour made it unbelievably enjoyable.

And then there's Samuel L. Jackson as SHAFT. He defines the term “sleepwalking through the picture” looking bored and uninterested throughout and HE'S THE BEST THING IN THE FILM! Thank goodness his charisma and charm ooze out of him without really trying – for he didn't really try here. A hard pass.

And man, Mr Samuel Jackson! Same stuff we've seen time and time again. It is profoundly unapologetic with some jokes, unafraid of offending, something I craved for a film trying to show the differences in ideas between new and old generations.

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You may face some issue watching such new movies from your area, don’t worry we are here to show you Shaft in HD! You can Watch Shaft from our website absolutely free, you just need to have a free account to watch Shaft in HD from any location in the world. So watch and enjoy Shaft. Only Samuel Jackson makes it worth watching, although they've adolescentized his character. Jessie T. Usher was horrible. If you look at the camera work, sometimes it's great, sometimes the cuts feel weird inbetween dialogues. Poor acting, outdated, terrible humour. Absolutely pathetic performance. aft business. watch it if u don't have absolutely nothing to watch I just revisited Shaft (2000) last week after so many years; in the anticipation of viewing new one this week. I could not stop laughing as every joke is just awesome. Very weak turn after the last good years she had. As the movie went on, it all came together. When I attended this film I did not expect much. While it's somewhat fun to see three generations of the same character on screen, there's nothing really special here for them to work with. What's with the low rating? Jackson returns as Papa Shaft, still violating human rights, showing women half his age a good time and walking out in front of traffic, but his swagger can't disguise that he's actually too old for this sh… This movie was a breath of fresh air. The soundtrack was good as well so that was another saving point. It was a SHAFT movie. But the moment Sam jackson becomes fully immersed is when this film takes off. Nice to see a film without an agenda to push. I'd definitely recommend for a fun filled action movie. This movie was just too funny and they turned it into some sort of buddy cop movie. Tons of potential to be a great sequel but just failed to grab your attention at any point after Samuel Jackson left any scene. Well at least there are some cool shooting scenes and tough lines that make you enjoy the movie a bit. Netflix shouldn't have made this or should have put more heart into rechanneling the soul from old to new. The bad reviews are by people who probably ran from a fight in high school, had their lunch money stolen, or we're locked in their lockers by meanies. fine.

The makers of this film certainly don't remember those films for – besides casting Jackson and Roundtree – there is no similarity to either of these films. Not in the same class as the first 2 movies. The focus this time is on John 'JJ' Shaft, III, a timid analyst with the FBI who's forced to team up with-and clash with the “old school” methods of his father John Shaft, II while investigating the death of a close friend. A delicious funny treat. Half baked storyline, scripting, subpar acting (apart from Samuel L. Jackson) makes it unbelievably drab watch. Reminds me of the things we used to laugh at in grade school. Good action, good comedic timing, and Samuel L Jackson is awesome (as usual). If you are one of those modern day sensitive snowflakes, this film might not be for you though. It will make wimps run to their safe spaces, need a pacifier, or a warm glass of milk. Even Sam Jackson is bad in this movie.

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Are you watching Shaft? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Shaft full movie free? You have it you can watch Shaft in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Shaft in HD absolutely free! Watch Shaft and enjoy Action. ** Coming 19 years after Samuel L Jackson's big-screen Shaft, and almost five decades after Richard Roundtree's original portrayal, this sequel's attempt to modernise fails epically. Deffo one to avoid! 5.9 rating is a GIFT. This is one of those movies you watch on a rainy day when you have nothing else to do and just feel like being a slug. Yes it was supposed to be more of a comedy but some jokes were really cringe worthy. Truly horrible. Samuel L. Jackson was thankfully back to his expected coolness and really saved loads of the film with his appearance. Funny lines as well as being serious when the movie needed to be. But this might not be bad acting the more you watch, you will realize that it's poorly written characters. The script is simply boring and it is only kept alive by his performance. It was nice to see a movie that didn't have a social or political agenda behind it and didn't pander to people who are easily offended. Now I was hyped to hear he would return for another sequel along with the original Shaft Richard Roundtree as well.

Okay… Also what the hell was wrong with Regina Hall? Exactly what I expected…

Jessie T. Usher (he played Will Smith's son in the also ill-advised sequel to INDEPENDENCE DAY) is a bland lead with no gravitas and no swagger that starts out young and naive and is supposed to develop (under the tutelage of his father) street smarts but, really, just becomes annoying. Too bad this sequel is truly a let down and worthy to be a Shaft film. Still it is another one of those sequels the world really did not need. This movie was a waste of time and even Sam didn't wanna do all the jokes. Jessie T. Usher struggles to compete with Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Roundtree, which makes the film uneven. It's a waste of time to get into the intricacies of the plot because most of it makes little sense, and is not of any real significance considering the goal is to watch and enjoy the banter between the actors, plus throw out lots of in-jokes and a colorful soundtrack to liven things up. Not understanding how people didn't like it. Add some substance😥😥….. Its like they saw a stand up comedy about millennials and old school ppl and decided to a movie…. Yeah, there's not much depth to it, but when a film is this much fun it doesn't need it. The screenplay was beyond awful. It's crazy. The same cookie cutter performance he does in any movie he is in. Also Jessie Usher and Regina Hall are not really great in my opinion. I can forgive the change in tone and the “tweak” (I'm being generous) to the timeline. What a comic timing he has got! Jackson breaks no new ground with his performance, but he is a consistent delight to watch. I must say unlike many people I did enjoy the Samuel L. Jackson sequel of 2000 as it was mostly simple but cool fun mostly because Jackson was born to play a modern Shaft.

At the heart of all of this “missed opportunities” is Director Tim Story (RIDE ALONG) he directs this film like he has someplace else to be, never missing an opportunity to be obvious (for example, JJ's friend – Karim – who's death sparks what passes for a plot in this film – might as well be walking around with a “Dead Man Walking” sign on him). Story's direction is lazy (and that's doing injustice to the word lazy) and obvious with no spark of ingenuity or imagination to be found. Felt like watching series pilot where new actors are trying to find their identity into the characters and still learning to grow into those rather than being them. The action is dreary, the violence is mean-spirited and the sporadic moments of flashy filmmaking – slow-mo bullet streams, etc – feel desperate and very early 2000s. Morally, tonally and narratively all over the place, Shaft is neither style nor substance.

Letter Grade: C

4 Stars (out of 10) and you can take this to the Bank(ofMarquis) Latest entry in the titular detective series is pretty standard stuff, but worth a look for followers of the character and the actors involved.

Save 2 hours of your life – skip SHAFT – you'll be glad you did. 2 hours of entertainment. If you have watched Shaft, you can read or write the film review on Shaft on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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