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Movie: Rumble in the Bronx (1995)
Genre: , ,
Director: Stanley Tong
Date of Release: 23 Feb 1996
Duration: 87
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
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The best example of this is perhaps the finale sequence in which Chan and his happy friends get the main bad guy with an hovercraft. It was fun, watching him beat people up with skis, shopping carts, and other materials. All that’s irrelevant; what matters is once the action starts, it never lets up. However , Jackie Chan’s failed at Box-office in his American debut ,¨Battle creek brawl¨ . Chan is a hard-working actor and director throughout his long and varied career . And I think it’s R-rating is completely unnecessary, and even betrays the tone of the film itself. It makes this movie something fresh and unique, or at least for its time it was. Regardless of locale, Jackie is somehow able to find an unsuspecting prop, then quickly put it to use in bludgeoning somewhere in the range of a dozen different combatants in wildly original ways, keeping audiences surprised and indulged. It’s never anything too big, also since the movie is made obviously with a fairly low budget but it’s very entertaining and amazing at the same time. This movie is spectacular. I just wish, they didn’t show the same shot, three times through four different cameras angles. Way more popular and appreciated as he is now days. All the way through this viewing – the first in many years, the word “silly” kept popping up in my mind. Having been born in the late 80’s, I grew up a 90’s child. The Action-Sequences/Martial Arts Combats are FANTASTIC. Chan is at the top of his game here, and as mentioned before, his excellence rules the show. The movie its story often makes lots of crazy jumps and it perhaps even feel as two totally different scripts that were blend in with each other, with as a result that not everything always makes a whole lot of sense and continuity and character treatments are messy. There were several scenes in the movie which had me laughing out loud – the kind of clever humor and subtlety that has become Jackie Chan’s trademark. You shant be disappointed (is shant really a word? He tried it with the help of a cable harness, but quickly decided it would be safer without the harness. But during a great portion of the movie, I was scratching my head wondering where that refreshing humor had gone. All that said, I really did enjoy the movie, and would give it 6 stars out of 10. The action sequences did have me on the edge of my seat, and the funny parts did have me laughing. The first part of the movie really fits the title card. Add that to the blooper reel with the baby dummy. Who happens to be Afro-American, who Keung happens to be in such shock, but not uptight about it. Watch it for the great action, great stunts and hilarious comedy. Chan stars as Keung, a Hong Kong cop who comes to visit the Bronx for his immigrant uncle Bill’s (Bill Tung) upcoming wedding, while also helping Bill with the final transition of selling his supermarket to a quirky woman named Elain. The movie is a very entertaining one to watch that gets better as it progresses. I also found it, funny that the filmmakers had his character play a video game console without a game in it. Chan usually pays overt homage to two of his greatest influences as Charles Chaplin and Harold Lloyd . Yes – the Anglo actors aren’t very good; the plot is silly at times; the dialog is weak, some of the characters are unbelievable. The one and only Jackie Chan.

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There isn’t a sore-thumb to be seen, except possibly from some of the villainous characters, who seem a bit too “over the top.” Je ne sais quoi, as the French would say. It perhaps almost seems as if the story was mainly purely there to let the movie feature as many and crazy stunts and fight sequences as possible. I have to say, the supporting cast were pretty good. Rumble in the bronx I heard a lot about this movie and how it launched Jackie Chan’s career in the west. What really makes this movie is its action. It finds that superb middle-ground between fight and dance and, as such, is a feast for the eyes in a ballet of brutality that favours the spectacle of motion far more than the violence of battle, even though there are segments of proper grisliness here and there, which adds up to a piece that’s incredibly entertaining and impressive to boot. It’s a must watch for any Martial Artist action movie fan. There were a few entire scenes cut that help explain why Keung was often attack by the street gang. Jackie Chan is famous for always doing his own stunts and you see his best, here. And while some scenes were actually funny (SEE: the wrench threat) some were downright unintentionally funny (SEE: the toddler-toss and the entire closing on the golf course. Amusing and entertaining Chan film in which he demonstrates his sensational skills as a great action man . 6/10 worth watching for the physical stunts. 7/10 Well here we go once again with the undisputed king of action comedy. Though this may sound a little basic and cliché, it’s not a problem. It’s important that we all take a moment out of our day, step back and think to ourselves “How can I be a little more like Jackie?” Normally that wouldn’t be something to complain about too much, but in this case the plot was almost nonexistent. But a few years later, after being wooed by his Hollywood work (particularly “Shanghai Noon”, and to a lesser extent “Rush Hour”), I knew I just HAD to start looking into his filmography. And with an open-mind, what a fun rumble you’ll have. There seems to be more edits in the fight scenes that is normal for Jackie but I suspect this might be down to one of two things. The picture achieved big success in China , USA and all around the world . Though Chan is wild and cool, he knows how to have fun here in the U.S.A. Rating 4 out of 5 stars. (In fact, the film’s attempts to deliver those elements come off as laughable at times. not only was it painful for all the actors to get hurt during production (not to mention the roughly 16 dozen vehicles) it was also gut wrenching to watch the closing credits that showed mostly the unintentional crashes, broken bones, etc. The fighting is great and well shot while the stunts are amazing. ) Synopsis: Good-natured nephew Chan visits NYC and gets thrown in extraordinary circumstances: fighting both gangs and mob bosses while helping 2 women, his Uncle and a handicapped child. Soon enough a biker gang turns up and causes havoc at the store, so it’s up to Keung to fend off the bad guys, uncover police corruption, and generally save the day in style. As arrogant as Chan is – I’ve read his biography, it’s dripping with arrogance, he does have great gifts in originality, showmanship, pride in his work and making sure he never uses traditional American trickery/stunts. Later in the production, Tong sprained his ankle, completing the film on crutches .

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I must strongly disagree. That man- Jackie Chan. The movie is a very entertaining one to watch that gets better as it progresses. 8/10 rumble in the bronx is one of my favourite movies of alltime, and my favourite jackie chan movie, no im not saying its his best, im saying its my favourite, to me it has some of his best fight scenes and stunts of the 90’s, and the movie made him a world wide star whats not to love, and plus the movie is very funny, easily one of his funniest movies. Naturally there are countless fight scenes where Jackie shows us his own brand of kung fu comedy, including the process of making inanimate objects become very animated indeed. I love the scene where she’s dancing in bra & panties lingerie in a tiger cage. The shot still made it into the finished movie. When you’re not laughing with the film, you’re laughing at it. Plus, that Francoise Yip is really, really hot. This movie is one of his best. Awesome , incredible stunts and brief comic touches , as usual ; the picture is better constructed than Chan’s predecessors films . The film intended to introduce Jackie Chan to the West, and that’s exactly what it did – but they didn’t expect it to be a number one box office hit. And that isn’t the case here. In the completely undubbed soundtrack, Jackie Chan actually speaks his native Cantonese while Françoise Yip and Morgan Lam speak English. After all, Tony nearly kill Keung with broken glass. (And as I said above, elements that don’t work, like some of the character development, have an unintentional humor to them, which just adds even more to the entertainment value. Still tell me the last time you saw a western movie star leap from a roof on to the fire escape of the next building!!! There is a scene where Jackie takes a leap from the roof of one building into a balcony of the adjacent building. the first jackie chan movie i ever taped off TV, and the one I’ve seen the most, to me rumble in the bronx is the best action movie of the 90’s, perfect action, perfect comedy, perfect movie. I love the big building to building jump. jackie chan rarely fails to deliver, and this is one of his best movies, and i recommend it to anybody who wants to see some awesome action Jackie Chan’s first major American breakthrough remains his most energetic, entertaining spectacle. Directed by Stanley Tong, the movie is about Ma Hon Keung (Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong native whom comes to New York to help his Uncle (Bill Tung) sell his supermarket business to new owner, Elaine (Anita Mui). While, helping out, Keung found himself in a rivalry with the local street gang, leaded by Tony (Marc Akerstream) that leaded to a series of street brawls. The jump was captured by four cameras. (Jason Bourne copied from this). Jackie Chan provides some of the best fight scenes in this film with lots of cool jaw dropping stunts. Despite the injury, he was present at the premiere of ¨The legend of the drunken fighter¨ at the Vancouver International Film Festival that night. I guess you could say he just has a certain “quality” about him if you will. The hovercraft scenes were crazy to watch. com/ So good dude. And I’m not getting all that ironic here – I sincerely mean that Chan returns a kind of virtuous character to the silver screen, that hasn’t been seen for a very long time. Whether it be going up against baseball bat wielding thugs, leaping from a rooftop to a balcony, water-skiing barefoot behind a speedboat, or clinging perilously to a hovercraft as it ploughs through crowded streets, the Hong Kong superstar is on top form, making this amongst his most enjoyable and action packed cinematic outings. By battle, I of course mean pulling every crazy stunt imaginable.

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