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Movie: Promare (2019)
Genre: , ,
Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Date of Release: 24 May 2019
Duration: 111
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
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About Promare (2019)

I missed a lot of that, cause the animation was so on point I could not focus on anything else. If you are fan of any of Tigger’s anime you may end up liking this. The villains are rather one-dimensional and over-the-top. A simplistic lineless cel-shaded look involving neon colors and geometric shapes. I was so happy with Promare. I can slightly forgive them because HOLY SMOKES, what a spectacle to behold. It’s pure beautiful animation in a chaotic way. Don’t ask me what the story is about. Honestly man, it was just so colourful and the fighting scenes were very well done. I saw this movie the other day and I have to say it was amazing. Wowza, Promare is some marvelous eye candy. The character designs are from the same guy who did Gurren Lagan and I felt a couple of characters’ looks felt recycled. Anyways I found this film enjoyable so of course if you seen Triggers “Kill La Kill” series, it is going to be worth the ride for you! Soooo Great Name any movie from any genre you’e ever seen, its nothing compared to Promare. My only complaint is sometimes there’s so much going on if you’re not paying attention to every second you might miss something, and that the plot is a little all over the place but it’s certainly not a bad one. Promare takes place in a world where giant robot piloting firefighters go up against the Burnish, a group of people who control flames. Overall I definitely recommend it. This may’ve worked better as a TV show that gave eveything time to breathe. We came for Trigger. The music was the bomb and I gotta love the animation. At times, the film feels like it’s going too quickly just jamming stuff down your throat. The story also suffers from some exposition-heavy sequences in the middle act – as well as some laughable dialogue – and it does conclude abruptly. To end my review, I am gonna say Lio Fotia is best boi, no questions asked bros… Overall, I didn’t like this as much Gurren Lagan and Kill La Kill. The Burnish are also persecuted in this world and soon things become more complicated. Hold on to your seats this movie has insane animation that makes Spiderverse look like a joke. Still, the stakes and world building in this are enough that they are able to anchor the movie. By no means painful, but these setbacks are noticeable, but kind of commonplace in anime overall. That all said, I still had a good time. Some sort of world destruction plot. until leap day today! With Trigger you know what you want, and they give you all they’ve got. So when I heard that the studio and main director and studio Studio Trigger were making a movie, I made sure to see this. For incredible and wild animation. The animation was absolutely gorgeous-matched with probably Into the Spiderverse. Lots of adorable character designs, too, but I do wish those characters were more fleshed out. I’ve never seen animation done this intensely, on a larger display this movie is actual consistent sensory overload. The costumes, giant robots, and actions scenes are all stylishly designed. For over-the-top anime nonsense. This action packed, colorful, exciting movie is anything but boring. It was definitely enjoyable to watch. Promare has an over-the-top tone to it and isn’t afraid to poke a little fun at itself. everything in this movie starts out great in the intro, quick exposition and worldbuilding that doesnt feel forced, done through interesting and original visuals. The music is pretty good and helps set the mood. Promare though distinctive in style doesn’t tread that much new ground from past anime that feature giant robots or characters with mutant abilities. Firefighters using some advance tech to battle fire generating mutants. Did not actually manage to finish the movie. The minimalist look can be pretty impressive at times, like a scene of the mountains at sunset. If only I spoke Japanese so I did not have to read the subtitles and take my eyes off the animation. There are way too many characters. the acting is not bad, and the style brings back fond memories of 90’s kids cartoon shows. I thought the dub was amazing too Johnny Yong Bosch and Billy Kametz knocked it out of the park. A couple of the firefighters don’t really do much. So I watched this very colourful anime film last month but since college is always in the way of my life, I just wasn’t able to review this film…… the exaggerated and at times needlessly detailed in your face art style of the primary action on the screen could have been great, but paired with the low fidelity backgrounds that for some reason have to be in blocky pastel colours, it turns into an everchanging abstract painting on your screen that prevents you from ever finding a focus point. That’s what I like to see, animation that pushes the limits of the medium and this does that. In my opinion, Gurren Lagan and Kill la Kill are two of the best anime of recent years. This movie just tried to do too much. If you haven’t, please go watch it as it’s pretty great as well! The CG animation from this is a representation of what techniques are being pioneered to make CG work with anime and cartoons which has historically been impossible. I first heard of Promare when Akidearest and The Anime Man were praising it so much on their otaku monthly favourite videos. For the Kamina protag. For their one-of-a-kind music. The (Japanese) voice acting is mind blowing, especially since this is one of Taichi Saotome’s (Lio Fotia) first voice acting jobs. If you’ve never seen a Trigger anime or movie it won’t make any sense to you but that’s okay, it’s a story with a theme of connecting between people and airing in a time of intense political debate and separation in Asia. im sure there’s an audience who will enjoy this movie’s “over the top everything”, but personally i wasnt ever able to pay attention to what was going on, and unable to finish watching the movie. Trigger made Promare with Sanzigen and this is the only time I’ve ever enjoyed CG in animation the way it was done in this. This has a very unique look to the scenery. Prepare to be dazzled, it’s quite the visual powerhouse. you’re instantly treated with a pastel coloured firework display of agressive jumpcuts and flashy animations, which could have been amazing if used sparingly, but it just doesnt stop. However, I did find the quick shots and frame rate to be a bit jarring. Fast-paced, frenetic and mind-meltingly colorful. It was upbeat and fun and didn’t try to overcomplicate things. At other times, new plot developments feel like things are being stretched out. Would love to see this movie as a series so that more characters and plot points could be fleshed out, but as a standalone movie it’s great entertainment and I’m already looking forward to watching it again. Surprisingly, this isn’t even the first firefighter hero-themed anime. Man, I was searching it for ages but there was always no joy until last month l finally was able to find it (forgot the website , sorry folks it was that long long ago! This is sugar food, lightweight fun. Anamorphic, Lighting, Contrast, and coloring, and an immense focus on lines, this movie is absolutely nutzzz! Let’s be real. then the movie starts. Fans of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill will surely enjoy this burst of animation. ). Definitely the soundtrack was great, I really like playing so much of Inferno and Ashes like dang they gonna be on repeat so much for me in future haha. This does suffer from trying to squeeze a little too much into two hours. PS* This movie also won’t make much sense dubbed since some of the script is meant to be spoken in Japanese Theater script. It’s a rousing marathon of fiery mecha action that really gets the adrenaline pumping.

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