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Movie: Prison Break: The Final Break (2009)
Director: Kevin Hooks, Brad Turner
Date of Release: 21 Jul 2009
Duration: 89
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10
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About Prison Break: The Final Break (2009)

The movie covers the events which occurred in between the downfall of The Company and the finale of the series. It details the arrest and incarceration of Sara Tancredi, the final escape plan which Michael devises for Sara. It also reveals the ultimate fate of Gretchen Morgan.

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of course “conveniently” the evidence is a set up. But this one was just senseless. Alex Mahone (William Fichtner) is refused reinstatement back into the FBI but Agent Richard Sullins (Kim Coates) dangles the badge if Alex rats out Michael and his inevitable attempt to break out his wife. No one ever expected what would happen in any season. They were free at last, it's what we've waited for, and Mike's dead, but it gives us the impression that he died in peace, maybe even having met his son before.

I've watched every episode of PB, but recently it's been as much out of habit as anything.

I thought the previous ending with Michael just being dead with no explanation was bad. To end the Prison Break series in this way make you feel you invested all those hours for nothing. I was surprised when I saw this movie available on eBay, I didn't know of it's existence so I hurriedly awaited this gap filling movie between the last episode and the final 3 minutes of the last episode. It ruined the whole finale for me, heck, it even ruined the whole series for me almost. For 4 years, Prison Break was the smartest, grittiest, best casted, and best written show on Television. I understand now why they decided not to include it in the original series finale and why they decided not to show it on FOX because people will surely throw their TVs out if they did. I thought it would be impossible for Prison Break to ever match the greatness of its first season, and I was unexpectedly proved wrong by the last two episodes of the series. To be honest, I was thinking this was going to be a “ploy to get money” but ironically this wasn't the case. Sorry for the macabre comparison, but it's the only way to make people realise how shitty this ending was, and the only way to explain those 7-10/10 ratings. and believe me i am telling to my all friend that don't miss such a master serial. Yes, it was unlikely, to put it mildly, but it was one of those things that made you suspend your disbelief. I still hate that they killed him in the first place.

I gave the entire show a 7/10, which is a good rating on my scale.

But without considering the 5th season, it's a perfect ending, Prison Break will always the show that we'll always watch and never get tired of. He now has at least 3 options: 1: Smash the old wooden door 2: find an electrical outlet and short-circuit the lock 3: find a wrench or piece of metal to short-out the circuit-breaker But no. I will miss this show as it has definitely become one of my all time favorites. Everyone gets away. What a waste of time! I feel much better after watching this because now I know Michael didn't just pass on due to his brain tumor… Not only is the pressure on Michael to breakout Sara faster than any other breakout, but also the government is watching his every step. It's feels like the last nail on the coffin that the 4th season was for the show. Daddy (Lori Petty) is the head of the prison gang.

It also focuses on Sara's character more than the others, it's her turn now to break out of jail.

The ending was ridiculous. ‎‎People are smarter that they think. She cannot act and her pathetic overly played character was a major distraction.

Besides many plot holes, no character development, bad repeated story, the acting wasn't extreme too. I mean damn, watch A League of their own and see that Madonna is 100 times less annoying than Lori Petty, now that's a major feat. The end is very bittersweet.

The premise of this/these last episode(s) is just ridiculous!

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Surely you love to watch Action films so you can watch Prison Break: The Final Break. Watch Prison Break: The Final Break in HD quality, no buffering no ads only movies and have fun watching Prison Break: The Final Break. You can even watch Prison Break: The Final Break with your friends in HD quality. Watch Prison Break: The Final Break on any device responsive and interactive! Try watching Prison Break: The Final Break in high definition absolutely. The result is a fast paced, exciting and emotion filled adventure full of twists and the movie's touching coda. and now when it finally came down.. It's nice to see that the show is able to go out on a high note as I really loved this movie. 7/10 I really wish I never watched this! for 4 amazing years. I was really excited to see this Final Break movie because I wanted to see how they wrapped things up and how they deal with the “unanswered questions” to provide me closure for one of my favorite shows. other than the fact they say that nobody knows the woman was company they never really address this issue. But this felt like it had been written up in 30 seconds! ‎ I don't have words to explain how die hard fan i am for prison break cast, storyline, acting.

For me, it made a mockery of season one. Krantz puts out $100k for a contract on Sara and Gretchen Morgan (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) happens to be in the same prison. This series is a good example of how a good idea can be totally ruined for money. The only logical solution is to yank out the fuse and short circuit the whole electrical system for the prison with your own body. I wish they would have made a 5th season and this could have been a 14 episode arc and then show each character happily ever after and finally Michael die after his kid is born instead of how he did in this movie. Anyways, The Final Break was way better than the Series Finale as it felt like Season One again as they kept it simple with no mass conspiracies. Don't Watch! I started to watch every chapter with interest, and then in the middle of ‎‎the third season I was just watching them with the “faster” button of the video application ‎‎because it was getting so boring.

The characters of the womens prison were just completely pointless.

Thoughts Why would they air it in Israel first? It's like an Ethiopian child eating the worst food you could find: he'll love it, because he doesn't know the good stuff. That's great for fans of the show. The whole plot were also simplified and it felt like it were put together during a coffee break. A friend recommended me Prison Break as it got better during the last season and the ending was in his words “unprecedented”. The first two seasons were an easy 9/10, the third season was fine, but the 4th destroyed it. But The Final Break will ruin everything loved about the show and destroy that perfect, yet sad, ending they gave it. Please don't stop making this serial ahead. That's not convincing. They probably haven't seen what a good ending looks like, and haven't watched many quality TV shows, so in their eyes it's great. the many plot holes is why I can only give this movie a 5. A great additional conclusion to the series, with some extra closure (3 viewings) IT was not disappointing. i have watched breaking bad but prison break is prison break. The General and T-Bag are in prison together and General finds out Sara is in prison and puts a hit out on her. But this POS seems like it was made in a week. I see no real need to watch it other than pure curiosity.

The movie is forced to jerry-rig the situation to bring it back to step 1 with several old characters conveniently in the same prison. and i am not liking other serials after watching prison break.

Prison Break: The Final Break Watch Free Full Movie with Subtitle

You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch Prison Break: The Final Break from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching Prison Break: The Final Break. So why are you waiting for watch Prison Break: The Final Break and enjoy Action.i feel like i am the part of this serial when i talk about it.

This really could not get more intense!

Then we see Michael hatch an escape plan in 1 day! However, the end was good enough. Roles are flipped, Sarah is the prisoner, and the brothers are the rescuers, except, this prison is no prison that Michael Scofield has architect-ed, so it's a new challenge, and the odds are low, the ending was heart-breaking, I literally cried. That makes no sense. Sarah is arrested for killing Christina Scofield but her name isn't listed as Scofield so the police arrest her for murdering a respected business woman. A definite downgrade from the phenomenally villainous T-Bag and Gretchen. I think many ‎‎people agree with me.

The Final Break is a self contained story that both Prison Break fans and first time viewers will enjoy. I admit, there was a lump in my throat at the end. The guards are abusive for what happened in Fox River. that was a horrid choice to play the main adversary in prison. T-Bag Bagwell (Robert Knepper) and General Jonathan Krantz (Leon Russom) are prisoners in the men's side.

Where as really this belongs solely as a bonusmaterial to the last season.

The way they escaped prison was trivial, nothing compared to the schemes of the third season, let alone the first one. I think that this particular episode is just a bad production. i could say it was worth watching and it was worth waiting for so long.

However, this seems to be the principal bedrock for the 5th season.

4) The chief flaw is that this is basically just a watered-down, sloppy version of the season one plot (Michael tries to break a loved one out of jail, only this time, it's his wife instead of his brother Lincoln).

There are redeeming qualities, such as Michael's romantic sacrifice when he gives up his life to help Sarah escape and Mahone's inner conflict between regaining his career and staying loyal to his ally and friend, Michael, which (combined with the acting-these people could even make a cereal commercial suspenseful and exciting) is why this gets a 4 out of 10 instead of a 1. However, it's honestly a bit of a letdown. This is about the same level of quality as the rest of the fourth season… There was no chemistry during all four seasons between Mike and Sara, and I understand that they were on the run, but at their last moment, that was nothing, just cold, and emotionless. So thanks to the Prison Break producers/writers, etc. Just the basic plot of getting Sara out. While badly harmed by the 2007 writers strike and low ratings, this show never did get the recognition it deserved. Second complaint is one of casting, Lori Petty???? Appently it was supposed to answer all the remaining questions, but what questions?? The woman t-bag wannabe was so unconvincing. I was long ago since i got so disappointed. But he brought a battery that was too small. ) and so made-for-Hollywood-summer-blockbuster that it deviated from the real essence of the show. And for the first time Sara was not useless and boring, but actually the center of the plot and SWC was way better than usual. Don't see this – you are better off not to. i have stopped watching movies because of prison break. The result, the events of a hypothetical season 6 were condensed into a 90 minute movie. The amount of work Michael put into his plan of breaking Lincoln out was brilliant and the way parts of his plan came together was what really made season one a great series. I heard the TV movie “Final Break” was even worse, so ‎‎I didn't bother. If you have watched Prison Break: The Final Break, you can read or write the film review on Prison Break: The Final Break on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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