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Movie: No Surrender (2018)
Genre: ,
Director: Peter Mimi
Date of Release: 02 Apr 2019
Duration: 114
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10
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About No Surrender (2018)

During the 1940s, a girl was raped by a group of English soldiers, and three young Egyptians retaliate. The British soldier is being held at the Karamouz police station in Alexandria, headed by General Youssef al-Masri (Amir Karara). General Frank Adams demands that the English soldier be handed over to him, but Yusuf refuses. The British army is led to block the police station, and enters a fierce confrontation with General Yusuf and the rest of the Egyptian soldiers.

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Thats pretty much an extended cameo at best. One of the best Egyptian movies ever ! Terrible accents, acting and luke warm story telling. That's this movie here. Story line is good but with some unbelievable situation that how can fight a war which risks innocent loacl people by two heads ( one of military and one from prison) over only one stupid soldier who did unfair things. not good, but way better than the first Hulk movie (2003), and many others after that… But middle part looses grip and finally a well climax and unexpected end. Vin Diesel got his break from Pitch Black. :::::::::::::::::: First of all it's a foreign movie, not a Hollywood production so the accent and acting are far from perfect but.. The story is good however the acting is bad there are some good actors like Adam Frank and the crazy one and the Egyptian side in general I wish that they didn't try to make it funny because it isn't funny the music is bad they are the worst, and they keep changing them so rapidly and so abruptly you don't have much time to feel what you suppose to feel the sound effect is bad it is the same sound in the entire movie there is a scene I wish they muted the sound effect and just keep the music going but no they didn't mute the grisly sound effect and the scene converted the worst scene or the second worst scene in the entire movie Real bad movie I like Scott Adkins but this movie was really bad the acting was rubbish the story was really boring turned it off after half an hour think Scott Adkins can do a lot better than this film I trusted you Scott… The problem is i watched it on my Beer Friday Night, where i drink a lot and get in the mood for a big action movie, usually martial arts. Just saw this movie for the name of Scott Adkins, but he has very small role and only at climax. Short and sweet: If you're looking for an action packed Adkins flick. Everything make you beleive this is a Scott Adkins movie. and you appear in no more than… In brief the movie is good it has a good speeches too in the Egyptian side and the end was extremely phenomenal. Scott is super in his fight sequence as ever with his spinning kicks. No prehistory that just got the movie going. You'll enjoy it.

Personally speaking…

Still, the first time I saw it, I was disappointed… but… He's barely in it and makes a cool presence in his little bits but all the other actors are pretty Amatuer. The introductions are deceptive in some cases, but the script and dialogue script, directed by Peter Mimi, about a story by Mohamed El Sobky, was a pleasant surprise at all levels. For me that's the major let down on this movie, the awful accents… This type of movie was so overdone in USA in the 60's and 70's that a movie like this would never get approved in North America today. This movie had no place in modern film other than the United Arab Emirates just wanted content they could put their stamp on. It has a nice story, and a well balanced pace… Scott Adkins was only in it for 5mins and he only came in like 1hr & 15mins in the movie (last 10mins of the movie). I think Scott now wished he didn't do this film. The accents are awful… So i was very disapointed and kept saying “where is Scott … What a piece of s**t this is.. The audio, oh man… Skip the rest.

There is no explanation for what English soldiers are doing in Egypt. Egyptians who speak better English than the English. This ain't it. This is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. He is more in Expendables 2 than this, thats saying something. He really is one of my fav movie martial arts fighter last few years but he really need to get a new agent or someone new to help him get some big blockbuster movies. This was REALLY BAD & this my first review on IMDb. That's how much I hated this. But he was famous after that.

So i would say if you know what to expect its an alright movie, its not bad at all, but know that Scott is a very minor character. Scott adkins is an amazing martial artist but seems to have fallen after the boyka snd ninja saga. the story is pretty interesting. The story was good but montage wasn't the best. cmon !!” So can you Scott Totally, it was a very good movie , good story and good actors or actress. It's like when you go on vacating to a foreign country and they have some cheesy action movie dubbed in English, playing on the cable tv in the hotel room. it could be a 2nd part of “Kabdet el Helali” movie 😅 It is better to have a series and not a film and unfortunately Actors are not competent and output is weak . BAD!!! It is definitely not good enough to watch, and at the same time not cult enough to watch either! I saw because of Adkins and the awesome trailer, but he only shows hopoe for a couple of minutes… then do rewatch Undisputed or Avengement…

That's it… I only watched this movie because Scott Adkins is in it. Going better than the Egyptian side. Bad acting from the most actors and actresses and the scenario was pretty low, despite M Hemida acting was original except when he uses that lame words to make fun of someone. Ps “worst scenario for a good story” Bad acting bad scenario it is a good story but that's about it the rest is just bad the movie is kinda low budget movie that isn't good at all One of the worst over acting egyptian fight movies .. Acting from prison head is good with his impressive personality. First of all, forget Adkins… 5 minutes in total in the movie??? Plus… Amazing actors. Play a bad guy turn good guy or something. Fast forward 3/4 of the movie to see Scott fight. Everything seems to either be overwrought (the music track) or underdone (the acting ) from the first minutes of the movie. What was Scott Adkins thinking.? However the problem is in the British side their accent wasn't a British accent and they weren't speaking English very good and they use the language badly. I think all these poor reviews are just written by haters nothing more. Trying so hard to identify with the “American” crowd yet completely out of touch and a colossal fail. Just a big studio movie that can look after you & boost your cred up. I mean… what the hell where you thinking??? I'd wager the 10 star reviews are people that are involved in the production of this pit stain of a movie. I really like Scott Adkins and last week i watched Avengement on Netflix and it was amazing. But Not like when you were in Dr Strange. A great story.

The story is not bad, i actually liked the main guy and if it was not for the terrible VVS french dubbing (they obviously had Team B on this one, the same guys who do all the DTV releases) i think it would be a fairly decent movie. it's a bad movie! Englishmen in Egypt suddenly start a big war because Egyptian policemen / military have arrested some Englishmen for rape. bad acting… honestly… Also that can give you lot of screen time. Time for a new character and story line to be created. here, he is only a secondary character, a decoy. Very disapointing. Watchable at once for some thrill and tension. You are in the front cover… It's not as bad as some people say. Just a direct rape, Egyptian men trying to help her but end up in jail and then just war, war and then of course Scott Adkins who punches everyone and everyone. And it doesn't get better. As the title says i felt like i was deceived by the producers who put Scott face all over the promo material only for him to be barely in the movie. The actors aren't great, but I've seen a lot worst in Hollywood, so… BAD! Bad scenario… It's really bad acting and a really old type of story. don't spend your time on this one. It literally only gets worse with the dialogue.

“People get old and wrinkled and their hair fall out but their teeth never change”

that's just one quote of this disaster of a movie. If you consider it to be a comedy, then you will have some fun watching this “superb” acting the first half hour. Choreography was good enough. Stick to martial arts and pick good story lines.

Horribly bad writing and considering the effort gone into all the sets and period clothing — gone into this terrible horrible self-parodying movie I'm not sure if someone could intentionally make it worse. I mean my god, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This week i decided to rent “No Surrender” as its call here at the local video store wich had released a few weeks ago. A movie filmed in Australia with semi low budget. Why didn't they keep this in their native language? I did not expect much, despite the brilliance and brilliance of the commercial presentation of the movie “War of the Karamouz.” The second time, I forced myself to rewatch it, with low expectations, and I was entertained. You need to be like fighting on screen with Vin Diesel, The Rock, Or even in a Marvel Movie that's a semi lead role. But even this gets boring after that. I watch such movies (that are supposed to be martial arts movies) because of you… I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but as far as I am concern it was watchable. We all waiting for him year after year to be in big studio movie BUT NOPE….

If I was his agent, I would tell him to stay away from this film. However, movie starts from very interestengly and creates hope for good movie with thrill and tension. I don't know what the point of putting this on Netflix is? the only thing that might be a bit weak is the missing british accent but it's not a big problem and it's tottally watchable movie. It's an old American western slightly tweaked to fit in with the Middle East. I normally do not review titles on imdb but I felt strongly compelled to give a much deserves 1 star rating/review. Acting sucks, FX sucks, and if you want to watch some martial arts in action… Mouth movements that certainly do not fit what is being said. In the end his role is super small. Well, this movie is hard to see. Totally great acting and directing , I think that poor reviews are written by haters nothing else.

So my enjoyement of the movie was sadly affected by this. this “movie” is almost two hours long!

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