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Movie: Ninja (2009)
Genre: ,
Director: Isaac Florentine
Date of Release: 22 Oct 2009
Duration: 86
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10
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About Ninja (2009)

A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja.

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We don't really get a background check of most of the cast as to how they ended up where they did and why they are exactly there. Can't forget that.

Another problem is the character development. maybe not right away,though. Well, yeah it could… Fan favorite director Florentine is at the top of his game as he delivers action-packed fights and well-choreographed action (along with his trademark “whooshing” sound effects), while frequent collaborator in front of the camera and fellow fan favorite Scott Adkins is also in fine form.

When the finale comes around, this is when Ninja's ninja really starts to shine through. This is a genre movie. To criticise this is foolish, I new there was a high risk for disappointment, but it delivered 100% on what it was supposed to be. The stunts, added with the camera angles and the slow-mo make for a roller-coaster of a ride. All the stunts seances are original. Some scenes at the end trust me, when you see it you want to laugh, I'd watch it again, I recommend you watch it, NOT opening weekend, its not a HAVE-TO see it movie, but its a fun movie to watch for some entertainment. His father was stationed in Okinawa as a G.I., and this is the only culture he knows. the cop hands him a U.S. passport when he was never even a U.S. citizen.

Also, I just want to say Scott Adkins may very well be the single best Bruce Wayne ever and, sadly, one we'll probably never get to see on screen. Though the flaws don't make this a terrible movie, they do deter from some of the film's positive aspects. Script are also good. We have Scott Adkins as our hero Casey, who was just great at kicking some ass, Mika Hijii as Namiko, the Casey's love interest and daughter of Casey's dojo master. As long as you keep in mind that it's not a great movie, you should be able to find mild enjoyment. No wonder there was a Ninja 2 (2013) – fans clearly wanted more, and we can see why. Now, let's see… being an low budget action film, don't expect some super script, super plot, or good acting at all. Just about everything in this move was ridiculous and not believable. If Adkins's subway fight sequence isn't enough for you, then Adkins's going completely ballistic in the finale, by making many martial artists look foolish will definitely hit the spot. There's also a secret society that feels straight out of a comic book and comes off as 1/2 cult and 1/2 mafia.

In the final analysis, this particular Florentine/Adkins collaboration has cranked out another winner and kept DTV from going into the doldrums for the time being. So the sensei (you knew there'd be a sensei, right? We also have a subplot in the film, it was probably designed for Casey to have something to beat the living daylights out. Then I saw a title… “Ninja” (2009)… sounds simple… Scott Adkins? Eventually the rival's anger gets the best of him and he is banished for breaking a ninja code of honor.

You want to see a stacked gravure idol as a dojo master's daughter who always needs to be saved just because she's a stacked gravure idol and even though she's a ninja, too, then this is the movie for you. This ain't that. our hero,casey,who has been in the dojo from youth is in a minor seeming feud with masasuke,a rival student in the dojo,when a training session becomes near fatal masasuke is banished and goes into business as an assassin,meanwhile casey and namiko,the sensei's daughter go to America to guard an ancient ninja artefact,the yoroi bitsu,a chest of weapons and gear used by the ninja ancestors who trained in the dojo. Then there's the ending. Throw in some incompetent cops who can't seem to do anything right but get in the way and die, and you have yourself a crumbling premise. For a (I) this movie is built and presented really well. The fight scenes are very well done… How they got there, what are they doing, why are they doing it remains a mystery. It would've made a better, longer lasting impression by being more brutal, final and cutting edge (pun intended). Also, it would've kept things open for potential sequels. You want ninjawesome, grab this baby, some chips and a Stella Artois and you're set for the night, brochacho.

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You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch Ninja from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching Ninja. So why are you waiting for watch Ninja and enjoy Action. It wasn't about flying ninjas that have supernatural powers, speed or anything like that. but he's settling for this? We also have Todd Jansen, well known in low budget films. Granted, I could list some flaws, such as the fact the Boaz Davidson screenplay contains elements that will be familiar to those who have seen other ninja movies in the past, and it has the hero on several occasions dragging the female lead behind him despite the fact she's an accomplished fighter like him. a lot actually but, who cares? The other interesting things are camera work, filming sets, I like the dojo very much, although it's not a real ninjutsu dojo, because, seems to me, that that dojo have more martial arts than one, if you look at the styles, there are definitely Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, etc. but the good reviews made me watch it and, I must say, it wasn't a disappointment. all in all the perfect recipe for a good ol NINJA movie! This guy is incredible, and if given the chance, he could be the action star the genre has lacked since the heyday of the 80's action heroes. Again-if you are a fan of the older films that tread much the same territory-I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this one too. This sets the stage for the action we are about to see.

It reminded me of the good ol days with classics such as American Ninja 1,2 and 3.

I did think the female ninja got beaten up to easily by thugs on the train scene though, I mean, she trains with the “last” Koga ninja all her life and can't handle a few thugs… Now the bad stuff. I like technique and I was impressed that he was quite skilled AND the bad guys stayed down when it looked liked you had hit them BAD, as it appeared. Just when I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen, it got even dumber.

So, overall, I recommend this decent stuff, it's good for action fans and for martial arts movie fans. I didn't mind it. while blood spurts out of his stump, then this is the movie for you. It's way better than Casper Van Dien's suckfest Mask of The Ninja and in my opinion slightly better than Ninja Assassin. Tsuyoshi Ihara plays Masazuka. Regardless, this guy has the screen fighting ability to carry a whole movie… Give it a chance, if you want to see an above the average martial arts action film, with good direction and great (Ong Bak style, no wires and CGI) fight scenes, just please do not watch it for the acting. I had no idea what to expect but being a 30-year old guy who grew up on Sho Koshugi and Michael Dudikoff ninja movies I just had to see it. It's simple because it's not complicated, too much mystical or anything, it just tells you a simple story, a simple story in this low budget action film, there isn't anything special to fulfill you with awesomeness, but I think there's a decent amount of cool action, fighting scenes. So at one point, the leader of a cult that really has little bearing on anything in this movie proclaims, “We control the life blood of this planet!” I must say, I got some great laughs. What made it great is that it wasn't needed at all, but it was totally welcome. Ninja – the movie – deserves credit for actually trying to imbue the plot with history and true ninja tradition.

You want sense? Also, I learned there are no cops in New York at night, since they fight in the streets, with swords, guns, cars crashing, and they draw absolutely no attention. when masasuke kills sensei casey and namiko are targeted,this is where the movie changes,masasuke is the modern ninja,with guns, an extendable katana and a major grudge he uses a cult connection to find and capture casey.  

The plot is nothing new or original-and goes like this: an American who was orphaned in Japan is brought up as a ninja. i'd watch it again. First let's get one thing straight! STUPID. Bad acting. If you love action movies and hate the metro-sexual heroes that we get jammed down our throats every film then this is the movie for you. Even to the bitter end… I saw this movie two weeks ago on a sneak preview in Kuala Lumpur.

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You like to watch Action films watch Ninja brand new movies of this year which is just released and you can get to watch this awesome Action movie Ninja. Watch Ninja no buffering and no ads just film and fun! Now you can watch Ninja more than 200 countries across the globe in HD. So watch Ninja and let us know how we can improve! Like undoubtedly 90% of the people who will watch this movie, I was whole-heartedly expecting something in the vein of those awful 80's movies like American Ninja or Master Ninja. Some elements of the film are lacking and others have it's own strengths & weaknesses.

All in all, if your stuck for some old school ninja action, check it out, it's a laugh. In both title and image, this cover tells you this flick delivers ninja…period, and that is no lie. the ending was a bit too predictable,in my opinion. Give it a try! lacking. The movie tries to hard to merge East with West, and often times I find myself cringing at the Japanese actors attempting to speak coherent English, although I do admit Casey does a splendid job. OK…I was partially right. While they worked within the context of the movie, I personally find the more traditional shozoku robes to convey a much more powerful image on screen. But there's a lot more to like. '

There's an abundance of dumb henchman, all wearing the same get up but who are actually members of a secret cult, controlled by some scary businessman who worships… Regardless, it is a very enjoyable film, and to those who enjoy martial arts films and/or enjoy East meets West mash-ups, then you will definitely enjoy this film! first off you see the training dojo and you don't know if it's the 15th century or the 21st. Story is just OK.This movie is much better than NINJA ASSASSIN in every term. I think this movie would've benefited greatly by ending immediately after the final confrontation between Casey and Mazuka. And, that climatic showdown does not disappoint. err, something or other and have the same salute as the Nazis. The gliding with the wings could have been left out. We can compare the movie with kill bill. Tsuyoshi Ihara is the real discovery of this movie. Which brings me to my next problem, the so called evil organization. Of course this doesn't sit well with the Japanese bad-guy who feels he should be the new leader… The main plot is plausible – “Bitterness” Are you people out of your minds? Storyline: Typical. Seriously?

At the heart of Ninja are bitter rivals Casey (Scott Adkins) and Masuka (Tsuyoshi Ihara). Casey is an all around good guy who, despite being a westerner (P.C. for white), just happens to be a top student at a prestigious ninjitsu school in Japan. I'm actually curious about the upcoming sequel

5.3/10 “Ninja” does something that is hard to do…. The acting was OK and the story actually was good. The movie screams old school 80's movie, but in a good way. Look, I know martial arts doesn't have a nationality, but it's been a long time since I saw a westerner do such a good job in a screen fight. what? I didn't even realize this was the same guy from The Tournament and Undisputed II. I guess he's got a thing for low balling his own talent and being in cheesy movies?

In some of the action scenes (that were quite well made most of the time) a street punk almost kills the ninjas where as in others ninjas do a one-blow kill. It's pretty violent, if you like that sort of thing. Scott Adkins and Tsuyoshi Ihara have a hellacious final duel and everything leading up to it is paced faster than a one hundred yard dash. I just can't imagine it's cheaper to do than practical effects. Well… The subplot is about a small sect leaded by guy named Temple, played by Miles Anderson, who is probably one of the worst actors in the film. If you're not blown away by some of Adkins's moves, I really question your judgment. If you have watched Ninja, you can read or write the film review on Ninja on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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