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Movie: Monster Island (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Mark Atkins
Date of Release: 01 Jun 2019
Duration: 89
IMDB Rating: 2.6/10
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About Monster Island (2019)

Gigantic monsters threaten to destroy everything in their path as mankind remains defenseless

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Finally it takes like 2 minutes to get to the crazy ladies house then when their coming back from the crazy ladies house it takes like 30 minutes. A particularly good job was done with the caves as has been said already. The monster action is pretty limited and a giant lava-filled starfish is not really my idea of a menacing giant terror, I must say. The kaiju is half squid half starfish (sqarfish? In terms of the nominal star, I thought that The Cloth must surely be the nadir of Eric Roberts' career, but apparently not. I don't know one movie company from another. Where the hell are the monsters??? You felt like you were right there with them. While the military tries in vain to kill the creature, a team of scientists heads out to find an equally powerful beast to stop it. Every time they interact, I couldn't help but laugh at how stiff and unnatural they felt. Horrible story, acting, special effects, designs, everything sucked! Oh, guys, 3 stars in the Navy are called “Admirals” He is a “General.” WHY WHY? He wasn't wearing the correct uniform and needed a haircut BADLY for being in the “navy”. It is that bad. The special effects were terrible. What can be remembered of the music has very little presence and the film might as better well not had music at all because it didn't fit, added nothing and wouldn't have sounded appealing on its own. Generally these movies are pretty good however this movie best to live up to the hype that they talked about. The monster action is limited, or at least what the underused creatures are given to do.

Another ludicrous 'Pacific Rim' rip-off from the Asylum factory line which was ok most of the running time (I voted 4 of 10). The actors were passable, some locations looked good, for example the Swiss cheese caves, the pacing was never lame, and the effects were what you expect from suffering similar experiences. I have never seen an Asylum film that was worth the first 5 minutes of watching. This movie has one redeeming quality, and that's the laughs you'll have at how bad everything is. WHY hire him? Admiral Butler (Eric Roberts) has an entire fleet of Navy warships at his command: and brags of a new “sonar weapon”, but gets a little slow when the chance comes to use it. The character Riley does the Best terrified I have seen in a man. Literally ever character is bad it actually feels like a movie. This movie makes Manos Hands of Death seem like Goodfellas. Bad, bad babies!

So, my advice regarding this film is this: don't weigh anchor at this island, just sail on to a better movie. Worse dreck in celluloid history. There were no “monsters” in this movie at all. Maybe they used an Etch-A -Sketch to create these monsters.

I know some folks will say, “Ahhh, but this was an Asylum film” and maybe they are right. They're all eyesores anyway, so whatever, but I feel they should have focused more on the monsters fighting.

Also featured are: Adrian Bouchet, Natalie Robbie, Toshi Toda and Margot Wood. Nowhere near, although there is hardly anything good in 'Monster Island' to me (did have to look hard for them too) it isn't completely irredeemable like their worst efforts are. As in “Atlantic Rim” worse. Some fun ideas with potential but seriously lazy, sloppy and inconsistent execution. Saying this with regret not malice, and there is much more to the problem than being derivative. I would consider it to possibly be one of the best movies I've ever seen. The camera work was stellar; oscar winning in fact. 2/10 I haven't seen the others, but with this just aired I tried to watch it openly. A great way to spend two hours!! Too bad, barely anything happens. if one doesn't mind the flies swarming around.

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Don’t forget to drop off all your attention from everywhere except your streaming device so that you get the maximum sensation of watching Monster Island mostly in HD. You may be in a location where the film is not available yet for watching no problem our streaming partner is here, you can watch the film Monster Island in HD! Try it today and watch Monster Island. There is nothing interesting about any of the kaiju in this movie. Glimpses and pieces… I have a feeling though that Eric is not one of them. Needless to say, I was disappointed. There is a general who is in desperate need of a haircut who is the worst over actor ever. Why, for Asylum this is almost prime roast… What there was leaves one confused, bored and shouting at the screen in frustration and the creatures have little personality let alone menace or soul. The Asylum have the odd watchable effort, but never has their best work really been more than that.

Surprisingly, it wasn't terrible. This movie was definitely made on the cheap. Most of the time though, their output is rarely above mediocre and even often terrible, the worst without any redeeming qualities. Looks like they walked up to some random guy on the street and said: Here's a thousand bucks to make a movie about kaigus, see what you can do. Then it kills one of the most important characters who actually has common sense and keeps the two stupidest characters alive. That goal is to make sure in every movie that he appears in, it's going to be worse than the one he was in before that. It just seems like a movie that was thrown together at the last second even Eric Roberts couldn't save the movie. Annoyed by the submarine, the starfish rises to the surface, slaps a couple of ships and then decides to head for the coast to lay eggs. The monster was a bit of fun. He has been attaining that goal for over twenty years. They also don't wear hippie long unkempt hair. my hint: NEEDS MORE of Everything.. Face it… The submarine is used poorly and there is nothing authentic about it, it didn't look like a submarine and looked like it was filmed in a tank. I promise, there aren't many other worse ways to spend 2 hours of your precious life. General Horne (Eric Roberts) summons the army in vain to solve the monster problem. Sadly, this is all bogged down given how there's little payoff or excitement to be had here. The hatch was thinner than an aluminum garbage can lid. Still found it monstrously bad, the flaws are many, almost every other way, and they are not small, huge actually. This reminds me of other great movies such as zoombies and cowboys v dinosaurs. Most of them are over acting which just makes the movie that much tackier.

Evidently, so far the ratings of 1 seem to actually be telling the truth. Let's get the awful CGI effects (or whatever they were out of the way. Though this is only marginally so rather than significantly so. Monster Island itself isn't even the main focus, only appearing within the climax of the film and the actual “battles” between the monsters are uneventful and last as long as a blink of an eye. Everyone involved in the making of this movie should be embarrassed. Oh well!

So, the plot goes that a deep-sea prospecting expedition disturbs a kaiju, which threatens the world. Yeah, it's that bad. This movie contained so much random stuff in it, and hardly any sort of plot to move anything forward. This isn't one of them. I watched this with 2 like-minded people and we all agreed, it was complete trash. Just very poor cgi 3 second glimpes of a limb or something. Billy Ford, however, meanwhile simply attempts to find a bigger monster and arrange a battle of the two… Yes, once a gain.

I've seen better High School movie productions from up and coming film makers.

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You may face some issue watching such new movies from your area, don’t worry we are here to show you Monster Island in HD! You can Watch Monster Island from our website absolutely free, you just need to have a free account to watch Monster Island in HD from any location in the world. So watch and enjoy Monster Island. The Kaiju was a cross between a starfish and a squid, with molten lava for blood, and could move through the water at 50 knots. And the Kaiju was ridiculous. All of this and more crap is what you can expect from this film. Every scene is another scene of something stupid happening, or something stupid being said. Holy smokes Eric Roberts! At one point it's talking about dropping bombs then it's saying you have to get another monster to defeat it but it just goes to them dropping bombs and stuff. This dude seems to have this personal goal that is very important to him. Sounds like a nice setup for all kinds of crazy carnage, right? It moved me. Hopefully The Killers will soon come a-calling for him to appear in another one of their videos so that he can say no to the next Asylum call. When the sub comes out of the ocean you can see another object underneath it lifting it up above water. Deep sea mining CEO battles kaiju in a tiny submarine. I would have expected something like this from a down-market “monster of the week” show, not a one-off movie. For some reason this one brought me to break my “No Asylum movies” rule. This movie is NOT to be taken seriously. Big kaiju fan here, have been since I was a little kid. **TRY AGAIN** I'm no scholar in Filmography, I only know so little from my past humanities course of how the lighting, position of people, and camera angle matter blah blah Blah. There should be a law. And the costume for the general what's ridiculous Stars over his right pocket a chiefs emblem on his collar , the word Navy on his shirt, and Australian flag on his left shoulder. The suspense was also absent and the whole film felt dreary. The story, editing and special effects were terrible beyond belief I love a good sci-fi movie but this isn't one of them. The Asylum is known for making films featuring mass destruction and over-the-top action but this film surprisingly underplays it. The acting is absolutely terrible. They have a wimpy assistant, a know it all other assistant and a boss who shouldn't be the boss as he appears to be really dumb. I watched this and really enjoyed the movie, finding it to be good, fun, easy entertainment after working hard all day.

'Monster Island', starting off on a kind note or at least an attempt an honest attempt of a kind note if it doesn't come over that year, is not one of The Asylum's worst. Please don't waste your time on this! Besides, it's a Kaiju (giant monster) film. The directing wasn't half bad. And not in a good way. They did put 4 over size pressure gauges in the sub to make it look technical haha. Some of the best parts of the movie include the general, when the eggs fell, Riley's tragic ending, and the numerous phone calls between the characters. There were a whole lot more things wrong with this movie but I'll leave it at this. in this picture. The acting was baaaaad. This is Eric Roberts who used to be a pretty good actor, but here he has 3 stars on his chest in a white uniform that says “Navy” on it. Some of the photography was okay.

Its least bad asset is the production design, the one asset where effort was obvious. Now that was a loser. Watched it. One very positive reviewer must be one of the stars relatives. Natalie Robbie (who played Sarah Murray) caught my eye in particular since she reminds me very much of Dana Plato (Kimberly Drummond of Diff'rent Strokes).

My only problem with the movie was the final few minutes.

Got the sense that the director Mark Atkins had little plan of how to direct or structure 'Monster Island' or what to do with it or that his heart was barely in it. Only watch if you want to shake your head from side to side at the utter amazement that someone even financed this movie. Also it goes by way to fast. If you have watched Monster Island, you can read or write the film review on Monster Island on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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