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Movie: Love Exposure (2008)
Genre: , ,
Director: Sion Sono
Date of Release: 31 Jan 2009
Duration: 237
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
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About Love Exposure (2008)

He insists Yu make daily confessions, and though Yu wants to oblige, he cant think of any wrongs he might possibly have committed, that is until he begins committing some sins of his own. It may be no coincidence that the Japanese title for Love Exposure begins with ‘Ai No…’ which is similar to the original title for In The Realm Of Senses (Ai No Korida), the other infamous Japanese anti-mainstream movie. It’ll have scenes that are so wild and crazy that they’re hilarious. Progressive. 4 hour length of the movie is very justified by the complexity of the plot. The remainder of the film is pure electricity, and touched on every emotion you could want in a movie… It’s a long and crazy film, just as I expected, but it’s also a film I couldn’t stop watching, because its characters were so invoking, its themes so rich, and I found it so compelling overall. Sexy. Though love may lead take on one on many a strange “detour” in life, it ultimately really does conquer all (see Corinthians 13). For these reasons and too many more to write down, Sonos up-skirt peek-a-panty ninja quest for the Virgin Mary as Holy Grail is one of the best love stories, coming of age tales, and movies of the decade. ). Everything that happens, looking from a psychological aspect, kind of makes sense. I hope Rapid Eye Movies will release a uncut DVD and Blu-ray version in Germany. The maidens in this film are uniformly beautiful. There’s an awful lot of thematic ground covered here, but for me it felt particularly successful as a story of adolescent self-discovery. I’m sure there is some psychological reason for this. Go watch it! religion is man-made and meant to be violated. He drags now teenage Yu to confession to confess things that are very petty since he’s an average kid with little in the way of troubles. Some may be bothered by the “weirdness”, “perversity”, or sacrilege in the film, but everything is in its right place, in its right measure, and nothing is exploitative. Tosatsu by the way, if you can believe it, is the Japanese martial art of taking up-skirt photos of unwary young women. Hot. It’s not enough for Sono for a poem to be written, it must be yelled in public, repeated, made to sink in. The film is about the young Yu, played excellently by Takahiro Nishijima, whose father became a Catholic priest after his mom dies. The great device of Sono during the first half of the movie is to have a countdown to a “miracle” that is going to occur so you’re always in anticipation. While the humor of the church could remind one of Bunuel’s cunning jabs at Catholicism, there’s too much to pinpoint simply because it’s got something for any real movie fan: there’s over-the-top Yakuza-style violence (a climactic bloodbath is reminiscent of a Miike splatter-fest), there’s harsh melodrama, there’s satire stretching across the spectrum from pornography to cult-worshipers to kung-fu. The balance of subtle often crude humor and darker, heavier, more dramatic aspects of the story really works well. Yeah, definitely skip it. It’s a masterpiece. In fact, somehow the more ridiculous it gets, the more you start to take it seriously. I can’t praise it enough and definitely rate it with some of the greatest films in cinema history. Hint: Christians, Jews and Muslims won’t like it.

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Hard skip, otherwise, you are in for a treat, especially if you have been enjoying a lot of movies and a lot of genres (it would definitely help if you watched some film festival movies featuring different cultures). Fantastic work Mr. Sion Sono, for this movie I thank you sincerely! I can only thank my mother for being alive to watch this film. On the contrary, the movie cut is very fast. But the movie is a pure unbroken copper strand, conducting electricity throughout. Love Exposure is crazy, inspired film-making, shot on digital video with care and acted with so much gusto to match with the breakneck speed of the mis-en-scene. While never forgetting entertainment and amusement – the beautiful rocking women are simply gorgeous and the best nature has to offer – this film delves thematically into important issues and concerns regarding family, society and religion. Its best watched in a theater, since the reaction from the audience at the premiere I went to enhanced the enjoyment. The comedy aspect comes with the obstacles that Yu is continuously having to overcome to achieve love with Yoko, a girl who hates all men, except for Kurt Cobain (incidentally Cobain crossdressed). Spunky Yu is going to be dragged through bushes, over hot coals, through friendships, in and out of a cult and drug before he even gets close to Yoko. I suppose I just love the theme of innocent youngsters taking on the wicked world. It is very long and yet one will not fall asleep or get bored. And the best about it, it’s not a second to long. These characters wear their emotions on their sleeves; their feelings are conveyed intensely and immediately through the acting, dialogue, scenario. On this exact day he has a run in with a gang of thugs looking to beat up a girl, Yoko (Hikari Mitsushima) even though, as she insists, she can take care of herself. Due to other commitments, I had to undertake watching the recording in 3 manageable pieces, turning each into ‘normal’ film lengths. This is film making at its finest. ) or it could be just a pile of tosh. Talented. This film is it. I had an instant love for the crazy characters and their journey throughout this epic feature. Humans and humanistic thinkers will. Sono’s films are the opposite of subtle: they are over-the-top, ridiculous. Yes, we know by now that it’s 4 hours long but with the requisite ad breaks, that bumps it up to five. Love. The story more or less tells his life for one year starting with age 17. He falls in with a ragtag group of petty thieves, thus discovering sin. This is what I personally believe to be the best film ever made by one my favorite director Sion Sono. These girls are so much cleaner and thinner than all the tattooed trash around here with neck and calf tattoos. This was part of Film 4’s recent ‘Extreme Season’ and it’s easy to see why. Somehow, strangely all the characters are endearing, especially the two central ones, Yu and Yoko. He does, briefly, but then she leaves him for someone else, which turns Tetsu into something else: a cranky priest. The movie was well made with good cinematography, decent acting, and a great script with fully fleshed out characters.

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I’ve simplified the movie a bit, there are several important characters that I haven’t mention whose stories play out alongside Yu’s, and the level of character development is very high. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience: this is a massive epic that weaves an impressively deep and invoking story, which includes the search for true love, coming-of-age themes, family values, kung-fu, cross-dressing, upskirt photography, perverts, religion, sin, fanaticism, and dangerous cults. To make a four hour story short, Yu and Yoko become step brother and sister, and Yu is put in a Tootsie/Spiderman like position of having created an alter-ego the love of his life is more interested in than “the real him”. With such an engagingly innocent central character as schoolboy Yu, it seems completely natural to suspend disbelief and go along with everything he experiences, including his hilarious initiation into the skills of a panty photographer, his role as father-confessor at a perverts’ convention and his attack with explosives and much blood letting on the HQ of a brainwashing religious cult. Imagine the perfect movie, and there will never be a better one after that. Natural. The choice of music, from Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ to other brilliant rock pieces, that were repeated in loops really added to the structure and my enjoyment and I’m sure they hypnotised us into feeling the film shorter than it actually was. It’s after this crazy kung-fu battle that the two lock eyes: Yu on Yoko, Yoko on what appears to be a mysterious female martial arts master, who in a moment of odd inspiration is dubbed “Miss Scorpion”. Oh sure, it is the story of teenagers in love, and so we get a lot of what makes teens teens: sexual frustration, angsty-tendencies (Yoko has a “I HATE MEN” policy leading to her thinking she may be a lesbian), and being “perverted” in the eyes of the church. He shows us how a movie can take audiences to an amazing journey. It’s a film that takes many chances as outrageous satire and sordid melodrama with its ideas and details and succeeds on nearly all of them. Feminine. His father out of grief dedicates himself to the priesthood, and all is well until a romantic “detour” in his life, leaves him a sin obsessed and emotionally vacant shell whose Jeremiah’s and interrogations of his son become his only solace. Despite numerous sashays forward and back in time and a pretty complex plot, what we’ve got here is basically a love story between star-cross’d lovers, a young man Yu, and a young woman Yoko. It is only when he meets a group of street kids, and begins learning the secret art of up skirt panty photography (peek-a-panty), that his father reacts and beats him, finally not acting like an impartial priest but an enraged father. I will not, in this review, explain what Love Exposure is about, except to say that it is the ultimate Sion Sono film. It’s gory, it’s insane, it’s frenetic, it’s wildly entertaining and extremely funny, it’s completely ridiculous and intimately relatable. And if you want some actual hardcore drama out of theater there’s a show-stopping scene on a beach where Yoko breathlessly and tearfully delivers the entire excerpt from Corinthians 13 to a baffled Yu. The music selections are also phenomenal, ranging from catchy Japanese pop-rock to Beethoven’s 7th symphony 2nd movement, surely one of the most dramatic pieces of music for use in a movie let alone this. Unlike the film, I’m going to keep my review shortish. there’s laughter in spades, there’s action aplenty, and I challenge anyone not to tear up at the amazing ending. If you see only one movie about up-skirt panty-shot taking ninjas this year, make it this one. Amusing. The manner in which this plot is presented makes it pretty easy to comprehend, allowing the viewer to fully understand one strand of the plot before diving into another. The film’s Christian angles are a little tougher to get a hold on, but ultimately I feel Sono’s stance is satirical (rightfully so) regarding the hypocrisy of organized religion while not completely writing off the possibility of a fulfilling spiritual life. But the “Father” is insistent, and so Yu takes up more “sins” such as petty theft with a gang, and this soon leads into one of the real highlights of the film, which is Yu’s training and mastering of the art of taking lighting-quick pictures up teenage girl’s skirts for their panties, all for the ironic “approval” of having sinned enough for the confession, with hilariously disastrous results He loses a bet with his friends and has to dress up in drag. Sion Sono is very impressive and this is a worthy addition to his controversial but always intriguing career. His small sins are quickly not enough for his father who thinks he’s just making it up and not really concerned with sin and thus his immortal soul. I am a little concerned about the casual treatment of Yoko’s lesbianism (which I can’t get into without spoiling) but I suppose that’s usually going to be an issue when you have a male writer/director tackling the subject. There is no point one should criticize an artwork like Love Exposure, with all elements a good film should consist of. This should not be a mark against Sion Sono, on the contrary it’s a mark of a film so rich in a creative story, of characters wholly developed in their various tragic and twisted and sometimes very funny ways that it almost does a disservice to have to break everything down into simple summaries. Only in Japan…

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