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Movie: Kill Ratio (2016)
Genre: ,
Director: Paul Tanter
Date of Release: 09 Dec 2016
Duration: 86
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10
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About Kill Ratio (2016)

An attack on the new President of a fledgling Eastern European democracy pits an American covert operative against the country’s ruthless military leader determined to seize control of the government.

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The terrible way they look also hinder them. Seriously? The two female leads were very well done. 2/10 Bethany Cox Oh well … Paul Tanter remains the same but that's good enough for me. Don't hide the 3rd dead soldier's body while there is a floor to floor search coming. She is brought back to the hotel comatose where Mr. CIA patches her up, and within a few hours is on her feet to pick up the fight. American patriots may at first be attracted to this movie for it being one of the rare films to show a member of the CIA in a positive light, but I am pretty sure not long into watching this movie even they will see that this is a terrible movie. He doesn't have what it takes to be a big star though, but he could definitely keep doing direct-to-video movies like this (and TV, which he's already doing). The director and writer should probably stick to this genre as well. Also, I found that there cast including Tom Hopper, Amy Huberman and Nick Dunning as well as many other actors didn't exactly play their roles well and to the best that could have possibly been if there was perhaps a different cast but there you are. – The president goes on live TV (again – if she only needs to prove she's alive couldn't she have used one of the THREE phones they had to just call a radio/TV/newspaper and be done with it?

and why are these people speaking English 90% of the time but sometimes they do speak whatever the hell their language is supposed to be? The lead actor is Tom Hopper and I cannot say I am familiar with him or with any of the other actors in here, but I guess he is physically fine for the part and also his performance is pretty decent overall. Great movie title but a waste of movie watching time. First, they already know the soldiers are criminals, they're wearing masks and holding them hostage and killing their friends (one beheaded with a sword for no reason)… second, why do the soldiers just say “ok, we give up, come take our guns” instead of just shooting them, when they've already killed and raped other people? – When the bad guys are conducting a floor to floor search, why put the dead body is a laundry cart and try to move and hide it? They're civilians.” You can feel your brain cells dying as you watch the most illogical characters, illogical actions, illogical dialogue, illogical script, coupled with the worst acting I've seen in a long while. Side thought — maybe the masks made it possible to kill the same actors over and over.

Yes only Tom Hopper stands between Democracy and military dictatorship by defeating a small army in the corridors of a hotel. There are some very silly character actions in the movie, mostly in the last fifteen or so minutes. What does that even mean? -SPOILERS SORT OF- The foreign president would not go on TV and then speak in English. The good guy can dodge bullets without any gear, stare down the bad guys and shoot them. But short from going “bang bang”, the shots fired from guns are obviously not real. He's tall and has muscles though which is enough to get him cast in this dreck. He has an unlimited kill ratio? Give your cell phone to the president. If he does not die, then the denominator is zero. Great support from Amy Huberman, real chemistry between the two actors made the film a great watch.

This plot line and description to me anyway came across as interesting so, I gave it a watch… Intently for the full duration (1h 26min) and I was let-down by how it felt like the entire film was centred around a block of flats almost considering it was supposed to be as expected about a full-on military coup! I don't know why they make such trash movie? James, James, Oh James! That's probably the hundreth DIE HARD rip off existing. Too many silly actions to list. After the opening, the film went down south catastrophically very quickly and never recovered or improved. One of the best action films of the year 2019, but wait it was out in 2016. Why has it took three years for this great action film to go on general release.

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Are you watching Kill Ratio? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Kill Ratio full movie free? You have it you can watch Kill Ratio in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Kill Ratio in HD absolutely free! Watch Kill Ratio and enjoy Action. Really? Too many things don't make any sense. And twilight is the best vampire movie, watch it for your selves The story line is very poor and so as the actions. The entire production is filmed inside of the hotel, except for that one scene where James steps out for a cigarette. The film stars Tom Hopper, as the heroic badass, and it costars Amy Huberman, Lacy Moore, Nick Dunning, Brian McGuinness and Luke Pierucci. I know people have givin bad ratings and all but remember these people are the same people who say paranormal activity is a awesome horror. Now I know, I shouldn't have time to judge that …

It sounds like it's “so bad it's funny” but really it's not even good for that. She finally gets the picture, but is wounded seriously as she and her motorcade head for safer ground. There are many times in the movie where nothing is happening and the only way to keep interest is through a rushing sound track. actual, sharpened swords that anyone can pull out at any time and fight with? Is it supposed to be like an unlimited kill LIMIT, because that would at least make logical sense. That's Simply a delicious piece of Junk, crap, corny at the most. A sword fight?! and, on IMDb it says, “An attack on the new President of a fledgling Eastern European democracy pits an American covert operative against the country's ruthless military leader determined to seize control of the government.” He already killed the other bad guy, why not kill this guy too? Skim through it if you must waste your time.

There are literally too many problems to count. It's another “Die Hard” rip-off, though to be fair the filmmakers tinkered with the formula in ways that it doesn't feel as blatant a rip-off as other imitators of the formula.

Hopper plays James Henderson, a highly skilled (and somewhat witty) U.S. covert operative; that's on assignment in a small European country (with an unstable democracy). The country has recently elected a new President (Moore), who promises to bring new hope to the people there. Except worse. Saw 'Kill Ratio' anyway out of curiosity, being intrigued by the idea and having been a lot of low-budget films recently (most not very good to put it lightly).

'Kill Ratio' turned out to be more or less, make that exactly even, what was expected. They simply hand over their weapons and place themselves at the mercy of those they have terrorized, rather than run. – Apparently the decorative medieval swords coat of arms in the hotel lobby is… Just dump it down the chute or put it in a random room or toss it out the window or just MOVE TO A DIFFERENT ROOM. – The title “Kill Ratio” doesn't even make sense…

Script is awkward-sounding and ponderous, with lines that do make one cringe. Why??? If you're going to have an action hero make sure he's got the looks and a great sense of humour, Tom Hopper ticks all the boxes. It seems as the hero is having super power who can never be defeated. It runs for slightly under 90 minutes and was directed by Paul Tanter and written by Steven Palmer Peterson and time will tell if it becomes one of their most known works. It stands out in the myriad of crap attempts at action movies infesting Netflix. There were a lot of positives to the film including dialogue and negatives including dialogue, especially the line, “Lower your weapons. The name of the fictitious eastern European democracy is pretty well buried in the dialogue if it was named at all. someone. Laugh out loud stupid.

In summary, bad film in almost every way. Why didn't the general just stab the president with the sword?

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Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch Kill Ratio even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch Kill Ratio in HD without buffering. So watch Kill Ratio and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. The expected retaliation never occurs. The president actually gave me chills with one of her speeches which doesn't happen very often at all. He belongs in local dinner theatre in some hick town in Iowa, not the movies. I recommend checking it out. – He won't shoot the bad guy in his room because the noise will attract more bad guys, so he fights him… just leaves him tied up on the laundry room floor? All in all, it's not out there with the best action movies, but it is pretty entertaining. If at least it were funny or a spoof, then maybe I could say “at least, they tried,” but no, not even that. The main actor really does not have enough charisma to carry the whole movie. Lets have more films like this then the hollywood trash. the similarity of a movie released in 2016 to the political atmosphere in the US and Europe in December 2019 is a bit eerie. General this and madam president that, a token effort to feminism. A coup erupts and overthrows the democracy. Almost like an old fashioned cowboys and Indians. And same can be said about the film overall. youtube. If you can call each other on the cell phone, why again didn't you call the embassy? So stupid.

They have phones but can't just call for help? English? However, further consideration led me to conclude Kill Ratio is like the 200 songs that make up the libraries of most commercial radio stations: you've seen (or heard) it before and you're pretty sure where it's going, but you're not sufficiently motivated to switch the station.

Characters are basically every stereotype in the book it seems and are one-dimensional caricatures with no likeability or development and with the inability to behave logically. Perhaps he has an unlimited kill limit. You've got your pseudo eastern European accents, Russian, but not too Russian, there is eye candy for both sexes, bulging biceps and skimpy outfits. “I'm sorry.” – He kills a soldier in his room, chases the bad guy down the hall and dives head first down the laundry chute after him – they basically crawl out of the chute at the bottom (pretty sure laundry chutes go straight down and they'd be injured/dead), continue to fight, he knocks the bad guy out and then… Complete nonsense.

On top of that, the story goes through the motions with no tension, suspense or thrills, a lot of intelligence-insulting ridiculousness, implausibility and pacing so dull that it makes a reasonably short length much longer. The last word that comes to mind while watching this movie is “intelligent” since nothing about the movie – and most especially nothing about the actions of any of the characters in this movie – make any sense at all. The lead dude is cool and Amy Huberman, along with another gratuitous chick who gets killed, does a pretty good job of being tasty in this absolutely ridiculous story that is borderline campy. I guess so. Also, he doesn't really even kill that many guys. – The girl he slept with then literally threw out of his room, dumping her stuff on the floor, is killed (predictably) and he can't even bother to close her eyes? in a small crowded room? And as an unstoppable one man army, he makes his way helping to finish the bad guys and bring the former president back to power while getting rid of the radical military leader. It started off pretty well, giving off the sense that maybe the film won't be bad and be better than it seemed. B-movie action. Except… If you have watched Kill Ratio, you can read or write the film review on Kill Ratio on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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