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Movie: Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)
Genre: , ,
Director: Matt Peters(co-director), Christina Sotta(co-director)
Date of Release: 05 May 2020
Duration: 90
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10
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About Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

If dialogues were better, carrying the emotions would be better This movie dropped the ball hard. of course there are plot holes like any other comic book adaptation but they are very minor. Very deep and very sad! But yes, it is really enjoyable with almost everything that makes a good animated movie. Just wow! As a final insult, the movie ends with a Flashpoint-inspired scene of the Flash running back in time, undoing not only the events of the movie, but the entire series of DC Animated films that started off with Justice League: War. This movie is filled to the brink with wannabe witty cringeworthy dialogue that will only hit with young teenagers. I will watch this movie again but well done to the writers, animators, and all who put together such a wonderful universe, with a great understanding of the characters, giving them their moments to shine, and also a great yet poetic sendoff. The voice acting is all pretty good, but the script holds back the movie immensely. Like it or not, the townhouse is left to the sunset with a new flash point to say goodbye to DCAMU heroes. One of my forever DC animated movies is Batman’s Mask of the Phantasm. These are the very bad impressions that this universe has given to both fans and animation fans in the past 7 years. Another watchable animation film! Heck, I’ll miss this version of alot of the superheroes. They did a wonderful job setting up this universe and this movie was a masterpiece. I like that they didn’t play it safe. Plus the cliffhanger at the end. Make the film quite entertaining! Imagine the Avengers lineup were talking the same- we would be downright furious. Give five stars to four stars. Did we really need to see a close-up of Mera as her face begins to be ripped apart while she screams in agony? As turnout, this film is about Constantine need to leading Justice League Dark team to defeat Darkseid, after Superman power been neutralize, and Batman become villain after possess by the Morbius Chair! It’s sad that this is how such a great and promising series of movies chose to stage its finale. There were only a few scenes I actually enjoyed during the movie, the rest of it just felt painful and overdone. story is great. The ending has me really excited for what next the DCAU has in store for us. Superman loses his powers, Lex Luthor is a wimp who wants to save his own skin, Flash is imprisoned to eternally run on a treadmill, powering an entire planet (what the heck was that about??? At the very end, Constantine having pep talk with The Flash! In other films, he mostly serves as a simple antagonistic force to bring the characters together, but he feels woefully generic and underdeveloped. To be fair, this was also the case for the two previous films featuring the character as an antagonist, but the Fourth World and Darkseid’s goals were not featured nearly as prominently as they are here. The movie establishes Darkseid for what he truly is: SMART But this movie is not without problems. my opinion is don’t waste money on this garbage. This film revels in it, and furthermore, is not a standalone film like Flashpoint but the finale in a long-running series of movies that featured these same incarnations of the characters beforehand.

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Well, can’t ask more in a 100 minutes animated movie. Did we really need to see a montage of the Teen Titans getting slaughtered, complete with Starfire’s corpse dead center, her intestines splayed all over the scene? The movie almost revels in the excessive amount of gore, and feels more like something out of an Eli Roth film at times, and it’s pretty bad. It comes off as a high-schooler trying to write a dark and edgy story with none of the knowledge for why stories with dark of violent themes can be good, everything is just surface-level here. As with the previous movies in this run there is clearly another instalment on the way and I honestly cannot wait to see what they cook up next time, as every single one of them so far has been stellar. The universe fades out of existence and the film ends right then and there. That’s it! Overall, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is not a movie I would recommend, and if you’re getting into the films, I’d just watch up until Reign of the Supermen and then tune out (Hush and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines are kind of mid). Or just watch Batman Ninja instead, which is beautifully animated and just generally a ton of fun. Do not, I repeat DO NOT allow small children to watch this or they WILL have nightmares. kindergarten kids! Mi Aotian Universe, the official name is DCAMU, has been controversial. However, although the Apocalypse War is far from perfect in my opinion, it is impossible to become the first echelon of DC animation quality, but it is indeed the production team that has the intention to do a relatively satisfactory conclusion. Superheroes are supposed to prevent destruction and not fix it. Raven and Damian relationship feels kinda forced. Love conquers all bs, who the f is this target audience for this disaster?! There are a small handful of scenes that are somewhat enjoyable, but that’s about it. Cant wait for the new universe ahead. For the Flash to magically fix everything by running through time to the “Flashpoint” (again). They made a mess of things so let’s fix it up with time travel? Considering the film is supposed to close out The Justice League Dark addition. Stuff like the DCAU, while intended for kids, took itself seriously enough that adults could enjoy it, too. It’s dark….. Matt Ryan as Constantine is always a joy, but he’s honestly wasted on this movie. like really really dark and there’s war. Aside from the typically rushed early 9s and 10s ratings of Only the dedicated fans and the filmmakers, this movie have all the elements of a bad flick! the action is almost non-stop. Not everything needs to be squeaky-clean and appropriate for all ages, but there’s a middle ground between “Super Mario Bros.” Under the Red Hood was my favourite but now its this. My eyes just rolled at how predictable the plot is going to be. I was genuinely glued to the screen for the entirety and was disappointed when the credits started to roll, not because I felt the movie was unfinished but because it was so gripping I couldn’t believe 90 minutes had already gone by. E.g. 1 episode to give an insight of Raven and Damien’s love story, or the JL’s first attempt of attacking Apokolips. The story itself is fairly generic and falls flat; many characters from previous films in the series are brought back only to be killed off with little fanfare. It’s more plausible to see John Constantine fighting demons who gruesomely torture and skin people or Deadshot planting a bullet in the head of a criminal, but when you have shots of Aquaman getting severed in half or Green Lantern having his throat slit, it screams of trying too hard. (JL Dark, Constantine, batman hush…. There’s really no reason for this film to be R-Rated.

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I’ve been wondering for a while though, why does the digital artwork version lately for many DC animated include less characters than the blu-ray cover art? When Superman bangs his fist on the table demanding a preemptive strike then you know things are going to go bad. For a movie that centers around Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga (and goes as far as to feature his name prominently in the credits), it borrows almost nothing from his actual work, he could have been replaced with almost any. If the duration was longer, surely it could explore new posibilities and help audience relate to the situations characters better. But here, it just feels out of place and like a bad fanfiction. Superman and Raven duo deserve more attention. It tried to ape Avengers: Endgame but missed most of the reasons why that film was liked by mainstream audiences. Like nothing from the previous movies matches this. Darkseid doesn’t live up to the hype created in previous movies. The writers humiliated DC’s greatest superheroes and for what? Ever since I was a child, their animated movies and storytelling have been amazing. While most characters don’t get their chance to shine… It feels like it’s the Snyder fans that love his dark and edgy DC movies, oh and Superman. Superhero stories can handle darker themes if done well, but this isn’t an example of that. The movies’s plot is in its name. This was the worst DC movie I have watched. I was almost in tears :’) Never thought after Flashpoint there would be another this good movie from DCAU. DCEU should learn from this. The best of DCAU ! What an ending to this awesome universe !!! There was really no reason this movie needed to be rated R. In something like Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay or Constantine: City of Demons, both similarly violent entries in the series, the more gory deaths work to build a general atmosphere for the film and exemplify the sorts of stories the characters have been in in the comics. And personally I was greatly disappointed 1. You LOVE gore at every turn. This was a awesome and excellent cartoon. The main plot could have been stretch into a 12 episode mini series where every episode explore a portion of the whole event. The difference between this movie or something like Flashpoint Paradox is that the former uses violence to build an atmosphere and doesn’t go too over the line in regards to how dark things get. The action scene a bit frustrated at the beginning, but surprisingly intense, and satisfy along the way! I also never understood how the powers of Constantine fit in with the DC universe or Justice League. Some characters like Superman and Constantine did things that didn’t feel like them; and i think this similar global conflict theme was much better executed in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It’s not magic, It’s bs! Something tells me people would be singing a different tune if the ending didn’t happen. just the way DC movies should go back into. Also, fix the dialogues!! ) and a bunch of others are killed or programmed into being evil! It’s fine to get dark or mature at times, things such as Justice League: Gods and Monsters or the aforementioned Flashpoint Paradox did this well, but when done for no reason other than to appear “adult”, it just feels hollow and lacking in what makes DC’s characters so magical and iconic. Not even seven minutes into the film and you see death and destruction. As I mentioned, darker themes and violence can be done well in superhero stories, but this is just purely for the shock factor and harkens back to the dark ages of DC Comics attempting gory and “mature” storylines like Identity Crisis.

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