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Movie: I Am a Hero (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Shinsuke Sato
Date of Release: 23 Apr 2016
Duration: 126
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
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The moment the zombie epidemic starts, I am a Hero careens into one giddy blood- soaked adrenaline rush. It was a bit long, worth it though. It was a little long but I can look past that. The cast is great and I never felt pulled-out of the experience because of poor acting. Suzuki Hideo now lives in a small park nearby or sleeps at his workplace. Not just they focused the human characters, they have given strength to zombies to strike the survived human ruthlessly, but uniquely like an athlete. It looked real and not heavily cgi’d. The ending was awesome. That isn’t to say the movies are necessarily bad, but without adding anything new to the genre, I normally don’t anticipate zombie movies being very good. The middle part of the movie is really tiresome. I Am A Hero is a Japanese Horror MangaThriller directed by Shinsuke Yoto which is fresh in its appearance, narration, action and performances. The first zombie you see in full force was as terrifying as an actual horror movie supernatural villain. And the film is shown as such. Also it would be hard to have a sequel unless they completely ditched the original story from the manga and went on a new route, but that would be better since the original was very bad. Speaking of, all the characters felt fresh. **SPOILER HERE I GUESS*** There’s some annoying stuff like why he never changed after being bitten but I can guess he is special. This introduction to the movie is quirky, melancholic and amusing at the same time. The only really proactive scene he has where he does something proactive to save the day is at the very end where he freaks out and uses his shotgun for the first time. Shinsuke Sato, adapting Kengo Hanazawa’s massively popular manga of the same name, understands the source material and totally transpose the addictive page-turning frenzy onto the cinematic medium. Plenty of zombies though haunt the court. Increased military activity can be observed in the city. The middle act slows down a fair bit as Hideo and the girl reach a duty free mall at the foot of Mt Fuji. On top of that, his girlfriend Tekko, also had had enough of his lack of skills/luck & they seem to fight a lot. The protagonist escapes in shock and realizes that zombies are roaming the streets and attacking the living. Honestly. It should be about saving yourself and whoever else you can. For anyone with a more discerning horror/action/comedy palette, give this film a watch. If you can’t feel danger from the zombies in the film, that film probably has bad characters. This is one crackerjack of a movie and if you have to force me to make decision, I would choose to watch this again over Train to Busan. Secondly, I had a very vague description as to what this film was going to be about and I never saw anything about zombies. If you have the time, and the patients for subtitles. And after that creepy “sadako’s motion”, she burst and breached her door to bite Hideo.. The film’s narrative may feel familiar and a little long, but it is still one helluva inventive monster ride and Hideo is a wonderfully drawn character that will slowly but surely capture your imagination. There are definitely elements within the movie that could be expanded on, and would have been a fantastic short series otherwise. I am not saying it was the best zombie film ever, or the decade or even the year, but surely a better film compared to the recent ones. I also love how Hideo’s gun serves as a metaphor of his evolvement from zero to hero.

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But after receiving a backlash when his book was denied to publish and followed by break up with his girlfriend, he begins to witness a series of strange events around him. The mass chaos on the city streets is superbly shot. How else did the movie remixed the zombie tropes? I guess this movie is a good choice for you as the zombies there pretty obviously show the salient features of Sadako (i.e. the Japanese ghosts), thereby redefining the concept of ghosts in the traditional Western sense that we are all familiar with. The CGI didn’t fail either, adding a visceral and grotesque motif to the monsters through darkened veins, swiveling eyes, and surrealistic abilities. But if I was a normal guy or a little kid, this film would have been in a different league. it had the perfect way to end a zombie movie. So, let me start this off by saying that I don’t do zombies. It’s not a cheap looking movie at all, you can tell that some real money has gone into making this. Now the two are on foot and a message from someone tells them that the disease can’t stand the cold so everyone should go to mount Fuji. I hope they make one, after all this film was received so well. The dark humour was spot-on perfect and it works because you recognise the plight of the working class. When the heroic moment finally arrives, and he steps up to the plate, a big smile was plastered on my face. Or why he never shot when he could have but I can guess that eggs on his climactic redemption. There are also unpredictable twists and a perfect choose of heroes and villains. There were a few unanswered questions about one of the characters though which should have been explained better in my opinion. A fresh new take on zombies that left me satisfied. It’s not a good movie. ).Any way basically his life suck and the only thing that comport him is how his name Hideo roughly translated into Hero and he has to do something to live true with his name. So, in other words, I was wanting more. The film doesn’t push the zombie genre to new directions, but it takes the established tropes and gives it a fresh twist and out comes one sicko and satisfying monster-tainer. That’s a drawback. Not necessarily in a sequel, but there are some portions of the film that had me pining for answers. There’s also character development, surprise surprise. Though its should remove “Comedy” from its genre But its amazing & gruesome story will keep you on your feet about what will happen next. Some loser manga artist has a fight with his girlfriend. There is a re-union (of sorts) later when he goes back to see her & some of the best SFX I have seen by Tekko therein. While funny horror movies aren’t really my thing, this one is humorous and it worked. I mean his cowardice gets innocent people killed, how am I supposed to like him? We know he would survive anyhow just be shear luck. This is zombies J-pop horror style. The zombies were scary,as they should. For like 10 minutes in a row. ”I Am a Hero” is a Japanese survival action movie based upon a manga series.

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But the familiarity of the basic set-up matters not: director Shinsuke Sato keeps things moving along at a cracking pace, the cast is perfect, and the editing stylish without being too showy. I love the opening establishing and main character building scenes – Hideo represents the typical male gazer, your favourite type of loser. The movie makes you want to be part of the story; be there and make the right decisions, and believe me, you won’t know what to do or think. Watch it. The middle third might be a tad dry, as protagonist Hideo and schoolgirl Hiromi (Kasumi Arimura) attempt to integrate with a group of survivors at a shopping outlet, but the rest of the film is gloriously gory, the finale in particular featuring more exploding heads than I could keep track of, the titular hero more than proving his worth with a shotgun. The zombie apocalypse genre is excessively tried and tired. In fact, I think I was the first one who started giggling. Mostly every other film except perhaps UK’s “28 Days Later” with Naomie Harris just shows the zombies stumbling around like Michael Jackson’s Thriller. And it stays that way, which is good because this kind of thing shouldn’t be about sex. As a viewer I’m confused if I’m supposed to root for someone who is a coward just because they dream of being the hero? How long can he stay that way in this world? You can’t trust anyone of them, except our lead guy. I was actually surprised at how scary this was at times. I had a good laugh at one zombie muttering he is a taxi-driver who has won many awards for never being involved in any accident and for being the most courteous driver, and of course you know what happens next. The low score on imdb for this film seems unjustified. This is a top notch action flick with some unsightly scares and pretty much flawless production and CGI. The zombies also look unlike other zombies. It’s a long movie, for sure. I sought something more graphic, gory, and indicative of a more adult take on the genre. I Am a Hero deserves a better score that it has here, it does stand out among the dozens of forgettable zombie movies released every year. If you are looking for a riveting story with an interesting take on the zombie trope, I would suggest watching I Am a Hero. The protagonist wanted to… When he returns the next day she attacks him, she’s turned into a zombie. It is currently one of my favorite zombie films of all time. Now that that’s out of the way, onto my thoughts on this Japanese zombie flick. Things really turn sour when Suzuki Hideo’s girlfriend mysteriously transforms and assaults him. It quickly but smoothly evolves from primal attraction on his end, to a brotherly protection. A news report mentions that a human being has bitten a dog who has then gone crazy. I will add in that one of my favorite Japanese actors, Yoshinori Okada, was in this and had a major role as one of the fighting survivors. Although I have never read the manga before (I guess most of you also have not), I think that the movie runs pretty smoothly. I mean it wasn’t even dark humor. There are so many variations and while I get that people are loving them these days, I’m just over the whole zombie thing. Disgusting zombies running after losers for 2 hours and the losers getting randomly lucky in every scene gets boring really fast. I found him to have no redeeming qualities at all. Because they are not all mindless so they can still out-wit you if you’re not careful. I’d give this movie a 3/5 and if they skipped the 20% of attempted drama and replace it with more over-the-top zombie comedy/action it’d be a 4/5. I’d recommend this movie to most people and for zombie/nerd culture fans it’s a must-see and likely a cult classic. **SPOILER OVER** The story is very simple as well, but that could be manga adaption.

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