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Movie: Grindhouse (2007)
Genre: ,
Director: Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, Rob Zombie
Date of Release: 06 Apr 2007
Duration: 191
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
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About Grindhouse (2007)

Two full-length feature horror movies written by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez put together as a two-film feature. Including fake movie trailers in between both movies.

Grindhouse is a double feature made of Planet Terror and Death Proof, two of the best movies ever made, in my opinion. Death Proof was also enjoyable. The tickets were worth every penny. This is the closest to a true homage that either director has ever done, and it works amazingly on screen. I feel the need to think and write about “Grindhouse” as one complete entity, because splitting up the distinct parts is like separating a head from the torso, arms and legs that let it rise up and chase whatever it feels threatened by. Damning them with faint praise, I can say that these films are, without a doubt, clever, kitschy, and produced, written and directed with a lot of moxie. And as the cook says in Planet Terror, “best damn one in Texas,” you can apply that same idiom for Quentin, but with a slight variation. No one can duplicate the success of Pulp Fiction. Absolutely surprised to see this movie among top 250. The movie just doesn’t have anything, no proper story, no good acting, not a single moment worth remembering. ‘Kill Bill’ was his homage to Kung Fu cinema, but it worked because it was so much better than the source material. That didn’t digest well. Baaaaaaaaad. These people are destroyed beyond all comprehension, and just when you think they have done enough, it just keeps coming. It’s actually two movies: Rodriguez’s bizarre zombie movie homage “Planet Terror,” and Tarantino’s crazy high-speed chase flick, “Death Proof.” This film has a checklist and knocks everything down as it runs it course. No matter how hard I try, I can’t think of a single flaw in PT. I would have changed the ending to suit my own preference, but Rodriguez made the right decision. I enjoyed that movie as a whole, but once again, the missing reel… My friend and I got some passes to the sneak peak of this movie last night, both being fans of T & R couldn’t pass up a chance to see this film. Its no secret that the movie involves a car — but Tarantino has taken a “classic” car scenario using a classic car and updated it for the new millennium. The “X” rating was the perfect touch. A unique cinema experience indeed. The DVDs will not look anywhere near as stylistically worn as the films do here. It gets to the point of being sick and twisted, but it works beautifully in the films, and they just would not be the same without it. Moxie is not courage. what i would have like have SEEN never happened. The film is Rodriguez’s dream project that he has wanted to make since he was a teenager. It is not just the dialogue that will give you a chuckle, it is the effects and the action happening on screen. The worst part of DEATH PROOF is that whereas PLANET TERROR almost seems as though it could have very well have been taken from the lost annals of 70’s American schlock, QT’s offering has none of the peripheral special qualities of the former flick. I’ve been looking forward to GRINDHOUSE for some time now, and as one of the only films of 2007 that looked even remotely interesting, I prepared myself for some balls-out fun. let’s take a look at the first set of girls. However, those of us looking for a real MOVIE experience, rather than a movie-going experience complete with artificial and IMO detrimental ambiance, might feel hindered and ultimately disappointed. (i would say babe’s but aside from the cheerleader, none of these girls were) favorite line from Planet Terror “come on Peggy” favorite line from death proof “i’m sorry” – although Kurt Russell said it, i was feeling the empathy from Quentin for making me sit thru this crap. And this is where he has failed. The second half of “Grindhouse” is a suspenseful chase thriller with an excellent performance by Kurt Russell who is deliciously menacing in his role as a psychopath. The characters were perfect and the plots were extremely interesting and visually impressive.

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Excess blood, gore, puss, explosions, near non-stop laughter and violence. The extra’s and cameos are icing on the cake. A very very bad attempt at making a gore/horror/action movie. thanksgiving was just an uproar of laughter in which i found myself crying with laughter. If you’re sitting in the theatre rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness of what is being shown on the screen, again I ask why are you here? the dialog was so boring that i found myself playing a game on my cell phone during the first part of this film. It’s formula. I fell head over heels for it IMMEDIATELY. Planet Terror was just so fantastically entertaining. From Dusk Til Dawn is my all time favorite movie, and that was the earliest and still best collaboration between directors Tarantino and Rodriguez. Enjoy. They set out to push the limits of conventional 2007 era violence, and they more than do that. If it was one film, people would have walked out of it also. Not in this homage to exploitation flicks of the 70’s. If you honestly think there is too much gore, then why are you watching this film? Death Proof brings it all home! Kurt Russell is another stand-out, playing a character that is so evil that he exhales cool with every breath. The end is capped off with probably one THE BEST car chases in history that lasts for about 20 amazing minutes that will undoubtedly give you a heart attack it’s so well made. If you want to waste your time and money, and possibly lose a few brain cells, this one is for you. Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” is a non-stop adrenalin rush of the grotesque, absurd, and everything in between while Tarantino’s “Death Proof” is more ‘Tarantino’ with long scenes of ridiculous dialog and less of the grotesque elements of the typical “Grindhouse” genre. “WWOTSS”, by Rob Zombie, was enjoyable. One would expect more original concepts to spring from Tarantino’s gargantuan forehead, but again he relies on his blend of piece-mealing obscure film from his video-store geek days together, overcompensating for lack of plot with violence and that droning conversational “realism” which was supposedly innovative once. You think two crappy films in a row can’t do you in? I couldn’t help but raise my fist in the air and shout out “yeah!” Maybe there’s a reason he normally takes so long between pictures… I’m sure more than a few people liked the ending, so I’ll leave it alone. I was expecting something mind blowing, something so original that it would knock me flat on my ass, but overall, Grindhouse didn’t do that for me. This movie takes bad movies to a whole new level. But, now he’s not borrowing from the past: he’s just repackaging what he’s already given us. Rose McGowan, Tarantino, Marley Shelton and Michael Parks all make appearances in both films, with Michael Biehn making a small appearance in one of the fake trailers. No, instead, it’s about Tarantino’s own insecurities melding with his yawningly dull fantasies that we’re all getting VERY tired of being played out for the fifth time. No real surprises here, but fun fun fun! I’m giving “Grindhouse” a 6 out of 10 because, regardless of all it’s many strong points, I still felt ripped off when it was over, not only for the money I paid, but for the weak pay-off after the massive amount of anticipation, not to mention a completely misleading trailer for the film. ). My only complaint is Mary Winstead didn’t get to belt out a few more numbers (hint, hint, Quentin… A subliminal flipping of the bird to all of us. followed by an apology from the theater management.

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This is a sad statement as no one, with the exception of maybe Spielberg, exploded onto the scene the way Taratino did. Now before everyone jumps down my throat, I know this is all an homage to the good old days back in the 70’s where people sat through 3 hours of cheesy popcorn flicks, put up with sticky seats, damaged prints, and unsavory management. This episode is at least blatantly tongue in cheek. Planet terror is a gross out flick that has appropriate amounts of gore and guts. It looks old and worn out. And DEATH PROOF is not only Tarantino’s worst film–by FAR–but it’s probably one of the most boring, obnoxious, disjointed, lagging, poorly constructed, and distracted pieces of blech that has ever been made. I get the feeling watching Quentin’s recent films that he really doesn’t give a damn about what his fans want. Enough action to keep you into it, enough campy gore to laugh at, and plenty of build up to have you cheering for the good guys. When I first heard about Grindhouse, I was pretty excited. This is all my opinion. I don’t really feel the need to relive that. The acting is campy, cheesy and right on the mark. Putz. This isn’t a film for Quentin, it should be made for all of us. Sure it sounds like a good idea as a whole, but people really must be mindless idiots to say that made the movie better. He makes films to amuse himself. There are a few more cameo spots that I won’t ruin for you, but they are quite comical. As for Death Proof, it makes me really sad to say that I was very disappointed. I don’t want to spoil any of the movie, so just go see it! Unfortunately, this is not what the film is about at all. No Oscars for either director, but that isn’t why you went to see these movies in the first place, now is it? Without a doubt this film will have you either cheering for more, or well, cheering for more. I also love the references to previous films, which is just a fun little addition that makes the movies better. People blow up when shot with revolvers, gore is splattered at least every couple minutes once it gets past the first two minutes and it will have you laughing harder than any Tarantino film ever has. Suddenly the film begins to mess up in the projector, then it begins to burn… Now when I first watched Planet Terror… the conversations were so boring that i was ready to leave when the next group (rosario dawson’s groupies) started. Some equality… Rodriguez drops a great bomb of a tale (confirming my theory that a zombie movie always kicks the ass of a vampire movie! In some cases the trailers themselves are more gruesome then the feature films. People are decapitated, ripped limb from limb, and just shot left, right and center. This zombie flick is action packed and humorous. But by pushing it to the limits, the films also become darkly hilarious. “Death Proof” may drag it down a bit, but is nonetheless essential for the film as a whole. The first 2/3 of DEATH PROOF is so incredibly dead and languid that you wonder when the movie’s going to actually start. This is exactly the movie that Hollywood needed to have kicked up it’s butt.

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