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Movie: Force of Nature (2020)
Genre: ,
Director: Michael Polish
Date of Release: 30 Jun 2020
Duration: 91
IMDB Rating:
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The action lacks everything it must have: energy, choreography, good editing, and everything else you can think of. Mel Gibson’s in a secondary and limited role. Unlike other bad movies I cannot even recommend watching it for the fun factor. Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth and David Zeyas also add nothing to the film since the story is so bad and their backstories add no gravitas to the movie. The main stars are Emile Hersch and Kate Bosworth. Watch this if you like bad movies that are so bad they’re comedies The premise isn’t bad but everything else is. Force of Nature (1 out of 5 stars). Force of Nature is a terrible action film. The fight scenes aren’t that bad, all things considered. * There is no end credit scene * The director Michael Polish, and crew brought a film that is not worth watching. Enter Hersch the hero cop trying to get everyone out with the help of Gibson’s daughter Bosworth. The fact that he trained a vicious tiger to hate cops is important since the main villain plans to dress as a policeman to escape. and what is the venerable Mel Gibson doing in this? Believe me: I could easily write 2000+ words about this piece… Even though his role was kind of short and it didn’t give him the flexibility to improvise, he was awesome. Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch give subtly hilarious performances. From the baffling character decisions to the illogically absurd narrative, Michael Polish directs an appalling film packed with excruciatingly embarrassing acting, horribly dated sound design, a nonsensical attempt at creating a catastrophic atmosphere, awful editing, impressively lousy action, and last but not least, one of the worst screenplays ever put to screen, by Cory Miller. I really wanna watch a movie that’s free from politics and sjws for one Everyone involved in this must be so embarrassed. The story of this is so convoluted and bad it’s amazing they got the actors they did to star in this. I could forgive a weak story with the odd plot hole if people had actually put effort into how it looked or sounded. It’s utter trash and even laughable at times. Just show the aftermath! The only unusual character was Griffin, an African American man who keeps a live tiger in his apartment. I saw some nice acting. The movie was terrible. Force of nature is a Different-new spin on a classic tale of the “Perfect Sh$t Show”, this Force of Nature is not your Julia Roberts version so don’t expect too much romance. A 3.5 out of 10. This is the story of some thieves tries to do a heist during the hurricane in a building in Puerto Rico. Every single character is plainly stupid. Another disappointed film! That’s the level of amateurism Force of Nature displays. It’s boring and tedious, there is no suspense, the characters are lame and nothing they do makes any sense. I was hoping for a twist where the mysterious animal was really a chupacabra but it was just a lousy tiger. This is an embarrassment for any filmmaker. Usually, they survive a 99%-chance of dying scenario, and the audience simply accept it. Cardillo must try and save them from the record breaking storm outside, and A Murderous art theft inside who’s in search of millions of dollars, worth of art, just adds to this perfect storm. My biggest issue are the plot and technical issues in the writing that could’ve so easily been fixed/avoided. In fact Lance Henrickson wud have done a better job. In my opinion, the ending could be improved. This is more “Jake” from Training day years later without the Mad squabbles and Lets rid the world of evil attitude. It had its fair share of problems, but for a low budget action film with an aging action star, it’s not bad at all. Hard to believe this flick cost $23 million to make. Is there even such a thing, or did someone just have some money to launder, because telling a good, or even just a coherent story definitely doesn’t seem to have mattered. Superb, excellent, great, good, fair, ok, not great, bad, awful and now this. That’s about it really.

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The acting’s subpar as well. Hirsch’s character doesn’t even acknowledge how lucky he is to be paired with this eager beauty, nor do the criminals for that matter either. To see more of my 1000+ ratings and 900+ reviews, click on my username The marketing and design of the promotional materials, poster, etc. No, I’m not going to ease you in. As they try to evacuate, and save the lives of the residents of a apartment build that houses; dying old school retired cop played by Mel “The Lethal weapon” Gibson, his daughter who is a nurse and his caregiver, Troy, played by 1 -island , tv-series star Kate Bosworth; and other occupants like a lonely old man with a hard secret and; yes, a exotic cat lover. There are no windows breaking, doors flying, or any sort of indication that the weather is dangerous in any way. The plot is so predictable I figured it all out in 15 minutes. Why waste talented people on such schlock? However, Mel Gibson was the main attraction that I was eager to watch this film. His performance in this film was not perfect but it wasn’t bad, and well he got the role I would consider the most structured one. Worst It moves along at a snails place as well. I thought I was lucky to get to be one of the first to see this…. The editing is a disgrace. Such as, the killing of Paul didn’t show to us! In one scene Emile Hirsch who looks about 5ft 6 takes off his police shirt and gives it to the bad guy who is about 6ft 2 and twice as heavy… I’ll start off by giving props to Mel Gibson, for not ending up like Bruce Willis doing garbage C-grade films, e.g. Survive the Night (2020). As for this film, wow it must’ve been a challenge for the cast and crew to film 80% in pouring rain, and mad props for that. Cliche upon tired cliche, convenient timing, the continuous use of the f word to demonstrate how hardcore or strong or defiant someone is, inept bad guys who know very little about the art they are trying to steal, and Mel Gibson calling every female character sweetheart and darling until he is killed. E.g. let’s all have funny small talk whilst there’s killers looking for you. It centres around the occupants of an apartment complex during a hurricane refusing to leave, and to make matters worse there are some nasty men now looking for something in one of the rooms. The guy who wrote this is really amateurish. I don’t think people understand what this movie is, and therefor judge it wearing “action/drama” goggles. As bad as this but I have seen worse. Whatever talent indy director Michael Polish one showed is now depleted as he puts his cast — most of them looking like they’re sleepwalking except for an earnest performance by Stephanie Cayo — through the requisite 90 minutes of low budget thrills. I’m sure Gibson would’ve had them fixed in 15 mins of proofreading the script. Kate Bosworth is married to the director which explains why she took on the the role, as for the others it must have been the paycheck since it couldn’t have been the script. Ther is a scene where aft all the commotion n firing, characters have plenty of time to stitch the wound n chitchat. Nothing made sense. There is an officer who goes to evacuate the building and the story kind of starts. I dont kno why Gibson agreed to do this film. Almost everything about this film is terrible. I’m going to be as straightforward as I can. There’s no redeeming quality or a little tiny positive note. That’s it!! If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog 🙂 One of the worst movies I’ve seen in my entire life! All of the actors performed badly, but I can’t blame them since there was no direction. Force of Nature is a fun and enjoyable ACTION-COMEDY that prefers realism over farce. Stephanie Cayo with her make up n style is looking too hot for a cop. I’m not going to waste the usual time I need to write a review, this one will be written in less than fifteen minutes. I’m feeling incredibly frustrated, bitter, annoyed, and unsure how a film like this was made possible. The lead actor Emile Hirsch has a double chin. There’s no way of describing them more accurately. It’s a Category 5 hurricane, and all the film shows is rain. Or at least not as much as the other characters. The story sets when criminals plan a heist during a hurricane.

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As turnout, this film is about John want to rob the paintings possess by an old man “Paul”, while Cardillo evacuating the resident of an apartment! Mel Gibson just being a dead beat character was also dull. Bruce Willis being a prime example! First and foremost, Mel Gibson played well in this movie. Please, stay away from this abomination. The other actors not so much. Force of Nature doesn’t work, it’s like you’re coming in at the end of the film off the bat. You could of put Danny Glover in the apartment next door and called it lethal weapon 5. I wanted to turn the movie off afte 30 minutes but the wife insisted we finished!! Ther is no hand to hand combat, no good gun action sequences, no tension or suspense, the ending with the uniform is predictable n laughable n to be honest ther is no planning or proper heist. Kate Bosworth looked bored with her character. But he’s decent . You don’t care about any of them, so when the guy and the girl in between gunfights connect through small talk about their previous lives, it’s nothing but awkward. You realize that Mel Gibson is one of the actors who are walking breathing books of ‘How to Act’. Also, I saw nice acting from Emile Hirsch, David Zayas, Kate Bosworth, and Stephanie Cayo. Dexter’s David Zayas as the main villain. And comes across an apartment complex. During a massive hurricane a group of people is being chased by criminals wanting a number of art pieces from an apartment in an apartment block that’s largely been abandoned due to the hurricane. but not so…. Mel Gibson is barely in the film. BUT BUT !!! It makes you believe that, without any experience, you can be a way better director. Throughout the whole film, I felt continuously frustrated. Besides he has short role in the movie. And he is the only reason to watch this typical Emmett/Furla time-wasting action picture. Out of all the actors, the one that was hard to watch was Mel Gibson and I was interested in this film because of him. Everyone makes astonishingly dumb decisions, based on the most illogical and unrealistic scenarios. The sound design comes from the past century, with punches, kicks, and gunshots sounding like I’m watching an anime. As a Mel fan I am very sad to see him in this! Emile Hirsch is unbelievable as a officer. I literally spent ninety minutes of my weekend feeling frustrated, angry, stressed out, and genuinely annoyed at how many aspects Force of Nature is horrible at. It was good until they pushed in the “nazi” bs. And the killing of John by the tiger, just hear the sound! I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone a complete waste of time and it felt like it was promoting Puerto Rico and not concentrating on the storyline. Gibson is awful, although in his defence he has nothing to work with. I have no idea what Mel Gibson (Ray) is doing in such a wretched flick. Slow movie with no sense of urgency at all while killers are after them. Sadly his character was pointless and so unbearable to watch, I kept questioning why did he accept this role. I just hated the movie. The acting was terrible. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable watching a movie before. I never wished so hard for a film to finally end. In my opinion, the story could benefit more from Mel’s play. Where to start!! Overall a huge disappointment that not even a good cast could save. Pathetic! The music score was terrible.

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