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Movie: Flu (2013)
Genre: , ,
Director: Sung-su Kim
Date of Release: 15 Aug 2013
Duration: 122
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
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About Flu (2013)

A case of the flu quickly morphs into a pandemic. As the death toll mounts and the living panic, the government plans extreme measures to contain it.

In particular, the extended standoff between the remaining residents of Bundang and the military demonstrate a certain boldness in imagination and execution, on a scale rarely seen in Korean cinema. The little girl is very annoying but she a big part of the story so you just have to roll with it. And it is definitely not anywhere near The Host. It begs the question, given the epidemic, who’s right and who’s wrong? An influx of illegal immigrants in a Korean city, opens Pandora’s box and unleashes a virus in town. The movie is running high on tension and drama, which is quite nice, and it helps the movie to keep a great pace and you get attached to the characters in the movie and want to see what happens next. The characters are horrible and the plot, well, there’s not too much of a plot. Courage, helpfulness, mindlessness, bureaucracy. By and large though, the story is driven from the point of view of three key characters struggling to survive amid the chaos and confusion within Bundang – there’s the Emergency Response Team worker Kang Ji-goo (Jang Hyuk), immunologist Kim In-hye (Su Ae) and In-hye’s precocious young daughter Mi-reu (Park Min-ha). In several meet-cute moments before the epidemic becomes full blown, Ji-goo gets to rescue In-hye from a freak car accident, go beyond the call of duty to save In-hye’s belongings from the scene of the accident, and play the surrogate father figure to Mi-reu. Yes, The Flu is actually quite heavy on the Americanized style, but maybe this is good, as it would be a great flick to start getting into foreign cinema for the uninitiated. A quick prologue establishes how a ship container of illegal immigrants from Hong Kong arrives in the city, all of whom are dead from a lethal airborne avian flu virus – save for one very sick man. With the help of Kang Ji-goo (Hyuk Jang), an Emergency Response Team member, Dr. Kim tries to rescue her child, who is the only one who might have the antibodies necessary to create more vaccine (Missou having been killed in a revenge attack by the brother of one of the dead). For the most part, Flu is a well told tale of how rapidly an outbreak can become a pandemic, Kim Sung-su expertly portraying the spread of the disease and the ensuing panic. But even it became an action movie doesn’t mean there will be no drama at all, what i love from Korean movie is the audience’s emotion are being played by its drama. and wish the whole movie like that Flu is the movie for you. but after a few scene, the atmosphere changed 180 degrees, from drama changed dramatically into action movie. The fireman and male lead is a charmer and there’s a bit of banter going on, but wow, obsess much! The story starts off in Hong Kong where a group of people are illegally transported to Korea hidden in a container. If you like korean movies it’s definitely worth a look.. Pretty disappointing flick (I was very into korean movies these days, this one is the worst by far). A very well-written movie with a talented cast. Every opportunity to tug at his audience’s heartstrings or arouse their sense of indignation is played up to maximum effect, right down to the absolutely manipulative finale where Mi-reu becomes a walking placard of a plea for humanity to prevail. Flu is Korea’s answer to Outbreak and Contagion, an emotionally manipulative but highly intense and entertaining thriller. Every thing he did always be the opposite of what In-hye want and it become sweet when he can be so stubborn to help In-hye and her children. Unable to find a cure to this deadly illness, time is running out and tensions within the quarantine zone are running high. However, I was especially impressed with young Min-ah Park’s (playing Kim Mi-reu) performance, for a child actress, then she was amazing in her role. It is definitely not anything spectacular that you’ll remember once it finishes (and I did wish for it to finish in the end – wow those 2 hours felt rather long). My biggest issue was hot female doctor who is a specialist in her field only to break every rule in the book when it comes to her daughter. This makes sense.” Really, if people only knew what lay behind those subtitled releases (that so many refuse to watch) they’d discover more fantastic cinema than they could ever handle. There’s also a great opportunity for a truly shocking downer of an ending, but the film goes for an upbeat Hollywood-style finale a la Outbreak instead. This movie had phenomenal acting to, the 2 main protagonists were great, and that little girl, wow.

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Movies about pandemics and the end of the world are on their time right now, but this one is so corny that you have to make an effort to reach the ending. Lockdown, panic, violence, anger, sacrifice, humanity, all covered in the movie. Sometimes, movie is a reflection of reality. just a great story line and great acting… im an American but after watching this film i want to live there this film aired out just how easily our country would just wipe us out and that is exactly what Americans do and i hate that about this country. You’ll noticed what I’m talking about throughout the movie. Who wrote this and said “this is a good idea. Soo Ae (playing Kim In-hae, mother of Kim Mi-reu) really filled out her role amazingly and put on a rather impressive performance. Humanity is so fragile, right? Love the kid’s acting… It is just not that great either. Perhaps the lady doctor’s efforts might form the main body of this movie, although the gravity is carried in her adorable daughter’s tiny shoulders. Some of the action and fighting is a bit over the top. Super recommend it! About the only thing that amused me in this movie was the undercurrent of xenophobia. But it is a little bit hit and miss. And a bit of political tenseness. So I love the drama and i love the action. The exposition is a parade of clichés. The quirky buddies meet the feisty but sexy lady (who has a cute daughter). Then everyone in Bundang, a satellite city of Seoul, gets the flu and starts dying. Flu while being very cliché from the plot to the characters motivation is still an entertaining outbreak movie with strong acting and thrilling action scene so if you like the first haft of 28 Days Later… A rescue worker, a doctor and her daughter. The movie is very effective in displaying the tragedy of uncontrolled death and the powerfulness as well as folly of being human. A movie is nothing without a good cast, and “The Flu” really had some nice talents on the cast list. The non-korean characters are slightly laughable and people claim this is what would really happen if there was such a deadly outbreak, well, not sure I agree on that one. If you have two hours to spend then go for it. It is riveting stuff indeed, like a shot of pure adrenaline to the arm. No thanks to one of two handlers sent to pick up the immigrants, the virus finds its next host to take root, eventually spreading to the people at the pharmacy where he tries to get medicine – and thereafter to just about anyone and everyone with close contact to his bodily fluids. Sure an advanced ability to suspend disbelief is often a necessity in Korean movies but the idea that a virus could be contained in Bundang is just plain silly. Soon after, panic breaks out with chaos in the supermarkets, and the army is called in to control the sick, who are placed in quarantine.

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There’s the quite strange mama-daughter relationship (why is she so easily leaving her very young daughter unattended all night to later on become an irrational mess over her wellbeing? Through all of the scene, honestly i can’t predict how the story will end, but after the end i really disappointed about how the film end, is still want some drama actually. It is not Contagion. So yeah. , what is their fate?.. This was so realistic at what COULD play out in a real life scenario, and it’s scary to think how quickly both the populace AND the government overseeing them can go off the deep end. This is not only a movie about a pandemic outbreak, but also about the crisis of such an outbreak on governmental level, citizen level and family level. I think the film makers hope us to sit on the edge of our seat… Amidst the hopeful illegal immigrants is a sick individual. On a national level, Kim casts a critical eye on the responses of the President and his councilmen, to whom life-and-death decisions are not just made for the greater good but also with the consideration of political mileage. We get that this is how it spreads. In place of the zombies we have virus infected monsters and the evil of humanity when it comes to saving their own skin Flu is a great movie, at the first part you won’t even know where the film will lead you, it still like a common Korean drama where there are some Korean drama’s joke, a man like a woman but she is already married, etc. There’s a bit of action. The central characters are pivotal in the plot. If you enjoy the high stakes of virus movies combined with uncontrolled chaos and mayhem, Flu is for you. None of the actors embarrass themselves here to be fair. in my opinion,this is even better than World War-Z, totally worth the 120+- minutes! It does help that Kim inserts moments of levity from time to time. Actually there are many more layers to the storyline, but that is as an overall whole the outline of the main storyline. “The Flu” is the type of movie that you have to watch, regardless of whether or not you like Korean movies or movies of this particular genre. It is not bad though! And there are many outdoors scenes in the city that really help add to this. Her forcefulness and vulnerability will take the audience to a mighty emotional journey. He really puts everything at risk, including his own life again and again and again, and also more or less adopt this kid he barely knows… , what have become of them? Very tense and strong movie which I strongly recommend to prepare you of what will happen if everything goes out of control in a deadly virus… It tries to play on heart strings and it tries to make us appalled. Without spoiling anything, this movie is chalkfull of terrible plot holes and ideas that borderline almost ruined a totally capable drama that wouldve otherwise been a near perfect movie. With what is going on in Wuhan now this is an eerily prophetic movie. Where as “Outbreak” from 1995 was great and the more recent “Contagion” from 2011 failed to impress, then “The Flu” steps right up here and proves that Korea can be a force to be reckoned with in terms of pandemic and epidemic outbreak movies.

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