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Movie: First Sunday (2008)
Genre: , ,
Director: David E. Talbert
Date of Release: 11 Jan 2008
Duration: 96
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10
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Durell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighborhood church. Instead, they end up spending the night in the presence of the Lord and are forced to deal with much more than they bargained for.

there is one scene i personally do not like it. If you saw this movie and were disappointed in it, you must have had sky high hopes and it was CLEAR AS DAY what the movie was going to be like in the commercials. just like in his very political songs , the fear factor is always played on only to invoke “rightfull” repression. I’m one of those rare White pastors who has had the honor of serving as pastor of an African-American congregation. Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan are GREAT together – we laughed at their funny dialog and rooted for them/felt empathy for them in their acts of financial desperation. Overall, this odd dramedy of an awkward story happens to be a casual, fun, and even compelling movie that I would definitely request for you to see in your spare time. Even Jesus doesn’t have enough jobs to keep everyone happy, even if they managed to get more than a little education. Score: 8 ½ / 10 We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this movie! The acting ability is equal to that of someone in a elementary school play, the plot has more holes than a pasta drainer, and the jokes aren’t present. For all of you bad critics. The women in the congregation serve as enablers for the errant crooks, and in one case, as major eye candy. I did not appreciate how the movie seemed to “skip” or remove a few minutes of time to just bring in the deaf and blind cleaner with the moneybag with NO explanation on where it was. It was supposed to be entertaining. This movie was like that one paper you wrote in high school. The boss orders me around. Desperate for some quick cash, Durell and LeeJohn come up with a scheme to break into a local church and carry off the fund earmarked for the construction of a new building. Her character another character who is sitting next to her in a church meeting they are having, completely disappear within minutes. In the entire movie the only couple of people who gave a believable performance was Ice Cube himself. And finally; It wasn’t too bad of a movie but don’t expect much out of it like I did. After watching it, however, I was proved wrong. This is another one of those films. I really enjoyed this film for a number of reasons. The film blares with loud music that seeming competes with noise from the loud-mouthed characters. better yet, ALL the “tough” “gangsta” characters in his features are made “fun” of as not being “cool” at all, sometimes outright “stupid” ones. well i hope at least he got paid for it, and the viewers will know to “avoid” too deep thoughts on that one… Unfortunately, even as a comedy, the entire heist situation was moronic. but the movie didn’t know whether to be a comedy or a redemption flick. If a white individual would have done this, there will be rioting for racism. A cheap blaxsploitation movie that is rather painful to watch. Not only were his drama scenes unconvincing, they were the funniest parts of this movie (not really a good thing). Another thing that bothered me was Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams. Doing this may give you a whole new perspective of your own life. Amsterdam, Holland I’m baffled by the anger in some reviewer’s critiques. I doubt Ice Cube is crossing all fingers and toes that he’ll get an Oscar nod.

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A very appealing cast is left with little to work with in “First Sunday,” a manufactured comedy whose script fails to rise to the level of its actors. It seems that almost everything was half-baked- the plot is good, but could have been better, and the actors a re funny,but could be funnier. They act in this movie exactly the same way the acted in previous movies they were in such as Who’s your Caddy? I became interested because even though most every attribute about this film is average or poor, the plot truthfully seemed endearing to me, for some odd reason, and overall, while the movie is mediocre, and I certainly wouldn’t watch it again, it’s not terrible. These movies are all great in my book, one being because they are things that I have seen since I was 8 years old and still see today, so I can relate to them. This movie has about as much comedy as Roots (and no I did not find Roots remotely funny). So first let me start with the plot. So it tried to be both.. the police” or “gangsta rap made me do it”. Chi McBride as the Pastor brings authority and the ability to use alternative thinking in dealing with this dilemma. Even the court room has the appeal of a noisy street market! It’s just a good comedy, that can waste your time, without wasting its limit. Katt Williams steals scenes as a choir conductor even though without him the role might have sunk into conventions. Cube brings a longing for his son and a realization that God sees everything. I did laugh a few times, and it was because the material was actually humorous. Momma T talking to Ice Cube at the end was a great message and the teens that might see this movie need to hear it. His sidekick LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) provides the feckless, goofy, but lovable klutz, whose heart is bigger than Durell’s. Beyond reasonable humor is Katt Williams’ Rickey, a choirmaster with loopy observations and mannerisms. What is inexcusably absent though is a discernible plot. The one part I absolutely loved and that really touched me was when Tracy’s character says that he had never had a birthday celebration because the foster care place lost his birth certificate. Durell is a serious man, but has a soft spot for his son. first of all i do not get some of the reviews here( probably because as some admit have not seen this feature to the end). well i did and overall i was pleased, actually the morality tale is very good just simplified probably because of the need to get a pg-13 rating. Nah! i add an extra star because the original and refreshing flavor ice cube brings to the industry, with a blend of jokes that at surface seem very simplistic but combining them with the “other” ice cube gives those very jokes a new dimension , sometimes very deep ones and very sarcastic at that as well. Talbert & the cast’s intention, seemingly, was to take one bad outlook on a few situations and tell a story of how it can be changed with a lot of hope and just letting go. Lots of teens will see this movie I’m sure and they will walk away with a positive message, who knows. I would recommend this movie to no one unless you are a amateur in the movie industry, whether it be a director, actor, or even producer, and want to know what not to do. furthermore, while this feature is not as good as “Friday after next” when it comes to having hilarious jokes (i miss Mike Epps to be truly with you here,Katt Williams does not even come close to fitting his shoes)there is a bit more “soul” here. Okay, maybe not “exceeded”, but it certainly wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be, although close. The central characters are two petty criminals who remain criminals because of previous convictions. LeeJohn is a goofy man-child who doesn’t even have an idea of when his birthday is. this however gets only 6 stars because the Rickey character ( ice cube’s partner) which has some wacky lines at best unfortunately reminding me of the idiotic “scarry movie” franchise and alike. ) We’ve seen several funny movies starring Ice Cube but this one is our favorite so far. The Writer/Director brings out a Baltimore community, inhabited by either dysfunctional characters or low-based folks – gangsters, masseurs, street alcoholics, homeless folks, macho men who can’t resist glaring at female bottoms, and those who fill their time in an overheated church where the choir director maneuvers around like a court jester and any one dressed like a manicured, fruity dude could be troublesome!

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Katt Williams is a scene stealer! By now i hope you noticed that i hated this movie. It’s main issue is its inability to sustain a tone. Wow.. It managed to keep me entertained, and I was actually sucked into the story plot a little. With scenes pumping off like in a TV show, this film exposes an urban community with an appeal that’s worst off than the dirty red-light districts in some cities. The director didn’t even bother to show where they had gone. By the way its worth nothing the fact that there are some really funny characters that are really moving the thing in this production. Ice Cube plays his usual self, acting all tough but warm inside; Tracy Morgan also plays his usual character, very similar to his character Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. I think Katt Williams is hilarious all by himself and was a great person to cast as choir director. The black and white lawyers was a terrible stereotype and they acted terribly to begin with, leading to extremely terrible and MORE unbelievable court scenes. and one familiar with his activism can see how skillful he is able to stay away from THAT “disturbing” behavior in itself. I don’t like my job! Big deal. That translates into a ghetto setting curiously devoid of drug dealers and crack whores. then again, i consider sarcasm the best joke ever told because ,unlike just a “funny” one, it has generally a morality tale that might just teach(or preach) something, someone, somewhere… The subsequent series of events combine serious situations with interesting characterizations and then throws in some scenes of such silliness that they tend to stomp a bit on the rest of the movie. If you think you wasted your time, you need to pay more attention to commercials before going out to the theater. The comments about how this movie is “stereotypical” reflect a very Anglo view of life that has never been part of a Black church. There is one character who dresses like a pimp, but I’m convinced that was because of a mix-up in wardrobe, rather than a deliberate attempt at authenticity. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys great comedy! In one scene there is the character of a woman in a greenish shirt with black dots on her shirt played by comedian Rickey Smiley who is a man. Tracy Morgan and Kat Williams: It’s back to stand-up gigs again! But since we have a lot of people who were born with silver spoons in their mouth trying to make their voices be the base of the percussion line, they can and will never see it that way. everyone probably knows ice cube for his “toughest persona” as i do, from his old school rap with hits such as “…. The judge, while also a fine actor, was terrible in the role he was shoved into and was also, extremely exaggerated. I’m white and I enjoyed it, just not enough to give it a 9 or 10. And while I love Tracy Morgan, Kat Williams and I-Cube.. Approach with an open mind and you’ll be for a light, decent movie with some interesting character sketches. The Eagles were thumping the Cowboys and the Jaguars wanted us to watch them lose again instead of letting us see Miami beat the Jets, so I checked out this film knowing that I probably wouldn’t like it. That’s what functions, that’s the verified formula for comedic success. There’s even a character in one scene that appears to be a male actor impersonating an older female (though the character mysteriously disappears with no explanation). All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this, but if you’re looking for something to watch with the kids, they might enjoy it, and won’t come away traumatized. The other supporting actors give fine performances: Chi McBride as the Pastor, Loretta Devine as Sister Dory, Malinda Williams as the Pastor’s daughter Tianna, the aforementioned Katt Williams as the church’s choir director and Michael Beach as the deacon, who is great! Durell led a believable performance that he probably would have shot somebody if it wasn’t for the movie being a comedy. So, it turns out “blaxploitation” films are still alive and well, and these days cast Ice Cube, Katt Williams and Tracy Morgan in the leading roles.

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