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Movie: Feedback (2018)
Genre: ,
Director: Pedro C. Alonso
Date of Release: 01 Mar 2019
Duration: 97
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
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About Feedback (2018)

A radio host is kidnapped on air and forced to tell secrets about his past.

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Feedback is a decent film that is infested with the now unavoidable liberal propaganda in everything on television. From Happy-go-lucky driving teacher Scott to Radio star Jarvis in Feedback, Eddie showed a total turnover on his performance. In that country wise people actually listened to political radio shows at 11 pm instead of waiting for the last pint at the pub and gave attention to brave radio hosts that tried to defend them from Brexit promoting nazi knife-carrying gangs controlled from Russia. This is a thriller rather than a horror but there is some extremely violent kill scenes that should satisfy horror lovers. It's late at night, only a handful of workers left behind but there's always security, specially if we take into account this is a huge building in London, and add to that the current wave of fear about terrorist attacks in the then upcoming days of Brexit – and add one more layer to all of that: the bloody radio host was taken hostage days ago (give him a bodyguard, man! Overall this is a really good thriller. Cannot really understand the bad ratings at all. You didn't hate the guy, because the aggressors were too agenda ridden. Well you wanted feedback, here's some!!! Although this is well produced and the acting is superb, there is something missing that made this a bit of a tedious film to watch for me. or the acting that is. It was also shot beautifully. In the end it wasn't the “feedback” that they were looking for. 5/10 This is a nervewrecking piece of thrillish revenge horror with some small plotholes,and turns i didnt quite understand.

If there was one switch or two at most it might be actually a decent character based thriller. A definite must watch for anyone who likes dark suspense/thriller films. She made it almost impossible to not hate her! They repeatedly start and stop the live broadcast in between the fights – yet it somehow continues for THREE HOURS according to internal studio clock on the wall – scene in the studio starts at 22:20 and ends after 01. Not even that – they announce at the start there will be music show at the midnight that never happens – yet no one cares at all probably. But to expand 10 minute story to entire movie requires a lot of reality twisting. And being on the receiving end of violence is never something anyone wishes to experience. Being in a hostage situation and see how he turned the situation from loss to win is remarkable. At that stage the story is not thrilling at all and it is basically a joke. Celebrities get a pass and the normal nobodies are discredited or even blamed. Not a bad one time watch. But he wears black suit at the end so he probably is. Would it matter if it is based or rather built on revenge?

This sci-fi thriller takes place in this bizarre reality, which is somewhat more crazy than London from Mortal Engines (2019). But never mind. You get a controversial radio show host (Eddie Marsan) that survives a kidnapping, already disgraced and in flames with his current career going nowhere who manages to be taken hostage during a live broadcast. Also it's really tiring and boring, in another movie, to make references about politics and ideologies. I really loked this movie and the acting was pretty good. It was engrossing, and if at times, like most thrillers somewhat improbable, the great acting kept me involved.

I do not understand the details of the story because it is utterly insane and illogical: The radio moderator is somewhat capable to disarm two attackers with bare hands but everything somewhat changes again. Then Jarvis' stuck-up and increasingly rebellious personality. The film is literally 2 hours of a guy provoking killers with a knife rather than co-operating, for no good reason.

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You may face some issue watching such new movies from your area, don’t worry we are here to show you Feedback in HD! You can Watch Feedback from our website absolutely free, you just need to have a free account to watch Feedback in HD from any location in the world. So watch and enjoy Feedback. Obviously it was trying to imitate and immerse the audience but it was more difficult to hear anything that's being said by both Andrew and the masked guy simultaneously. I enjoyed it a lot. No joke. But all in all the movie was better than most I have watched lately This story is very intense! There were also some brilliant chase and action sequences. Im sorry but it's a weird movie. I went into this totally blind, but Eddie Marsan is such a fine actor I couldn't imagine he'd be in some junk movie and this certainly wasn't. A thriller set in a radio studio, the plot draws you in with outstanding performances from every actor , great dialogue and plenty of twists and turns. The entire setup of the story is completely crazy. Unfortunately it wasn't. I must say ai really enjoyed feedback,even though: 1) the political references did not have much to do with the story,and 2) the ending puzzled me a bit. nice story,good acting,solid plot,and a few gore scenes… “Feedback” is a curious little indie film with very good production notes. Weird movie but watchable.

To say this story is stupid and bizarre is a huge understatement. I enjoyed most of the stuff presented and I was hoping for a decent plot twist that never came. But can we trust that information? Performances were very good from the good guys and bad guys (although I guess I should use those terms loosely). The ending was one that made me feel distressed because if you think about it- we become complicit in knowing about Jarvis' crime too just like how Julia was. Also would it matter if it is in any way “justified”? You don't go around killing innocent people no matter what happened to you. Fine. The two actors who portray the hosts were brilliant too and really showed like they had a history (no matter how shortlived) in spite of how they actually were not on good terms at the present. The jilted father was a good character with morales. My feedback for this one is a negative one. I watch everything and never bother leaving reviews. But it also manages to insult our intelligence with basic stuff or for not working things more properly so we can have a decent movie after all. Everything repeats at least FIVE cycles. What a waste of their budget. I was dubious about this movie but Eddie Marsen drew me in. For an entire film to be shot in one location, you need two things, a great cast, and good story to reel you in from to start it to finish. Let me just say that Feedback has them both. Was he ex military like Harry Brown? The only thing was like everyone else wrote… I for one think everyone is doing a great job in this and you can feel that they do what they think is right. 😀

😋 Actors were all very good. They do actually blow up the studio at the end so I assume they thought this is sort of british variation of Die Hard (1988)!

The bloody rampage of the moderator (yes he did all the bad things) is so horrid so “they want him now everywhere, even to host Trump”.

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This year’s awesome Action the film Feedback! You surely gonna watch Feedback to enjoy Action of this year. You can watch Feedback and watch in HD quality, superb! No buffering only HD stream! Try out watching Feedback here satisfaction of HD quality guaranteed! You will say just wow after watching this stupendous Action Feedback! Yes, the listeners realize something's not quite right when the intruders start to their motivations through a phone call to the station without revealing themselves, and there's a controversy that isn't worth revealing about the main character and that's when people keep wondering about a possible fake news from the caller (but never from their beloved host? Watchable for its whoa moments, brutally unexpected at times. ; is security so lax that a group of strangers can smuggle in a sledgehammer, a shotgun and a handy-dandy acetylene blow-torch (you know, just in case they need to bust open a sealed door)?; is a fight scene inside a cramped cavity wall anyone's idea of exciting? I felt the whole time that he was supposed to be innocent. Recommended for Horror and Thriller Fans. There is a lot of suspense and thrill. The lead character give a Solid performance. Tonight will be the most intense night of Jarvis' life… There are also other multiple scenes of them talking over another. I'm not joking. Grim times indeed… Then they continue as normal, then there is some fight in the studio dungeon, then they fight again and then everything switches again.

The final message – that those in power are getting away with murder – is hardly revelationary and provides an unsatisfactory conclusion to an already disappointing movie. A little gory and bloody, but executed properly with the right proportion. The flow is good and kidna predictable, just like the way it should be. They seem intelligent people. Yes, this is actually the premise of the story there. This happened before the film began as we see Jarvis having a reeling conversation with his boss in the opening scene. Feedback is a suspenseful Invasion Horror Thriller. and as the show begins, the terror unfolds. ). Since the movie didn't provided the needed plot twist for a possible reason the group could get in, that cut the film's integrity in half. Not to mention that innocent people always get sucked in.

😪 There's also the part where only Jarvis can hear the intruder's voices- that was very disorienting. Feedback, is a well made film, that's filled with mystery, instensity, violence and a claustrophobic atmosphere, since everything is set in a radio station. There are mild set ups that fail to pay off later in the story. His show is controversial and so much to the point that he was recently abducted and beaten close to death. it's all in the eye of the beholder … so if you want a nice thrill with some rather gruesome violence, then have a look at feedback Was amazed by the style, the story, the pace.

I had the feeling that the story could have been told just as effectively in half the time.

Barry Champlain had it worse in “Talk Radio” (apples and oranges kind of comparison but that movie generated more suspense and reality than this one), so Jarvis kind of deserves what comes his way. there is something missing. Feedback is a Harsh and dark Ride. And how would we know if it is justified and how far one should go? Pretty good!

The first half of the film is unbearably slow and uneventful, as Dolan pollutes the airwaves with his diatribe; the second half of the film picks up the pace a little but becomes incredibly daft in the process: are radio studios so isolated that no-one outside would realise what is happening? If you have watched Feedback, you can read or write the film review on Feedback on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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