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Movie: Echelon Conspiracy (2009)
Genre: ,
Director: Greg Marcks
Date of Release: 27 Feb 2009
Duration: 105
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
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About Echelon Conspiracy (2009)

Mysterious cell phone messages promise a young American engineer untold wealth – then make him the target of a deadly international plot. Dangerous security operatives chase the engineer across the globe, while a powerful government official pursues a mysterious agenda that threatens the stability of the entire world.

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And that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, it is clearly a copy of Eagle Eye/other similar films, but with a lower budget.

This film is similar to other films that contain technology as a significant character.

So what if it's full of clichés, plot holes and technical faux-pas?

West (the only other recent film I saw him in was Red Sands) plays a computer engineer Max Peterson, who while in Bangkok for a job assignment, receives a mysterious DHL (thank you product placement) package which contains a state of the art mobile phone (I want one! Between the two– I like Echelon better. Just inexcusably awful.

Don't get me wrong, America, the US, etc. I cannot enjoy a movie regardless how good the plot is if the lead actor fails to deliver. Seen these before? There was no surprise in the whole film, except when the true source of the messages was “revealed”, which was so dumb and unoriginal I admit I didn't think they would get so low. At least, this tries to be fun. Haven't seen that in a while because by now even James Bond fans don't buy that anymore.

Both of these stupid things happen in the first five minutes. It's still not a bad way to kill 100 minutes of your life. . .but the guy sees her snap a commando's neck and has some seriously deflating second thoughts. To the chagrin of his latest client, he sets off an alarm to prove how great the security is, causing minor havoc. Soon, the hotel he has been staying at gives him an elaborate mobile phone, which has a plethora of aps. I guess the budget must have gotten tight because whoever they hired to do the graphics on the computer screens just got off the special bus. Echelon was Sneaky, Vicious and Manipulative.

Recognizable names such as Burns, Rhames, Sheen and even Jonathan Pryce lend some gravitas into a slightly-above average thriller, which if you put aside the implausibles, actually is of some fun. It has the exact same ending. Friday the 13th,anyone? Why things happen no one knows. Echelon Conspiracy, renamed in Singapore as The Conspiracy, may be a rip-off but it does not mean that it cannot entertain. It had misled me into thinking that there should be a reasonable amount of action. An “and” means a re-write. It will make you cringe it is so bad. It would be an even better sell if we had more foreign actors and characters, but I will be thankful for any evolution in movies towards moving away from an Americocentric viewpoint. Friends, lets start the healing process. Martin Sheen is doing “his bit” , and the main character (sorry I don't remember his name) really does a poor acting job. Another thing (not a spoiler if it happens in the first five minutes of the film) is that he short circuits a wall socket with a metal belt buckle. so just chill the f out there's lots worse out there!

The main character has a ridiculous way of speaking and an annoyingly high voice. The movie is not part of the Matrix trilogy so the opening and closing soundtrack were totally wrong for it. The movie attempts to copy cat War Games and Eagle Eye which were both excellent movies. -It's international, but mostly American.

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You may face some issue watching such new movies from your area, don’t worry we are here to show you Echelon Conspiracy in HD! You can Watch Echelon Conspiracy from our website absolutely free, you just need to have a free account to watch Echelon Conspiracy in HD from any location in the world. So watch and enjoy Echelon Conspiracy. It is very underrated despite its poor rating. The cast, including West, Burns, and Feldman, is very attractive and talented, yes, to no avail. Outside of an overly-loud soundtrack, this is a pleasing action excursion that's gotten little publicity. While some reviewers are more in line with how I felt about this movie, others see it differently. Could've used a bigger budget, but it does fine with what it has. It's the same as comparing “Equilibrium” to “The Matrix”. SciFi has to assume stuff that is not possible by todays standards, but it also has to give you some, any reason to make you believe it could actually be possible. It isn't quite as good, but well worth the look if you fancy an easy to watch tech-based film. -Story and characters make sense… I simply do not understand what happened to this movie. In any event, Tamara Feldman does fine as the amazingly hot but somewhat pointless love interest/double agent/tougher-than-she-looks chick. ), seemingly bundled with real time information which provided him a Final Destination moment, and insider trader information. Terrible.

First, the wooden, two-dimensional acting a) is lacking energy b) does not provide an anchor for identification (who talks like that?

The casting was horrible. Nothing to do with the acting, just some childish solutions when there was room for more strong approach. With a plot that loses sense and a high-tech premise that is not easily understood, the movie is a disappointment. One of the two credited writers (and, as usual in movies, there may be more writers involved) must have been the one to dump a whole bucket of stupid over this script. I thought Midwesterners were supposed to be Salt-of-the-earth Goodie Two shoes. Okay– Eagle Eye and Enemy of the State had more depth and gravitas. I don't need to see good-looking men with no substance, no thanks. The acting was painfully pathetic and the script was laughable. Any 13 year old code kiddie out there could download an application to crack any 8 character password in minutes.

I just cannot stop laughing at the lack of ingenuity of the filmmakers of having the BBC news channel spoofed as CCD (C'mon, can you be a little more creative than this? Echelon Conspiracy – a very promising title for fans of the genre.

Second, the usage of clichés in movies is not a bad thing by itself. And that one scene where a guy shoots a car and with the second shot the car explodes and jumps 2 meters into the air? The makers of this movie only pretend to have done the necessary work for their (old) ideas to work. Bigger budgeted B-movie with Ed Burns, Ving Rhames and Martin Sheen in support this is a film that kind of reminded me of a big budget TV movie that appears on one of the many mini-networks on cable. Some movies like recent spoof movies, you can clearly see that there is no effort taken to make the movies.

Honestly, I didn't bother to finish the movie. And people say that Eagle Eye is a rip-off of other movies.

Finally, anyone who does not consider this movie one of the worst movies ever made is desperately trying to justify wasting 90 minutes of his/her life. Some of the lines spoken by Mueller (Jonathan Price) were simply farcical. I definitely found it very boring to watch no characters evolve, the storyline being very weak, and the plot (again) is just a cheap trick. No.

The anti-climatic ending was just terrible. I couldn't bring myself to waste any more time with it.

Echelon Conspiracy Watch Free 123movies Alternatives

You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch Echelon Conspiracy from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching Echelon Conspiracy. So why are you waiting for watch Echelon Conspiracy and enjoy Action. But, all too soon, Max realizes someone is tracking him with this phone and, horror, he learns that other folks who had just such a device ended up getting bumped off. Overall, this was a very dissatisfying movie and should be called Ishtar III. This movie, for the budget, is a very good movie. “Equilibrium” has a lower budget, and is a better movie than “The Matrix”. Interesting to a point the film ultimately bores (I never made it to the end) since I didn't think they really were explaining what was going on, worse the plot never made you really care. Would it have killed the director to not be quite so blatantly disrespectful to the audience? The sinister looking FBI agent. This could also provide material for a richer, more fully fleshed story. This is certainly allowed, but let me just say why I think this film is one of the worst ever to be made.

Straight to DVD in my opinion and not worth a watch in the theater. Trust me, I feel your pain. This flaw is the smallest of the movie, and could be forgiven taking into account other bad movies. Even the most open minded X Phile must be disappointed. I have no idea why Ving Rhames and Martin Sheen agreed to support this.

The acting as OK, but i never base a film on it's acting unless it is visibly terrible, which this isn't. However, the scripting could have been massively improved just by taking out the attempted humour, which ultimately fails and leaves the film looking childish. Now if I could just figure out who's dumb enough to do anything a text message tells them I'll be set. Only that despite its plot loopholes and common ground factors, this B-grade movie is a lot more fun than the big budgeted action thriller from last year, and Shane West being a lot less irritating that Shia LaBeouf.

This movie makes Righteous Kill look like Citizen Kane. The story moves fast from one place to the other, with some sort of semi-fake-love story between the main character and this “gorgeous” lady, but the story does not connect whatsoever. At one glance, it's easy to dismiss Echelon Conspiracy as yet another Eagle Eye wannabe. -The script itself is lacking in many areas and just assumes things without presenting them to the audience. Echelon Conspiracy (2009)

Wow, this is an exercise in how to make a movie look good and not be good. I'm pretty sure every person who has used electricity is aware that there are such things as circuit breakers – or at least fuses – that will blow without taking out an entire data center. Hello?

This movie is definitely worth watching, even though the main actors voice is tough to get used to. Well DUH!

Then there's the Beautiful Strange Sexy Woman who's suddenly in your bed and your pants. Yes, the script is lame, yes, the acting is lame. So did I, but, as I said, for a rainy Saturday evening it's quite OK. It could've been worse, could've been a lot better. Enough said. After all, let's not pretend Eagle eye was particularly original.

I can appreciate a movie that is just there for entertainment, and must not be taken too seriously.

I found the characters to be more interesting than similar movies that have come out from Hollywood in the last two years. This is the first time I am leaving a comment about a movie. His wimpy little voice commands no authority in this role.

Popcorn Movie! i know i would rather watch this than most of the films that get Oscars nowadays, they normally work better than a sleeping pill on me at least i stayed awake watching this! You should have spent more time and money for the script. Just check your logic at the door. If films weren't remade copied or rehashed we wouldn't have much to watch. If you have watched Echelon Conspiracy, you can read or write the film review on Echelon Conspiracy on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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