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Movie: Earth and Blood (2020)
Genre: , ,
Director: Julien Leclercq
Date of Release: 17 Apr 2020
Duration: 80
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10
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About Earth and Blood (2020)

What might that be, you wonder? This a very good movie, with it’s tense moments and some bloody scenes. I hate when characters make stupid decisions. Technical aspects are neat and the tension built during the action is excellent. Even if one can sometimes regret a somewhat dull photograph, seeking to transcribe the greyness of the Ardennes. That said, there is little by way of engagement to have with this modern-day French B-movie. This is not a great thriller, it is more than decent though and even if there are cliches being served, we get suspense and edge of the seat entertainment. A lot of things were happening but everything was so bland and not tasty to watch. RAMBO type film, with very basic action of gunshots. Was quite boring and gave up after persisting 1 hour, Netflix should be more careful how they spend their money. If you’re looking for a masterpiece, it’s not that. Basically, the film finds its identity as a rural western with big touches of country survival and siege film. Such a great French action film. But here is just one after the other, like leaving your deaf daughter alone when you know some drug traffickers may be coming to the place where you left her. A watchable French drug thriller with the same old script than other B-movies. Well, how about strong genre flicks also known as B-movies. You can watch it if you have nothing to do sbut if you want to see a good movie , please don’t watch this … And one more thing, this movie came out thanks to Netflix, with whom directors have total freedom, no matter R rating or under 16 bull sh…. The rest of the characters are stupid or helpless. I did not like it. Worth a one-time watch for sure. Very cheap movie. Why the hell he didn’t just send the employee away with the drug once he discovered it? Here and there one would think of Total Western, Canicule or La Traque. So, overall watchable B-movie but really far from great. Watch and enjoy. There are sequences of chases in the forest of a rather ectic energy, sequences worthy of an undercover thriller in which the decor is largely involved, short shootings but still effective and well constructed, and even some scenes which leave a good place for savagery or even gore (in the sawmill). Little room for nuance in this movie, with the good guys on the one side going to run up against the bad guys who attack them, but isn’t that all that is asked with this kind of production: Efficiency and little small talk! No pun intended. Too damn dark, felt like I was watching a movie through a dirty periscope or apartment peephole. If he wasn’t going to call the police why not give the drug back, why go to town to call the police only to return when he saw the bad guys, and call the police ON THE PHONE. The only one with half a brain was the drug dealer, and he is a criminal. Worth a watch, but a fairly weak example of the genre that you will probably forget quite quickly. As a matter of fact, there’s an old tradition of French genre cinema that Eric Valette had unearthed with Le Serpent aux mille coupures. The movie is very dark so sometimes i felt like actors blurred while I watched it on AMOLED screen Really Baaad There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, here that you haven’t seen before. Efficient B series which goes straight to the point and does not bother with unnecessary digressions, the French director (Julien Leclercq) returns with this action movie to a rural western but via Netflix. Great characters. Sometimes they are forgivable. I understand what the director was trying to do but it was horribly executed. Some convincing action scenes in the police station, in a forest and in the sawmill. A sawmill owner becomes involved in the resulting mess. Relax and see it on Netflix when you are into thriller, action movies.

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Incredibly boring and very predictable story. Overall it was moderately tense at times but never scary. And most importantly, the strong silent lead character who saves the day. Slowly building up. Not many of those around any more, are there? Not boring at all, but just something that could’ve been done at a better pace. A man (“Saïd”) decides to sell his lumber mill, only to discover that one of his employees has been coerced to hide a substantial consignment of cocaine inside. Then again, she is deaf and all that crazy nonsense was going on around her. While browsing the action section on Netflix, I came across this new French action thriller. What a waste of time. And facing him, Eriq Ebouaney brings all his charisma to an implacable and cruel bad guy. Violence is not always the solution, but this is a movie and it does what it has to – or rather our main man does. To add to this very bad acting. Also, there are a lot of plot holes and weird decisions by the characters. The film certainly has its moments and mostly engages. Directed and co-written by Julien Leclercq. Good acting mixed with lesser, bombastic score and blood splatter. Maybe the dubbed Netflix version is, but I saw the original French-language one so maybe something was lost in the dubbing? The supporting characters are not the best I have ever seen, and that’s a shame. Sami Bouajila has the potential of the job to shine in genre cinema and the talent to give substance to characters however archetypal. The dialogues clearly play on the economy, the cutting is sharp and the director takes care of his staging without necessarily seeking the beautiful image. But if all you want is a decent action film with enough guns, blood, traps, chases and explosions: check this one out for sure. Nope, but not far from it either. A gang steal back heroin from a police station but then try to cheat their boss. Yeah, there were some implausible decisions made, but the film wasn’t slow-paced like others have stated. Is it worth a ten? Sami Bouajila plays Said the ordinary man who fights back. That’s really a flaw given how it’s already just an 80 minute film! This film is in French with English subtitles and is a well-worth edge of your seat watching. Please, why on Earth dub these things? The ten is to counter the few dozen illiterates before me. Is it enough though? It will definitely hold the viewer. Watch something else. Nothing particularly original but it’s a competent thriller which keeps the tension going. Suggestion: Try to overlook some of the unrealistic things that you’ll notice as you watch. Once again France has proven that feature films are not dead. Awesome photography. And pretty much the whole thing is hard to see because the director shot it with the least possible light. Earth and blood was a very weak watch to me,i didnt found any character to be interesting or to be at very least fun to watch,all of them were completly out of personality and they felt like they dont belong in this kind of film,story and its moving was also very slow and i found most of scenes to be tiresome and just to unimportant for this type of subject,dialogue was also very poorly written and it didnt catched my focus for more then 2 seconds,which is big flaw since films expecely foreign ones get tough regognition and films like this just put a bad name on them,earth and blood was a french film that is just very forgettable watch Drugs,brothers,gang,shooting,selling business.

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Do Netflix assume that the audience is too thick to simultaneously engage with an action thriller and subtitles at the same time? But the buildup to the nonstop action is somewhat tiring to an extent. In fact, it moved along at a nice brisk pace. Terrible Movie … You can think about: CANICULE, LA HORSE, TOTAL WESTERN, LES GRANDES GUEULES….; Maybe a little more about LA HORSE, the scheme of drug gangsters who want to get their stuff back from a farm or another place in the deep France. Nevertheless, Earth and Blood is a watchable action thriller with enough action and suspense to keep you hooked. But that remains a gritty, bloody and brutal French crime flick. And for some reason the guy has cancer and is going to die soon, but does not affect the story at all, well he then goes to sell his property, but that does not go anywhere. It’s OK for what it tries to be, but that’s not enough. Yes, we can watch it as a western with Sami Bouajila in a character very close to the one he already had in BRAQUEURS, a poignant role, a man lost in advance. Earth and blood is not a “big film” but a decent B series which ensures a constant spectacle and which keeps the spectator alert throughout its 1 hour and 20 minutes. I dont know what else to say. Intense and moving soundtrack. Why? I hope to check out more of his work. The acting is correct but not remarkable. 04/17/2020 – This was a pretty decent drugs/killers/victims action/suspense movie. French actress Sofia LaSaffre plays a deaf character named Sarah and plays one well, although she isn’t in real life which makes her an amazing actress. In this movie, Sarah’s father, Saïd, owns a sawmill deep in the woods and he decides to sell it, but little does he know that one of his apprentices, Yanis, played by the wonderful Samy Seghir, had been forced by his brother to hide a large amount of cocaine inside the factory. 7/10. On Netflix. One of the worse movie ever, very bad story very bad acting, practically nothing in the movie. This feature is in the tradition of French crime westerns taking place outside the suburbs or cities at night. Julien Leclercq said in an interview that the found a golden vein with Netflix, and many more French genre movies directors too. I recommend to go for Lion the Professional to watch a good French action movie. And I’m not sure why people complain it’s dark. When the gangsters turn up to collect their property, all hell breaks lose and he must defend his family and property from their ruthlessness. An old story which made many times before . The plot is very simple: a guy who has little to lose will defend what he has left, namely his daughter and his moral values, against the assault of gangsters who come armed to the teeth to recover a bag full of drugs. Acting is good, setting in the old sawmill is perfect for the story and is used very well. The main character (sawmill owner) is played by Sami Bouajila (a really great French actor). His best movie is “The Crew 2015” and is still on Netflix (just checked). Bon Appetit’ No attempt at character development. I wouldn’t recommend to watch this movie because it’s useless. To add, I’m not sure why this kind of action B-movies are not more risky, and add at least an original ending for example or some interesting scripts. Or sending home workers, practically an army, who could help you protect yourself and not calling the police. they have to suffer for theaters release. To me, the weakest part was the acting, or should I say, over-acting of the daughter. When the hunt takes place, the action becomes more and more present and the suspense settles permanently. He willingly summons a certain imagery of the western which fits into his story. Recommended. So I see everyone voting lower and I understand. It was an entertaining watch, although there’s nothing groundbreaking or much memorable about it, to be honest. It tried to compensate by intense music and some kind of horror elements(like cutting hand or unscrew the head) but it didn’t help at all.

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