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Movie: Disturbing the Peace (2020)
Director: York Alec Shackleton
Date of Release: 17 Jan 2020
Duration: 91
IMDB Rating: 3.1/10
Movie review score

About Disturbing the Peace (2020)

A small-town marshal who hasn't carried a gun since he left the Texas Rangers after a tragic shooting must pick up his gun again to do battle with a gang of outlaw bikers that has invaded the town to pull off a brazen and violent heist.

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Nevertheless, the whole taking-over-the-small-town concept was quite intriguing. Guy Pearce and Devon Sawa were fine but everything beyond that was laughable. I've never watched a Guy Pearce film I didn't like until now. Terrible plot. I don't want to waste my time getting into detail but the story was extremely unrealistic. This turkey is a throwback to the B Outlaw Biker Films of the 1960s. Terrible acting. None of these actors will ever be cast again unless it's Guy Pierce but, after this performance, even that is highly suspect. lets sum it up: Acting wiseAction wisescenario wiseactorsunbelievable clichestupidly predictable

one example: a man was taken into custody by guy pearce,, he diverted him to go against the bad guys after a supposedly motivational speech of honor … the EVERYTHING, is just sad! I'm sure he walked out of the premier thinking the same thing. The weapon handling and action was sloppy and poor. Whew, nauseating at best……….. That was dreadful. The concept had legs, but just didn't deliver on any level. Absolutely No interest $5million budget…. I went to the theater hoping to watch a 7.5 rating movie as it was rated here. generous. I doubt you could assemble a worse group of actors at a high school play than what were cast for this movie. stay alert .. Was their any kind of proof editing done before it went into syndication? Novice director and pro snowboarder York Shackleton was better behind the camera than he was directing his cast, and the premise behind the story by amateur writer Chuck Hustmyre was good, but the screenplay certainly needed some fine-tuning. Painful movie, acting and action this 'movie' made my eyes bleed! Actually I can't believe that people gave this movie a good rating. Characters made zero sense. Every other actor felt like they were picked up off the street. The story and script was terrible. HE WAS KILLED AFTER 3 MINUTES !!!!!! without any alarm or a scene or a moment or anything .. Lets see more acting roles like The Rover, Guy? The casting is ridiculous. Am grateful to this movie, because I decided to create an account in just to start reviewing starting with this movie.

In short, this is truly horrible. This film is certainly better than the current 3.7, and not deserving of the two other review ratings of 1/10. At least the producers didn't upvote their film with fake reviews, and that I respect, and should alone be the reason not to give this film 1's and 2's. You really want to see a film deserving of 1's and 2's, see the movie I saw before this one, Nation's Fire (2019), and you will see what bad acting, directing and writing really looks like. Snowy River, Memento, L.A Confidential … Lowest of low budget tv-movie offerings i've seen since Hobo with a shotgun! I feel terrible saying this about someone's work, but even the camerawork and lighting was distractingly bad. don't waste your money or time Guy Pearce should be ashamed…. What an awful movie. Guy Pearce had a slow day at the office and the budget barely stretched to cover the $50 apiece to the small town folk extras and the toy store pop guns. remember it…………… There are a lot of other films that you should use/waste brain cells on .. York Alec Shackleton………….. Lame “action”. Boring and lacks thrilling. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN if his name is listed as the Director. What an absolute bludger of a film. I've seen some wonderful films with amateur actors, and new or new-ish directors, sadly this ain't one of 'em. She is from last century… BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Horrible plot. this train wreck earned a ZERO STARS if the scale went that low. What the hell was he thinking starring in this? Sure there were some cheesy moments and some plot and technical issues, but remember, this was written by a newb, and I've seen much worse lately from seasoned writers. Quite possible the worst garbage ever written. You feel like wasting 1 hour and 30 minutes of your life for nothing. Did anyone Read the script? Don't bother, find something better to do like watching paint dry.

i can't count … That said, after taking a look I was quick to toss this one back into the “bargain bin of doom”, where, I feel, it belongs. Any rating over a 3 star is almost certainly a shill Seeing one of the best actor in the world in this was a bit of a shock, Guy Pearce is much better than his role in this. Casting was actually not bad, although Guy Pearce needed to be more awake than the dull he was, but everyone else played their roles good, even WWE diva Barbie Blank. watching only 20 minutes of it is a waste of time (difficult to find worse acting than the actors in this pathetic s..t Disturbingly bad. I'm very sorry. Ridiculous story plot and amateurish action scenes. The pacing was decent, although some scenes were slacking, but the 91min run-time was on point. I feel bad because there is no ZERO rating in the website, because it literally deserves zero. Guy Pearce is a usually a terrific character actor, but this was just so bad it was almost funny. For him to put his name involved with this, it had to be someone's family member that begged him to do this. not this one. Thought to my self, it can't be that bad. WHEW My two-star rating is… what the hell they spend it on? And for a b-grade film, the score was actually good and well placed. I can't believe I wasted an hour and a half of my life watching this dog of a movie. It keeps you entertained for an hour and a half, better with an alcohol beverage. Well probably they didn't see it that's the only possible reason.

Indeed, had it not been for Pearce I would not have given this flick a second look. Poor Guy Pierce; his once promising film career has hit the skids. For a b-grade film by new filmmakers, I actually enjoyed it, and is worthy of my 6/10. To see more of my 1000+ ratings and 800+ reviews, click on my username. Actors… Predictable, stunted, poor flow, lousy dialogue. And I like Guy Pearce as an actor but this was terrible. I like Guy Pierce. Reported $50k made on the film word wide, so lost a cool, $4.95 million on this abortion of a film. Bad story line, badly told and really bad acting. Even if you are bored and just want something to watch just sit outside the cinema and watch the clouds go by, it will be far more entertaining I went to this movie hoping to watch an “Action Movie” expecting a minimum of 5.5 to 6.0 to be honest .. I'm guessing Pearce's salary. What's really disturbing about this C grade affair is it somehow has a quality actor like Guy Pearce in the lead. Waste of time, Guy Pearce must badly need money to act in that… I read the previous reviews. and god knows this guy has worked A LOT in the last 20 years.

Never seen someone who thinks he's a director have absolutely NO VISION whatsoever…………. I hope Pearce was paid a ton Worst movie seen Guy in. oh and many actors that have done their part at the start they just forget them latter you don't know what happened to them

And the actors keep doing things that have no reason at all like the girl in the end she flee from the bad gays and goes to a farm far away to bring a horse & an old rifle for the hero to chase the bad guy in the end off the movie ( the hero there had a powerful pistol and just threw a shotgun ) then he took that useless rifle

Just saying if you hop for an action movie just forget it you might regret even that you left your hom today I like to give each movie the benefit of the doubt, after watching the whole movie I could not believe they actually got Guy Pierce to do this movie. Its a pretty routine action film that doesn't pull any punches, you've seen all before. Aside from Pearce the only trivial point of interest being the presence of one of the actors from the original Magnum PI. See if you can spot who I'm talking about (assuming you can endure more than five minutes of this thing).

1/10. Rediculous scenario. Loaded with barely B rated actors. Not to mention literally every actor other then the two leads were horrible. just by watching the trailer and the cover poster. Stiff acting. I used to like some of the films Guy Pearce acted in. Zero… He plays a Marshall that hasn't fired a gun in ten years, interesting when your town is being held at gun point by bikers. The Director clearly had no idea how to “direct” which, along with the elementary script and horrible story, creates one of the 10-worst cinematic experiences of the 21st century. 3 stars I thought Guy was better than this. This woman Guy kissed, Miss Botox, seriously!!! its a horrible movie .. Only made 30mins in terrible acting & story. How ever since the poor start I continued watching thinking maybe there'll be a thrilling part but it never came. Every thing is wrong in this movie, the actors are pathetic, the plot is stupid….. Whoever produced this film should be thrown in jail for stealing an hour of my life. Giving it one star is extremely generous. I had to stop watching and look up the director to try to puzzle out how in the world Mr. Pearce ended up in a film like this. If anyone got paid for making this movie they should be indicted for theft.

The script is poor , no action at all , the movie show how low the budget have been spent on it. A few cute biker type chicks give it a one; not much else to like here. But this movie, the writing, the acting .. I usually don't leave such negative reviews, it was just such a shock to see Guy Pierce in something this badly done. Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch Disturbing the Peace even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch Disturbing the Peace in HD without buffering. So watch Disturbing the Peace and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. If you have watched Disturbing the Peace, you can read or write the film review on Disturbing the Peace on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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