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Movie: Descendants (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Kenny Ortega
Date of Release: 31 Jul 2015
Duration: 112
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
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About Descendants (2015)

A present-day idyllic kingdom where the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle offers a chance of redemption for the troublemaking offspring of Disney's classic villains: Cruella De Vil (Carlos), Maleficent (Mal), the Evil Queen (Evvie) and Jafar (Jay).

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Yes, this movie is not great but it managed to convince us that the silliness of the Golden Age of Disney Animation was not forgotten. As the foursome spend time in the good kingdom, they begin to assimilate and question their plan. The target audience is clearly preteens, but there is plenty of enjoyment for adults and older teenagers due to three main factors:

1. The films don't take themselves too seriously. The Beast becomes a giant d*** and Belle becomes a door mat instead of the heroine she is in her original movie. Or so they think. Although, nothing's ever what it seems. Disney's Descendants is a miracle of campy film-making.

The movie from the perspective of an adult or an overly mature teen might miss the point. This movie is a beautiful musical of fairest tail. A total bore and shame! On the contrary somewhere the Disney villains settled down and had kids.

book is great too 🙂

enjoy I watched the movie a week before it airs on Disney channel because i was so excited it was really a fun movie to watch even my dad and my cousins liked it so much they laugh so much because there's a really funny moments and my 5 favourite scenes from the movie are 1- the coronation scene when Mal choose good over evil and said i wanna go to school and be with Ben because Ben makes me really happy it was so good this scene 2-when the statue of the king transforms into a beast it was really clever 3- when jay said stand back to open the door and then Mal open it with a spell and then when he tried to open the door the door opens and he falls on the floor it was pretty funny 4-Mal and Ben's date when he show her the lake and Mal's rescue him it was romantic 5- when Mal gives Ben the cookie and when he ate it he felt different and start to love Mal that's a great scene and i also like the scene when maleficent transforms into a dragon and jay tries to run away that scene reminds me of maleficent's movie and enchanted and the soundtrack was great my favs are If only {with the reprise} , set it off, did i mention, rotten to the core and i also liked the ending song believe it was a great Disney movie i hope everyone will enjoy it as i did! I think that everyone will enjoy this movie even adults but for some people i don't know why who don't like musicals they will not like the music in it like my cousin but she still enjoy it any way have fun when you watch this movie and don't care what anyone thinks of it . They also add bad dubstep in there and the two guys who dominate the song couldn't sing if their lives depended on it, while the girls are great singers, but they're kept in the background. Twenty years later the Prince Ben (Mitchell Hope) pardons the four children of some evil doers and allow them to return to Auradon. In the future, the fairy tale kingdoms are united and all the evil villains are exiled to an island. I really like how she has a leadership quality to her, rebellious, mischievous, even has a sort of dry sarcasm and charisma. But that was my last thought about it until I learned last month that it was releasing on DVD. I thought it was a TV series, to be honest! The writers had complete disregard for the characters and shoved in terrible music and singing to go with it! I am thinking no spoilers. While the film is lighthearted as a whole, it takes breaks to be serious and enforce its moral which detracts from the experience. Yes, sometimes the lines are cheesy but that is all part of the musical experience. I've grown up on the Disney Channel my whole life with shows like 'Wizards of Waverly Place' and the 'Suite Life of Zack & Cody', along with dozens of Disney movies, from 'Aladdin' to 'The Santa Clause' to 'High School Musical', and even to the most modern works in 'Frozen', 'Big Hero 6' and 'Inside Out'.

But over the past few years I've strayed away from the Disney Channel, because it didn't really interest me any more.

The plot is simple and the musical parts were not half bad but will pass with difficulty in the D.O.M. Hall of Fame as High School musical and HalloweenTown did. either way it will bring a smile to your face.

The movie reminded me a lot of the 90's Disney Originals and held a familiar sensation which I will attribute it to HalloweenTown. It's blatant not caring enough to the story and just using the characters as they will. You need to watch! Fantastic movie!!!!!!!!!!! Those details I felt show just because kids were born from the right side of the tracks doesn't always mean their turn out good. watchable in a family night .. Jafar becomes a merchant and his son, Jay is a thief like Aladdin rather than a sorcerer like his father.

Descendants Watch Free with Subtitle

Don’t forget to drop off all your attention from everywhere except your streaming device so that you get the maximum sensation of watching Descendants mostly in HD. You may be in a location where the film is not available yet for watching no problem our streaming partner is here, you can watch the film Descendants in HD! Try it today and watch Descendants. The songs are fun, the lyrics are good and I like that the singing isn't constant, it's just some times throughout the movie. The kids of villains interacting with the kids of the heroes? It has much more in common with High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Teen Beach Movie. Along with so many other great Disney characters. These films are shallow, cheesy, and unintelligent, but they're also so harmless and fun that there's no point in hating them. The concept of the villains of the classic Disney tales being washed up nobodies seemed a bit far-fetched, but they played on it perfectly, having the children of these super-villains brought to Auradon Prep where they're taught to be good.

As for the cast ,, they were mostly fine .. These film franchises are so stylistically similar that they may as well be considered a single series with Descendants as the next in line (pun intended. All the heroes you love from the original movies become spoiled, pompous and easy to hate! But this is in 3rd place. OK, I love Disney movies there great I also love Disney channel but this movie was just bad 1.the writing was horrible I felt like their dialogue and jokes were annoying 2.what can I say about these songs there dumb and their voices aren't that good 3. the comedy was bad just bad here is a line from the film ''so in lacrosse you get to steal the ball I like this sport'' that's not even funny 4. the accuracy is so off

* Maleficent and the evil queen are both dead

*Jafar got turned into a genie

*and lady Tremain went to jail I thought it was such a good idea when hearing Disney is gonna make a movie about the next generations of their classic films. But then again, what Disney Channel movie isn't? I would like to point out, however, that the leads (Mal and Ben) were relatively believable (and likable) characters. What a unique story line and plot for a movie. I thought this was a great movie for children and adults who grew up with the original to show the new generation of our kids a new generation of the villains and princes and princesses. ) If there was anything negative, it was the bad lip syncing. Anyways, an absolute 10/10. This film is one of those rare exceptions I make because of one thing it was actually good.

There are even little moments I liked where we see that some of the Decendants of the good fairy tale characters really aren't so good. How did the wand summon Maleficent when the fairy godmother's kid just wanted to use it to make herself beautiful?

My favorite character is of course Mal played by Dove Cameron whom was surprisingly good because she had more range to work with. I knew only a few cast members, but I've seen all the 'Twilight' movies, so when I heard that Booboo was playing Jafar's son I thought, “maybe this movie will be pretty good.” I mean I do like Mal and Eve, they are just not quite refreshing. The characters are perfect and it really draws you in. References to real world issues in this film and across the franchise allow for critical thinking. I won't be the first in saying this movie was a bit slanted toward the cheesy, campy side of Disney. Only the Aladdin one was suitable, and no one else. Descendants is a movie based on the children of four major, evil, villainous characters of Disney, and had great potential. From Audrey (Aurara's Decendent) whom is self absorbed and Chad (Cinderella's Descendant) is dishonest, a hypocrite, and kinda a brown noser. Dove Cameron is so great in this and you really believe in her character as Maleficent's daughter. Has Disney lowered their standards to the level of total crap? Watch with your family or all by yourself … The songs are great and they are so fun and they are so catchy!

Each of the Decendants really by their nature aren't bad or not as bad as they think, their heads are just in the wrong place no thanks to the bad lessons their parents taught them.

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There is only this thing i kinda hated or more like “disliked” about the movie which is the singing and dancing thingy !! Personally I would of been fine even if this film had no songs at all and I think that was at first the original intention. The dancing and music were great! you can even match the plot turning points.

2. The very first song, “Rotten to the Core” is a blend of dubstep and poor attempts to be edgy. The choreography is awkward. I like the costume and look to her, where it's sort of a mix of both rebel and goth. The later songs are significantly better with “Did I Mention” as a highlight, but I'd still choose the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack over this one in a heartbeat. Again, for some reason, it seems that the shows and movies on Disney Channel are all strangely lame. References to the movies and characters are well done. I will probably watch this movie again, and maybe again after that. The story is not true to the original villains. The script feels like a fan fiction written by middle school age kids with plot holes galore: how did the villains reproduce? I believe that Disney could pull off a great series with this material which would have been perhaps hilarious but as a movie it's something less than Cinderella 1997 of Rodgers and Hammerstein but more of the last attempts to follow the last decade's magic/ghost/zombie and vampire trade. I like how despite magic the land also has technology that exists, and one other unique aspect I like is their version of “Lacrose” which is also a slight combo of the game Assault from the TV show “American Gladiators” as the centerline there are tennis balls being shot at the players. I do not recommend ANYONE to watch this unless you want to shake your head for 2 boring hours!

So overall,, the movie is nice ..

The production value is on par, for a limited budget they did well. It is every bit as cringe-worthy as it sounds. It was interesting and had a modern take on famous Disney villains. I love this movie and I am excited for the second one.

This whole movie is excellent. This lip sync shallow hollow lackluster pitiful pile of poo is a complete waste of space in the world. It really reminded me of what it was like to be a Disney kid. throughout the plot and the franchise. But in an odd way, the movie seems to recognize that and it just seems like it's supposed to be that way, so if that's what they were going for, then they did a good job. Great messages for redemption, morality, kindness, unification, honesty, etc. This is guilty pleasure level fun and I'm sad to say I'll probably watch it again. After the promotion this Disney Original Movie got, I had to go on great lengths to watch it. Release the 3rd one! I know nothing about her or any of the other characters.

If you like a cheesy chick flick once in a while, then I suggest you give it a watch. Really like the look of both the enchanted land where the good Fairy Tale characters live. If you have watched Descendants, you can read or write the film review on Descendants on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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