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Movie: Daughter of the Wolf (2018)
Genre: ,
Director: David Hackl
Date of Release: 14 Jun 2019
Duration: 88
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10
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About Daughter of the Wolf (2018)

Claire (Gina Carano), an ex-military specialist, comes home to the recent news of her father’s passing only to find herself at odds with her defiant 13-year-old son, Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman). With the news that Claire has inherited a large sum of money from her father’s business Charlie is kidnapped for a ransom. Instead of seeking help Claire takes one of the kidnappers, Larsen (Brendan Fehr), as a hostage and forces him to lead her on a perilous journey to rescue her son from the mysterious figure only known as the Father (Richard Dreyfuss). The trek takes Claire deep in the mountains of the Yukon, near the US – Canadian border as a winter storm approaches. As the odds of survival start to mount against Clair she has no choice but to form an unlikely alliance with Larsen in order to save her son and survive the wild of the far North.

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As the action unfolds, Clair Hamilton (Gina Carano of “Kickboxer: Vengeance”) has just packed up a bag of loot to pay the low lives who abducted her son Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman of “Birthmarked”) but have other plans for him which they haven't shared with our heroine.

To be quite honest, the film was really boring. Something like Liam Neeson's “The Grey” (the one where he runs through snow and fights wolves) but boy was I wrong. Carano goes into action with the same determination and 'special skills' that Liam Neeson mustered in “Taken” (2008). She doesn't cry over spilled milk. These wolves seem to know that she represents the good, while everybody else constitutes meat that they can munch. So i don't understand all the negative reviews with all these people, i don't think they have anything better to do with themselves but be negative. Although she may not qualify as appropriate role model material for young women, Carano plays empowered broads who refuse to stay down after they've been knocked down. Boring.. This is more like they scrawled it on the back of a post-it note and tossed it in the general direction of who-gives-a-toss-ville. The action makes no sense. The two trucks skate uncontrollably on ice. The bad guys couldn't decide if they wanted to be bad guys. Now this film's biggest crime isn't that it is boring – it's that it just doesn't take full advantage of the situation it's in. The landscape and scenery are magnificent and the viewer sees the film expecting a better resolution of the story of a skilled military woman that has her teenage son abducted by criminals. just… It's a testament to all those involved for braving the cold just to make this lacklustre piece of entertainment. She smashes into them and shoots the driver in the head. Turned out the movie is not as bad as others say. With a former Mixed Martial Arts star in the lead role, you would expect the movie to be action-packed from start to finish. A bad movie would be something where the actors and script writers and director “phoned it in”. I watched it because I was bored and it was the only new film that was short in length (at 89 minutes) and I didn't feel like watching 120+minute film. Nothing special but far from being bad or not watchable. Poor direction, excruciatingly ham-fisted acting from the supporting cast of bad dudes and the gender and racial-balancing dude-ess, a dazzling display of extreme laziness in script writing, vague attempts at pretending anyone gave a toss about making the movie, and an overall train wreck of a “plot”. It even has a message, or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. I have had more engaging and enjoyable visits to the little boys room, although the end result was solidly similar. The head of the despicable gang that snatches her son is an infuriated old coot, Father (acclaimed Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfus of “The Goodbye Girl”), who abhorred our heroine's father and demands his pound of flesh from the daughter. I don't get it. Things haven't been good for Claire. The basic Dolby Digital sound mix gave good atmospherics. Plot is ok, story not interesting only snow was gr8 Plot is a weak rehash of several old Arnie style 80s movies, but with even more terrible acting, dialogue and directing. Daughter of the Wolf is a new action-thriller film, that stars Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss. Daughter Of The Wolf

Often when a retired mixed martial artist turns to acting as a career their efforts end up in the DVD bargain bin at the local supermarket. The setting was gorgeous but I could have been far more entertained by watching a national geographic documentary about wolves in stead.

Do not watch this period !!!! The story was simple and shallow.

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You like to watch Action films watch Daughter of the Wolf brand new movies of this year which is just released and you can get to watch this awesome Action movie Daughter of the Wolf. Watch Daughter of the Wolf no buffering and no ads just film and fun! Now you can watch Daughter of the Wolf more than 200 countries across the globe in HD. So watch Daughter of the Wolf and let us know how we can improve! Sadly we're missing a set piece or two and this action movie becomes a little static. I wouldn't waste my time on this film. DO NOT – I repeat DO NOT waste 90 minutes watching this.

Richard Dreyfuss's performance – is the movie's biggest highlight. We're not really sure what the situation is and the film doesn't do a good job at all to explain who all these people are, and how they are connected. The action scenes were dull and amateurish. I mean, this is the guy that did really great films like Jaws, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, American Graffiti, and Stand by Me. Really legendary stuff. It has never been done…

In terms of audio and visual quality. This movie starts out promisingly but soon descends into the hum drum norm of straight to DVD actioners. Yes – it IS that bad. Picture and sound quality are the highlight of this dull and boring movie. Father shoots one wolf, and it look like the entire pack stalks him. Indeed, those dudes never knew they had it coming! I was not expecting much, really just looking for some time diverted away from meaningful things in life, a little mindless escapism. From the opening scene to the final one…. I fast forwarded to spare me most of the pain only to see that the film ended exactly as one would predict Imagine “The Grey” (2011) crossed with “Furie”(2019), and you've got the basics of Gina Carano's latest straight-to-video actioneer “Daughter of the Wolf” (**1/2 OUT OF ****), an above-average, winter-time ransom thriller set in the icy, snow-swept north about a mom who risks her life to rescue her son from trigger-happy captors. 'Daughter Of The Wolf' stars pioneer of female MMA Gina Carano and sadly I believe that her efforts here will also end up in that bin. Still i like Gina Carano, and with her presence, and her fist-fighting credentials, hopefully she will land some good action film roles soon. Really no skills for the fighting style shown so the viewers could have a little bit of action at least. The important moments in the movie lacked power, fighting scenes looked fake.

But anyway the only problem i had is that there simply isn't enough action as a whole. Even with the help of a seasoned old pro such as Richard Dreyfuss this film just frolics around in the snow. Anyway it is not as bad as many reviews indicate and may be watched with low expectations. The few and far between action set pieces had real impact with clean and crisp dialogue audible through the centre channel. Film itself is terrible, low budget, bad acting, the story is terrible. During their wrestling match, Clair shattered the thin ice, and Larsen saves her from drowning. Detail is fine and precise. As you've guessed this movie is slightly removed from reality. The possibility of hyperthermia is never explored as Carano lets the sodden clothes on her back dry naturally in the frozen wilderness. My vote is six. Clair manages to wound him in the thigh, and she catches up with him on a snow-covered lake. Anyway, for sure, is a waste of time and disponibility from our part to watch this movie. It is not the kind of bad that would keep you laughing, or be turned into a drinking game, or keep you watching until the end because of any kitsch value, it is just a trudge through endlessly lazy writing, acting and direction. The surviving kidnapper, Larsen (Brendan Fehr of “Final Destination”), inexplicably jogs off into the snow with the money. It goes wrong, there's a shoot out, and then she spends the rest of the film hunting down kidnappers.

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Are you from Belgium or Europ or North America now you can watch Daughter of the Wolf even better quality absolutely free! We have just introduced our new server in this location so you can watch Daughter of the Wolf in HD without buffering. So watch Daughter of the Wolf and enjoy one of the best Action film of 2020. This is a good looking movie. Feels like 80's action thriller with modernday sceenery (drones above mountains and valleys). I don't mind special effects not being super perfect or actora not being well known.

Title (Brazil): Not Available My God this movie is bad.

Hackl and Agiashvili provide enough thrills and chills as well as a reversal or two to keep you interested. ugh…

No proper storyline not background to the wolves and the main actress and being a soldier in the movie she fights like it's a cat fight. There was no real explanation of the main villains motivations. She blasts one of them with a double-barreled shotgun, while the other two pile into their large SUV and careen off down slippery roads. It is not only a waste of time for the viewers but also for the person who produced this. I feel really for the production team that they put in so much effort but the storyline and the acting was not even par. “Where is my son” sent shivers down my spine the final time gina's Character “Clair” said it and I genuinely got goosebumps , there is no greater power on earth than a parent for child am I right ! I like Gina Carano so I gave it a go but that 1 hour 28 minutes felt like an eternity. What a waste of time! Father kills one of the wolves that fed on one of his sons, and the wolves mark him for dead-like in “They Grey,” while they leave Clair alone to track down Father and his brood. This is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever had the pleasure of watching and not caring about any of the characters. By this point my interest had waned and I couldn't make it to the end credits.

Conclusion – If your a fan of Gina Carano like i am, then i suggest you watch the movie anyway! However her acting chops can't elevate this movie as it becomes tedious and predictable.

Hackl and scenarist Nika Agiashvili don't beat about the bush bringing “Daughter of the Wolf” up to speed. What I got was so much worse. Whoever decided that Gina Carano needed an action movie vehicle and produced this should never be allowed near the industry again! Greetings from Florianópolis, Brazil I do not know if Richard Dreyffus was invited to this movie, so his name would bring attention to it or he's in the final stages of his career …

As stories go, this one was pretty loose and not at all defined. Timepass at best below average. Ex-Military Operative Clair Hamilton (Carano) must rescue her kidnapped son from the baddies as Dreyfuss's character has beef with Hamilton's family for something her father did years ago. The idea that these man eating wolves would not eat our fearless, can't be killed but not for lack of trying heroine (or maybe kind of anti-heroine? I feel like he just coasted through it to get paid because overall from the main cast, there was no real exemplary acting on display; not even from Dreyfuss. The film itself almost sent me off to sleep, the most exciting it gets is a few chases but other than that dnt expect much! The film immediately starts with a woman who is meeting kidnappers to pay ransom and get her son, who they apparently kidnapped for some reason. He's the head kidnapper that runs a gang of outcast hoodlums who kidnapped a kid for money, but it was never about the money, but about something else that happened or didn't happen in the past. The acting wasn't bad but the plot was just awful.

Overall, Daughter of the Wolf isn't that great, Apart from a crazy wacky performance from Richard Dreyfuss as the villain, but it's not as bad as these negative reviewers make it out to be either.. As is the climatic fight between the MMA legend and a geriatric Dreyfuss. Filmed in the mountains the movie tells the story of a young mother (military trained mother) trying to get back her son kidnapped by the so called “Father” (Richard Dreyfuss). Nice winter mountain landscapes and a lot of action with people trying to survive in the wilderness among wild cruel wolves. I would even bet that most of the film's budget didn't go towards the A-lister himself but perhaps to cover the cost of hiring trained wolves for the film. Our heroine refuses to back down, something her father instilled in her as well as Charlie. If you have watched Daughter of the Wolf, you can read or write the film review on Daughter of the Wolf on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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