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Movie: Chase (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Michael Matteo Rossi
Date of Release: 14 May 2019
Duration: 84
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
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About Chase (2019)

A hitman must prove his loyalty to his mentor and best friend, while his girlfriend wants to leave the business behind them.

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This movie is terrible. We're asked to believe that a buffed out, high profile urban Rambo-type is operating in a big city, adopts a child he made an orphan, and lives with a woman whose parents he killed. maybe next time they do better than this. Please guys can you make a film that is real to the actual watch which falls between 1 and 3 but i am giving it 1 for your lies and deception. The writing is pure student style and makes the characters almost a joke. This director Michael Matt Rossi is simply clueless when it comes to timing and bringing certain levels to a character. I am trying to workout how it has a high score as this feels very indie yet not polished in any way. poor editing. Serial killings do not go unaddressed by the Police ever! I hope the students behind this learn the next time or at least watch other films that can entertain you. There were some average scenes and acting, but what makes this a two star movie is for the reason the producers made up the rating for this movie. Some good acting from the main actor but in the end just more crap. I think it was a mix between action and drama but did not know what direction to go. Do not spend good money to watch this skunk of a movie. Such a canard!! The characters were so lame and stereotype you did not care what happens to any of them. So i gave it a go and now i see what they mean, this was a very poor viewing and failed on all levels so it was for sure a in house rating system set up by the guys who made the movie. Worst film of the year so far why does it have high score? The two or three Russian words in the movie are poorly pronounced. If your going to do an action type thriller learn from the best and execute properly these filmmakers have more to learn. Ok so where do I start? Segie's name is mispronounced. The whole thing is a mess and in the finale you are like what happened dude!!!!!!!! This has a high rating which clearly has been done by the guys behind the project but hopefully next time they do actually do a good film and not make up the ratings. So upset about it that I wasted more of my time writing this review. However since the title is full of obviously fake reviews, I had to give it a 1 star.

In this movie, a “hitman” drives around in a high visibility car, parks directly in front of his contract's homes and kills with impunity. The editing was very poor and made it look cheap and of course that was very noticeable in the action scenes along with the look of the movie. The word awful doesn't come close to what this crap is. Complete fantasy.

I wouldn't have disliked the movie so much if I wasn't going into it thinking it received an 8.9 rating. Another action type film that misses the mark and does not give enough action scenes or should I say is done poorly, and my biggest problem was the week script by director Masseo Ross and the characters are just paper thin. There are no “professional hitmen” with noble causes floating around especially the goofy, undisciplined multi-racial group represented in this movie. But I like thrillers and action movies this is neither, it's a crap hash of bad movies that this now moulds into. I am so confused as to how this has a high score? The story line is trite. poor directing. This was a badly done movie with no substance or even flow. Acting is marginal at best. The plot is far-fetched and completely unrealistic. So i thought i would see for myself and sure enough they are right. I would never submit a review for any movie; however, I spent five dollars to watch a film that had a grossly inflated rating. Maybe credit for giving it a go but do so with the intention of succeeding on all levels and give the audience something to enjoy?? People are aware now of the fake reviews by people attached to the films! What was this about?????? Note to movie producers/backers and other who solicit fake reviews: It would be more successful and believable if the fake reviews were spread out — perhaps a range of 6,7,8,9 and 10s. All 10s means an obvious group of fake reviews. Least I only paid the buck for this and I now see why. Well firstly the critics are mostly saying the same, it tries so hard yet fails in almost every turn as does the main storytelling. Made up reviews are obvious from the cast and crew as this was simply garbage and i study film and i only have been doing this for a short time, but please tell me how this can be called action and thriller. The younger versions of the primary players in the movie bear little similarity to the older personas. So i would like to know how this is even scoring a 9 on this site???? No law enforcement seen, despite sloppy, frequent murders. No sirens heard or police invention ever. this was lame in all ways possible a complete waste of cast turned into cardboard cutouts. and lastly shame on Redbox for taking crap like this. The editing is so inconsistent and the sound was hard to hear in places, but the worst problem was the whole story there was not a a story in my opinion. The movie tries too hard to emulate Training Day. I watched this as it had all these so called good ratings but i was skeptical when reading other peoples comments on how it was all made up by the guys behind the film. A few moments where you think it has potential but flawed by a weak story and final payoff. I see they were trying to be artistic but fails big time in all aspects and ends up just not ever getting to the point or even explaining the story but just shadows it. This is a terrible attempt of much better action films, and yes even the actors at times could tell that they were glad to be done with this or perhaps glad they were getting some cash from such a project. Couldn't even finish it due to the poor writing and acting. The Director who also wrote this does not inject enough and falls so behind in every possible way. In the end its just another wannabe action flick trying to be more than it actually was. If people study film at least do it right i guess these guys just go out and film and go oh look we think we have a really cool movie. the Miles character was wooden and i think mu cat could act better and most of the actors could not act themselves out of a plastic wrap as is the fault with the director of this shambles. This is another poor action flick that has no action instead it is drowned by poor editing cheap action scenes and weak script. Well sorry you do not. The film is simply replete with flaws. The rating is obviously done by the guys who made the movie in an attempt to hide the fact that it's a bad and poorly done indie flick. What a load of lame garbage this was and i say that as a true film freak! So very very poor. This movie is a stinker in all aspects. Well firstly the sound was so poor and muffled I had trouble hearing it I was not sure if it's the copy I rented but it sucked. So what was wrong with it? This movie looks like a college film class project. Its completely unrealistic. Visual effects were good enough to be immersed. was it just a guy driving around trying to look cool or what??????? pretty much everything and i mean everything, the story did not make any sense the acting apart from one character was lame, and the directing was comical so where do these good reviews come from obviously the makers of this junk! I am confused as to why the rating is high yet the people who are watching it hate this film. This is a very predictable thriller that lacks in so many ways so where do i start? I paid a buck and i feel robbed from my local Albertsons store this was a dreadful film with no action, no story, poor sound. Whoever directed this needs to go back to film school and learn the basics and then maybe they can put out a movie that works. How on earth is this rated 9 lol its all made up reviews because after seeing this i was like dude did we watch a different movie? The writing is quite literally out of high school with dumb dialogue to entertain a Five year old. If people want to make action films please do it right on a proper budget and not try things on the cheap. I was watching it with a can of bud and by the time it was over i needed more as i felt cheated paying even 1 dollar at my local store. It must be the cast and crew because there is no way this is even worth 3 out of 10. Generic action that has no action so what was this about who cares! Plus, we're asked to believe that the hitman has some moral compass. When you know you have a decent film you do not have to scam False ratings but I am sure no one will care as this flick will be lost in the mire of other bad movies. Beware of movies with high ratings that aren't in theaters and have no name actors. It is clear to me that its all made up as this was a very bad film. It is student style quality with poor editing and very poor sound in places that made the film a terrible watch. The child in the film was directed very poorly. This was like watching a film that was made by teenagers and i mean teenagers that have no idea about films and that is how i can only review this lame movie. It felt like they were trying to hard or maybe the poor budget shows as the characters feel flimsy and disjointed throughout and does not satisfy especially the action scenes, and these are filmed like student style style which is ok if you set out that way but i am sure they were not. Just watched this trash on Xbox and wow it sucked bad!!!!

In addition, My rating will serve to balance the fake industry insider/crew/cast member reviews that popped up almost immediately.

I gave this film a “1 star review” because the story is full of holes and the acting is flat. I was tricked into watching 20 minutes of this moronic trash by the IMDb star rating. The directing is campy the acting is woeful and the editing along with the score is dull and quite honestly the worst you can imagine. This was not a good watch there were a few good acting scenes but mostly just below average film fare. Just rented from Redbox and i have to say i could not watch the whole mess of a film. Whoever directed this tripe needs to quit as they clearly have no idea what it takes to do it right. You may face some issue watching such new movies from your area, don’t worry we are here to show you Chase in HD! You can Watch Chase from our website absolutely free, you just need to have a free account to watch Chase in HD from any location in the world. So watch and enjoy Chase.If you have watched Chase, you can read or write the film review on Chase on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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