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Movie: Carriers (2009)
Genre: , ,
Director: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Date of Release: 02 Sep 2009
Duration: 84
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
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About Carriers (2009)

A deadly virus has spread across the globe. Contagion is everywhere, no one is safe, and no one can be trusted. Four friends race through the back roads of the American West on their way to a secluded utopian beach in the Gulf of Mexico where they could peacefully wait out the pandemic. Their plans take a grim turn when their car breaks down on an isolated road starting a chain of events that will seal their fates.

I felt real danger and tragedy in their situations. I like that the film doesn’t full tell us everything that happened before. Leaving a good man and his sick daughter behind because she had to pee? 6. When you leave your girlfriend with an infected child and tell her not to touch her, assume she’s ignored you and touched her. Quite a few people were appalled by the fact, that there is not that much happening in the movie, but I liked it, because it was slow moving, because it took it’s sweet time. Despite its premise, “Carriers” is not a zombie movie (there is a hint that this may be a possible outcome of the unspecified disease, but it’s quickly dropped). It’s not even a horror movie. They don’t take elementary precautions when meeting strangers. It’s not about the death of humankind, it’s about the death of humanity. The crux of ‘Carriers’ is based around one simple principle; don’t help anybody infected, not matter how young or how vulnerable they are and YOU will stay alive. While it is “slow” it only clocks in about 84 minutes which is far too short in my opinion and I wanted more really. It’s more than just “look scared!” Horror? This Movie needs a little tightening to speed it up a little bit. Otherwise it is completely annoying character who dies unfortunately only at the very end of the movie. Actually there is hardly any ending at all, because basically they will end in the very same situation where they have started. In a world devastated by an outbreak, Brian (Chris Pine), his girlfriend Bobby (Piper Perabo), his brother Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci) and their friend Kate (Emily VanCamp) are heading to a beach where the brothers spent vacations in their childhood and they expect to be a sanctuary. There are predictable lessons about karma, a few mild jump scares, and plenty of times to take bathroom breaks. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy their horror a bit more subtle and intelligent. There are a few tense moments, but overall, the film is a tragedy. Sounds like a zombie flick, doesn’t it? For Brian is such a jerk that it might as well have been a giant asteroid strike, an enormous tsunami or hordes of giant cockroaches. Go see it when it comes out (and I hope that is soon, I want to see it again! Think the beginning of his performance in “Star Trek” taken to the next level. The world may end but American youth is arrogant and stupid as the every other day. Which is disappointing as this film had a lot of unearthed potential that would have certainly set it apart from simply being ‘just another zombie/pandemic’ film. Well, there is a problem though: a deadly, incurable virus has wiped most of humanity out. It’s possibly lacking some more gore, and action, but that also could have just made it tasteless. After a viral outbreak incapacitates almost the entire population of the United States and potentially the world, they decide to hit the road and hopefully find somewhere to stay or somebody to engage with who is free of the virus. It’s also partially a Body Horror movie, since it’s about a virus that can take a few days to show up in its victim and is airborne. It also explores what inhuman lengths people will go to preserve their survival. My only major complaint is its rather relatively short length. It has its good point though: if you wanted lessons about what NOT to do to survive in a post-pandemic world then this would be the film for you to learn from: 1. Builders’ dust masks do not prevent you catching an airborne virus. For sure. They’ve instituted rules that are meant to keep them from getting infected. “act snooty!” The acting is mostly good, with Pine doing a great job of making Brian both an complete a$$h@le and a somewhat sympathetic man forced into extreme circumstances, and Perabo and Van Camp doing great jobs with their roles.

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Watch ‘The Road’, watch ’28 days Later’, watch day time TV…anything but this; I implore you. The photography wasn’t jaw-dropping, or even slightly innovative, but it was still more than adequate. As the film continues, it becomes more hopeless, and our protagonists soon realize the only thing that may be worse than the epidemic is themselves. An unnerving and powerful film, Carriers is not legendary, but it does leave a nasty bite… Mind, she became infected because of overwhelming compassion for a sick child. There’s a good movie lurking here, but this isn’t it. the movie just comes across as very unauthentic. There are a few flaws-Pucci is a bit weak as Danny, and a few shots and directorial choices reek too much of obvious symbolism. Attractive actors but very shallow acting with terribly contrived character development (SPOILER) Although, the film sells itself as something entirely different – the story of a group of people trying to survive in the aftermath of a devastating catastrophe, Carriers is really the story of a jerk. I can’t even wipe my ass half of the time now, because other people have decided to hoard all of the TP. The real genius in this film is how it explores the best and worst of human behavior, and how we are all capable of making these crazy decisions that can cost other’s their life. Sure it’s PG-13 and lacks the horror of mutilated corpses and whatnot, but it’s doesn’t need it, it is scary enough on its own. Meaning: Good, but a bit slow. After 10 minutes, of watching you’ll be thinking, ‘Goddamn it, I can’t wait ’til that jerk called Brian gets killed and we can get on with the movie. That out of the way, this is a mostly great take on the plague movie that focuses more of human drama than it does “gotcha” moments. I imagined myself in the situation with my own little brother. ) if we were hit with a pandemic like the bird flu – there is no black and white clear answer. What this is, is a deliberately paced drama about a group of survivors in a world plagued with a virus that’s pretty much killed everyone and the hard decisions they have to make on their way. Please don’t read this if you haven’t enjoyed the film yet. Sure, there are the classic Horror-Elements, but overall “Carriers” is a strong, heavy Drama. But sometimes there are scenes, that last too long. It’s a movie to watch if it’s on TV, or if you’re interested in exploring a situation, not a zombie movie. Title (Brazil): “Virus” (“Virus”) This was a missed opportunity to write, what could have been an intriguing movie. Even regarding the lack of blood and on screen violence, after all, the central on screen element is the deteriorating relationships between the characters. You have to constantly wonder how they could have survived this long… “Carriers” is interesting because it explores something that movies of this ilk leave as an afterthought: how would you function when society has completely vanished? They don’t bother accumulating proper equipment, or food. Chris Pine (you might have seen him in a little movie called “Star Trek” by J.J. Abrams) & Piper Perabo star in a very low key Horror movie, that doesn’t even try to make you believe it has any big action scenes in it. After reading other comments here, it seems the general consensus is that the pace is too sluggish. I really like this film, it’s a nice find. 2. Any mask not actually worn, but just slung around your neck, will not prevent you catching a virus. and even if they did, why anyone would want to make a movie about them. Ultimately I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. So to summarise – if you’ve ever wanted to see a movie about a one dimensional, monosyllabic, irritating, pain in the ass, non-stop jerk called Brian then, Carriers is the movie for you. “Carriers” is another “deadly virus genre” movie that uses the same premise of dozens of films and maybe the greatest difference is that there are no zombies in the plot. Instead, it is unfortunately, just another viral pandemic flick. The characters take erratic turns of pace in their actions and yet don’t have the time to develop – thanks to the thrifty editors and frankly ashamed writers – before returning to an idyllic and playful (bring on the teen rock montage) state. Yet they wear surgical masks some times, not others.

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“act cocky!” That said, it is certainly more of a thinking person’s movie than your average slasher fan’s. Haven’t been to many movies this summer, however, I caught Carriers this afternoon, playing to a near empty theater, and was very glad I saw it. there is a disaster in the town and they are laughing and joking in the car like they are on some kind of teenage road trip on spring break. Unbelievably, Brian is THE main character. Easy enough, huh? Brian acts like jerk and in fact, Brian IS a jerk. So I assume that Brian is utter failure even as a teacher. It made me tear up from time to time, you just felt so … When their car breaks on the road in the desert, they negotiate with a man called Frank (Christopher Meloni) that run out of gas while driving his infected daughter Jodie (Kiernan Shipka) to the hospital and they travel together. Well, my first reaction to this film was something like “Wow… That guy Brian has GOT to die real soon, it’s obvious, the director wants us to hate him, he’s so irritating, he’s just a minor character and he’ll be out of the way any second’. But no. GO SEE THIS MOVIE IN THE THEATER WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Every now and then you see a movie that has so many elements that you keep thinking and talking about it. I wish it would have “digressed” deeper. Chris Meloni also shows up, adding to the moral fiber and quandary the film has. The themes – an end of the world plague that leaves 4 young survivors traveling the empty backroads of the US – may not be exactly be new, but it’s done with exceptional style that elevates the film beyond standard issue horror. I’m not going to lie, and pretend that “Carriers” presented new ideas, or plot elements, that haven’t existed before, but it did have talented actors explore the human psyche of what happens when society breaks down. A couple years ago, this would feel silly, because people don’t turn on eachother so fast, but yes they do. It’s an interesting question, and film-making brothers Alex and David Pastor pose a few interesting conclusions. Would you save a little girl if you know that she is infectected and will kill your brother, and GF if you let her in ther car? It is pointless and boring. So again: a little trimming would do the film good! However, the infected aren’t the antagonists here. Always wear a mask around the infected. There’s no big budget here, but the filmmakers have done wonders in creating a post-plague world eradicated of all but a few remaining inhabitants; those remaining cling to one another while fearing abandonment should they become infected. What if your beautiful GF contracts the disease? Nothing happens. So don’t be fooled by the idiotic marketing of this fine little gem. . I don’t want to spoil it, but this film makes you wonder what would happen to real people (not scientists, politicians, etc… The ending is not optimistic, but Brian is finally dead so there is some chance that this type of imbeciles will be extinct in the future. A deadly avian flu pandemic has swept across the country leaving a multitude of bodies in its wake. so, it’s really not for everyone. There are maybe two or three scenes ranging from two to three minutes in length which contain some suspenseful elements, however the rest of the film is rather conventional. What actually impressed me most was the writing. Everything about this movie is just exposing how people get around to things when they feel like it, and that is also what makes these situations so awful. “Carriers” was released way back in 2009, and the funny part is it was already delayed, because it was filmed in 2006, before Chris Pine was household name. Really I would check it out, It is worth the watch. Would you leave them?

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