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Movie: Bait (2012)
Genre: ,
Director: Kimble Rendall
Date of Release: 20 Sep 2012
Duration: 93
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
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The story itself is ridiculous, the script is very poor, and the acting was average at best (although Julian McMahon put on a solid performance. The special effects were also hit and miss in execution as well. But overall, don’t let that distract you: this film is a must see for any horror fan of the Shark genre. I enjoyed character development and relationships and the team work was great too. Sort of funny that after 40-years, “Jaws” still has the most convincing looking shark in it. Other than that its a hodgepodge of expected genre film clichés populated with some of the most annoyingly dumb characters I’ve seen in quite sometime. Overall I think it was an enjoyable movie and if you’re looking for a disaster/shark attack movie this is the one for you. Why didn’t the filmmakers get an actor who could speak English fluently? Normally modern B-movies are very self aware and actors and directors obviously don’t take their work all that serious. The reason why I love Australian movies is because they are always character based and best of all they are interesting characters too, there’s always playful banter between them or broken relationships. Some things in the movie were a bit off, the bodies in the car park had already decomposed after not even a day and the sharks wouldn’t continue to eat people they would stop after one or two, but that didn’t really affect the outcome of the movie I just thought that they could have done better with that. The 3D is just another eye gouging. And the acting was below average compared to some Aussie horrors I’ve seen. The film features on a group of annoying characters after a painfully unnecessary setup who are given generically long back stories only so we can dislike them even more. The scene with the swarm of crabs in the ventilation duct. That is the main reason behind Shark attacks. The film’s biggest crime is that it’s not fun or funny. But this couple prove to be the best thing about the movie as their niggling arguments about fake Gucci bags and a cute dog are funny and lighten the situation amid the dreariness of the movie. ‘a f**king tsunami swept a shitty little city. It’s a ‘leave your brain at the door’ type of movie. However, Bait is remarkably watchable. But 20 seconds of cool is not worth 90 minutes of yawn. It’s good flick Yes, some facts about the shark may have been unrealistic, but so? There were two things in the movie that were not all that great. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s entertaining. www. But I loved it. But after watching the first ten minutes my hopes went out the door. Director Kimble Rendall, working from a tight script by John Kim and Russell Mulcahy, relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, generates plenty of nerve-rattling tension, delivers a satisfyingly substantial amount of gore, and handles the potentially ludicrous premise with commendable seriousness. The special effects are worse than a cheap mini series and spoil the entire movie. Skip – skip skip… An extremely enjoyable and suspenseful movie. By the way, the car park is dark and dingy and is the perfect place for crimes to take place. He removes the hose, switches off the power but fails to escape because of the weight of the cans. A film populated with even dumber characters and tortuously painful pacing.

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One dialogue is very true- They are Curious. he just disappeared from the climax. I admit some of the gory parts were not too bad, but it wasn’t enough to save the film. I still expected the worst, after the first 15 minutes or so, which wasn’t exactly being a very promising start for the movie. Okay where’s to start? And he kills the other great white with a shotgun. 6/10 Some shark movies are laughable, cheesy, and way too far fetched (Sharktopus). Some shark movies and horror movies in general can just be unbelievably bad. A hose funnels air into his mask. The lead guy is banging the lead chick and then she ditches him for something, leaves town then gets back in town but now she’s banging some Asian guy, just so. Well, after the obvious the list is pretty baron. the Asians. they try so hard to escaped from that mall. Throw this one to the sharks. It definitely adds to the overall quality of the movie and its nice to see that this is a movie that took its audience serious and didn’t treated them like a bunch of popcorn-eating-no-brainers, who only wanted to see lots of blood and nudity. This was a good stab at a shark thriller. But you know what, the thing is, this film is a lot better than most would have expected, me included. Why a middle-class couple feels excited in an underground car park is beyond explanation. 7/10. Right off the bat, I give this title 8/10. First, it needs some lovin’. At the time of reviewing this title, it has a rating of 5.3, which seriously, is way too low for such a campy horror film. Good grief I’m glad I didn’t go to the box office to see this bomb. However, he stops a few feet away from the switch because the hose is short. and a great character development with humor. But on this fateful day, a shark has him for breakfast. What!? To make things worse, there’s another giant shark in the basement car park of the supermarket. It was a bit too much in my opinion. In fact its so bad I registered just to review this movie. It’s actually played relatively straight and it’s totally lazy. Anyway, how did our heroes end up in the supermarket? I live close to where the outdoor scenes were shot (Coolangatta) and there are definitely not this many Americans there. Moreover, the characters are drawn with some depth and the combination CGI and animatronic shark looks pretty cool. Our heroes try to save the day. Wrong. …has TERRIBLE CGI. Like from a 90s TV show. The sharks themselves behave completely unnatural.

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Now the really ridiculous: 9. They had at least 2 or 3 guns – only one of them held on to his gun and he never even thought about using it on the shark? Also, why so many annoying plot holes? hey maybe the tsunami scene is better than the crap up until now… Josh (Xavier Samuel of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), a lifeguard, is about to marry his fiancée, Tina (Sharni Vinson of Step Up 3D). Our first shot of her is her bikini rear. I had mixed thoughts after reading reviews here but I decided to buy the 3D BluRay since it was on sale, glad I didn’t listen to all the negative reviews. A good example of a dumb shark movie done right is Deep Blue Sea, which at least had some tense moments and clever shocks. one of the best ideas for a shark film, falls flat in this not scary, too dumb to be funny, shocking cg shark film, the cg was crap, there are no scares, and why did they not use the “robot” shark more it looked cool, the ending was a massive let done, not worth a rent, stick too these 3 great shark films “JAWS”, “DEEP BLUE SEA”, “THE REEF”,and I can not get my head around the fact that there will be a part 2 of this, so glad that I did not waste money to watch this at the movies,I would not rate this film as a b film, it would be lucky to be a d movie, and also the cast is from the land down under and half of them seem to speak like there from the us and half from the gold coast, what gives? The special effects, the cast, the monstrous sharks and supermarket half in water is pretty convincing. com/ OK when I saw the trailer for this I thought to myself that this movie was gonna be another cheap ”Shark night 3d” but no. Mind you I find a lot of Australian films to have really decent acting in them even with unknowns, regardless of the plot. The concept idea is a bit far out there, but oddly enough it did work out well enough, because the movie was entertaining and interesting from start till end. Definitely watchable! This is about as exciting and interesting as your routine trip to the supermarket, and despite its potential it doesn’t do anything or go anywhere. Of all the options available to him he decides to choose the noblest one, die doing it 😀 They eventually bait one shark 😀 shoot the second one 😀 and tazer the third one 😀 When all is said and done, they’r out of the studio into the real world. The tsunami breaks loose and fills up the supermarket. Just my opinion. 3. The whole layout of the supermarket and how the survivors were spread out after the tsunami hit was completely unbelievable. Bait is a sad disappointment after seeing the tightly crafted trailer I expected so much more but I guess I should have known better it’s just another in a long line of over budgeted flicks with less imagination and entertainment value than watching a leprechaun sequel, who knew looking back on the mediocre Jaws sequels that it would been some of the highest points in the cinematic sub genre. Listening to the psychotic Aussie robber, frantic store manager and squabbling couple in their car really made me shudder with anger. It was real surprising for me to find out how watchable this movie actually was. Hei, where else would they meet in a coastal town? More time establishing deeper character backgrounds instead would have pleased, although they hold up pretty well for a shark flick. Some may find this a guilty pleasure kind of movie and that’s what I was prepared for but instead the film takes itself too seriously even though it’s ludicrous and nonsensical. This has none of that at all, and it’s just another depressing descent into B movie tedium only this time we’re in a supermarket. Great “BAGGAPOPCORNER” if you are in one of those moods where you aren’t sure what to watch. An original concept for a shark movie, good use of lighting and tension, and a few nice little plot twists. The solid acting from the capable cast rates as another definite asset, with especially sturdy work from Xavier Samuel as the troubled, but gutsy and resourceful Josh, Julian McMahon as noble criminal Doyle, Sharni Vinson as the sweet Tina, Phoebe Tonkin as rebellious teenager Jaimie, and Dan Wyllie as despicable no-count hoodlum Kirby. A guy hits a shark with a shotgun, OK, But under the shark? But still, as far as shark movies go, this definitely is being one of the better ones, believe it or not. But give it a chance, because it was actually quite good. They are trapped with two ferocious white sharks. Personally, I found this movie quite enjoyable because I actually live where the movie was filmed and the shot at the end where it shows the whole town destroyed was quite interesting and left me wondering if it would ever really look like that. seems like an animation at times. Bait is Australia’s first 3D movie and to be honest its better than I had expected. Apparently Asians are to Australian movies what black people were to American ones a few decades ago. I’m going to start off by saying, this movie was awful.

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