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Short Description

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Movie: Armed (2018)
Genre: , ,
Director: Mario Van Peebles
Date of Release: 27 April 2018 (USA)
Duration: 1h 58min
IMDB Rating: 5.9
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About Armed (2018)

Hello buddies! Please do watch “Armed”, an Action thriller, absolutely ad free!
2018 American Action thriller, “Armed” is being written and directed by Mario Van Peebles. Produced by Maya Van Peebles, Justin Nesbitt, Kimberley, Dwjuan F. Fox. Alongside, Mario Van Peebles and William Fichtner, actors like Dionee Warwick, Desiigner, Ryan Guzman, Columbus Short, Laz Alonso stars the flick. If you like action thriller, you are going to like the film, watch and enjoy Armed (2018).
On 2nd February, 2018, the film has been released worldwide. The film got poor response from the critics as well as from the audiences.
Let’s have a synopsis of the story before enjoying the action thriller …

Little Clues about Armed (2018)

Dear viewers would you like to have some story idea about the film Armed (2018) before watching the movie ? This section is only for them who like to read before watching. If you don’t you can skip this section.

An undercover raid executed by the undercover agents, became extremely unsuccessful. On the other hand, a meet between leader of that undercover agents group of the unsuccessful bust, former US Marshal called Chief and his old team Mate Jonesie, manages to realize Chief that, he (the Chief) is trapped in a conspiracy, that he can hardly ever be thought of. You are here to watch the the sensation of action Armed (2018), go head and enjoy. Move to the section below to watch Armed (2018).

Watch Armed (2018) absolutely free

What kind of conspiracy is it? Who trapped the former Marshal, chief, in the conspiracy? Why and how? Is Jonesie is trapping the chief? What kind of trap is it? If he, Jonesie is trapping, then why? How did he would get rid of the conspiracy? Or, he will remain trapped in the puzzle of conspiracy of the unknown one or Jonesie? Also why the raid remained unsuccessful? Are the incidents of Chief’s engaging in a misery and the raid failure is interconnected?
We will not spoil the party!
Find the answers while watch the American action thriller named “Armed” absolutely ad free!
So guys… watch and Enjoy!

Watch Armed (2018) in High Definition
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  1. Justin Cook says:

    I have already watched all the Action movies of this year but Armed (2018) is not conventional in it’s nature.

  2. Bruce Torres says:

    Watching Armed (2018), It is one of the phenomenal Action of 2019, Thanks buddy.

  3. Carlos Henderson says:

    Mario Van Peebles is awesome, watching Armed (2018) and pumped up with it. Thanks buddy.

  4. Shawn Simmons says:

    After 27 April 2018 (USA) didn’t got the chance to watch Armed (2018) at the theater but now I realize I missed the sensation of Action.

  5. Glenn Mcdonald says:

    IMDB says 5.9 about Armed (2018) but I thought it will rate around 8.5.

  6. Micheal Robertson says:

    I have a nice feelings about Armed (2018) and I will share it to my associates.

  7. Sarah Lewis says:

    Don’t know what to say the knockers, the reaction from the Action fans says it all.

  8. Amy Lopez says:

    My girl told me to watch Armed (2018) and it is fantastic.

  9. Grace Ellis says:

    Mario Van Peebles has given everything to Armed (2018) and liked to watch all 1h 58min long.

  10. Edith Mcdonald says:

    I want to watch all the Action movies of Mario Van Peebles in this lockdown!

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