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Movie: Another World (2014)
Genre: ,
Director: Eitan Reuven
Date of Release: 01 Mar 2016
Duration: 99
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10
Movie review score

About Another World (2014)

The movie is a post-apocalyptic horror/science fiction film. the setting is in a near post apocalyptic future where a biological warfare program goes wrong, and turns most of humanity to mindless, murderous creatures.

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Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

Secondly acting couldn't be any worse than this. nothing more.

The story line is incoherent and doesn't really make sense. I have see a lot of zombie movies in my life, and we know that it is a bit of a trend now making those kind of movies. The movie is quite bad (although not complete crap and some that like the Zombie genre might enjoy) but what I really dislike is all the fake 10/10 review the movie got here and actually made me watch the movie. My first review I believe…

I did not finish it because when the beginning is that lame it is close to unlikely that it will get any better. i rated it 1. all the reviews must be faked as this film is terrible. Can it climb a ladder or turn a door handle? I suffered till the end hoping that director will wake up and make something of this movie (he did not).

The story does not make any sense, lot of scenes are very unclear, probably to show how crazy are zombies. Another World should be banned from every screen. Its like they jump inside the story, immediately they never show you how the individuals met up, or when all the weaponry came up from, their ammunition can last for a couple of years, also there are no other survivors meaning they don't find a small society or a community to join like a survivors community or resistance or such, the story has no real problem to solve, they also never show us what happens next, like if they made it or not. Because those reviews are the truth. The Narrator is terrific but as far as delivering and entertaining movie with convincing acting,action and gore, it quite simply does not, not at all. As most of the other Hollywood's output.

Where do they keep getting all this ammo and weapons that they keep leaving behind?

Thrdly , believe director tried to save some time by not repeating many faulty acting and wrong effect timing or director is so amateur he couldn't recognize any faults… first time i vote 1/10. Very bad movie, do yourselves a favor and do anything else but watching this… was my easiest response. The high rated reviews on here are obviously fake. in fact it is slightly better than a B film. You have been warned. this film is so cheap and poorly acted. .

The acting was lousy, Mr. Military Guy was probably the best of the bad. weird ass movie. But in really, the goal is to save on health costs. is that it ? Other than that, the acting is passable, but the script seems to have been written separately, by two different high school students, then mashed together into one screenplay. There are a lot of “movies” promoting euthanasia that over a sudden start to prop up. Just another in a long list of bad zombie movies jumping on the undead gravy train. I have seen many movies, bad movies, movies that they were OK, best movies of all time, but this is just disappointing guys.

Why is youtube still available on his laptop during a zombie apocalypse? I think that, all the reviews are fake. Half of the dialog and 100% of the alleged science make no logical sense whatsoever. The acting is so bad it seems like a project from a first-year drama class, no one of the characters made me interested in their story, and the story didn't make any sense at all to me, in one scene they were talking and having dinner, then the next one they are somewhere else shooting zombies -and so it goes the entire movie before a bad ending. Or read the other reviews with a very low score. Alert people you know about the satanic propaganda of euthanasia.

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Now you can watch Another World in HD absolutely free from eastern Europe and North America absolutely free on High Definition! Click the play button and follow the instruction to watch Another World which is newly released. that scene never came.

If you compare this to the SYFY original 'Zombeavers' … 'Another World' makes 'Zombeavers' looks like 'Citizen Kane'.

Listen watch whatever you want, but I sat through half this movie so you wouldn't have too. Only when the infected chasing after those survivors i felt alive again cos i want them all to die so as to end this crap movie. i thought my sound was broken as the accents are very strange.

Thank you. The script, that anyone who is a fan of zombie flicks, as I am, will have seen and heard this all before. Not sure is he trying to make it explode to blast the infected. Each on of the characters were not necessarily thought-out, but the actors did not do the roles any justice, the dialogue was rushed, reactions felt forced, no emotion. don't waste your time . But this one is a disaster. Nothing wrong with that when they are well made. Then he run towards the survivors screaming and shouting he succeeded.. Then Boom! The plot and story are decent, the acting gets better as you go also… Even my 14 year old grandson found this one laughable and picked it apart all the way through it.

Running Zombies? Then i really lost my patience,i keep skipping some scene.. Okay, so this is a B-movie, I knew that before watching it as B-movies still can be great movies. Even had the story not been so stale and overused, the horrible acting should have sunk this floater. Like the story in fact. There are some decent action sequences, interleaved with these odd, pseudo-spiritual / philosophical meanderings, both by the characters and by the “narrator.” Okay seriously, before watching Another World read this review. Every character speaks and acts like in an old RPG game, single phase and no emotion. I only registered an account to let people know how bad this film is so they don't waste their time watching it. Its actually the 1st scene of the movie where the survivors send off their dead comrade. It's a waste of your time. The only thing acceptable in this movie is the poster. All of the glowing reviews here are from new “users” who all happened to join at the same time, only wrote a review for THIS movie and all have essentially the same manner of writing. All i do know is that this movie really does blow. So be prepared for a poor show if you do give it a try. Then again, if you're waiting for NASCAR season to start and have already seen all of the Honey Boo Boo episodes twice, then by all means, enjoy. If it fell, would it get back up? It should be permanently removed from every hard drive on the entire planet. You can imagine that the studios who need to flood IMDb these days with fake reviews when they put out a bad film – probably ALSO feel that YELP blackmail to get a free meal is good for everyone. I love zombie movies but this was just awful and the IMDb rating is not a real reflection of the movie's quality.

Some movies are so bad they are good, this movie is so bad it's unwatchable. Also the poster is so misleading, it shows zombies coming for their prey, and a guy that never really acts in the movie, you never see the scene that achieves the poster, I think they payed on the poster more than the movie itself, the zombies or the infected doesn't really have a scary look like other movies, its like they never cared about how zombies look, also a lot of fake reviews, really because of the fake reviews of IMDb and I am a new IMDb user like I started taking IMDb reviews seriously, it shows 6/10, but in my opinion its a 2/10 or 1/10, the poster shows that its about surviving, but the movie is not, since they got all the food, all the ammo, all the water, even all the fuel, They've been using the same vehicle from the very beginning to the movie to the end, they never had to add some fuel, or change their car, or somehow invent the fuel as they were doing (heating water to make an explosion etc).

TL;DR: If you're here for a survival movie don't watch it, if you're here for an amateur or non professional movie then you're in the right place, also don't mind the reviews most of them has the same rating but fake reviews just to fill up pages and make the movie have a rating, DON'T GET FOOLED BY THE POSTER OR THE REVIEWS, THEY'RE NOTHING BUT A SCAM! I give this a solid 7 out of 10 in the category of b zombie films… Slow walking-dead style zombies add so much more suspense, plus that they unable to perform simple tasks, are easily killed, outsmarted but form a herd and find power in numbers.

Watch Another World Full Movie

Are you watching Another World? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Another World full movie free? You have it you can watch Another World in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Another World in HD absolutely free! Watch Another World and enjoy Action. The narration at the start and the first 5 minutes where 2 people need to sit and talk to each other to explain what has happened so that the poor, bored already audience have an inkling of what's going on should have been a hint…. You may be one of those people that must brave it to the end, but honestly this could probably have the greatest ending ever made and I will still never care to know what happened. LEAVE ASAP. Well well well… The first 15 minutes of the film almost made me think it was going to be terrible…. Trying to create land from water with two car batteries, a hamster cage and a few cables?!?!?! The shots are sometimes shaky cam, and sometimes not. I thoroughly recommend that you do anything else but watch this, e.g. clean your fridge… the plot goes no where. This is the true horror. This coordinated across many countries propaganda is, my friends, a tangible proof, a manifestation, of the Cabals that rule the World. It's seems obvious that some of these reviews have been written by people connected to the film. Therefore, prepare: 92 is the limit.

Give it a try if you want to relax but bear in mind that this is a B-TV movie basically.

I fell asleep twice during the movie

SPOILER ALERT: What is the point of all that pseudo-science experiments in the middle of an apocalyptic zombie attack. I bear with it watching the next 20 minutes is like a slow mental torture.

I loved this part about the theological based on the bible.

All the BS is there,most scenes in darkness,shaky cam, people covered in some blood and not even convincing make up. near the end at 1 hour 20 the film just makes you think wow this is really bad why did i watch this .

Like I said, good on them for getting a film completed, its a tough process. I create and a account just to lower the rating of this movie, so other people doesn't waste time as me. I kind of wish this were a video game in front of me, because then I would (at the very least) have the ability to skip all the useless dialogue.

Where to start , firstly camera moves and script is very very amateur, this movie feels like a bunch of kids from elementary school trying to shoot a drama .

I didn't like this movie, actually it was a waste of time. just get a life and most probably some guy with many fake id's made all those comments , this movie is a very low budget , poor acting ,horribly directed wannabe zombie movie with lots of bullets. 'Another World' (title subject to change) takes a zombie apocalypse trope, fills it with gun fire & shaky cameras and apparently tries to recreate a cheap video game. However, very quickly after starting to watch this film (English guy) did I understand that this was a very low budget movie and the Colonel Carl McCrystal is pretty awful. If you live that long, you'll be euthanised. i have to write 10 lines but there's not much to say about this movie. If you haven't already wasted time on this dog, go watch a curling match instead. Either that or they have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. From the synopsis : “The plot takes place during their last six days. Really? special effects are poor. The costs are too high and grow all the time.

Just hope this review will save you a couple of hours of your life. The IMDb rating is a lie and made up of fake votes. Cos its a really weak explosion. First review ever and i write it because i'm far from pleased from what i just saw! Due to severe life changing events for the past 18 months I have been watching a large number of movies and TV series. If you have watched Another World, you can read or write the film review on Another World on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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