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Movie: Anna (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Luc Besson
Date of Release: 21 Jun 2019
Duration: 118
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
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About Anna (2019)

Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins.

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If u like Tinkle Tailor Soldier Spy, The Double n Bridge of Spies, then u will like this too. Can't we just enjoy the scenes and stop thinking how complex it should be? First off.. The pacing and editing of this film is all over the place. The titular character, our protagonist, is a mystery to everyone in this film and unfortunately to the audience as well. I liked the film more than expected, but it always felt like a shell of something which could have been truly great. If you haven't seen the original movie. What little action there is (two sequences) is bland and boring. It became annoying and so I didn't even bother to see the end. Anna is simple a nice entertaining action flick with some good fights, a beautiful and well performing actress, but for certain one of the more conventional and simpler movies made by Mr. Besson. Luc Benson films are generally worth your time, and ANNA is no exceptions as there twist and turns and even if the film has a none liner approach its work wells as it continues to depends the plot but with that said I feel one final twist was still needed after Anna files are delete by Olga. I decide to give it a shot without zero expectation beside its directed by Luc Besson who give me La Femme Nikita and Leon the professional which i love and yeah its kinda mediocre in story but i love modern touch in action scene, remind me of Lucy that directed by him too, i think nothing much novelty in here, and i feel i watch many movie like this in recent time, feel like our heroin “Anna” are playgirl that juggling with 2 handsome agent KGB Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy with dangerous espionage and assassin as spice to add interesting thing at “Anna”, Helen Mirren “Olga” as usual always give us outstanding performance and give what this movie needed to not fall below mediocre action movie, , in the future, i hope Luc Besson found again what make him respected in 90's movie as director, the authenthic and touch of novelty that give audience shock factor. He's kinda stuck in same genre lately and it will fly away our curiosity for his work. What a masterpiece! However, Nikita, Leon also Subway, Big Blue, Fifth Element are among my all time favorite films. That Anna never loved ether Alex Tchenkov or Lenny Miller and that she was actually madly in love with Maude and she should have before CIA bust into hers and Maude's home she should have relieved that she was working for originally KGB and then CIA to assinate Vassiliev. I think Besson noticed her ability to deceive viewers earlier in her motion capture role during Valerian (2017) shooting and decided to remake Nikita with her. That's it.

Despite all of that, Anna never seemed to be particularly focused which was a shame. Very bad acting. And this is just beginning. Also “Taken” character is a creation of Besson! Even little details which didn't seem to matter the first time around are shown again in a different light, and this was very impressive.

In this action film, a woman with a troubled past becomes one of the KGB's most feared assassins. This time set in Russia/Paris. Luc Besson seems to have a thing for femmes fatale, and in Anna he has brought his previoius outings in the genre (Lucy, La Feem Nikita) into sharp focus with a story which John Le Carre could have dreamed up. I didn't like the length of the movie.

The action sequences are messily choreographed and is painfully tedious. Maybe for that reason, in Anna, Besson makes fun of both Atomic Blonde and Kill Bill! I can't believe, it's Luc Beson. Who's the star of this film? If use Russia, be a little authentic! Surprising considering some of the actors involved. The story was far from original and seriously the movie was just so predictable and they kept trying to do twist after twist! Her important relationships (if you can call them that) are never actually given proper development besides a line or short sex montage to suggest they've grown close offscreen. It's entertaining but for all the wrong reasons. Besson's issue is that we continues to make the same film over and over again but with slightly alternate storyline. Then this is your movie. to the point of a bit pathetic. (Did he also fall in love with her as happened before with Anne Parillaud and Milla Jovovich? It could be not bad Black Widow eurojank mockbuster, but with all of this pure fantasy stuff its not.

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Surely you love to watch Action films so you can watch Anna. Watch Anna in HD quality, no buffering no ads only movies and have fun watching Anna. You can even watch Anna with your friends in HD quality. Watch Anna on any device responsive and interactive! Try watching Anna in high definition absolutely. Don't be fooled or put off by the first slow fifteen minutes of this film, this is a pacey, action-packed spy-thriller. The girl is a noodle and she kills everyone. why she even need notebook? In the end this one is overlong, unfocused and follows an utterly charmless (besides being a great beauty) protagonist through a barebones plot and it lacks the fun and style you want from a proper spy/action film. Atomic Blonde and Red Sparrow came first, but this is definitely the best out of the three, and a very worthwhile watch. Of course the main attraction is Sasha Luss, but this film has lots of twists n turns n some decent action. 9/10. I usually like most movies. Truly recommend it. It's old, been done before and ultimately boring. The fight scenes were good. Comparison to La Femme Nikita is inevitable. She was a very big shock to viewers in 1990 (I had watched it also on the first day). So was Leon.

Biggest gripe about the movie is the confusing timeline. All in all a good movie with some twists and fun moments but no masterpiece. Character Alex is = 100% Bob (of Nikita).

I recommend everyone to go and see Luc Besson's latest ideas and without giving away spoilers it is impossible to write more about this film. The acting ranges from terrible to actually pretty good. Almost didn't rent due to some bad reviews here, I guess sometimes good to trust the positive ones Well, I don't get all those harsh critics about the lack of realism, for example regarding the fight scenes, I mean, common, of course a killing machine like Anna is an impossibilty, but does anyone complain about the killing capacities of guys like James Bond, John McClane or John Wick!? It catches the eye and mind. The efficiency of the actress, the strong roles she plays. We follow her through scattered time and location jumps that push her through to the end of the film but at no point does the film introduce any personality or meaningful character traits besides the fact that she is good looking. It is so bad! The sets are beautiful, even the clothing is so well thought out. I liked the dynamics, the acting, the tangled story and the action.

Anna was a lot of fun, with well choreographed action, and it was nice seeing a film like this with a strong female lead. The movie is not realistic, but I didn't expect anything else.

The one , yes one, highlight is the right scene seen in the trailer. The music score suits the whole ambience through out the film. It was the same thing over and over. Lots of twists which makes it an awesome film. This was a good watch. Even with internet and wi-fi. When actually first cell net was launch in 1991, and like in 1990 maybe was some personal cell towers. I mean you think – its not a big deal. However, my younger viewer friends should know that these films owe big time to Nikita and Leon. Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy were also fantastic, but they are veteran actors and so I wasn't really surprised by this. He is very original, a real European prodigy. The wizzing back and fourth of timelines was hugely distracting, and became laughable around the fifth time it happened. How about notebooks in USSR? I am pretty sure even Gorby don't have one, but simple thug – yes, why not? I guess it's okay. Things happen too quickly and for no reason at all. If you are into tall and starving women.

Watch Anna Online Free

You like to watch Action films watch Anna brand new movies of this year which is just released and you can get to watch this awesome Action movie Anna. Watch Anna no buffering and no ads just film and fun! Now you can watch Anna more than 200 countries across the globe in HD. So watch Anna and let us know how we can improve! You could play a drinking game with the body-count, but I wouldn't recommend it – you'd be hammered after half an hour and hospitalised long before the end. The movie is borderline rediculous.. Another good aspect bah this film is that this time they haven't shown the gloomy, sad n isolated parts of Russia but more of the urbann colorful parts. )

Some younger viewers may have a problem with the action scenes: A female lead doing fast action scenes is not so original they would say: Atomic Blonde and Kill Bill for example, had them. It's a shame as “Lucy” was one of my favourite films and that female representation was so much more respectful.

The acting and character growth is disappointing. As well as the finale, which is definitely satisfying. Luc Besson have marasmus or something? And then we have at 1988 in Moscow bunch of cell phones! I think the cast and the director did a wonderful job. And not focused on one particular part. just watch the junkie in 1985 ussr write in her laptop. And even in Paris I don't think that in 1988 in even rich hotel they store video data on hard drives looks like my 10 mb hard drive from IBM 286. And its not that Anna can't feel some paper forms… This is so similar to that mess that Jennifer Lawrence was in, husky voiced sultry sulky Russian babes that outsmart men, because the ladies can do stuff now.

SCORE: 72% Another great Luc Besson movie with tons of action sequences and great spy story. But at least everything was put together in a great way. Interesting moments intertwined in an even more interesting way. Helen Mirren; who is incredible in every scene she's in. The action was great, but there was no action. In a generation of films like “John Wick” and “Atomic Blonde”, “Anna” doesn't stand a chance. You have seen it before with little to no surprises. John Wick could learn something off this baby. I am a big fan of Luc Besson, knowing full well his great as well as some disastrous works. It has its color and tone, casting and acting is consistent with these. Why the story was set in the past is an interesting choice. “Anna” has a one or two solid action sequences but beyond that it's nothing special. There are constant twists and turns but it feels like a meandering plot that just won't get to the point. I missed watching Anna when it first came out, despite the fact that it looked interesting to me. we assume that she is wireless connected.. This movie was a completely laughable outing by a director who was trying too hard to be clever and slick but only managed to make a garbled and pointless load of old rubish! cue the fake reviews with headlines such as: “DONT LISTEN TO THE CRITICS!!!” OR “WATCH IT AND MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP!!!”. It was pretty dire, and I've had a stomach full of stoic, Poe faced Russian/american 90 lb super models having the capacity to kill 15 men, whilst armed only with crockery. She has a female poker face and smile. Being aware of the story yet still picked up little surprises here and there. Repetitive, unfocused, and boring. About 20 minutes into it, I figured wait a second this is Nikita. Entertaining, lots of twists and turns, never quite sure what's next or where it's going, but the ride's good, especially the 4 leads. He don't remember how 1988 year look? It was like 5 minutes of the whole movie. For me it's a pleasant amount of twists, actions, and beautiful candies for the eyes. I am curious. To be honest, why bother? We have import cars like in 1993 or something. If you have watched Anna, you can read or write the film review on Anna on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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